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Elodie Changelin is the daughter of Elisa from The Tyranny of the Fairies Destroyed by Madame d'Auneuil.



Elodie is short, with curly auburn hair and green eyes. She wears a pink jacket over a lavender shirt and pink pants.


Elodie is a cheery, perky girl. She is very supportive and loves to hang out with her close friend Cleonice Detenu. The two girls frequently talk about the arcane and other weirder aspects of the world. With the help of magic, she is able to shapeshift. One form she likes to take is that of a centaur.

Elodie is good at working with gold and silk, and doesn't mind doing it for the fairies.



Elodie's mother is Elisa. She has younger twin brothers named Elie and Emile, who are both ten. The family lives in the same palace as Philonice and Anaxandre.


Elodie is friends with Cleonice and her brother Lysandre, as well as Polyxene Zinzolantin, who shares her love of silk.


Elodie and Vixetta Charming don't get along because Vixetta teased Elodie over her sexuality.


Elodie is a lesbian and she is going out with Gwenaelle Talmut.


  • Elodie's surname means "changeling" in French, referring to her mother's status as a changeling.
  • If she were an official character, she would be voiced by Kate Higgins.

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