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Damon Gale is a 2015 conceived and 2017 introduced character. Damon is the next Dorothy Gale from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its various sequels.

Damon is in his third year at Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, Damon sides with the Royals.


Damon is a name derived from the Greek δαμαζω (damazo) meaning “to tame”. The name appears in a story in Greek Legend, where it came to be associated with loyalty and friendship.

Gale has many meanings, but here it can be understood as an alternate word for wind.



Damon Gale’s tagline


Damon’s personality can be easily understood if one understands what any good Dorothy should embody: she must be intelligent, she must be loving, she must be brave, and she must have family values.

On intelligence: Damon is far more intelligent than most give him credit for. Firstly, Damon is intelligent in the classical way: he is academically intelligent. He gets good grades with relative ease, is well read, and articulates himself with equal ease and ability. Being clear and concise are second nature to Damon.

More important is that secondly, Damon’s intelligence expresses itself in developed analysis skills. His love of theatre and film may reveal his creative eye, but in equal turn they reveal his analytical eye. Said analytical eye often clashes with Damon’s third intelligence strength: his emotional intelligence. He infamously finds it hard to sit still in a cinema without critiquing the film as he goes, overruling his usually keen intuition for atmosphere and mood (and the social rules of a cinema).

Damon isn’t a critical person in most regards, but in all regards he is a thoughtful one.

It is true that Damon knows very little about his Oz destiny, but Damon tries to piece together what he can from what he has despite being far, far away from having all the pieces he needs. His curiosity and sharp mind are not to be dismissed because he doesn’t know that which he has been kept from understanding.

On love: Damon is, simply, a loving person. He is a simple person, though less simple as in stupid and more so simple as in straightforwardly kind and earnest. He is incredibly easy to get along with; that straightforward kind and earnest nature leads him to be open without question, though he isn’t one to overshare, which pairs well with his charisma and mild mannered personality.

Damon has a smile that lights up a room and has many, many friends who will attest he gives very good hugs. He is an incredibly friendly, loyal person, though doesn’t make a show of that and has never thought twice about being there for people -- it is simply the good thing to do, and one should simply do the good thing.

Trust is never something Damon demands you earn and he prefers to see trust as something to be revoked. This leads to situations where Damon is more trusting than he ought to be. He isn’t stupid for not knowing everything about his destiny, but he is naive for trusting that it will be fine.

On bravery: Damon has nerves of steel, which isn’t to say he doesn’t feel fear, but rather that he is both prone and accostom to pushing past it. Most people know Damon’s brave face well, but would struggle to think of when they have seen Damon distressed, upset, or angry. Damon isn’t a toxic person, he feels freely and wouldn’t stop himself feeling, but he does prefer to feel negative emotions in private.

Such bravery is precisely why Damon cannot be described as “stupid”: to know nothing about your story and to still face it head on with a smile is brave; to know that the world has bad but to trust that most people will try their best to be good is brave; to be keen to learn what you are explicitly kept from knowing is brave.

On home: Damon has grown up seeing his aunt and uncle mourn the loss of his mom and dad. Damon’s dad died while Damon was very young and Damon’s mom stayed in Oz after destiny, and he is sad to admit that he doesn’t (or rather, didn’t) know his two parental figures well at all. He finds it hard to admit that what might have had more of an impact on a very young him was how his aunt and uncle reacted to the loss of his parents, not the loss of his parents itself.

While wanting to go to Oz to know his mom is for him, being brave and trusting all will be okay is for his aunt and uncle.

His love of family and honest-to-goodness family values are essential to understanding why Damon is the way he is. Despite an unconventional upbringing, Damon has never felt anything but safe, welcome, and loved in his home, and it is this feeling, a feeling that Damon believes ought to know, that informs Damon's moral compass.

It should come as no surprise then that Damon has a habit of ‘adopting’ younger students, who often begin to see him like a big brother figure. This isn’t so much a choice Damon makes but rather the result of him just being him. Damon is unquestioning, as said, for better or for worse.

Ultimately, Damon knows he is intelligent, loving, brave, and family oriented. Perhaps the most notable thing about Damon is not that he has these traits, but rather his confidence in embodying them unapologetically.

Hobbies and interests

As a lonely, only child in rural Kansas, Damon grew up a creative who spent a lot of time reading, writing, and drawing, skills he’d often used to make his own comics, inspired by favourites of his own. Damon still enjoys playing with LEGO, just as he did as a child, though these days he prefers to come up with his own creations while writing instructions for them.

Similarly, Damon spent a lot of time as a child watching movies, particularly old Hollywood musicals, which laid the groundwork for his two main interests: cinema and musical theatre. To this day, musical theatre and its corresponding skills are perhaps what others associate with Damon most.

Damon is a natural on stage; a great performer who is always fun to watch. He has well developed vocal ability and is an effortless, charismatic actor. While his weak spot in musical theatre is dance Damon manages to have a commendable grasp on footwork all the same. As an actor, Damon has particularly well developed facial expressions, a strength that well covers any dance flaws.

Damon helps run an a caspella club at Ever After High, which gives him a chance to show off said vocal ability -- though, ever humble, he’d prefer to let other students get the spotlight. While Damon has a fondness (and real talent) for legit musical theatre singing, he will typically sing in a more contemporary style. A good belt isn’t out of his skill set.

Though Damon is less associated with cinema in the eyes of others, it is a very important interest to him. For Damon, it is an interest that bleeds into his love of musical theatre perfectly and he takes great joy and pride in marrying the two together. He strongly feels that an understanding of anything that makes a good film will make someone a better performer.



See also: Damon Gale’s outfits

Damon is, shortly, the quintessential boy next door. He is a mixed race (predominantly Indigenous Mexican and white, namely Spanish) Mexican American boy, 17 years old, with an overall unassuming appearance and friendly demeanour. His most notable features are his emerald green eyes, the mole which sits under the eye on his right, and his infectious, always genuine smile.

Otherwise, Damon’s a tall boy, having already outgrown his mother, and has warm brown skin and wavy brown hair. He’s kept decently strong from farm work back home.

Damon’s overall look is incredibly similar to his mother’s. The two share familiar skin tones, hair colours and textures, and overall “compositions”, featuring “humble” looking soft features. His mother protests this. If asked, Danielle always cites Damon’s eyes, which she views both as being notable in colour, as mentioned above, and in origin: they’re his father’s eyes.

Fairy tale – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Main Article: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Quotation1.png Dorothy did not know what to say to this, for all the people seemed to think her a witch, and she knew very well she was only an ordinary little girl who had come by the chance of a cyclone into a strange land.

Chapter 3: How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Dorothy is the main character in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and a variety of its sequels. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (commonly shortened to The Wizard of Oz) tells the tale of Dorothy Gale, a Kansan orphan who is bored of life on the farm with her aunt and uncle. A tornado makes short work of Dorothy’s boredom and throws her, her dog Toto, and her farmhouse to Munchkinland, Oz, where they accidentally kill the tyrannical Wicked Witch of the East. Now equipped with a pair of silver slippers, Dorothy begins her quest to find the Wizard of Oz and return home.

How does Damon fit into it?

Dorothy Gale in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Dorothy’s journey in Oz takes her along the Yellow Brick Road and through Oz’s four countries. Per the Good Witch of the North’s advice, she aims to find the apparently wonderful Wizard who resides in the Emerald City. Along the way she meets a variety of friends, namely, a scarecrow who wants a brain, a tin woodman who wants a heart, and a lion who wants some courage.

After meeting the Wizard, killing another Witch, and coming back to the Emerald City, the four friends discover that the Wizard is no more than a con man. In spite of her frustration, the Wizard helps her friends and intends to take Dorothy home, stopped only by an incident with Toto and a cat, leaving Dorothy stuck in Oz once more. Once again, Dorothy searches for someone who can help.

Dorothy eventually finds Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. Glinda reveals she doesn’t need to help Dorothy and that Dorothy had always had the power to go home. Dorothy says goodbye to her new friends, clicks her heels together three times, and is returned home to her family in Kansas.

Quotation1.png “What have you learned, Dorothy?”
“Well, I… I think that it… that it wasn’t enough to just want to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Em. And that if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard, because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”

Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Damon knows very little of what his destiny actually entails. His mother, the previous Dorothy, has done all she can from her Oz residence to keep what she can of the story away from Damon. She says this is to help him adjust, though Damon’s family have been quick to point out that it is hard for him to adjust to that which he does not understand.

Still, Damon trusts his mother and happily, if ignorantly, aligns as Royal for a variety of reasons. He trusts that his family would tell him if he were in any real danger; he wants more than anything to go to Oz and meet his mother; and as a student who has already done their Legacy Day, he supposes that any talk of rebellion will be gone by the year end, just has been the case every year.



Martín Garcia
Danielle GaleJavier Gale
Elizabeth Gale
Damon Gale

What “counts” as Damon’s family can be hard to define. Damon lives on the Gale Family Farm with his Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Javier. His mother, Danielle, the previous Dorothy, has lived in Oz ever since her retelling, unwilling to come home to Kansas after the tornando that took her to Oz killed her husband, Martín, Damon’s father. Damon does not see his mother often, if ever, as a result.

Likewise, Danielle has asked Elizabeth and Javier, her brother, to limit how much Damon interacts with the rest of his family in Kansas, including Martín’s family. Dorothy is meant to be an orphan, after all, and Danielle insists these precautions are to help Damon adjust to that. The rest of the Gale-Garcia family claims that this isn't necessary, but rather “bullsh*t”, “all because Danielle can't cope with what happened”, “f*cking ridiculous” and that "it would be easily solved with a therapy session, for Baum’s sake”.

Damon disagrees and concludes his mother must be well meaning, if a bit misplaced, and because no one has the heart to disagree with Damon, this is where the matter ends.

While Damon misses his mother and this is his primary motivation for wanting to go to Oz, it is equally true that Damon loves his aunt and uncle dearly and they are, for all intents and purposes, who he considers his parents.

It also must be said that Danielle, though indeed “a bit misplaced”, does genuinely love her son (and her family, Garcias included, do genuinely love her). Damon and Danielle frequently exchange letters and parcels to keep in contact within the complex structure that Danielle feels the need to follow.





Damon has a pet Cairn Terrier named Toto, as has been the case with all Dorothys before him. Damon is, unfortunately and ironically, very allergic to dogs.


Damon’s outfits are typically made up of pieces in a shade of sky blue, white, and red, featuring silver as a metal colour. He is frequently seen in some kind of check or similar, such as gingham or tartan, often paired with denims, and is never seen without a pair of silver or ruby red shoes.

Class-ic schedule


Damon was written with Ever After High’s handling of Alistair Wonderland in mind.

Alistair is a Royal, perfect for his destiny. Similarly to the other Wonderlanders,[1] Alistair is an extreme version of his future role, Alice. Like Alice, he is logical, curious, and a daydreamer. Like Alice, he is creative and wants to be where the action is. Like Alice, he is thrust into another world after chasing a rabbit and is left lost, stuck, and entirely confused, trying to apply reasoning to a world that doesn’t match his own.

It was important to me, then, that all the “Brotags” (a term originally for Damon, William, and Alistair’s dynamic, but that now includes Patrick and Fernando) be written similarly. They had to all be perfect for their destinies, undoubtedly Royals, but hurt by a system that renders the adults in their life limited and often harmful, no matter how well-intended they were. They had to be confident and proud of their roles, ultimately on a journey where they learn about themselves, the world around them, and how to overcome the problems caused by the flawed adults in their lives.




  • Damon’s Mirror Blog URL is damonderailed.
  • Damon enjoys skateboarding, something he picked up after getting Toto. He enjoys taking Toto for walks with his board, letting Toto pull him along as they go (which I suppose isn’t really skateboarding so much as it is animal labour).
  • Damon can speak English and Spanish.


  1. Obviously there are exceptions to this, namely in Bunny Blanc, but I didn’t want this to become a rant about Bunny’s mishandling, especially when she suffers from similar (but different) bad writing that Alistair does.


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