'Enchant' is short story written by Clawdeen Ghoul.

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An old forest, two lovers, two different stories. Poppy O'Hair and Dexter Charming are madly in love!


Once Upon A Time

A girl was in her hairdressing stor, doing her daily buisiness. She loved doing people's hair, helping them and washing them. A fine looking, tall boy walked in.

'Hey Poppy' The boy started 'I was wondering if you can come to the Enchanted Forest with me...' 'I don't know but I will try and come but there is so many people here today!' Poppy O'Hair replied.

That day Dexter waited and waited, hopefully she was going to come, he wanted to say sorry and just be alone with his best friend. He was still waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. No one came, he left, but a certain girl came in the Enchanted Forest as soon as he left. 'Dex?' Poppy shouted 'You here?'. 'Huh, POPPY!' Dexter shouted.

'What did you want to say to me?' Poppy said with a big smile on her face. 'Huh... Oh yeah, I am sorry for breaking your bag!' Dexter said as Poppy's smile went down, 'It's fine, I will get a new one'. 'Phew... Good beause I was thinking of buying you a new....' Dexter stopped talking, he felt Poppy's lips against his. They were kissing, he felt now that they kissed it has to be her. They couldn't stop. Back at school, they knew they couldn't confess, but they can just wink and smile at each other without anyone knowing.

<3The... End<3

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