Quotation1 Seas are not nice, neither am I. Quotation2
Davy's personal quote


Personality and Skills

Davy is the younger son of Captain Hook who's only taking half of the legacy by Peter's wish. Davy is very, very, dark. He is a bit cold and has a bad sense of humor (pretend to slice is funny). Also, is pretty uncaring about anyone's feelings and takes pride on everything he does. He was born, raised and educated on the ocean.

He is skilled on swords, daggers, knifes and a loves to learn more.

He is polite and fine on everything he does and behaves like real elite. Has an intelligent beyond wonders and is very wise.


Davy is a tall boy with shoulder-lentgh straight hair. His hair was black but he dyes blond for no apparent reason and has green eyes. Due to spending a lot of time under the sun, he is tanned and has a beauty mark in the left cheek. His hands are still two, but he is set to lose the left one.

Original Story

Check this for the story and this for Captain Hook himself.

From Captain Hook to Davy

  • He has his father's finery and taste for erudite stuff.
  • He also is has a thirst for revenge.

How Does Davy Come To It?

After being eaten by the crocodille, in order to keep the lineage, James cut through its belly and made it alive. There are no mothers in their land of Neverland, that's a fact. Knowing this, Captain Hook traveled the rest of the realm looking for someone, till he found it. The woman gave birth to them, and was killed afterwards by Hook's crew. The only resemblance Davy shares with her are the green eyes.



His relationship with his father is very strong and James likes to call him Jas Jr. much to his dismay. While arguing with his twin sister is a normal thing, they do love each other.


Just like his sister, Davy considers almost no one his friends but treats everyone with respect.


Doesn't have.


Because of Navy's overprotectiveness he tends to not get involved with anyone, but do knows he has admirers.



His normal wear is a white shirt, black pants and boots and a long red high collar coat over it. By family reasons he wears a red hat with a big black feather on it and, of course, a belt with a sword and daggers.

Legacy Day

Due to being a very special date, Davy wears his father's iconic red outfit.


Quotation1 All of our henchmen are strictly selected and really apply to the job. Quotation2
Davy explaining that not everyone can become part of the Hook's crew
Quotation1 Truth is much more evil. Quotation2
Davy and his opinions about not lying
Quotation1 You smell like fish. I like fish. Quotation2
Davy meeting Armando and Ocean (while wielding his sword to scare them)
Quotation1 I am not interested your childish conflict of ideas. Actually, I am on the "Royal side" only because I was told to choose one. Quotation2
Davy when asked why he wouldn't represent the Royals in school's games


  • He was named after the oceanic legend Davy Jones.
  • He is a gentleman and is very polite.
  • His idea of fun is scaring people and throwing daggers.
  • The only royal she does not call by royality pronoun is Apple.
  • He is set to lose the left hand but doesn't mind due to being ambidextrous.
  • His voice is baritone.
  • His favorite food are fish sticks.
  • He was born at October 12.