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Dirk Blizzard is a 2016- introduced character and all-around character. He is the son of the Snow Queen and King he's also the older Brother of Crystal Winter he'a student at Ever After High and in the destiny conflict he's a Roybel for he thinks his sister will do a better job at ruling the Snow Kingdom than him, he also knows how important the destiny is to her.



How do they act?

Dirk is a benevolent, kind supportive and smart young man who doesn't give up or belive in failure or dead ends he also isn't afraid to stand up for those who can't especially when they have to deal with Rumpelstiltskin's teachings. He is nurturing, caring, loving, and exceptionlly wise. He also has what his dad and Coach Gingerbreadman would call extreme athleticism which in terms is vaguely similar to Clawd Wolf from Monster High for he was able to outrun everyone including Cerise and Sparrow during Grimmnastics but he never bragged or boasted about it. Dirk is also sporty, athletic, brave, giving, protective, generous, and a really playful guy.

He never lost a single sport at Ever After High another nod to his athleticism being like Clawd Wolf from Monster High, again he never bragged or boasted about it. Dirk is friendly, helpful, nice, and all out good.


Dirk is 6ft 8 inches tall with broad shoulders a muscular build mahogany hair with white streaks pale skin ice blue eyes and wears a crown on his head a letterman jacket similar Daring's own with blue jeans and white shoes. Now the cold isn't t somthing that worries him since he lived in the Snow Kingdom entire life, but he does know when to keep warm especially during the coldest winters, and wears a blue Snow coat with a false fur trim snow boots.


In English he's voiced by George Newbern the same person who voiced Andy Beast in Monster High.

Dirk Blizzard
Character Profile
Parent The Snow Queen and Snow King
Parent Story The Snow Queen
Age 18 he was born September 5th
Alignment Icon-Roybel Roybel
Roommate Rob Bunyan Rob and I are both Roybels and we both have unique abilities however I always gotta warn others not to make him angry or insult him for his temper is almost worse than my father's and mine combined
Secret Heart's Desire To see my sister happy and living her destiny
My "Magic" Touch Like everyone else in my family I have Winter magic
Storybook Romance Status I think Poppy O'Hair is starting to crush on me
Oh "Curses!" Moments My magic is good but when it comes to my temper you best be careful of what you say
Favorite Subject Kingdom Management and Grimmnastics
Least Favorite Subject Chemythstry(If the professor wasn't such a jerk I'll probably like it more)
Best Friends Forever After Hunter Huntsman and Hopper Croakington the II Alistair Wonderland and Daring Charming
Fairy tale 

How the Story Goes 

the story of us looks like a lot like a tragedy now~



Dirk'a parents are the Snow King and Snow Queen while Crystal Winter is his younger sister.


Dirk has been friends with Hunter Huntsman, Hopper Croakington the II, Daring Charming since his first day at Ever After High and while he hasn't known Alistair Wonderland as long as the wonderlandians has, the guy is really great to hang with, he's also a big help when it comes to riddling class. He's also friends with most of the Snow elves back home for he is very kind to all of them. His other friends are Cerise Hood, and Sparrow Hood.


He has an Arctic wolf named swift.


Poppy O' Hair has been giving him looks, every since the day they met he doesn't know if it's because they both want what's right for their sisters, or because they're both Roybels.

== Outfits  == 


Dirk Blizzard's Outfits


Dirk's basic attire is a Ever After High letterman jacket blue jeans shoes and a crown on his head.

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Legacy Day

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Getting Fairest



Hat-Tastic Party



Mirror Beach



Wave 2

In wave 2 his clothes are more casual but still wears his crown but he still keeps his Letterman Jacket but he rarely wears it.



In Thronecoming he wears a white sports jacket slacks and loafers.


Spring Unsprung

In Spring Unsprung his clothes takes on a more Spring theme than winter theme and is a short sleeved shirt pants and shoes.


Sugar Coated



Fairest on Ice

In Fairest on ice he wears a wintercoat and boots.


Through the Woods



Enchanted Picnic



Way Too Wonderland



Date Night

In Date Night he wears a white suit tie and loafers.


School Spirit

In School Spirit he's back in his letterman jacket Jeans shoes.


Dragon Games



Epic Winter

In Epic Winter he wears a blue Snow coat with a false fur trim Snow boots and snow pants.


Book Party



Brithday Ball


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Ice and Snow manipulation

Dirk can manipulate the ice and Snow around him without messing up.

Immunity to Frost and cold

Dirk is immunes to all forms of cold and Frost.

Weather Manipulation

Dirk is able manipulate the weather around and make it Snow, windy, or other winter themed abilities.



Hey guys Long time no see
Dirk to Hunter, Alistair, and Hopper in Epic Winter
May I have this dance Ms. O'Hair? You may
Dirk and Poppy O'Hair in Thronecoming
What are you two mischief makers up to?
Dirk questioning Jackie Frost and North Wind in Epic Winter.
If you want someone to sign the storybook of Legends ask my sister she's the one who wants to rule the Snow Kingdom someday, I just want what's best for her.
Dirk to Headmaster Grimm after seeing the Storybook of Legends
The giants at Beanstalk High may be bigger but we're faster have Cerise join the Bookball team and we'll beat them for sure!
Dirk requesting for the Bookball team to have Cerise Hood join them in Thronecoming.
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