To be honest with all of you, my bark is worse than my bite.

Donna Di'Fuoco is the daughter of Mangiafuoco, one of the 4 Antagonists in the Adventures of Pinocchio. She wants to follow her destiny as a puppet master but would also like to persue her dream in the theater and act. 


Donna would be voiced and live action portrayed by Zendaya Coleman, who did Rocky on Shake It Up! on Disney channel. 


Zendaya, Donna's faceclaim.



Donna is a puppet with a dream too big for her hollow wood shell. She is destined to be the puppet master of Gran Teatro Dei Burattini, but would like to persue to her dream of acting in a theatre somewhere, not be someone who makes puppets forever after. She would love to follow her destiny, but she also wants to be an actress. Besides this she is a fun and friendly puppet, yet her bark has a rotten core as well, due to being raised by such a monsterous antagonist. 


Donna has long ink black hair that reaches down to her feet and lantern red eyes. She also has a puppet body, which was made from a special wood that was fireproof. It is noticed she has strings attached to her knees, her hands, and her head. This might be due to her coming to life and no need of the strings, so they were trimmed, but not all the way. 


The Adventures of Pinocchio




Mangiafuoco is Donna's fatherly figure and who's destiny she must follow. She loves her father but thinks he should control his antagonizing ways. 


The amount of friends she has at the moment is small, but it will grow eventually.


  • Her name Donna Di'Fuoco directly translates to "Woman of Fire" in Italian.

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