This is the diary of Winona Rabbit. It is obviously told in the perspective of Winona.


I'M LATE!!! I'M LATE!!! FOR A VERY IMPORTANT CLASS!!!! That was probably what my dad would be like if he was here. But, I'm devoted to being on time as a Rebel. That is why I joined Time Management Club. Grimm doesn't think I should be in that club but I'm a sneaky little rabbit. I convinced Maddie to use her Wonderland magic to put it back on the list. It is mainly the reason why Time Management meets on the Dungeon Level. Anyways, I was on my way to Hole Economics Class. I avoided all the weird folks who wanted my destiny to match exactly. They often tried to nab my watch and stuff it with tea and jams.

I stepped in the door of Hole Economics. Nobody was there except the teacher.

I sighed. I HAD missed class. Then, I realized It was 10 whole seconds since the bell ring to head to this period. I was like,

"Ten. Seconds. Flat. Don't think I'm Miss Tardy Pants after all, huh?"

The teacher tore a pink tardy sheet with my name addressed on into bits and threw in the bright green trash bin.

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