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Courageous Valiant Charming [he/him] is a 2020-introduced and all-around character. He is the son of a lesser-known King Charming and with a generic Prince Charming role.

At the time of the Rebel Movement, he is attending his Yearbook Year and currently rooms with Malik Faraji. Dealing with pressure from Headmaster Grimm in trying to find his destiny, Courageous has opted to stick with the Neutrals, preferring to stay out of the debate.


Before Attending Ever After High

Childhood & Preadolescence


Attending Ever After High

Freedom Year

Courageous began his first year of Ever After High and is paired with Malik Faraji as his roommate.

Legacy Year


Yearbook Year


Classic Year


After Attending Ever After High


With the help of Raven Queen, Courageous was free from any destiny he was set to have, allowing him to have a choice in his own life's decisions. Upon graduating, Courageous opted to stay in the Village of Book End so he could still see his girlfriend who was still in school for another two years.

Asking the Big Question

Months before Scarlett would graduate from Ever After, Courageous got the courage (yes, pun intended) to ask Crimson Vermillion, for permission to marry Scarlett; he was given the blessing.

On the night of graduation, Courageous surprised Scarlett by proposing, and she readily accepted.

The Future


Personality & Traits


Physical Appearance

Courageous is definitely a mix of his parents but inherited most of his features from his mother, Chrystal. He has shoulder-length, thick, shaggy, black hair, with blonde-white tips, and red-orange eyes, which come from his maternal grandparent, Magnificent.

Hobbies & Interests


Powers & Abilities


  • Multilingualism: Courageous is able to speak Japanese, Italian, and English. Prior to coming to Ever After High, he started to learn how to speak English since he learned that was the dominant language of the school and area.

Fairy Tale - Prince Charming

How the Story Goes

Main article: Prince Charming

How Does Courageous Come Into It?

As the son of a King Charming, Courageous naturally inherits the generic Prince Charming role.

Opinions on Destiny



Class-ics Schedule


  • His full name is Courageous Valiant Charming.
    • The name Courageous follows the Adjective Charming theme.
    • The name Valiant also follows the Adjective Charming theme.
    • The name Charming, well it's obvious. 
  • The nickname Corey came from Scarlett, she found it bothersome to say his whole name and she wanted a nickname that only she could call him, hence Corey coming.
  • Courageous is Italian-Japanese; his father is Italian and his mother is Japanese.
    • He speaks Japanese when alone with his mother, and Italian with his father. When with both, all three tend to mix their languages up, often confusing his mother or father. The only able to understand both languages is his Uncle Ren.
    • Being part-Japanese, Courageous does call his mother, Kaa-San, the traditional way of saying "mother".
    • He has a very heavy, and strong Italian accent. When speaking, he sometimes adds Italian words into his speech without even realizing it.
  • He identifies as bisexual panromantic.
  • Courageous's family has only ruled the city of Sorrento for the past thirty years, his grandmother Lyrical Charming waws the first queen. As the firstborn of his father, Courageous is next in line for the throne.
  • Despite having everything for him, Courage prefers to work for things he wanted. He doesn't believe one should be just given something, you needed to earn it. His work ethic was taught to him by his mother, Exotic, who after her parents' passing, had to work for things she wanted.
  • In the future, Courageous marries Scarlett Vermillion becoming her Red Queen as she becomes the Red King. He moves tot Wonderland to rule the Red Kingdom, handing his inheritance to his younger sister, Clarity. He goes on to taking Scarlett's family name, Vermillion, and shortening his name to Corey Vermillion, but his royal title still being "Courageous Vermillion".


  • Courageous was created after Shadows got into the Adjective Charming craze. There were two before him, but Shadows was unable to decide what to do with them, they were put back on the drawing board and Courageous was brought in. She had a least a plan with him.
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