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Ostentatious P. Cockley [he/him, she/her], usually referred to as Osten, is a 2019-introduced and all-around fandom persona.

Though originally under the impression that he would be succeeding his father as the next King of the Peacocks, his actual destiny was revealed to him as the next Rosette from the fairytale Princess Rosette, written by French author Madame d’Aulnoy. He is a Classic Year student at the time of the Rebel Movement and rooms with Andremedon S. Manibi.



  • dumbass thot
    • no rly its a running gag how stupid he is
    • he forgot what exponents were called one time so he just said "baby numbers"
  • horny
    • kind of an infamous slut, and p much owns that reputation
    • gets dress coded quite a bit rip
  • theatrical
    • its mostly in good fun
  • emotional
    • will he cry?? he w i l l
  • hungry
    • kinda snacks throughout the day
  • stares at surrealist paintings for escapism
    • its not that deep (marge simpson voice) he just thinks theyre neat

Hobbies and Interests


Osten is a noted comics enthusiast. Superheroes, in particular, are his favorite genre in any media, and he's read all manner of titles and publications, from the originals to the deconstructions to the reconstructions. His favorite superhero is Faerieman, to the point where he has made several attempts to replicate his style of flight.



help him



Living proof that one dark skinned-parent isn't a "Get Out Of Pale Free" card, Osten has skin described as porcelain by a certain grandparent and pasty by the rest of the world. He's tall though he can't be bothered to measure, slim because the fairies gifted him metabolism at his christening, with shortish dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Additionally, he can also manifest large, ultra-colorful peacock wings on his back, though more often than not he tucks them away when not in use due to prior incidents.

For attire, Osten is a big worshiper of the prep subculture, though he leans toward the casual side for the sake of comfort. His current style is described as "French renaissance meets baroque meets empowered slut". His self-selected color scheme is red + blue + gold, and he tends to wear shorts, crop tops, and, for formal occasions, royal coats/capes, resembling unfanned peacock feathers.

Occasionally present are ruffles, and his official motifs are peacock plumage and symbols, various gemstones, crowns, and other eye-catching shit.

Powers & Abilities

  • Partial Shapeshifting:
    • Wing Manifestation:
      • Flight:


Fairytale - Princess Rosette

How It Goes

Main Article: Princess Rosette

Full Text: Princess Rosette


A king and queen, who had two sons, had a daughter as well. All the fairies came to the christening. When the queen pressed them to predict Rosette's future, they said that she might cause great misfortune to her brothers, and even their deaths. The king and queen consulted with a hermit, who advised them to lock Rosette in a tower. They did so, but one day they died, and their sons instantly freed her from it. She marveled at everything, but in particular, at a peacock. When she heard that people sometimes ate them, she declared that she would never marry anyone except the King of the Peacocks, and then she would protect her subjects.

Her brothers, the new king and the prince, set out to find the King of the Peacocks, and at last were directed there by the King of the Mayflies. There, they showed the king Rosette's portrait. He said he would marry her if she was as beautiful, but kill them both if she was not.

When the news came, Princess Rosette set out with her nurse. The nurse bribed the boatman to throw the princess, bed and all, with her little dog, into the sea in the middle of the night. The bed was made of Phoenix feathers and floated, but the nurse put her own daughter in the princess's place. The outraged king was about to execute her brothers, who persuaded him to give them seven days to prove their innocence.

When the princess woke, she was convinced that the king had decided not to marry her after all, and so had her thrown into the sea. An old man saw her on the shore and brought her to shelter, but saw by her possessions that she was a great lady, and he could only give her meager fare. The princess sent her dog to the best kitchen in town, and the dog stole all the food being cooked for the King of the Peacocks. This happened for several days, until the Prime Minister spied on the kitchen, saw the dog, and followed it. He told the king, and they went to the hut and seized Rosette and the old man. The old man begged for mercy and told the story, and the king realized that this was his bride. He freed her brothers and married her.

How Osten Comes Into It


Osten was born the youngest of two sons to the current Rosette - a princess-turned-queen from Mexico - and the current King of the Peacocks, who was the one born of the story's bloodline. Their kingdom is very, very quaint, and is closer to being a collection of fields and mountains rather than a nation. However, their proximity to the coast and, of course, prized and protected peacock population make it a passably picturesque location in the greater scheme of Ever After.

Typically, the reigning Rosette and Peacock King will produce two sons, out of reference to the story, while the next Rosette will be outsourced from another royal family somewhere else in the world. Though the heir to the peacock throne tends to be the eldest son, for undetermined reasons the elder of this generation was deemed unfit for the role, which went to the younger son; that younger son being Osten.

This modification aside, all were the under impression that the usual cycle would be repeated for this generation, and Osten grew up assuming he'd be the minor trophy husband to some girl he can't even be attracted to (spoilers: he gay).

This led him to spend his days rather somber and concealed, and it wasn't until his own Legacy Day that he discovered, via the Storybook of Legends, that he would actually be the next Rosette, taking after his mother. Knowing this helped him come out of his shell tremendously, and he became a far more flamboyant and confident person almost overnight. It is said to this day, he still hasn't shut up about it.

Viewpoint on Destiny

Osten genuinely, unironically, positively adores his role. After all, being the explicitly beautiful protagonist of his story and the object of affection for a stylish prince charming? What could dissuade him?

Well, a few things. For one, his story necessitates the death of his parents, and he's actually rather dependant on them both, and losing them is a big fear of his. Also, he loves them or whatever. Second, Osten firmly believes in casual hookups as well as the freedom to find the love of your life from anywhere, at any time. Maybe even more than once.

Unfortunately, the predetermined, fixed nature of storytelling doesn't quite sit right with him, and he's more than happy to own the label of a Rebel, even if he does act royally very often.


To myself:

  • I have been called a "princess" and a "peacock" several times in real life, usually as a playful tease - Osten is both thanks to his role and parentage
    • Also, in general, I just like royalty and peacock aesthetics
  • I am objectively the black sheep of my family - Osten is themed after "red" peacocks, rather than blue ones
  • As far as family goes, I am closest to my brother and our double cousin, who is essentially our sibling - Rosette has two brothers, whom she is close to
  • I tend to become enamored by beautiful, often surreal scenery; it's a passion of mine, for sure - Rosette marvels at the things outside her tower
  • I am French through my dad's mother - The story is French, by a female French author
  • My dad used to be a sheriff; a figure of authority - Rosette's father was a king
  • My area literally has wild peacocks roaming around sometimes - Rosette observes and protects peacocks, who later become her subjects

To the story:

  • Osten wears red, fiery tones in addition to the cooler colors of a peacock - Rosette sleeps on a bed of phoenix feathers



Father - Faithful Cockley

Mother - Pristine Cockley née Charming

Brother - Loyal Cockley

Cousin - Accomplished Charming


ill add as i ask. not linked means theyre irl friends who arent into eah :D

Ace O.F. Spades

Andremedon S. Manibi

Azimov "Zee" Ptochos

Cherishable Charming

Osten met his best friend, a princess charming, at an academy for royals he was sent to for pre-Ever After High instruction. Though they were, somewhat infamously, rivals for the first couple years of meeting each other, they've actually become closer to each other than anyone else, and Osten and Cherishable are considered an iconic duo.

Graywolf Mistwalker

A veritable tech wizard, as well as a literal wizard, Osten met Graywolf at Ever After High and considers him his nerdiest bestie. They often tease each other over their respective but equally geeky interests, and make playful jokes on sexuality while they're at it.

Lovable Charming

Rose Gardener


Matrimona "Mona" Martínez


Osten, though he makes himself available for most things, has yet to find a long term partner. He's prone to quick, casual crushes, and many of his prior infatuations aren't considered secret. He doesn't really give a shit, to be honest.

At the moment, he is shown to be drawn to Galvin Gwyar, though this is decidedly platonic.






  • "Ostentatious" means "designed to attract attention"; like a peacock
    • "Osten" is just pronounced like Austin
  • His middle name is undetermined other than that it starts with a "P"
  • His surname, Cockley, just lends itself to the "P. Cockley" pun
  • His aesthetic is inspired by the 2006 biopic Marie Antoinette
    • Fittingly, said film is my - the real Airy - favorite all-time movie
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