Emerald is the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West and the Scarecrow, also known as Elphaba Thropp and Fiyero Tigelaar.


Character Profile Parents Story: The Wizard of Oz Age:15 Secret Heart's Desire: To be accepted for who I am, and to not be accused for something I didn't do. My 'Magic' Touch: Of course I know how to fly a broomstick, and I occasionally will lose my temper and end up doing bad things. Storybook Romance Status: Why would I care, I will have to fall in love with the person my stepsister Diamond loves, and back stab her. I won't like it. Oh 'Curses' Moments: When during classes I will end up casting a spell and the fire alarm goes off. Favorite Subject: Biology, along with my mom's dress her biology notebook was found, after reading a few notes I got hooked. Least Favorite Subject: Grimm-nastics, I have a huge fear of water. Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen and Ruby East. Alignment: Rebel



Emerald is very shy and self concious due to her skin color. But don't let all that shyness fool you we she has something to say she will say it, like how she thinks about her destiny.


It is obvious that Emerald is green skinned (but hey someone has to take her mother's footsteps.) Everyone says that she looks like her mother, this is true the only trait she has gotten from her father is his black hair.

Fairy Tale: The Wizard of Oz/ Wicked

How the character's name works with her story

Due to her green skin and mother's history she was named Emerald. Emerald is the name that seems to work the best because Emerald means green gem stone.



Emerald was only just a toddler when her mother died, and doesn't remeber much. What she does remeber is that Glinda the Good Witch found Emerald and her little sister Ruby in their room after their grandfather (the wizard) left. Glinda feeling sad for the two orphans adopted both and took them to live in Munchkinland.

What Emerald doesn't know is that her mother is alive. At the end of the musical version of Wicked Elpahba and Fiyero or the scarcecrow runaway and don't come back to OZ. But Elphaba did not want her children to have a rough childhood and to make sure that everyone believes that she is dead or else people will try to kill her for real. But Emerald believes that she will die one day just like her mother.

Emerald also does not know who her father is because she never met him before in her life.


Emerald's friends are Raven Queen, her sister Ruby East, and her stepsister Diamond North.


Emerald has a flying monkey for a pet, his name is Chistery II.


Emerald has no love life because she knows she will have to end up falling in love with a head strong Winkie prince no matter what.



Her basic outfit looks just her mother's party dress which was found when Glinda adopted Emerald and Ruby.

Legacy Day

The outfit will come soon


  • Emerald follows the musical version of Wicked.
  • Emerald is a Rebel.