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Checkerbored99, is a 18+ user since 2015 who previously joined the Ever After High Wiki. This is a user who has an active imagination, constantly creating OCs, Original Works and Fanon - Oh My(but not out in public, yet)! She is also struggling for the balance between fandom and work; with her wandering thoughts, it doesn't seem surprising.

Lately, as of 2019, she also has been active in the Episode app community, but she is slowly gaining some traction for EAH and other fandoms.



Eerie Eyes --- Cabeça Guasón, Rainn Hua --- Brendon Undine, Ya Chi Silk (previously Rainn)--- Seleat Noutlite, Spindia Needle --- Weavie Yang, Camellia Kettel --- Asuka Suzume, Satomi Ragnelle --- Rhian Overlegen, Oscar Conrad Joure --- Julius Hans, Cera Hyrdinden --- Mickey Skorstensfejeren, Winsome Charming --- Gibbous Volmaan, Felicity Hans --- Retina Quickeye

(doll) for all around characters





  • Miles Long
  • Hectare Broad
  • Magenta Federkiel
  • (Andrew Lang legacy) Leah Athene Lang
  • Paloma 'Peggy Q' Cupid (The Pigeon and the Dove)


Future fairytales

  • The Gnome, German, Grimm
  • Asmund and Signy
  • Whuppity Stoorie, Scottish
  • Sweetheart Roland
  • The Swineherd, Danish, Anderson
  • Androcles and the Lion, Greek, Aesop
  • Lady of Shallot ('Elaine of Astolat) - Lilè
  • The Pigeon and the Dove - Cupid
  • The Legend of Wenlong - another Chuang peep?

Secret Project/AU

  • Swan Lake (Tsarina Swan)
  • The Crane Wife (Tsubasa Ongaeshi)
  • Peter and the Wolf (Quackne Garganey)
  • The Nightingale and the Rose (Philomela 'Rosie' Desrosiers)
  • Farmer Weathersky (Andor Dean (A.D.) Weathersky)

Pets & Companions


Places and Locations

Hometowns & Cities

  • Chuang Village - village full of (mainly Asian) artists and artisans
  • Paracel Sea - beachside town half-full with elementals, known for its circuses
  • Cabinette - town/cabinet full of toys and other small creatures

Shops, Restaurants & Hangouts


  • Noutlite Tradings

Doll Lines and Play-sets

(for canon doll lines, play sets and/or outfits)

Doll lines Playsets Date of conception My characters Canon characters Notes
Quill Pals December 2015 Ya Chi Silk, Eerie Eyes Dexter Charming, Holly O'Hair precursor to basic line for some dolls
Tale Titans December 2015 Ya Chi Silk, Rainn Hua Rosabella Beauty, Daring Charming separate universe
Element-Ball Charmitorium Concert January 2016 Brendon Undine,Cabeça Guasón, Eerie Eyes Bunny Blanc, Dexter Charming vaudeville show line
BARD Fest Summer/Autumn 2016 Rhian Overlegen, Retina Quickeye,  music festival line, (Bremen's Art, Rhythm and Drama)

Outfit Collections

Canon and Similar Lines/Outfits

Basic, Legacy Day, Getting Fairest(/Charming), Mirror Beach, Enchanted Picnic, Date Night, School Spirit


Note: series starts around third - fourth canon chapter (Chapter 1 = Chapter 4)

Chapter 1

Other Wiki Stuff


Fanfic (ideas)

Blog Posts to Look Out

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