Ersilia Majesty
Ersilia Front Card

Card made by Mandiga.

Character Profile
Parent Story The Light Princess
Alignment Royals Icon-Royal
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I just got here through Mirror Travel. It's fun, but I get motion sickness. When you think about it, it's not so fun.

Headmaster Grimm said he still needs to find me a good roommate. For now I have a single room, which is cool, but I really wanted every night to be a sleepover.

I just got my new schedule! It's awesome. I know this year I will focus on my destiny and be the best student this school has ever seen! (As long as I get breaks to swim, eat, take care of Feather, talk to my friends, visit home, go shopping, play games on my phone, explore the forest, play jump rope. All the fun stuff.)

Today in class, I uncontrollably levitated again. Everyone stared at me. I could tie myself to the desk.

Yay! I got a roommate!

Why oh why did Rosie get into trouble! Now we aren't roommates. :'( I guess that last post is unnecessary...

I just woke up and it is 6:12. I am posting this and trying not to go to sleep. But it would be great if I could just

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