Daphne Dryad
Character Profile
Parent the Dryad
Parent Story The Dryad
Age 15
Alignment Icon-Roybel Roybel
Roommate Nina Thumbell She's great, but sometimes when we're talking either she turns tiny or I turn into a tree.
Secret Heart's Desire To travel around the world
My "Magic" Touch I can make any plant grow and I can communicate with animals (like Ashlynn!)
Storybook Romance Status I am currently single, because, well, no one wants to go on a date and then--POOF--their girlfriend turns into a tree
Oh "Curses!" Moments When I get nervous (which happens quite often), I turn into a tree
Favorite Subject Environmental Magic
Least Favorite Subject Damsel-in-distressing;I don't like being rescued by a prince and I have to cry,"Oh,my brave prince, save me from this vicious monster!" and then faint. I mean, what the hex?! Is this a sexist thing or WHAT?!
Best Friends Forever After Ashlynn Ella (duh), Cedar Wood (we're in Art Club together) and Nina Thumbell is my tiniest roommate ever after
I. Am. Not. A. Tr--
Daphne when she turns into a tree
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