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Emeric Belliqueux is the son of King Violent and Blanche from Prince Tity by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.



Emeric is of average height, with long red hair and blue eyes. He wears a dark blue vest over a white shirt with thin blue stripes, dark blue pants, and black shoes. Around his neck is a diamond necklace and a red neckerchief.


Despite his warlike surname, Emeric is actually a very peaceful and calm young man. He is very senstitive and is prone to crying.

Emeric suffers from sleep problems and has a tendency to get up from his bed and walk around in the middle of the night. Sometimes he will sneak food or play video games late at night. This annoys his father, who insists that he sleeps well.


Emeric is the youngest child of King Violent and his much younger second wife, Princess Blanche, the cousin of King Tity and his brother Mirtil. Emeric goes to Ever After High with his second cousins Robin Tity and Diane Tity and his nephew Mathis Page.

Emeric's destiny is not known. This uncertainty keeps Emeric out of the conflict, which he has little interest in anyway. Emeric attends banquets and parties, especially ones that Florin Trandafir caters at. Emeric loves to learn etiquette so he can host his own parties.



Emeric is the youngest of seven children of King Violent. He has a sister named Honorine (age 19) and a brother named Laurent (age 17). He also has four half-siblings, Simon (age 47), Jeanne (age 45), Adrien (age 43), and Elise (age 40). Elise, also known as Eliza, is Mathis' mother. Emeric also has other nieces and nephews.

Emeric frequently has to fend off people who accuse his mother of being a trophy wife. He insists that his parents are very much in love with each other despite the huge age difference between them.


Emeric's bsst friend is Aurelien Amiot. He is also close with Odilon Lesage, Lukas Glas, and his nephew Mathis.


Emeric doesn't have any enemies.


Emeric is dating Kira Yegerova.


  • Emeric's surname means "belligerent" in French.
  • If he were an official character, he would be voiced by Max Mittelman.
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