We have to make decisions, but we can't make the ones based of off fear.
A Wrinkle In Time

DevineDotties is a user on this wiki.


DevineDotties is kind. She is understanding and sensitive. She loves to read. She LOVES musical theatre. She loves to write. DevineDotties's all-time favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls. She loves to be involved in this Wiki. DevineDotties' favorite EAH character is Lizzie Hearts.

The Story Of How DevineDotties Found This Wiki

DevineDotties forgets how she found this, but she remembers being excited to have found it. She did her own OC before she found this wiki, and on this wiki changed the OC's (Lily Ashen) name and developed more of a personality.





(Sorry if I get the names wrong.)

  • Cuter (Dexter and Cupid)
  • Darise (Daring and Cerise)
  • Hushlynn (Hunter and Ashlyn)
  • Spondie (Sparrow and Blondie)
  • Humple (Humphrey and Apple)
  • Kitzie (Kitty and Lizzie)


  • DevineDotties loves Subway Surfers.
  • DevineDotties is one of the admins of Gleeful Ever After.
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