WARNING: Brief mention of suicide

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Spring—it's pretty obvious why.
Chun when asked her favorite season

Chun Hua is a 2015-introduced and 2019-revamped character belonging to the Ever After High franchise. She is the daughter of the famous warrior Hua Mulan. She is a Roybel in the destiny conflict because of wanting to be like her mother while not marrying somebody she doesn't want to.



Chun Hua, like her mother, is quite the sporty person. She loves fencing to learn about swordplay and gymnastics for flexibility. Along with that, she and her mother are fans of the Ever After sports teams. The daughter of Mulan isn't too aggressive when it comes to situations that don't involve competition. When she is, though, that's when you know she's really mad or really hates you. Yes, despite getting along with most people, she hates certain people who don't let her speak at all.


Chun's warm vanilla skin tone compliments her big brown eyes and pink lips. Her raven black hair reaches her back when let down and is tied like a traditional Chinese hairstyle of an unmarried woman in the Wei Dynasty. To reflect her family's heritage and tradition, Chun wears robes similar to traditional Chinese clothing. Chun is around 5'6 tall and weighs 143 pounds (around 65 kilograms).



She is the daughter of Hua Mulan and an Emperor. Chun has never met her father, nor does she want to, as she knows that the Imperial Palace's rules were very uptight and her father could enforce those rules on her. When Chun was three years old, Mulan requested the Emperor to divorce her because she no longer could stand the palace formalities, in which he did months after the request. Instead of living in her hometown, the Emperor ordered for a new house close to the palace to be built, where Mulan and her family would stay.


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  • Her favorite season is Spring. 
  • Her name literally means "spring flower."
  • In the story of Mulan, Mulan was requested to be a concubine of the Emperor, but she commits suicide. However, in order for Chun's story to work, I made it so that Mulan accepted the request but later moved out.
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