Deaths Of A Destiny is a full length fanfiction written by The Magical Bookworm. It follows the events that occur during Aleksander Gestorben's first year at Ever After High and it is centered around the relationship between him and the members of "The Literature Club", a strange clique that consists of troubled teenage fairytales, looking for dead myths. When murder intensifies within the club, the remaining members attempt coping the loss while fighting to keep the cause of death a secret.


Despite being set in the Ever After High universe the book itself is rough, raw and violent. Murder, usage of drugs and alcohol, strong language, excessive violence and constant mentions of death are contained. Although everything mentioned above is part of the fanfiction, it rather rarely occurs or is briefly mentioned. If you are not comfortable with something, I strongly advise you refrain from reading the fanfic to ensure you feel safe & comfortable! ♥️


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Chapter One: The story begins somewhat in the middle, with Aleksander's first interaction with the primary members of the Literature Club. He meets Will, Roran, Aiko and Dimitri – who violently expresses an interest for him - at "Damsel's Diner" a vintage themed restaurant he works as a waiter at, in order to maintain his urge to run away and attempt to make some money in order to pay the remaining price for his education, a total his athletic scholarship does not cover. Spellcrosse is dangerous and no one really knows if Will is joking or not.


Chapter Index

Chapter One: Bruised Ribs And Cherry Cola

If he was nice, he wouldn't be any use to us, would he?]]

Alek first encounter with his future friends and classmates is a painful one.



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Most of the characters mentioned in this story do not have a page on this wiki. This most likely is because I lack the time and energy that it takes to write a character page properly aa ! All of my ocs will eventually have pages, but until then, you can learn more about them from their Pinterest boards which I will link below <3 If you want to know more about them, or the way they act don't be afraid to ask me^^

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