This is a world where soulmates exist, and it's really, if I'm being honest, just an excuse for me to use my favorite soulmate au's.


What is a soulmate?

A soulmate is someone your connected to in a way your not connected to anyone else.

Everyone has one they end up together with, whether in friendship or romance.

Since a lot of the times, you're soulmate is not your scripted lover, a lot of the former generation fall into the former category, though not all (as in the case of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf).

Most kids dream of finding they're soulmate. But it could be hard. You have no way of knowing in what way you will be connected to your soulmate. Your sister may have a soulmate mark that matches one on her soulmate, but you may have the same disability as your soulmate.

But you will find your soulmate. Soulmates don't like to ignored.

Chapter one: First Hints

Ember Scales and Comely Charming

Eight year old Ember was pacing her small tower room. She looked towards the door, and for what seemed like the hundredth time, charged it. Only this time, the wood splintered, breaking. She could get out. Wait, she could get out!

Ember took of running. She was free! She could see all the things she had always wanted to see! She could find her parents! She could....

Strong hands roughly grabbed her, jerking her back towards the room. She was face to face with the king, who was watching her with a fierce frown on his face. She balked under the intensity of his glare. She only saw him a few times, and Muggy, her old nurse, had been vague about her ties to him. Ember was scared of him.

He snapped his fingers, and suddenly, a sharp pain shot through her wing. He had instructed a guard to hurt her with a sword. This pain was unbearable! She was left like this until a newer, stronger door was built and put up, and before she was let go back into said room, she was sliced in the same spot.

Comely had been playing when he felt it. A sharp, burning pain spreading through his back. It was so intense, that he just fell to his knees, crying for his parents, who came running.

He hurt so bad that he was sobbing. Pleasant ran gentle fingers over his back, but didn't find anything. "Stop crying son you aren't hurt." Winsome said sternly.

Pleasant shushed her husband, and turned to Comely with a big smile on her face. "Seems like you found out how your connected to your soulmate." She said. "It appears something has happened to hurt them, and you feel it."

Comely understood, he had had many talks with his parents about all of this. But he felt bad for his soulmate. What could possibly have happened?

A few months later, Comely was playing outside, his back didn't hurt nearly as badly as it had, but it still did a little. He was playing bookball with the servants' kids, when he got tackled. Someone landed on top of him an he heard a sickening cracking noise, and he started to scream.

This wasn't pain from his soulmate. This was pain from him. He laid down on the grass, crying. One of the cooks helped him up. "Broken, both of them." She muttered, scooping him up as if he weighed nothing.

As Comely cried, he thought of two things. One, no matter how his father reacted, he was not going to play any more sports for fear of hurting himself worse next time. Two, he felt really bad for his soulmate.

Ember had been restlessly pacing her room, when the pain hit her, like a shot, and her knees buckled. She was confused, she hadn't overexerted herself or landed on her knees weirdly, so why was she hurting?

Unlike Comely, her parents had never had the soulmate talk with her. She thought she had done something wrong. But then she remembered.

She had been five at the time, and Muggy had been going on and on about how she was sure this person was her soulmate, and she just needed to figure out how they were connected.

Was it possible she felt pain because her soulmate felt pain? Did she even have a soulmate? She tried to stand up, but she face-planted, because it hurt to much to walk or even stand on them. Maybe that was the reason she felt so bad. Maybe her soulmate hurt they're knees.

Mew Boots and Willy King

"Papa?" eight year old Mew's high-pitched voice carried over to where Puss sat, polishing his boots. He looked up.

"What is it young one?" He asked, his voice gentle. His daughter looked distraught about something and he had a small idea as to what it was.

"What is this?" Mew gestured to the writing on her forearm. Mew had been born with tiny illegiable writing there, and Puss wasn't sure of what it would say, but apparently now it was big enough to make out and his daughter was old enough to read.

"Let me see." Puss crooned, taking her arm and reading it aloud. "Kitty's got a tiger side. Meow!" He chuckled.

"What?!" Mew demanded, upset.

"Sweetie, I've told you about soulmates. It seems like this is something your soulmate will say when they meet you. Or maybe think. One of the two." Puss explained.

Mew pouted. "My soulmate's a jerk then."

In Sugarplum, eight year old William was swordfighting a practice dummy when his youngest brother came running up to him. "I can finally read it!" Willy yelled out.

"You can finally read what?" William repeated in annoyance. He had been working really hard on his technique and now Willy ruined it. As usual.

"The writing on my arm! Dad said it's either going to be the first thing they think of me or the first thing they say about me." Willy waved his arm around in the air.

"Okay, then tell me." William said, figuring he wasn't going to get any practice in until Willy did.

"Ahem. It's a good thing he's so good looking or else I'd totally maim him. My soulmate will think I'm good looking!" Willy cried out.

"I think your missing the part where it says they'll want to maim you." William pointed out drily.

"I told you I was good looking! And this proves it!" Willy was dancing around his brother.

"I kind of want to maim you right now, so I understand where your soulmate will be coming from in the future." William muttered, rubbing his eyes.

Clarey Cracker and William King

Once his brother had finally left him alone, William began to take up practice again. But he couldn't. His mind was stuck on the track of soulmates.

His brother had it easy. He knew there was only two options for how he could be connected to his soulmate, but William's was just weird.

He had a thick black line encircle his waist with the exception of a small gap on his stomach, and rise up in the back in a kind of x shape. Willy didn't know about the mark he bore and neither did anyone else. He didn't know what it meant, but he had a pretty good idea that it meant something to do with his soulmate.

William threw down his sword as he grew frustrated. How would he be connected to his soulmate? If he didn't know what the mark entailed, how would he know when he found his soulmate?

He asked his dad that question, his parents being the only people besides him who knew what he was born with, and his dad had just said that once he truly found his soulmate, he would just know.

Clarey sat in the castle. At age eight, she was already quite a lovely girl, with a laugh that reminded anyone who heard it of tinkling glass.

But she wasn't smiling right then. Clarey was inspecting her arms. The outside of her arms looked normal, like any other eight year old's arms, but the insides were all black. As black as a shadow.

Her mother knew about this, and was ashamed that Clarey was born that way, which made her wonder if maybe she had done something wrong. Under orders from her mother, Clarey wore long sleeved dresses and gloves whenever she was not alone.

Her father was more help. He had informed his young daughter that the black marks implied the way she would be connected to her soulmate. But Clarey wasn't so sure. How would the fact that her arms were black show her who her soulmate was?

And if her mother was so ashamed of it, maybe it wasn't a soulmate thing. Or if it was, maybe it was a sign she would never ever get a soulmate, and that's why she had to hide it.

She carefully pushed the long sleeves down and slid her silk gloves on, before running outside, determined o push all those horrid thoughts to the back of her mind.

Opal Wicked and Larkin Swan

"Maybe your eyes have something to do with your soulmate." Eight year old Fauve mouthed to her sister.

"Why would they have something to do with my soulmate?" Opal asked, staring at her reflection in the mirror as she got ready for the day. One eye was dark dark blue, the other was black. It was hard to tell though, except in certain lighting.

"Maybe one eye is your soulmate's natural eye color and once you meet them it will turn to normal?" Fauve queried.

"If that were true, wouldn't that mean..." Opal scolded herself for even hoping. She wanted this to be the way she was connected, but she didn't want it, because if this was the way, the odds of her soulmate being who she wanted it to be was slim. She's already meant him.

"Have you both looked into each other's eyes yet?" Fauve teased. She knew who her sister wanted to be her soulmate, it was painfully obvious.

Opal gulped. It was true, she hadn't directly met his eyes yet. She just never had.

Larkin was having similar thoughts as Opal, though he had no one to help him try and sort out why he had one dark blue eye and another black

The only comfort he got from his weirdness was that Opal had it to, the same way...he did. Did that mean that was the way they were connected! His dad had talked about soulmates many times, his parents had been soulmates and were connected by the fact that his mother had a feather birthmark on her neck, and his father had one in the same place.

But really, was he connected in such a simple way as that? Or was it just stupid coincidence? Maybe he would never know.

It seemed like it was too perfect for it to be just a coincidence, Opal was his best friend after all and they always were together, but with Larkin's horrible luck, he would end up being connected in a different way to a complete and total stranger. Or worse, maybe Julia?

He shuddered at the thought. Looking once more at his reflection and sighing over his dark blue eye, he put on his beanie and left the room.

Roxanne Red and Mickey Dread

"Hey flame head!" A boy yelled after Roxie.

The eight year old bit her lip and kept herself from retorting back. Her aunt and her father had told her many times that a princess always turned the other cheek.

"What, is your hair so hot it melted your eardrums?" He sounded like he was getting closer.

Roxie's pale face flushed and she bit her lip so hard it drew blood. She would not answer back, even if it killed her. She would do what her family wanted.

"Princess of Flames!"

"Shut up!" Roxie yelled, finally losing self control as she slapped the boy across the face. He was a lot bigger than she was and most likely stronger, but her temper had finally gotten the better of her.

The boy growled and he yanked her to him by her shoulders, causing her to cry out in pain. She tried to pull away, tried to resist, tried to do anything! but he tossed her to the side without any show of effort, leaving her on the ground.

Roxie sniffed. Her hands were sore, her knee was bleeding, but it was her pride that was the most damaged. She slowly stood up and sulked home. She began to sing softly as she walked, to keep her mind of things.

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.

Never let it fade away

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket

Save it for a rainy day."

Far away, in the fair kingdom of Camelot, at least on the outskirts, Mickey was practicing his conjuring when suddenly he started to sing.

"For love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night

just in case you feel you want to hold her

you'll have a pocket full of starlight."

When the song was over he just sat in silence for a few seconds. He had never ever heard that song before, and why did he feel compelled to sing it?

He flipped through his spellbook and then his book of all odd magical things. The only thing he found was a small section on soulmates. If this was right, his soulmate had started to sing that song and he was forced to join in.

He bit his lip. He knew he had no idea who his soulmate was, but maybe he could give them a clue as to how they would be connected.

"I close my eyes and I can see,

a world that's waiting up for me,

that I call my own.

Through the dark through the door,

through where no one;s been before,

But it feels like home.

They can say they can say it all sounds crazy,

they can say they can say I've lost my mind,

I don't care I don't care, so call me crazy,

we can live in a world that we design!"

Roxie was getting dressed in her pajamas, when she burst out with:

"Every night I lie in bed

The brightest colors fill my head

A million dreams are keeping me awake

I think of what the world could be

A vision of the one I see

A million dreams is all it's gonna take."

She walked over to her window as if in a trance and unbeknownst to her, Mickey did the same as they chorused.

"A million dreams for the world we're gonna make."

Roxie grew excited as she ran to her parents to tell them what had happened, while Mickey just sat there in his window seat, a gooey smile on his face.

Panacea Pipt and Joey Lucky

Eight year old Panacea wrote out her answers for the spelling test. She was fairly certain she had gotten them all right, or at least a large portion of them, so she just sat back, waiting for the others to be done.

She took up her favorite pale blue sparkly pen and began to doodle on her arm. She drew a huge butterfly that spanned her whole forearm, it was actually pretty detailed for an eight year old.

As soon as she had lifted the pen from her drawing, her other arm began to burn slightly. It wasn't very painful, it was a pleasant feeling more than anything, but it alarmed her. She looked over at her arm and did a double take.

Written in huge round letters was "Mity Mitey. Miety." She knew that it was someone trying to figure out how to spell Mighty. So, Panacea decided to help.

Beneath the writing, she wrote the correct spelling in her neatest handwriting, along with her traditional smiley face.

Joey on the other side of the room was staring in awe at his arm. He had felt a burning/numbing sensation, and suddenly there was an incredibly detailed butterfly. He could not draw nearly as well as that.

And if that wasn't enough, he felt it again on his other arm, and saw written neatly under his guesses at how you spelled Mighty, was the right spelling.

He quickly wrote it down, and then when he finished his test, he decided to write in tiny letters beneath the writing: "thank you."

Panacea smiled at the messages. She didn't know who did it, or why it happened, but she did know she felt really good about helping whoever it was. She would do it again in a heartbeat if necessary.

Joey sighed. The smiley face did look a little familiar, but for whatever reason he couldn't place it. He knew, or at least had a good idea of what this meant. This was how he was connected to his soulmate. If his soulmate was that smart and that helpful, maybe he could write down questions from his homework he didn't understand and they could help him.

Chapter two: Figured it out

Ember Scales and Comely Charming

It had been many years since the day when she discovered she felt every bit of pain her soulmate did. Now Ember was no closer to figuring it out than she had been back then.

She had made it through the school day and she was on her way outside to go for a fly. As she tried to walk out, she caught sight of her friend Comely, who called her name, running to catch up to her. She smiled.

Since her attention was on him and not on where she was walking, she stepped in a hole, and ended up stumbling, landing on her ankle.

Both Comely and Ember let out a matching cry of pain at the same time. "Did you hurt your ankle too?" She asked, as she heaved herself up, hissing as pain shot through her.

"No, I felt it when..." Comely trailed off, looking at her oddly.

Ember balked under the intensity of his stare. "Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked.

"I want to try something." Comely whispered.

"Try what?" Ember asked.

Comely didn't answer. Instead he turned towards a tree, and ran full force to it. When he made contact with the tree, Ember winced slightly.

"You felt it, didn't you? You felt the force of the impact." Comely was grinning stupidly at her and it made her mad.

"What does that have to do with anything?!" She demanded, smoke coming out of her mouth.

"You feel it when I get hurt, I feel it when you get hurt. Ember, we're soulmates!" Comely yelled out over excited.

Ember swallowed her smoke and gasped. She flapped her wings almost without realizing it, and flew far away from him, her only thought was she had to get away. She didn't even notice the pain in her ankle as she tried to get away from him.

Comely frantically yelled her name over and over, but she acted deaf to it. He sighed. Man, he really screwed up bad. He had been overly excited when he realized that Ember was his soulmate, he was very fond of her and if he actually thought about it, he could even say that he loved her.

Just another thing to add to the list of things he did wrong.

Mew Boots and Willy King

Mew was walking through the school with her boyfriend. Willy and her had only been dating for a few days, after they had gotten past they're pathetic rivalry, and she had never been happier.

But, she was still a little bit worried. Willy was not her scripted lover, but she really wanted things to work out with him. One thing was stopping her from using the L word. The writing on her arm.

"Willy?" She said, trying to sound casual as she tugged on her sleeve.

"Yes, M?" Willy asked, looking towards her concerned.

"I was just wondering, what was the first thing you thought when you meant me?" Mew's voice shook slightly, though she tried to hide it.

Willy looked at her oddly.

"I mean, if you remember it, I think it would be cool to know." Mew was really hoping. She liked him a lot, but if what he said wasn't what was written, she'd have to keep looking for her soulmate. She wasn't going to ignore them, and she would keep trying to find out who it was.

"Well, I think I thought something like, Kitty's got a tiger side. Meow!" Willy laughed.

Mew's eyes widened. While Willy was laughing his head off, she pushed her sleeve up, and smiled. She was right, it was word for word what was written there. She got an idea.

She smirked at him. "Well. it's a good thing he's so good looking or else I'd totally maim him." She said, before running.

"Wait, who's good looking...Oh!" Willy realized. "Hey, Mew! Come back here, you can't just drop a bombshell like that and walk away!" He yelled, running after her.

Clarey Cracker and William King

Clarey was following William through Book End. He was nervous, and was acting so secretive that it was somewhat humorous, and was kind of cute...Nope! Absolutely no thinking along that lines about William! She scolded herself.

When she saw what he had bought and fixed up for her, a whole cafe, she grew excited. She loved to cook a lot and now she got to make the kind of food she loved.

"Do you like it?" William was nervous, which made her laugh.

"I love it!" Clarey declared, and without really thinking about it, gave him a hug.

The moment she touched him, she felt it burn almost like fire, even through her clothes. She gasped, and pulled away, still feeling her arms and hands burn, though less strongly.

"Are, are you okay?" William choked out through clenched teeth, feeling his middle and back burn.

Clarey frowned. "You. you're hurt, too.' She said.

Suddenly the pair froze. Almost simultaneously, William pushed up his jacket and Clarey removed her gloves and pushed up her sleeves.

The once black marks had turned into a beautiful splendor of multiple colors, and the burning ever so slowly began to subside.

The pair meant each other with horrified expressions on their faces. Both took a deep breath and struggled to remain calm.

"I, I, um, just remembered, that there, um, is, something I forgot to do!" Clarey said.

"Yeah, what a coincidence, me too!" William said entirely too loudly.

They both took off in opposite directions, they're faces so red it looked like they had been painted, both trying to forget what just happened, or at the very least try to process it.

Opal Wicked and Larkin Swan

Opal shook her head in amusement at Larkin's antics on his skateboard. She had given him the gift of a hand-painted board, and now he was showing off on it.

He flashed her a quick smirk, before starting to skate down the railing. "Bad idea Lar!" She yelled, running after him.

He didn't listen, but Opal was proven right about three seconds later, when he lost his balance and fell. "Ow!" He yelled as he rolled.

Opal took off running to him, worry very clearly etched on her face. he was her best friend and she had given him the board, so if he hurt himself on it she would be at fault, at least, in her mind, and she would never forgive herself if he was hurt badly.

As she was running, she tripped, stumbling. She shut her eyes to brace for the impact, and actually ended up landing on top of him, much to both of their embarrassments.

"Are you okay?" Opal asked, opening her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine just a little banged up." Larkin opened his eyes too, and suddenly time stood still.

Both of them were looking directly into one another's eyes for the first time in their lives. And they could see that as they stared, the other person's eyes began to change right in front of them.

Larkin's dark blue eye turned black like his other one, and Opal's black eye turned dark blue.

Slowly Opal got off of him and diverted her eyes. Larkin stood up and reached out to turn her head to him, but drew his hand back, unsure.

Still not looking directly at him, Opal sent him a small smile, before walking away.

Larkin fell backwards onto the ground once more. "Wow." He was right!

"Fauve was right." Opal said.

Roxanne Red and Mickey Dread

Roxie was walking through Book End, seemingly oblivious to the world around her.

"Hey look, it's Flame Head!" Oh boy! Roxie inwardly groaned as she turned around to see a much older version of her childhood bully, who had apparently relocated to Ever After High as well, and obviously hadn't come up with any new material.

"You know, if your hair wasn't quite so fiery, you'd be quite the catch." He said as he got close, uncomfortably close.

"Leave me alone." Roxie said, her voice betraying her anger, but it shook slightly. She tried to pull away but he just got closer, trying to kiss her, which made her even more angry.

She spun around and kicked him in the gut, before trying to take off. He grabbed her and shook her hard. "None of that." He hissed.

Dark green magic surrounded him and pulled him away from Roxie, who let out a sigh of relief. She knew without looking who it was.

Mickey brought the bully up to his face. "Go near her again and I will kill you." He said in an even voice, before tossing him away.

"Thanks." Roxie said, looking away. Mickey cupped her face in one hand. He could tell she was ashamed that she had needed help to get away from that jerk.

"I know you could have handled him, but I would have felt awful if I had done nothing." Mickey said. Roxie didn't answer him, and he sighed. "Cheer up Roxie."

She managed a fake smile that he saw straight through.

Mickey cleared his throat and sang:

"I close my eyes and I can see,

a world that's waiting up for me,

that I call my own.

Through the dark through the door,

through where no one;s been before,

But it feels like home.

They can say they can say it all sounds crazy,

they can say they can say I've lost my mind,

I don't care I don't care, so call me crazy,

we can live in a world that we design!"

Roxie's brow furrowed as she listened, and suddenly she burst out with:

"Every night I lie in bed

The brightest colors fill my head

A million dreams are keeping me awake

I think of what the world could be

A vision of the one I see

A million dreams is all it's gonna take."

The pair meant each other's eyes as they're singing got a lot quieter.

"A million dreams for the world we're gonna make."

Mickey realized he was about two inches away from her and quickly backed away, stammering out an apology.

Roxie placed a finger on her chin, before she started to softly sing, in a voice barely above a whisper,

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.

Never let it fade away

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket

Save it for a rainy day."

Mickey gasped when he heard the song. He didn't even have to think about it as he joined in.

"For love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night

just in case you feel you want to hold her

you'll have a pocket full of starlight."

When the song ended, Roxie took a deep breath, "We're soulmates." She realized.

Mickey gulped. "So, um, what does this mean? Like, what changes?" He asked.

Roxie shrugged. She started to walk away when guilt ate at her insides. She turned around, and gave him a quick hug. "Thank you." Then she took off at surprising speed.

Mickey watched her go. He understood. They both needed time to process what they had just discovered. He didn't hate that she turned out to be his soulmate, and he didn't think she did either, but what they needed to figure out was in what ways, if any they're relationship would have to change.

Panacea Pipt and Joey Lucky

Cea had finished her paper in class ahead of everyone, so she decided to doodle on her arm. She drew a small bird by her elbow, in her glittery red pen.

She felt the familiar burning sensation on her wrist, and looked just in time to see the words "Nice bird. Cardinal right?" appear above her doodle.

She raised an eyebrow. Never had her soulmate and her ever attempted to message each other. Using her glittery green pen this time, she wrote down: "Thanks. And yes, that's what it's supposed to be."

"Cool, what are you doing?"


"I figured as much. You must be smart."

Cea stifled a laugh. "Not really."

"I bet your smarter than me. Half this stuff I can't even figure out."

"You can't be that bad. Just take a deep breath before you start, close your eyes, and clear your head."

Suddenly Joey stood up, surprising Cea into trailing her pen off of her arm.

"May I go use the bathroom?" He yelled.

The teacher looked surprised, but nodded. When Joey hurried past Panacea she caught sight of markings on his arm. She saw him scribble something and was surprised when she felt her arm burn again.

She read what was written and gasped.

"I know it's you Princess Panacea Pipt."

She sat back in her chair.

No way.

Chapter three: What happened after

Ember Scales and Comely Charming

Ember had flown as far as her wings could carry her. She could transform into her full dragon form, but she really didn't want to. She needed to rest regardless, because even if she could still fly, her foot was hurt and she needed to elevate it.

Landing on a jutting out cliff near the school, she rested her foot on a rock and laid down. She rested her hands behind her head as a sort of pillow, and looked straight up into the clear blue sky.

She didn't know how long she had rested there, but she jumped a little when she realized her phone, buried deep in her pocket, was buzzing, indicating she had gotten a text. She blushed when she realized that Comely had texted her and it was the latest of many.


Ember please answer?

Are you mad at me?

Do you not want to be my soulmate?

I mean, your one of my best friends and I love you enough that I'm okay with being your soulmate, so it kind of would ruin my day if you hated the fact we are soulmates.

We don't have to end up together romantically!

We could just stay best friends and you could find someone else. I'll be okay with that!

Okay, I lied, I'll work on being okay with that!

Ember please answer me!"

Ember's heart swelled as she read the message that said what Comely felt about her. She blushed darkly as her eyes welled up, realizing what she had been denying for a long time. She had a huge crush on Comely Charming.

She began to type out a response, but stopped. She realized that what she wanted to tell him she couldn't say through a text.

Almost without thinking, she folded her wings around her, turning full on dragon. She flew back to the school, to the stretch of land by the courtyard, and blow a stream of fire. She knew she would get in trouble, but she didn't care.

Ember landed expertly, turning her ankle just slightly, and transformed back into her human-(ish) form. She texted Comely: "Come outside."

Comely ran outside. He caught sight of the smoldering ashes in the field and looked to her in surprise. Ember laughed, hooking her arms under his shoulders and flying up a little bit.

He laughed when he saw what she had written. "I love you!"

He turned to look up at her. "You mean it Em?" He asked.

"With all of my heart." She promised as she landed. He gave her a hug.

"I love you too." He whispered, stroking her hair. "Now let's go do something about that foot."

Mew Boots and Willy King

"For the love of..." Willy panted out as he finally caught up to Mew. "You are fast Mew." He said as he collapsed.

"And you are apparently not used to running," Mew teased, not bothering to help him up. She sat cross legged on a counter, drinking a glass of tea.

"Mew, what you said earlier, that's written on my arm." Willy said, not bothering to move from his position on the floor.

"I figured." Mew said, taking a long drink of her tea.

"And what I told you, is it written on your arm?" Willy asked.

Mew swallowed a laugh. It took a lot for Willy to put the pieces together. Just another reason to love the goofball.

"So that means...we're soulmates!" Willy declared, standing up finally.

"Yes, yes it does." Mew laughed as she put her cup down. She turned to face him, pushing her sleeve up to reveal the writing along her forearm.

Willy pushed his sleeve up. "I don't really know how to handle this, how do you handle this? I mean, we're already dating so what changes? Does anything change?"

Mew smiled, rolling her eyes at his babbling. She stood up and kissed his cheek. "You're lucky I love you Willy King." She whispered.

"If you were trying to get me to stop talking, I think such a kiss would work better on the lips." Willy teased, his face flushed just the tiniest bit.

"Now you're really lucky I love you Willy." Mew said, rolling her eyes again as she kissed him on the lips this time.

Willy pulled away only to say, "I love you too," before kissing her again.

Clarey Cracker and William King

A week.

It had been a week since the marks on her had turned from black to rainbow colors due to giving William a simple hug. And in all honesty, Clarey hadn't really done anything about it.

She still wore long sleeves and she still wore the gloves, as she had her entire life, to hide the marks. She now knew that having the marks on her didn't mean anything bad, but now she didn't know what to do with the newfound information.

Of course, it would be oversleeping that would do it.

One morning, she slept through her alarm, therefore missing breakfast. She woke up and ran around her room, not really paying attention to what she was throwing on. She passed her roommate Willow, who stared after her in shock.

As Clarey ran to her first class of the day, which happened to be Science and Sorcery, people caught sight of what she usually took great pains to hide, all because poor Princess Clarey forgot to put on her jacket. And her gloves.

So the rainbow spectrum of color that extended from her fingertips all the way up her arms was completely visible, and therefore people were questioning what she had done to get it.

In Science and Sorcery, she raised her hand to ask a question, which led to a mixture of gasps and laughter throughout the classroom. It was then she realized she had forgotten her jacket and gloves in her mad rush this morning.

She crossed her arms across her chest. "Wow Clarey! A tattoo! Since when are you such a Rebel!" One shrill voiced student asked.

"It's not a tattoo." She whispered quietly.

"Of course it is! What else could it be!"

"Something that has to do with soulmates." Clarey said.

"There is no way that has anything to do with soulmates."

"Actually it really does have something to do with soulmates." William said quietly.

"Oh and how would you know William?" The student challenged.

Clarey turned in her seat to look at William, her brow furrowed. Was he really going to do it? Was he going to show his soulmate mark, endure the taunting, just so they'd stop making fun of her?

Apparently he was. He pushed up his shirt just enough to reveal his own band of rainbow colors. "I know because I have it too. I'm her soulmate."

"Hah! Of course your her soulmate, you two losers belong together!"

"They are not losers." Willow cut in. "And I love the fact that they're finally together."

A full scale argument erupted in the middle of class, and William snuck his way to Clarey. "We, um, should we tell them we aren't together?" He asked.

"We could be together." Clarey whispered. Shocked, William turned over to look at her face. She wasn't kidding.

"I mean, I wouldn't hate it." She said, not bothering to look at him. Actually it was more like she was afraid to look at him, to see his reaction.

William smiled as he turned her to face him. "I wouldn't hate it either. In fact I would love it. Because I love you."

"I love you too." Clarey said, blushing.

"Good now Kiss!" Willow stopped her argument long enough to yell at them, before resuming the fight.

Clarey blushed even more, which William couldn't help but find cute. "Might as well oblige her." He said.

"Might as well." Clarey agreed as she kissed him.

Opal Wicked and Larkin Swan

"Your eyes changed!" Fauve declared as soon as she saw her sister.

Opal sighed. "Did they? I um, I didn't notice..."

"You are a terrible liar Opal." Fauve mouthed, fists on her hips.

"Okay, so they changed. When I looked directly at Larkin." Opal admitted.

"I knew it!" Fauve declared. "When's your first date?" She demanded.

"We aren't dating Fauve. We're best friends. I mean, we were, I don't know if we still are." Opal said quickly.

"Why wouldn't you be?" Fauve asked, confusion etched all over her face.

"Sweet, innocent little Fauve. You haven't found your soulmate yet, you don't know what this means. I think it would have been easier if it turned out to be a complete and total stranger." Opal sighed, leaning back against the wall.

"You know you don't mean that Opal. You wanted to be him since you first learned about soulmates. I would think you would be rejoicing right now!"

"I am!" Opal declared. "I mean, I think I am. I don't know how to act about this." She admitted, running her hand through her hair. "I liked him for the longest time, and at some time that liking turned to something else."

"And that something would be?" Fauve prompted.

"Love okay! I love him! I love him with all of my heart and I want more than what we have! It's selfish, how many girls did you know who's crush is their very best friend? How could I possibly want more, even if he is my soulmate!" Opal paced.

"Wait you love me?" A third person commented as he burst through the door. Larkin entered. His black eyes were widened in shock.

"Um, yes? I mean, I do, if you don't like me like that, I totally get it." Opal babbled as she looked away, not wanting to see his newly changed eyes.

"Look at me Opal." He said softly. She didn't. "I said look at me." He turned her head to his, when the pairs eyes mean they both felt a sort of spark, causing Opal to try and look away yet again. Larkin wasn't having it, he held her head in his hands.

"I love you Opal. And not just because you happen to be my soulmate." Larkin said.

"Yeah right." Opal scoffed.

"Trust me. I fell in love with the girl who for the longest time couldn't say my name right and instead just called me Larky. I fell in love with the girl who locked me in a room for four hours, the tween who dared me to dress up like a cat and act like a cat while she video taped it, who drew me without me knowing and it was totally realistic, and the teen who's cried on my shoulder, who unknowingly magically transported to me after she had a bad dream. That's who i fell in love with." Larkin cringed at how soft and heartfelt that sounded. That was not him.

Opal laughed a little. "And I fell in love with the boy who always comforted me after a bad day, who called me Opa every day for two whole years even though I told him not to, I fell in love with the boy who snuck out of his castle after he was being made fun of by some of the people in his home and made his way over to mine seeking comfort. The tween who never made me feel like I was evil, who actually said "A baby chick is more evil than you are", who came to me for help with his homework, but actually ended up helping me with mine. I fell in love with the teen who learned how to skateboard just because I told him he couldn't, who bought me an identical little heart locket every year for my birthday. That's who I fell in love with." She said.

Fauve wiggled in excitement as she watched. She tapped at Larkin's shoulder, and he turned to her in confusion.

"Are you going to kiss or am I going to have to make you." She demanded.

"As you wish." Larkin said, kissing Opal as he had often had fantasies about. It was even better than he had imagined.

Opal pulled back long enough to say. "Wow."

"Wow is right Opa." Larkin said as he kissed her again.

(Fauve was fangirling and silently squealing this whole time.)

Roxanne Red and Mickey Dread

Roxie sat on her red beanbag chair. She was having a bad day. Her father had called and grilled her on why she hadn't found her soulmate or destined lover yet, she had showed up to Kingdom Management with her Damsel-in-Distressing homework, and her aunt had called her to question her on why she wasn't helping Apple more.

Now she just wanted to relax. She didn't want to cry, because only two people in all of Ever After had ever seen her cry. One was her cousin, who she didn't want to talk to right now, and one was Mickey, who she didn't want to throw herself all over, espescially not after they discovered they were soulmates.

She wanted to sing her special song, but she knew that wouldn't help because then Mickey would hear the song and know she had a bad day. Even if they were soulmates, she didn't want him to stop whatever he was doing and rush over to her which is exactly what he would do, she knew him too well.

Then she heard just the faintest shred of singing. A fuzzy warmth spread through her body and instantly she knew who was singing.

"What if we rewrite the stars

Say you were meant to be mine.

Nothing can keep us apart.

You'd be the one I was meant to find.

It's up to you.

And it's up to me.

No one can say what we get to be.

What if we rewrite the stars.

Changing the world to be ours.


Roxie made her way to the window. She smiled when she saw Mickey.

"All I want to fly with you.

All I want is to fall with you.

So just give me all of you.

It feels impossible!"

Mickey cut in with: "It's not impossible!'

And then the pair harmonized with: "See that it's possible!"

"How do we rewrite the stars?

Say you were meant to be mine?

Nothing can keep us apart,

cause you are the one I was meant to find.

It's up to you,

and it's up to me,

no one can say what we get to be!

How do we rewrite the stars?

Changing the world to be ours.


Mickey smiled brightly up at Roxie as the song ended. She smiled back. That forbidden feeling was welling up again. Only this time, Roxie allowed it.

"Hey Mickey, come on up! We have a lot to talk about!" She called down to him. Mickey nodded, magically transporting next to her.

Panacea Pipt and Joey Lucky

Panacea didn't wait very long after discovering that Joey was her soulmate, before deciding to do something about it. She of course had two more classes to sit through, and she more than likely submitted half-butted work in both of them.

But who could blame her! She had discovered who her soulmate was. And it happened to be her best friend who called her princess since she was five years old. She had in return called him Sir Jojo, because he was her knight. He was her hero, despite being a dorky one, he still played the role of knight to the best of his ability.

Now that she thought about it, she was feeling kind of stupid for not figuring it out earlier. So when school was over, she searched all over for him. But she couldn't find him.

She was walking through Book End when she came across a senior student she recognized from one of the Castleterria volunteers. "Excuse me have you seen Joey Lucky?" She asked him.

"How lucky can he be if he let someone like you get away?" The boy joked. He sobered up. "But I'll help you find him. I'm Astor."

"Panacea," She accepted his outstretched hand. But the moment she did, he yanked her close to him, giving her a hug. He planted a kiss on her cheek, which burned against her skin. She wiggled, trying to get away. "Let go of me you disgusting creep!"

"Now none of that. You'll spoil your looks if you keep struggling." He hissed. Astor's hands fiddled with her brace and soon he had it off.

She hunched over in pain, falling on the ground. She saw Astor moving towards her and she carefully reached for a pen.

Carefully, without looking away from Astor, she tried to write the words: "Help me Joey. In Book End. Hurry." on her arm, but before she finished hurry, Astor tried to get her to stand. She screamed.

It was pure luck that Joey was near enough to hear the scream. The next thing Cea knew, Joey had punched him smack in the face and shoved him against the wall. "How could you even try to do something like that to someone as sweet as Cea! Stay away from my princess!" Astor stood up and ran.

Joey took in the situation and immedietly knew what was wrong. He grabbed the brace and carefully put it back around her, noticing how she flinched away from his hug at first, before reciprocating as she tried to stand again.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"I just did what any decent person would do. Besides, I meant what I said, your my princess. I'd be a poor knight if I didn't come to your aid." Joey said, holding her close.

"My knight." She said softly as she leaned her head on his shoulder, fighting back a yawn. They both needed to talk about how being soulmates made them feel, but after what just happened all she wanted to do was cuddle her knight and hero.

Joey led her to a park bench as she lay against him, whining when she felt him move. He quickly soothed her and as they sat there. Joey carefully traced out the words: "I love you." on the back of her hand.

He almost jumped out of his skin when he felt the lightest touch on his own arm spell out: "I love you too."

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