This is the diary/story of Dina Grimm I hope you like it:


I love being a Royal, I just can't believe I'm the daughter of a princess and the Headmaster of Ever After High, so my destiny is to run Ever After High and be the princess on the glass hill, isn't that Hextastic?.

Well, in a few days I'll go to Ever After High so I'm packing all my stuffs, I can't wait to go there, meet new friends, throw parties, it'll be my first year, YAY I'm so hexcited, and my daddy, Milton Grimm, told me that I'll have two roomies, who could them be?. Well at least my dad will be there so I won't get homesick.


I can't believe summer ended, it's sad, but at the same time it's Royally Cool!, that means I'm starting my first year in the super duper amazing Ever After High.

Besides this is the year of the legacy day!, I can't wait to declare my destiny as the next headmistress of Ever After High and the next Princess On The Glass Hill, it's so Royally Cool!.

Besides I'll meet the enchanting next generations of fairytales just like Apple White, Briar Beauty, Ashlynn Ella, Daring Charming! I can't wait!, oh but I'm worried about something...Raven Queen, she's evil I hope she don't cast a spell on me or something like that.

So I arrived to Ever After High so hexcited to meet new friends!, I saw so much people smiling and laughing, I love to see happy people, I walked to the Charmitorioum where we, the Royals, are supposed to wait for my daddy.

I was there smiling to everyone but suddenly I saw a girl with a gorgeous blonde curly hair talking with a girl who was wearing a very pink dress with pink sunglasses as a crown "Headmaster Grimm and Madam Baba Yaga think something big is going to go wrong at Legacy Day. I mean really big. They even said "What if we have to cancel Legacy Day?" Said the blonde girl.

OMG I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! Cancelling the Legacy Day was not an option! I need to talk with my daddy and find outs what's happening, I heard they were taking about some persons who could ruin it...Duchess Swan, Raven Queen and Cerise Hood, I'll keep an eye on them but I heard them say their names, OMG they're Biar Beauty and Blondie Lockes.

I talked to them and they were so sweet to me “it's very nice to meet you Dina, I'm sure you'll love Ever After High” Blondie said to me “Welcome to Ever After High Dina, if you want you can help me plan the Legacy Day dance”.

Then I met Apple White and Daring Charming, Daring flirted with me, and I super duper blushed, he's so royally cute, “So, Dina, is so wonderful that you're the next Headmistress of EAH and the next Princess On The Glass Hill” Apple said.

“Oh thanks Apple, and it's so super duper Royally cool that your destiny is to be the next Queen Snow White” I said “Aw, thanks darling, we, the royals, are so lucky, we have wonderful destinies” Apple said.

OMG that was super duper royally amazing.


So we were listening to my dads speech, I couldn't believe it, for the first time in my life I was bored, but at the same time I was so Hexcited!, I'm in Ever After High! YAY YAY YAY AND TRIPLE YAY!, besides It was so so funny to see Briar asleep, it was royally hilarious!.

Then we met the Royal advisor, apparently she's new, I heard that the last years Royal advisor was Profesor Gold, I know her since I was a child, in fact she's my godmother, she's charming and sweet and lovely, I love my godmother she's a beautiful person.

However...we met the new Royal advisor I was shocked!, Our Royal advisor is from the Wonderland royalty, The White Queen! OMG!, She introduced herself as "Her Majesty The White Queen", but since she was our teacher, she wanted to be called "Mrs. Her Majesty The White Queen", I think it's a little hexaggerated that we have to call her “Her Majesty”, but after all, she's our teacher, and we have obey her, she replaced my sweet and lovely godmother.

Everyone was wondering, Where is professor Gold?, so Apple White asked, "Do you know where she is?" OMG I've never seen a teacher get so offended because Apple didn't address her properly. She said she would fail Apple if she only knew who Apple was. Poor Apple, Mrs.Her Majesty The White Queen humiliated her, she was so sad, so I cheerfully smiled to her and she suddenly felt happy and full of life again (I used my magic touch).

So, I heard Briar, Blondie and Holly talking with Apple, and after a minute, they were gone, where could them be?, well that doesn't matter, I had to pay attention to the tour.


So, the tour ended and I was in the Ever After halls, storing my books inside of my enchanting locker, then I saw a white feathered girl who was holding a hocus latte, and she had a very grumpy face, I realized that she is Duchess Swan, I love her story...and as I said she had a grumpy face so I cheerfully smiled to her, “What is your problem you weirdo!?, are you making fun of me!?” Duchess screamed to me.

“No, no I'm just smiling, I want to make you happy” I said very happy and smiling. “You're a freak!” Duchess screamed to me and she threw her coffee on my hair, I started crying and suddenly a cat looking girl with lavender hair pulled into curly twin-tails literally appeared in front of me 0o0.

“Duchess Swan! You should be ashamed!, go now or I'll make your feathers shriek” Said the girl, “Whateverafter, bye smiley face weirdo” Duchess said to me walking away, “Oh Dina, let's wash your hair” The girl told to me.

“Hi, who are you?, how do you know my name?” I asked smiling...Yes I was smiling even if the hot coffee was burning my head, “Oh sorry! Haha, everyone knows you here, you're the Headmaster's Daughter, you're like a celebrity here oh and I'm Kitty Chessire” Kitty said.

Kitty helped me to wash the coffee from my hair, she's royally cool, we are going to drink a Hocus Latte tomorrow, so I went to my dorm and there were three beds, one orange, another one yellow and a blue one, of course the blue one is for me, so I laid on the bed, after that someone knocked the door and came in, I saw her and she's like my twin sister, the only difference is that she's older and she's blonde.

“H-Hi...who are you?, I'm Dina Grimm, daughter of Headmaster Grimm and The Princess On The Glass Hill” I said smiling but at the same time I was shocked, she was identical to me.

“Hi, I'm June Summer, I'm the daughter of Headmaster Grimm and Summer, wait a sec, does that means we are stepsisters?” June said unpacking her stuffs and smiling to me.

“OMG YES! we are step sisters!” I yelled very happy “YAY I HAVE A SISTER!” June said hugging me, “How old are you?, I'm 14” I asked smiling, “OMG YAY I have a little sister!, I'm 16!” June said smiling just like me, “OMG YAY YAY YAY AND TRIPLE YAY I HAVE A BIG SISTER” I said jumping and clapping.

Then a taller girl arrived to the dorm, she was just like June and me! but she's red haired, “Hi, I'm Erin, Headmaster's Grimm daughter, and my mom is The Red Haired princes, I'm 17” Erin said, “OMG WE ARE STEP SISTERS!!!!” June and I yelled.

We had a great time together, I met my big sisters, they're so bubbly and happy, just like me!, I love my royal life.


So I was in The Village Of Bookend today talking with my BFFA Kitty Chessire, she's so cute and awesome, “Dina, don't you have a pet?” Kitty asked to me, “Oh, no sweetie, I wish I have one, but I can't just find the right one” I said sipping my Hocus Latte, “Well, a wonderlandian pet store opened today here in Village Of Bookend, do you want to go bestie?” Kitty asked to me, “OMG OF COURSE, YAY YAY!” I said smiling.

We arrived to the pet store and we saw very cute animals, but I saw one and omg I loved it, it's a pink poodle puppy, is so fluffy and cute and beautiful, of course I bought it, it's so cute, I'm going to call it Fluffy.

“So, Dina, have you met Raven Queen?” Kitty asked “Nope, and I wish I won't, because I'm really scared of her” I said sipping my Hocus Latte, “But you shouldn't, Raven is so sweet, and wicked cool!” Kitty told me, but then I saw the daughter of little red riding hood running to the woods “Kitty, I'll be right back”.

I walked behind her, I think her name is Cerise Hood...oh my wand she's so fast, how could she be so fast, after ten minutes she stopped walking and looked at me, but her eyes were yellow instead of blue “Oh hi Cerise, I'm Dina” I said smiling to her, but she growled to me...then she was back to normal, she was so sorry and she told me a BIG BAD SECRET, I promised I won't tell it to anyone so I can't even write it here...sorry readers.

So I returned to Village Of Bookend, “Dina, can I ask you something?” Kitty asked to me, “Sure sweetie, you can ask me anything” I said, “I'm going to a party next week and I don't know what to wear, can you give me a tip?” Kitty asked, “Sure, you should do like me, a cute dress, high heels, the perfect makeup and a cheerful smile and you're ready to go!” I said giggling.

Kitty and I stayed all day there, she's an awesome BFFA, we bought some shoes in the Glass Slipper Store, then we played with Fluffy and then we went to the movie theater.


I was having a great time today, everyone was smiling to me, saying hello to me, I'm a very popular girl here, so I was in the Ever After Terraces enjoying the view of the Enchanted Forest and I saw Ashlynn Ella talking with a blue bird, “Oh Sandella...Yes yes I know I'm also hexcited for that” Ashlynn said to the little blue bird, I think she calls that bird Sandella.

“Hi Ashlynn” I said smiling cheerfully, Oh hi Dina, how are you?” Ashlynn said smiling, “Ashlynn, why and how were you talking with that bird?” I asked, “Oh sweetie, I can understand animals, and they can understand me, I'm a nature girl” Ashlynn told me.

“That's magically awesome!!!!” I said smiling, today Ashlynn teach me a lot of stuffs about animals, she's also a very awesome friend.


After the long animal talk with Ashlynn I was waking to my dorm smiling and I saw Raven seated on the floor crying, poor Raven, I felt so sorry for her, but I was so scared, but I had to do something, so I smiled and I seated next to her “Hi Ray” I said smiling cheerfully, she saw my cheerfully smiled and my magic touch worked, she started smiling “Hi, how did you did that?”Raven asked. “How did I did what sweetie?” I said smiling.

“I felt so sad and misunderstood but when I saw your smile I felt so happy and full of life” Raven said, “that's my magic touch, by the way, sweetie, why were you crying?” I asked stroking her back, Raven sighed and told me “Dina, I just feel so misunderstood here, my destiny is to be the next evil queen, but I'm not evil, I want to be someone else, and everyone thinks I'm evil so they're scared of me”.

I suddenly felt worst for her, I was scared of her, but now I see she's so sweet and lovely, how could someone want her to be evil!?, “Sweetie, but it's our destiny” I said stroking her back and smiling to her.

“I know it is our destiny Dina, but what if I want to change it?, we all deserve our happily ever after!, and I don't want to be evil, and I don't want to be the most hated one of them all!” Raven said. “Sweetie, you're right, but how can you change your destiny, it's already written and our legacy day is in a few months” I said.

“I don't know how, but I'm going to find out” Raven said, suddenly the speakers said “Raven Queen, please report in the Headmaster Grimm's office” Raven and I stepped up “Bye Dina, I got to go, and thanks for cheering me up” Raven said running to my father's office, “Bye sweetie, if you need something just tell me” I said.

I slowly walked to my dorm thinking about what Raven told me, I felt so bad for her, I have to help her to change her destiny, but what would happen if my father finds out or worst does that means my destiny of being the next Headmistress of EAH and being a princess is in danger?, but I can't be so selfish if helping Raven might change my destiny I don't care...I'll have to take the risk and help her, she deserve her Happily Ever After.


So, it was night, and June, Erin and I were sleeping in our dorm, I woke up because I had a very strange dream, in the dream some voices were calling me from a dark room full of dusty old books, what could it be?, so I woke up Erin and June and I told them about my dream, they were very curious and they wanted to see if that room is real.

In the next morning I was walking in the halls wondering, how can I help Raven?, I was very anxious, but I kept smiling to everyone, I went to music class with Profesor Piper, and he told us that he knows a melody that can make rats fall from the roof, so the funny and mischievous Kitty Chessire asked him if he could play that melody again, professor Piper agreed and played, it was hilarious a bunch of rats fell on top of professor Piper, I mean poor professor Piper, but at the same time it was hilarious, then the speakers said that Raven had to go to Madame Baba Yaga's office.

After classes Kitty, Cedar, Ashlynn and I went to a forest walk, it was so great, and we helped Ashlynn who was helping a family of rabbits, apparently they had a family drama, it was so weird and cute to see Ash talking with 15 rabbits.

Then I told Kitty about my weird dream, she told me that we should talk to Blondie, she knows almost everything about Ever After High, “OMG Dina that's so weird!...Girls, I'm going to tell you a secret, there's a legend who says that there are two vaults of lost tales in Ever After High, no one knows how to get there, but, the legend says that there are secret and forbidden books and fairytales” Blondie said, we make a plan that June, Erin, Blondie, Kitty and I will look for the vaults of lost tales tonight, I'm totally totally super duper hexcited.


So it was night 11:37 pm hexactly, Blondie, Kitty, Erin, June and I were in the main entrance of Ever After High, looking for a secret passage, then Briar appeared in front of us, “Oh my wand! Briar!, you scared me!” I yelled, “Girls, what are you doing?” Briar asked, “Nothing, we are just talking” Erin said, “Oh girls come on!, I was asleep and I heard you talking about a vault and forbidden books!” Briar said, “Oh I curse your magic touch Briar Beauty!” Kitty said joking, “Ok, Briar you can help us, but you can't tell anyone about it!” June said.

It was 2:58 am, we were tired and we didn't found anything so we gave up, and just when we were walking to our dorms I felt a cold breeze coming from a wall, so we walked to that wall and we touched it, it was so cold, but when we pushed it suddenly a door appeared in the wall, “Girls...should we go in?” Blondie asked very scared, “OF COURSE!!!!” Briar said going in, we all followed Briar downstairs, the were very old wooden stairs, full of dust and spiderwebs, at the end there was an old wooden door.

We opened the door, and we arrived to a very strange library, it was dark, cold, full of spiderwebs and bookshelves, “Girls, what is this place?” I asked, “This is one of the vault of lost tales”Blondie said impressed, then we saw a book in the middle of the room and OMG OMG OMG I couldn't believe the title of the huge book!!!! It was...


OMG OMG OMG I couldn't believe the title of the huge book!!!! It was... “The locked students” What was that book!?, “Girls!, what is that book!? I yelled very scared, all the girls stepped next to me and saw the book “OMG, girls, this is creeping me out” Kitty said, “OMG this is so juicy, so dramatic, so mysterious, so perfect for my cast show update” Blondie said taking a picture of the huge book.

“Blondie no!, No one can know that we were down here!” June said, “Are there real students inside of this book?” Briar asked, “There's only one way to find out, reading the book” Erin said trying to open the book, but it was locked with a huge lock, “We need to find that key” Kitty said.

“I know, but girls, I'm really tired, we should look for that key tomorrow" I said yawning, we all went to our dorms and fell asleep immediately, that night I dreamed with that huge book and the same voices were calling me from that book.

The next morning we were all tired, in fact, Briar couldn't wake up, she stayed in her dorm until 11:00 am and she told Ms.Her Majesty The White Queen that she was feeling sick.

I was looking for some stuffs in my locker when I saw Raven and Apple asking everyone for a magic mirror, what happened to their mirrors?, I didn't asked because I was so focused thinking in were could we find the key for the huge book lock, I was walking to magicolgy classes and Duchess Swan called me.

“ Dina Grimm, how are you?” Duchess asked, “I'm royally good, and you Duch?” I said smiling cheerfully, mi magic touch worked this time and Duchess was smiling, “How did you do that?” Duchess asked, “It's my magic touch, I can make people happy” I said smiling “Dina, you're awesome...wait I wanted to say that you're awesome! OMG not again, I won't be happy all the time Grimmie” Duchess said walking away smiling.

Then Cedar and I studied together for Crownculus together and I couldn't resist to tell her about the book, so I told her, “OMG Dina, that's huge! I'll help you girls to look for the key” Cedar said.


Today Kitty did something hilarious, Cedar was walking trough the ever after halls and Kitty appeared in front of her and scared her, I mean I felt bad for Cedar, but it was hilarious, Kitty is so awesome.

Later today Blondie, Cedar, Briar, Kitty, June, Erin and I were in Briar's and Ashlynn's dorm room talking about the key, but Ashlynn and Hunter entered to the dorm room and heard us talking “That's sound royally cool!, we are in” Ashlynn said, “Oh courses!, okay you're in, but you can't tell anyone” Blondie said, “Don't worry we won't” Hunter said, “By the way, why were you together?, I didn't knew you guys even know each other” Briar said, suddenly Ashlynn and Hunter were laughing very nervously, “We were studying for damsel in distress test” Hunter said nervously, “Hexactly!, we were studying” Ashlynn said even more nervously.

That was weird, I mean, Ashlynn and I studied damsel in distress yesterday, later we decided we were going to look for the key in my daddy's office, but Hopper found us walking at midnight in the Ever After Halls, “Hi guys, Hi Briar, what are you guys doing walking all together around here at midnight?” Hopper asked winking at Briar, “Nothing, we were just looking for something” I said, “I know that you can't lie Cedar, what are you guys doing?” Hopper asked to Cedar, “Oh no!...We are going to look for a key in the HM.Grimm's office that might open a huge book called “The Locked Students” who is in a secret library called the vault of lost tales...I'm sorry guys” Cedar said “CEDAR!!!” We all yelled.

“Don't worry, I won't tell anyone and I'll help you, only if Briar kiss me” Hopper said, “What!?, Hopper, no!” Briar yelled “Ok, let's go to the office” Hopper said.

We arrived to the office, OMG daddy will be mad if he finds out that we have been here, suddenly I opened a chest who had a crystal ball in it, but I didn't payed attention to it and I closed it, we looked for 40 minutes and then Erin found three crystal balls in another chest, those three crystal balls had June, Erin and I's name on them, so daddy was spying us, but wait a sec...what does the other crystal ball means?, do we have another sibling!? OMG WE MIGHT HAVE ANOTHER SIBLING!!!!!.


“OMG WE MIGHT HAVE ANOTHER SIBLING!!!!!!!!” I yelled, everyone was so shocked, “I need to talk with my daddy” I said, “NO!, Lil sis, dad can't know that we were here!” June said, “But if you have another sibling, were is he or she?” Hunter said, “I don't know, but we really have to investigate” Erin said.

That night I couldn't sleep, I thought about my sibling, who could it be?, I wish it is a brother, well the next morning I was so cheerful and smiling to everyone, suddenly I saw everyone running to the ever after high main doors, so I also went there, of course not running, I don't like to run, and besides, do you know how hard it is to run on a huge high heels!?.

So I saw a lot of new students arriving to Ever After High, so I tried to talk to one them, but all the students were talking to them so they were pushing me so I couldn't get close to them, I walked to my locker, and I saw that one of the new students have a locker next to mine, she's royally cool, and she has a royally cute look.

“Hi, I'm Dina Grimm” I said smiling cheerfully, “Hi, I'm Molly Muffin” she said smiling, “So, welcome to Ever After High Molly” I said, “Thanks Dina, what class, do you have now?” Molly asked, “I have Magicology, and you?” I said smiling, “I also have Magicology, YAY, we can go together” Molly said.

So today was a magically awesome day!, I met my new BFFA Molly, she teach me how to bake super duper truper delicious muffins, then Kitty, Molly and I went shopping in Village Of Bookend.

That night Briar and I planned a super duper party for the new students, Molly Muffin, Chloe Stilknin, Dothy Dwarf and the others, it'll be so super duper truper awesome!.


Okay okay, so tonight is the big page ripper party, Briar is planning almost everything, Melody Piper is going to be the DJ, Ashlynn is making a natural decoration and Kitty and I are buying new outfits for the party, we bought new shoes in the Glass Slipper Store, Kitty bought purple high heels with some fur on them and I bought mint green high heels with diamonds on them.

Then we bought at Timothy Tailor's bookend boutique new dresses, Kitty bought an elegant long purple dress and I bought a mint green short dress with a cute mint green scarf, we wanted to buy the whole store XD, but we just had enough money for one dress for each one of us, we are going to be stunning to the party.

“Dina, we should take the crystal ball of your other possible sibling” Kitty said, “Oh no!, what if my daddy see that the crystal ball is missing!?” I said, “Well, I want to see it again, and maybe we can find more clues about the book in the vault of lost tales, and where can we find the key who opens that book” Kitty said, “Mmmmhhh, okay let's go” I said.

We hurried to my daddy's office because the party started in 15 minutes and we didn't wanted to miss any second of it, so when we arrived we opened the chest, Kitty grabbed the crystal ball and saw a name on it “Dina, here says Jake Grimm” Kitty said impressed, “WHAT!? He's has the same last name as me” I said grabbing the crystal ball, but suddenly it slipped from my fingers, and fell on the floor breaking into millions of tiny pieces “OH NO!” We both yelled.

“KITTY!? We broke the only clue that I had to find my possible brother!” I said, “Dina, don't worry, I'm sure we'll find another way to meet your possible brother, but now we have to clean this mess” Kitty said hugging me, we cleaned that mess and went to the party, all the Ever After High students and even teachers were there.

We were having a lot of fun!, Kitty and I danced for an hour!, and I saw something a little suspicious about Ashlynn and Hunter, they were talking a lot, and giggling and they danced together the whole night, then I saw a charming prince with blue eyes and brown hair who was walking in front of me “Who's that?” I asked to Kitty pointing at that charming prince, “He's Ivy Charming, he's a new student” Kitty said, I giggles while we danced.

Later I seated on a leaf chair (Ashlynn's idea) And I heard a voice in my head, “Come on my dear, if you want to fin out the truth you should come” The voice said,I was shocked, I ran to the dance floor and grabbed Kitty's arm “Kitty I need your help!” I said.


I ran to the dance floor and grabbed Kitty's arm “Kitty I need your help!” I said, “What's happening Dina?” Kitty said while she was dancing, I explained everything to Kitty, but she was right, we didn't know where to go “Read the forbidden book my dear” Said the voice in my head.

“We need to go to the second vault of lost tales and we have to read a book, that what's the voice said” I said, Kitty and I went running to the vault, “Dina, here are thousands of books, it can take years to find the hexact book!” Kitty said, suddenly a book started glowing in one of the bookshelves “Kitty, look!” I said pointing at the book.

The book floated through the room and fell on my hands I opened it and we started reading it “Dina, what's that language? it's not English” Kitty said “It's old witch, I know how to read in old witch” I said reading the book.

I read a lot of pages and any page was about Jake Grimm or me, but suddenly, BAM, there it was a page about us:

“When Giles Grimm married that woman, Milton was so worried that they would have a child, that woman already had a king in her future and she couldn't have a child with another man, but Giles and that woman had a child named Jake, after that Milton had to vanish her story and lock the characters in the book of the locked students, then he locked his brother in a secret vault and he gave Giles son “Jake Grimm” to the white queen in Wonderland”.

“OMG KITTY! JAKE GRIMM IS MY COUSIN!” I yelled, “What!?, What did you read?” Kitty asked, I explained everything to Kitty, “Dina, where's Jake, there says that he's in Wonderland with Mrs.Her Majesty The White Queen, but when Wonderland was evacuated she could escape and come to Ever After High, so, where is Jake?” Kitty asked “You're right!, we need to ask her right now!” I yelled.

We were waking to the party when Kitty needed to go to the bathroom and I was waiting for her in the ever after halls, and I heard something weird “Oh my brave huntsman, you're so handsome” A girl voice said, I walked trough the halls.

And I saw something so so so so so so shocking, Ashlynn Ella, the royal daughter of the Princess Cinderella was kissing Hunter Huntsman, the rebel son of the brave huntsman of Snow White and Little Red Ridding Hood.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” I yelled, Ashlynn and Hunter stop the kissing and saw me “Oh Dina!...please you can't tell anyone!” Ashlynn said “Dina!, we can explain this!” Hunter said “Guys! What you're doing it's so so so wrong! And so so so romantic! I mean a forbidden secret love, and don't worry, I won't tell anyone” I yelled.

So, we were back in the party and Ivy danced with me, it was a huge night!!!!, we'll talk to Mrs.Her Majesty The White Queen tomorrow.

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