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My name is ChemicalSocialist, better known as GoldieKatt on Deviantart, You can also call me Vyktorya if that's easier.

I discovered Monster High through my local walmart by perusng the toy section, i thought they were really cool. Which started my interested with them, I started buying a few.

When I heard of Ever After high i was more confused than anything, i had no idea what it was about other than the children of fairy tales. I began looking at the dolls then i watched all of the videos so far, and they're great! I didn't realize i was missing such a big part of the story, now i'm actually quite obsessed with EAH.

My favourite Ever After High character has to be Dexter Charming, But my favourite doll has to be Raven Queen.

Original Characters

Elise Desrosiers - Daughter of Belle (Beauty And The Beast)

Ulric Belz - Son of The Wolf (The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids)

Bernard Béte - Son Of The Spoiled Prince/ Beast (Beauty and The Beast)

Princeton Deere - Son of The Prince (Donkey Skin)


Other Stuff

I love the Grimm Brothers tales, they are absolutely my favourite. I do draw its just my new computer is on the way and my old laptop hates my tablet so i might not be able to put any art of the characters i've made up just yet.

I am from Alberta, Canada

Edmonton, Alberta's Capital City.

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Alberta, Canada