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Quotation1 There is pride in knowledge and relief in the destruction of that knowledge. Quotation2
fake deep but it works right

Desdemona Schicksal is a 2015-introduced character and all-around character. She has taken up the responsibility of the Devil in The Peasant and the Devil, not exactly of her own free will. She is known as Desi.

An entity brought into this world by whatever twisted twine of fate you fancy, Desi is more than a little unaware of her past but it's not like she'll broadcast that out loud. Uncertainty is pretty bad for customers, after all. All she knows is that she took on a job she won't admit was too much for her, and ended up landing her and her sort-of sibling into some destinies.Though unaware of her origins, Desi strives for each day to be efficient in her aspirations of knowledge and delight in simpler human pleasures. Like shopping at Hot Topic. She has a charming demeanor and an energy drink in her hand, what else is needed?



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  • aggressive!
  • asshole cat who knows too much and pushes vases over on purpose
  • overprotective, to the point of greed
  • values knowledge and effiency, but is more prone to enjoying what her heart beckons for.
  • generally unpredictable in her actions, but only because she is deciding between her goals and her impulses.
  • Enjoys talking haughtily with cryptic wording. imitating hime characters because shes a weeb
  • Makes jokes a lot, bold and undefied, with renewed vigor each and every day.
  • A lot of bravo! Pretty confident in herself.


The first thing that comes to mind when someone looks at Desi, is probably not going to be cute. Yeah, she's pretty short at 5' 2", and yeah, admit it, she's pretty. And with a round, soft face, messy hair, and rosy cheeks, she's like the poster child for a cute kid. But then you take in the devil horns, the folded wings, the gleam in her eyes that seems vaguely something to be worried about, and the entire image is ruined. Thanks demonic assets, you're doing a great job.

Desi is admittedly chubbier in this form, taking great happiness in succumbing to gluttony. Her body is pear-shaped, wider at her hips than her shoulders. And because of stuffing her face, at this point she has really round cheeks and her face grows a little rounder when she smiles, something that would normally be adorable. Too bad smiling would reveal those slight fangs she has. And something is always off about her smiles, always either a smug smirk, triumphant grin, or an insane beam. She can genuinely smile, as in from actual happiness, it's just really rare.

Her skin is deathly pale which makes sense and almost always rosy in the cheek parts. Because of her constant rush, two red spots are always blooming on her face. Towards the end of her limbs, her pale pigmentation darkens into dark red, the color of blood, and then into black, and then into what looks similar to black smoke at her fingertips.

Her hair is short and messy, always spiked to perfection naturally, and impossible to manage. It's mostly inky black, dark as the depths of the sea, and it's her vessel's natural hair color. However, due to Desi possessing her for some time, large, jagged streaks of blood red have appeared in her hair, obviously accompanied by large protests of the vessel. Desi always cuts her hair herself, explaining the messiness of it. After cutting her hair, it is very short, almost pixie-cut like, and layered. Before cutting, it would be longer, reaching to an inch or two under her chin and probably tangled.


this color

Her eyes are a beautiful teal, sweet and pretty if not for the owner of them, fringed with dark eyelashes that fade into smoke. If one glances into them, they might see a manic spark in them. The shape of her eyes are rather droopy, making them seem relaxed. However, they are usually paired with enthusiastic and expressive eyebrows. Said eyebrows are really wild looking and are probably never plucked, much to the disgust of the well-kept vessel.

Ebony devil horns sprout out of her head and grow slightly pointed towards each other. They poke out of the spiky mess she calls her hairdo. And yeah, they look pretty cool, but the most prominent demonic aspect of her appearance are not her horns, but rather her bloodred wings.

Now her wings are something that look really cool. They have a large wingspan of 20 feet and may still be growing, and are able to unfurl at will. Each wing is not constructed with feathers, or translucent fairy scales, or anything like that. They are lightweight when not in use, but hold a comfortable heaviness when in action. Huge and dressed in the darkest of blacks, splashed with dark red here and there, Desi's wings are designed to strike fear into the hearts of people, so this calls for unique abilities.

tail myeh


She likes pranking, baking muffins, torturing students and chess. She's also inexplicably good at making fake booze and a Shakespearean expert. Can forge paintings, signatures, wax stamps, sculptures, and more. Also, she likes to work on her plans, carefully crafting every aspect of her cons. I shall work on this later.

She is also quite interested in weapons, and is particularly fond of scythes and battle axes.


Guilty Pleasures


any thing mushroom




Everyday Life


much brave



Class-ic Schedule


Daily Routine




Dorm Room




Fairy Tale

How The Story Goes

So basically, stuff happens.

How Does Desi Fit Into it?

Well her vessel summoned a demon, and that turned out to be Desi. So. BLAH BLAH WILL TYPE BETTER RESPONSE LATER~

her vessel is a pretty horrible person so Desi likes torturing her by doing things that are coincidentally very good things like supporting her trans brother :) respect trans people y'all



A huge TBA woops

Best Friends

Merana Little- TBA

Coppola Wind-up- TBA

Damien Schicksal - Our loser's little brother




Quotation1 That's Lucy, her older sister Queen Victoria and over there's Excalibur, and Mister Cornflakes-no don't eat Great Fairier Reef he's poisonous-, Asshole the Third, Traffic Hazard, Madam Black Licorice, and Memento Mori. On to the next section! Quotation2
She gets excited about her pets
Desi has a mischeivious red fox, whom she named Mister Cornflakes("That's Sir Cornflakes to you, peasant!"). She finds it hilarious.

An adorable ball of fluff by Bel

Other than that, Desi really likes mushrooms, and so has a littlecoughhuge mushroom garden. Not sure if they count as pets though. A few examples of their names are Thomas the Sturmgeschütz III Tank Engine, Excalibur, Stupid Volcano, Traffic Hazard, Haru the Third, Rosemary Grilled Chicken, and Lucy.

She breeds mushrooms experimentally, and probably created a couple species by now.

Right now Desi is trying to adapt spores from Water Bottle(Bloody Mary Mycelium, blood-red coloring, causes mild hallucinations and attracts supernatural things if ingested) to live in extremely cold weather and crossbreed them with spores from Crinkle-Cut Fries( Sentimentality Inducing Mushroom, white or beige mushrooms that sense the emotions of whoever touches them up. Changes color accordingly to the emotion, said emotions can be induced if eaten). Desi hopes that the DNA will bring forth saturated-colored furry mushrooms with emotions. She will name said mushrooms Furred Chromemotion Cremini(fluffy little mushrooms that could either be pets or eaten. Comes in an assortment of colors.). For one of her own, Little Miss Muppet.


Desi is very much a player in her manic stage, and can be found flirting with cute girls.

At this point in time, we have reached an OT3. TBA


Desi is ruthless, a comic relief, and somewhat endearing but annoying, but you can't deny that her outfits are badass.

Everything is somewhat random, depending on her mood stability at the time of choosing her wardrobe, but everything still varies a lot anyway. Her style is described as mainly random items with a few punk and fancy things intergrated for no reason. Leather boots, embroided silk shawls, denim jackets, color-blocked miniskirts, fingerless gloves, fluorescent batwing tops, intricate lace cardigans, expensive strings of pearls, tie-dye scarves, glittery sunglasses, and worn-out soccer cleats. Skinny jeans, mismatched kneesocks, plaid pajama pants, sequined hats, sweater vests, Doc Martens, floral kimonos, vintage cocktail dresses, concert T-shirts, duct-tape jackets, pretty much everything is in her wardrobe.


Desdemona's Outfits




The brat wears zipped-up leather jacket like this but with gold studding on the hem, collar, wrists and shoulders. She also has green fingerless gloves. Peeking out from under the jacket is the hem of a green T-shirt. She wears a miniskirt that looks like real flames(a very loose and flaring skirt) and ripped gray skinny jeans. She also wears thigh-high leather boots but with a decor that looks like studded belts wrapped around and up the legs. However, the heels of the boots are flames.

She has smoky gray makeup and very dark, almost black wine-colored lipstick. Finally, her hair is in a style that looks like this except that her bangs should be flipped the other way.


Legacy Day



Getting Fairest



Mirror Beach



Hat-tastic Tea Party



Wave Two!

Wave 2






Spring Unsprung


Through the Woods


Enchanted Picnic


Sugar Coated


Fairest On Ice


Way too Wonderland


School Spirit


Date Night


Dragon Games






  • She likes girls but she doesn't like people in general very often.
  • Technically agender, but prefers the "she" pronouns. Most likely it branched from the fact she doesn't like to further complicated things.
    • Due to Desi being a demon, and that demons don't exactly have genders, she identifies as agender. Using the "she" pronouns comes from her vessel, who is female.
  • Desi's favorite food is muffins. Or literally, any carbohydrate-loaded grain-based product.
  • Future career is the odd (co)owner of a Bizarre Bazaar.


  • ehh name change


Quotation1 I don't know man, I mean, am I a "bad" person? I talk all big on my plans for chaos and confusion and how I would carry them out if not for this specific deal my vessel made with me, but would I really? I'm kind of sad that I lost my touch... but mostly happy for a challenge to reclaim my throne. Quotation2
real talk
Quotation1 Why, someone like me in a place like this? You are right, I shouldn't be here! Maybe when you accompany me to the door you can bring the obvious too! Quotation2
props required: fluttery fan and 50's dress
Quotation1 You mad mustachio purple-hued malt worm! Quotation2
told you she likes Shakespeare
Quotation1 ughhhhhh Quotation2
Quotation1 I'm Desi, I'm a master at chess, manipulation, muffin-baking, and screwing people off. Quotation2
Desi in a nutshell
Quotation1 Whoa whoa whoa now, you just called me a bully. Thanks! Not only is it ironic you, a mere mortal can even speak in my fabulous presence, a bully happens to be a term of endearment in Shakespearean works. So now that we're all buddy-buddy you can do my thronework for the next... oh eternity I guess Quotation2
You're too much
Quotation1 So, what shall we forge this time, got any ideas? Ooh Shackleton! Classic love story. Man brings whisky to the tundra, dies, they dig out the whisky and it's worth 20 grand a bottle, 55 produced per year. You got the cheap whisky Cop? Great, now I need a taste. *sip* Ugh it'll be hard with this trash. Now, I have some of the stuff stolen from the Headmaster's private collection.*sip* Hmm, apples peaches... also toffee caramel and a hint of cinnamon. Not easy to replicate but I love a good challenge. Not to mention the money! Hey could you start on hand-blowing the glass? Thanks Cop, you're the best and definitely the cutest. Quotation2
Gosh, forging booze? That's ... exactly what you would do *sigh*
Quotation1 You, good sir, are the epitome of an idiot. Quotation2
Quotation1 Hi! I'm Desi! And I like to run towards the nearest living thing and kill it! Quotation2
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Actual Art


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