These diaries come from the upcoming doll line: Enchanted Fantasy from the book: Enchanted Journey.

Faette Farfairy

Granted all the wishes I can, I threw my wand to the ground and cracked all ten of my fingers. CRACK! I glared up the sky and let my ribbons wrap around me as I was warped into midair. My eyes close as I twirled, feeling a transformation happening. One eye opened on at a time. Tilting my head down, I see all the little fairiess staring in amazement. I knew it was Selena's new magic that helped me become this strong. With Selena's hand, I waved my hand upon the air.

Fayomi Bloom

To be added

Helio Fauna

My lovely sister is the fairy of the moon/night and I am the fairy of the sun/day. Without one another, we're just dust in the wind.

Pearliana Bright

Lesser known as a fairy but always as bright, I knew, as the daughter of the Tooth Fairy, I had to show that positive notion. I felt something strange but very marvelous in no doubt. The breathtaking view I had gave me life! I soared into the sky and took Selena's hand.

Selena Fauna

After this transformation, I knew I could defeat the evil that was present in my kingdom. From the first surge of energy, my whole kingdom's hope was now granted a dream come true as I took the throne and absorbed all the good fairy magic in the whole storybook. With my parents, friends and loyal subjects looking on, I had no space to fail. All of the fairy dust began to come my way. As I closed my eyes, I could feel all of this energy surge through my whole body. I felt...INCREDIBLE! But I needed help.

I extended both my hands to Faette and Pearliana to bind our magical potential and convert it into something forceful. The two of them began to alter their appearance, as I've had done.

Sun, Forest, and Water Fairy

Suna: The one they call Blue Fairy came to aid us in our time of need. The colors of ocean, navy and cobalt blue rushed towards my face. Her gorgeous golden hair unraveling and twisting with different blues gave me hope. Hope that I can be as strong as her.

Forestia: The smiling fairy's bright turquoise eyes enlarged as she floated in the air. Her arms lifted in the air, going downwards were ribbons of the same color. Her hair curled into two ginormous pigtails. She started to spin, making a dazzling amounts of flashing white color. I wish I can be as bright as her.

Waterina: The new Fairy Queen has ARRIVED. She absorbed all of the fairy dust, spec, and particles in the air, making her sparkling with power. She became a shimmering light for all of us.

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