Collin Leonis

Collin Leonis Is the son of the Cowardly Lion, a character in The Wizard of Oz.


Collin is a brave, and often trouble making student at Ever After High, and can be a shy person when faced with new situations. Collin likes to play tricks and show off, but doesn't like to bully or hurt people. He is kind and caring, and feels laughter is the best medicine.


Collin has short, choppy orange hair, orange eyes and has a slim build. He is never seen without his signature leather jacket, a gift from the King of the Jungle himself. Collin also prefers to wear boots, as the add to his bad boy image.






Parents Story

The Wizard of Oz


Wezton Oz

​Secret Heart's Desire

To be the brave hero of my tale.

My "Magic" Touch

IIf I get too excited I sometimes can shatter glass.

My Storybook Romance

I'm currently tring to build up the courage to talk with Doralynn Gale.

​My "Oh Curses!" Moment

I sometimes overreact to a situation and tend to make it worse..

Favorite Subject

Grimm-nastics, perfect to show off my moves.

​Least Favorite Subject

Muse-ic class, I can't play at all, I'm a clutz.

Best Friend Forever After

Wezton Oz



Wezton Oz and Wyckenda West


A baby bear named Ohmy, don't laugh, I had named him with my first reaction to him, silly, but I was ten. He wears a mango colored tie.