Chapter 1

You'll never guess what happened today! I was reminiscing about my last year a EAH when the carriage pulled to a stop.I hopped out to stroll the cobblestone steps to see a renewed look at the amazing school. I turned around to see the approaching carriage, and I saw the usual carriage.but the person who got out of the carriage was my lifelong friend, Jacque Bean. He was the same guy, tall, dark haired, wearing green, but he seemed different, I just couldn't put my finger on it (note to self, figure that out.). Now to the great part, I got invited to a Briar Beauty party! She had the most hexellent parties every year, so being invited was a supreme honor! There, I met a great group of people. Including Magical and a ( rather sarcastic and snarky) girl named Linda. I don't know what to make of Linda, but Magical is quite nice. I wonder who will be my roommate, I still have no idea. I am now writing this on a rather cushy chair in the Vault of Lost Tales. I'm getting up now, so I'll write later.

Chapter 2

Okay. Let's face it Diary, you don't need to know everything. And what happened after the vault is something you shouldn't know. So let's continue on with the story of my life. No Questions. So........ I got to spend quality time with Linda today! It's great when she doesn't feel like she needs to be friends with anyone. But I got a notion that, for the sake of her mom, split me into three people (one for my real name, one for my nickname, and one for my middle name.) I went to class like normal, so I guess I'll write again on a more interesting day.

Chapter 3

So, I had my first "Lifairy Reading Competition". Yes, it sounds as nerdy as it is, but I get free coupons for skimming stories, so I'm into it. I met two cool girls named Alia Wonderland and Blanche Cards. They don't seem as mad as some other Wonderlandiams, but they seem cool so I guess I will overlook it. I got second place, and won two free gift cards to the Castle Hair Salon and another to PoisonApple. The former is useless, as I work there, but gift card number two could get me a new cover for my MirrorPhone. Blanche won first, but she didn't boast. It's almost better when they boast. Then you have something to spite them for, but no boast, no spite.

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