Author Background

Darkfae has been involved in the arts since she was three and started playing the piano by ear; later that year she began taking dance lessons, as well as started acting in local productions. She learned to write before starting school, and started writing poetry, short stories, and fanfiction within a few years. Drawing was always a thing as well, though refinement of visual art didn't really happen until junior high.

Theatre was enjoyable as it combined most of the above talents; however Darkfae ended up behind the scenes as a stage manager more often than not, yet managed to take over as an impromptu understudy several times even after she stopped auditioning for roles.

In 1992 Darkfae began role playing after discover Vampire: the Masquerade and Dungeons & Dragons. She's since played all kinds of table top RPGs, a few different live action RPGs, forum/play-by-post RP, chat based RP and role play in MMORPGs. Currently she's running (and writing for) an article website called the Realm of Role Play, which focuses on RP in all it's forms.

Darkfae has also been a part of historical re-enactment groups since high school, most notably the Society for Creative Anachronism. Her SCAdian persona is from the pre-Islamic Middle East, a daughter of a spice trader, as she helps an actual spice shop with their online store front and social media outlets.

Although just getting into the online communities for Ever After High, she's been watching the franchise since shortly after it started making its way online and to the public. She relates with Raven Queen a lot, although so far her favourite characters are actually the Narrators.

Original Characters




Darkfae began working on Schehera's introductory story, however it is on pause for two weeks while she attends the Pennsic War.

Character Diaries

Her Original Characters will have dairies soon!

Fan Art

While Darkfae is working on a few images of Schehera currently, she specialises in 3D artwork, and is still developing Ever After High models.

She does have other works from various RPGs and MMOs available in online galleries, however most have not been updated for some time due to computer problems preventing her from using her 3D rendering software.

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  • Darkfae's deviantART - This is Darkfae's primary art portfolio.
  • Realm of Role Play - This is the role play focused article site Darkfae writes for and manages. They are currently seeking content creators!
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