Emma Davies
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Character Profile
Parent Story Peter and Wendy
Age 15
Alignment Neutral
Roommate To be added
Secret Heart's Desire To be added
My "Magic" Touch My mother always told me "Emma, you may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but atleast you're in the box." I don't really know what means...
Storybook Romance Status I got a huge crush on Pete Pan
Oh "Curses!" Moments To be added
Favourite Subject Storytelling 101, Kingdom Managment and Princessology ohh and Damsel-in-Destressing
Least Favourite Subject To be added
Best Friends Forever After To be added

THIS IS A WIP. Emma Davies is a descendent of Wendy Darling and therefore also her daughter Jane and her daughter Margaret and so on and on. Her destiny is ofcourse to be Wendy of the story of Peter and Wendy. Her mother married a prince called Prince Davies, making Emma a princess. She is bubbly, stupid, beautiful, rich, easily manipulated and a Royal. The fact that she is rich, easily manipulated and a Royal part of his tale, makes her the target of Pete Pan's manipulation who acts like he is in love with her, but only actually cares for her money.



Emma is (how do I put this nicely, bubbly? No) she is just plain stupid. She’s the stereotype dumb but good looking blonde, who’s mother happened to married into a rich family. She is easily manipulated (something that is greatly export by Pete Pan) and sees the world in black-and-white as in your parents are evil, you are evil, your parents are good, you are good. She hasn’t even noticed the destiny conflict which is happening in the world around her. But if she would, she would be a Royal. Which is also what she answers when anybody asks because she thinks they are talking about kings and successors, she’s pretty much caught unaware. The lights just aren’t all up on stairs. (Yes, these last two sentences were a reference to Scar’s song be prepared from the Lion King, I like the song, I’m not making an daughter/son of any Lion King characters).


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Fairy tale – Peter and Wendy

How the Story Goes

How do they come into it?



She is a descendant of Wendy Darling, and therefore also of Jane (Wendy's daughter) and Margaret (Jane's daughter). Her mother married a Prince Davies.


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She's got a huge crush on Pete Pan




Legacy Day


Getting Fairest


  • Her class schedule includes Storytelling 101, Damsel-in-destressing, Kingdom Management, Princessology, Geografairy, Beast Training and Care, Muse-ic and Cooking Class-ic.


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