Damien Schicksal

BroTP: The Double D's (courtesy of Nyx)

Desi and Damien are interesting in that they were born fraternal twins, and ended up becoming demons together, and then adopted together. There's not much to say about their relationship currently. They're close, and depend on each other because they're stupidly stubborn about sharing blood. Even though they're each obnoxious in their own right, they have each other's backs.


You didn't really expect them to tell the truth, did you?

Lilith Schicksal

coming another day!

Valdis Schicksal

coming another day!


Coppola Fantoche

BroTP: Copperhead

Commensalism- a relationship between individuals of two species in which one species obtains benefits from the other without harming or benefiting the latter.

The only question is, who is what?


people that see her and go "damn you live like this?"

Merana Little

BroTP: Mor-ally Gr-ay Eel

Merana is so cute and easy to irritate, what a shame they don't talk to each other all that much! Desi enjoys annoying her, flustering her, bothering her, confusing her, flirting with her, and teasing her. 



I need a lot thanks

should be any person with common sense


That's Lucy, her older sister Carpool and over there's Excalibur, and Mister Cornflakes-no don't eat Great Fairier Reef he's poisonous-, Asshole the Third, Traffic Hazard, Madam Black Licorice, and Memento Mori. On to the next section!
She gets excited about her pets
Desi has a mischievious red fox, whom she named Mister Cornflakes ("That's Sir Cornflakes to you, peasant!").

An adorable ball of fluff by Bel

Other than that, Desi really likes mushrooms, and so has a littlecoughhuge mushroom garden. Not sure if they count as pets though. A few examples of their names are Thomas the Sturmgeschütz III Tank Engine, Excalibur, Stupid Volcano, Traffic Hazard, Haru the Third, Rosemary Grilled Chicken, and Lucy.

She breeds mushrooms experimentally, and probably created a couple species by now.

Right now Desi is trying to adapt spores from Water Bottle(Bloody Mary Mycelium, blood-red coloring, causes mild hallucinations if ingested) to live in extremely cold weather and crossbreed them with spores from Crinkle-Cut Fries(Sentimentality Inducing Mushroom, white or beige mushrooms that sense the emotions of whoever touches them up. Changes color accordingly to the emotion, said emotions can be induced if eaten). Desi hopes that the cross will bring forth saturated furry mushrooms with emotions. She will name said mushrooms Furred Chromemotion Cremini. For one of her own, Little Miss Muppet.

No, this a joke. She doesn't actually take these things seriously and honestly just calls her mushrooms "Mushroom 1" or "Mushroom That One" and so on. No mushroom breeding either because she doesn't have the time for all that fiddliness


likes girls shorter than her

why would you want to date her

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