This is also on my user page. So check that out. And leave a message on my wall! I love to make friends! Hi. I'm emmarainbow432. This is my driver page, so, keep reading.

You got it dude
Michelle from my favorite show, Full House

Sup guys. This is Emmarainbow432, otherwise known as the walking dictionary. This is my driver page.



I am nice,smart, and I have great hair. I like to be weird and it's hard to get me embarrassed. I tend to get hurt often, plus I'm the best love consultant ever.


I'm a unicorn with blue tail hair and neon pink mane. My horn is pure glitter.

I'm a kid unicorn, so that's kind of cool, but i don't like it when people say that I'm not a unicorn, I mean, would I actually make this stuff up?

Fairy tale – Fairy Tale Name Here

How the Story Goes

I guess I have to write my own fairytale, since I missed legacy day. But I'm supposed to be a background unicorn.

How does Character Name come into it?

I'm a unicorn, so does that make a difference? But my name comes from me being happy like a rainbow and nice like an emma. My last name, 432, comes from me being the 432th person to ever be born with a blue horn.



I live with a unicorn herd, and they're pretty nice.


I'm a friendly unicorn, but I have a very select few of friends who tolerate me.

My friends include Jocklagdagorian, Cirderagoorg, and Kieronion.

Jocklagdagorian, has a lot of intriguing personality and always makes jokes.She has light yellow mane and tail and a bright pink horn.

Cirderagoorg, is loud and never thinks twice. Her blue mane and tail shines in the light of Unicorn light bulbs.

Kieronion, is quiet and kind.she has a pastel mane and tail.


My pets include Fretter, who's a talking dog. There's also The Supreme Ruler Of All Koalas, who is my self running shoe.

I'm actually kind of bad with animals (I tend to get attacked by big dogs), but I love baby animals that can't ruin the house yet.


I'm not allowed to date until I'm 5056 unicorn years, but I do have a crush on Cargaratza, a cute unicorn boy.


I like a mixed variety


T-shirt and legging, because I find jeans uncomfortable.

Legacy Day

I would probably wear a dress that's purple to show my rebel support.


When I become a Billionaire, my first action will be buying that cool $21.00 doll I've been wanting.
I love comments! A lot. Almost obsessivly.
the world is going mad yet I'm the weird one...
just thought of this one
I would've cracked years ago if it wasn't for my sense of humor
it speaks for itself


  • I love Wicked
  • I am a shipper
  • I wrote A Mistake, please read it!
  • My best OC is Duck Girl.
  • Full House is my favorite old show.
  • Gravity Falls is my favorite new show.
  • I don't like Huntlynn.
  • I think a more fun to watch couple would be Cerise and Hunter.
  • Mostly because his father tried to kill her father.
  • I love old Disney Channel
  • I have a weird thing for comments
  • I don't like horses. I have no idea why
  • I have mostly Royal characters. I have no idea how (to escape stereotypical rebel stuff I guess)
  • I know I don't have to, but I delete most characters after I find out that a character with the same fairytale is to be shown in websodes
  • I like musicals
  • I've gotten the "Lucky Edit" award four times
  • I've had three little kids predict my future job and the results were the Queen of England, the President, and actress.



Ashlynn Ella officially has the best shoes EVER

Mirror Blog

hello! Please read my New fanfic series, Once Upon The End!

well! my top characters are duck, Linda, and Amy.

please add comments to all of my pages! as I love comments.


Day One

Today is my first day at EAH, and I feel out of place, since I am a unicorn and all. But I'm not the kind to give up. I will make friends with EVERYONE!

Day Two

Today is my second day at EAH. Did you know that there is a unicorn herd here? Well, I met the unicorn herd and had a good time!

My Official And Awesome Ships

EAH-wise romance






EAH bromance


Abigail Theif(OC)+Little Pigs

Duck Girl+ narrators (it would work)

Questions that need to be answered in comments

Are people born wicked or is wickedness thrust upon them? -credits to the genius script writers of Wicked

When does the road actually end?-reference to Where The Road Ends

Which should I ship, Cuter or Dexen?-a real problem going on in my head

my Wikias that really need users

Please check them out via Google or my profile links

1. Ms. Garrison's School For Girls Wikia

2. The Wizard Of Oz Fandom


I have a fanfic series in the form of a septology. The series is called Once Upon The End. The stories include:

1.A Mistake

2.Once Upon A Time

3.A Secret

if you want me to....

I can do many things. So I am willing to do things for other users. These "things" include:

1. Drawing characters

2. Designing clothes for characters

3. Helping to flesh out characters

4. Writing diaries or mirror blogs or even character bios

5. Help run a wikia

6. Lots more, so don't be afraid to ask!


Duck Girl

Linda Goodwitch

Alda Old

Frederick Foot

Avery Maiden

Aleta Dance

Dee-Dee Twiddle

Dum-Dum Twiddle


Petunia Pea

Cygnet Royauté

More coming!


Vivian East


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Does this wiki allow contests?(just wonderin')

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am I the only Cuter supporter?

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My fave characters

I have different favorite characters for different reasons.

awkward faves

1.Cedar is adorable!

2.Hopper is super fun to watch

3.C.A. Is so fun to watch when she's talking with Dexter!

wonderland faves

1. Maddie. She is the best. EVER!

2. Lizzie. No explanation needed.

guy faves

1. Hopper. Do I need proof?

2.(tied) Dexter and Daring. Dexter is the nerdy kind of guy that I just love, while daring

least faves

1. Ashlynn is annoying.

2. Hunter needs to fix his hair. Now.

3. I'm getting tired of Raven.

overall faves

1. C.A. Cupid

2. Maddie Hatter

3. Hopper Croakington II

Why I like EAH

Well, it just seems interesting.

possible Avatars, please vote!

If I were a Fairy Tale

I would probably be Sleeping Beauty. I really need a nap.

I support cuter. Join the cuter army NOW

Title says all


1. Cupid actually went for it. She tried to talk Dexter into asking her out, but he didn't notice or take a hint.

1b. Raven, meanwhile, showed very little hints. She just was happy when she found out who gave the note.

2. It's soo cute! Both are awkward around their crushes, so if they had a crush in each other, it would be ADORABLE

3. Dexter actually kissed Cupid on the cheek. That means something, right?

My Tumblrs

^Frederick Foot's blog



The AppleChat cover art

Apple chat is a tumblr/wiki based talk show with Apple as the star. Raven, Ashlynn, Hunter, and Cerise as co stars.

Leave any topics of conversation in the comments.

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