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Anime 4EVAH
I'm just a younger wikia user that has a love for music, art, Ever after High, Monster High, Minecraft, Youtube, Youtubers and My little Pony. People may know me for my many OCs and my joining of Roleplays in the fourm. I'm no different from any other wikia user but theres one thing I dont have, I don't have any good talents. I just work hard and try to have fun in my life.



Fun, happy, energetic, talkative, and crazy. But when I'm around people that I don't know, I'm quiet and shy. I am a huge fangirl, I squeal and say "kawaii" or "awwww~" a lot. I love anime so much that I couldn't live without it. Just like I couldn't live without anything to drink or eat.


I have long black hair and i wear glasses. I wear weird clothes that sometimes look but when they are worn be me..they look ugly but i have no choice. I'm a banna..


W. Circe West = Icon-Royal

Arabella Rose = Icon-Rebel

Rosabelle Rose = Icon-Rebel

Boreas "Borealis" Snow = Icon-Royal

Lassie Robber = Icon-Rebel

Magical Mirror = Icon-Royal

Lupa Brother = Icon-Royal

Tundra Maiden = Icon-Royal

Dashing Charming = Icon-Rebel

Effie Napua = Icon-Royal

Aureus Altair = Icon-Royal

Jin Altair = Icon-Rebel

Frozen Snow = Icon-Royal

Isold Snow = Icon-Neutral

Pixie Fairy = Icon-Royal

Cruella Queen = Icon-Royal

White Lamb = Icon-Royal

Roslyn Shoes = Icon-Royal

Delicia Charming = Icon-Royal

Dorian Charming = Icon-Royal

Crimson Fox Hood = Icon-Rebel

Aradia Enchanter = Icon-Royal

Snowy Snowdrop = Icon-Rebel

Topaz Altair =Icon-Royal

Kisa Cat = Icon-Rebel

Aqua Nixie = Icon-Rebel

Guenevere Galatea = Icon-Rebel

Jewel Stone = Icon-Rebel

Destiny Catherine = Icon-Royal

Kyrenia Mermaid = Icon-Neutral

Winnie Pawn = Icon-Royal


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