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A New School

Ugh! My destiny is the worst! Like Celeste I have to be super dumb. I mean, only dumb people would sneak out at night to dance. That is why I NEVER sneak out of ANYTHING! Also, that is why I am a rebel. I know it isn't my time to do Legacy Day, but I will not pledge my destiny! Actually, I do Legacy Day in a year or two.

Chapter 1

I was so happy when I sat next to my BFFA, Celeste during orientation. The announcements made me wonder, Could you really cease to exist if you don't follow your destiny? I decided to sneak out of the orientation tour to find the answer. Now that was unlike me and so dumb of me to do that, because, this was my first orientation and I did something I would never do!

When I was exploring the school, I found a secret passage way. I went down and saw a library. And this was no ordinary library! It was a library that held many secrets. I found a book that said the coolest thing ever: If you choose your own destiny, you won't cease to exist! The results would be, some events may or may not happen in your story. I was so shocked I wanted to tell Celeste but I didn't! She would tell everyone if I told her so I kept the fact to myself.

Chapter 2

This school year, I am going to discover the secrets of this school. This place may have secrets nobody can solve. I will not get help. I'm solving this alone.

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