Devin Scarlett is the daughter of Will and Djaq Scarlett, two close friends of Robin Hood. She was born in the Holy Land amongst the midst of King Richard's war for peace. She is a Royal in the sense of wanting to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a physician, and to allways fight for what she believes in. But she is technically also a Rebel, as she does not wish to become an outlaw, and constantly on the run, and end up losing the person how has taught her and is always with her, Morgan Hood, the daughter of Robin Hood and Lady Marian. 

Parent's Story:

When Will's father Dan was killed by the Sheriff, mad with grief, Will set out to poison the Sheriff in spite of the destruction of Nottingham that would result. Only after he was led to believe Robin is dying after drinking the poison did he relent. He also shows himself to be very protective of his frustrated brother Luke, tricking him into getting himself locked out of Nottingham so he will be forced to return to Scarborough.

Djaq is a Saracen who is being transported as a slave. Her true name is Saffia, but she disguises herself as a boy by adopting her dead twin brother's name and appearance. The gang rescues her. Though Robin's outlaws are shocked when Will reveals that she is a woman, they permit her to stay, and she becomes a valuable and well-liked member of the band. She frequently proves herself logical and knowledgeable, often silencing arguments between other members of the band, and is very observant, noticing important details the others miss.

Djaq's father was a physician, and she herself has considerable knowledge of medicine and chemistry, which she uses to serve as the group's medic (notably saving Marian when she goes into cardiac arrest) and to create the devastating "black powder". She expresses fondness for the entire gang of outlaws, even Allan following his defection.

Djaq and Will express their mutual love for each other before setting off to the Holy Land with the rest of the gang to save King Richard. Following her reunion with her people at the end of the second season, Djaq and Will remain together in the Holy Land.


  • She loves her hair too much to cut it short like her mother did.
  • She often raids her mother physician bag to see if she has anything new.
  • She loves spending time with her father, as she knows that she will leave him soon, to be sold as a slave in Nottingham.