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The North Pole
Vital statistics
Type Representative Democracy
Level The Right Honourable Nicholas Joseph Claus, Lord of the North Pole (Head of Government)
Location Northern Hemisphere of Ever After
Inhabitants The Claus Family, Northern People

The North Pole is a small country located on the Northern Hemisphere of Ever After. It is the birthland of Destiny and Snow Claus, Joy Starr and various other Christmas-based legacies.



Political System



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Important Locations

The Claus Residence - "Santa's Candy Castle"

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  • Maybe it is made of candies,,,,

Santa's Workshop

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The Elven Village

The Elven Village is the main city of the North Pole and its capital. It is where Santa's Workshop and his residence are located, home to 90% of the Christmas elves and home to 60% of the Northern people.

It was founded by the very first helpers of the first Santa Claus. TBA

The Hamlet of Happiness

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Important Holidays


  • I mean. Of course!!!

Celebration of Rest

The Celebration of Rest starts on the day right after Christmas, December 26th. It is, as the name says, a week of rest for Santa and the Northern people before they begin preparing for next year's Christmas. The Celebration of Rest officially ends with New Year, and everyone join various recreation activities to relax. Mrs. Claus is generally the one to plan those activities.

Day of Auld Lang Syne - "Ancestor Day"

Day of Auld Lang Syne, popularly known as the Ancestor Day is a holiday created by Nicholas's father to honour those who are not physically with us anymore. It is a day of meditation, silence and family union. The day is free from work, and families generally prepare a wondrous dinner in memory of those who gone, but are still here.

Feast of Traditions

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