The Epic Rap Battles of Ever After High are a fic series which take place in the canon Ever After High universe, inspired by the Youtube series, Epic Rap Battles of History. In-universe, these rap battles are held in the Dungeon Navigation 101 classrooms underneath the school, hosted by Blondie Lockes' newscast and usually featuring Melody Piper on the backbeat. They star various EAH OCs, particularly those from this wiki, and occasionally feature canon characters.

This series was written by Alpha, and originally hosted on GoogleDocs. The entire series is presently rated T for Teen (13+) due to strong language, innuendo, and mild implications of violence.

All characters participating in this series were used with explicit permission from their creators.

List of Rap Battles

  1. Quinn vs. Quinn
  2. Star Thalergeld vs. Akito Takenaka
  3. Birds and Baes vs. Glass Tunnel
  4. Damon Gale vs. Avian Juniper
  5. TBC...

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Voting is presently open using this Google Forms voting poll. Whichever battle has the most votes by the time the author feels like writing will be the next battle written.


  • The Fairy Fight Club, at one point, all participated in a massive rap battle that was basically half a dozen people yelling at each other in rhymes.
  • No, you're not imagining that implied Blondie/Melody
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