Connie Cricket is the daughter of the Talking Cricket, a supporting character in the tale of Pinochio


Connie is sweet and helpful in all. She can also give great advice and loves to soothe people with her violin skills.


Connie has brown and green hair, with two strands framing her face, and the rest flows in curls. She also has warm chesnut eyes, and carries a violin bow in hand. She loves her music inspired outfits.



Fairemiah Turquoise and Alberta Knowall


I have a pet baby turtle named, Verita. She loves to watch me play my violin nice and slow for her.


  • "Connie" means advisor in Irish. This connects to her storybook roll as an advisor to Cedar Wood, the next Pinochio.
  • "Verita" means truth in Italian. This again connects with how Pinochio, in his tale, is supposed to tell the truth.