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Mean Queens

  • arguably my most popular ocs irl
  • theyre all the queens of their respective story
  • mean/insensitive/spoiled in their own ways
    • some are more redeemable than others
  • they each occupy a separate year and dont hang out in-universe for that reason
    • but are aware of each other's existence
  • half of them are rebel, and half of them are royal

The Olympiads

  • name is wip but theyre like, the popular clique of the fourth years
    • and by default, the entire school until they graduate
  • theyre composed of three aesop fable godkids
    • not actual gods tho, just humans until they fulfill those roles and get divinity as their reward
    • but the “god” part may or may not have given them complexes nonetheless
  • they share the colors of white and gold in common
  • the three in order of importance are
    • Matrimona “Mona” Martínez
      • the mean one
      • leader of the pack
      • reigning queen bee of the school
      • next juno/jupiter’s bride
      • the only successor of the group
      • the coldest among them, but most of it is just in act
      • in reality, shes from a struggling single parent household, and feels like going through with this destiny and arranged marriage is the only way to get them out of that cycle, bc they all get to move to olympus afterwards
      • shes deathly afraid of losing this opportunity, and therefore plays up the “queen” aspect as much as she can, which is why she has such bitchy tendencies. shes been doing it for so long that she cant rly turn it off, either, and has lost sight of the person she was raised to be
    • Prosperity “Prosper” Ploutus
      • the rich one
      • mona’s right hand
      • stupidly wealthy daughter of the current plutus
      • her dads notorious for being a capitalist douche whos acquired lots of local book end businesses to widen his grasp on ever after high and the destiny system
      • thus, shes automatically hated by one half of the entire school
      • originally a royal, shes become the first of the trio to align rebel bc she doesnt want to be defined by wealth or her father any longer
    • Herman “Booster” Mercurius
      • the hot one
      • hes the horndog himbo of the group
      • the next mercury
      • has some sick kicks that let him fly, which is honestly his only claim to fame
      • athletic, member of whatever the flying sport in this universe is
      • the other two only rly keep him around for rule of three purposes
      • is def crushing on some unspecified nerd

All OCs

not segregated by story this time

OCs By Year

tba. im willing to change most of these for roommate/ship purposes

Freedom Year

Legacy Year

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