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Estelle Marin is the daughter of Princess Belle-Etoile and Prince Cheri from Madame d'Aulnoy's fairy tale Princess Belle-Etoile. The story is a French variant of The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird.


Name: Estelle Marin

Age: 18

Parent's Story: Princess Belle-Etoile

Roommate: Melissa Abeille

Alignment: Rebel

Secret Heart's Desire: To go sailing.

My "Magic" Touch: I am very good at sailing small ships.

Storybook Romance Status: I'm dating Theron Qoph. My parents love him - I told them I didn't want to marry one of my cousins, knowing that my parents are first cousins. They were cool with it.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: I'm really insecure about the fact that my parents are first cousins. I feel like it sets me up for teasing.

Favorite Subject: Heroics 101. I enjoy being the heroine of my own story.

Least Favorite Subject: Damsel-in-Distressing. I am way too outspoken for this class.

Best Friend Forever After: Isidore L'Orange. He's so nice and caring.



Estelle is below average height, with pale skin, red hair down to her chest and green eyes. She wears star-shaped pins in her hair. She dresses in a yellow sweater and beige pants.


Estelle is a tomboy who loves sailing and exploring the seas. She is also a fan of stargazing and during the night she's often looking at the stars and identifying various constellations. She isn't too fond of reading books and prefers to read information on the Internet.


Hello there. I am Estelle Marin. My mother is Princess Belle-Etoile and my father is her cousin Prince Cheri.

My mother's story is a long one. It all started before she was born. My great-grandmother was an impoverished queen with three daughters, Roussette, Brunette, and Blondine. They gave a fine meal to a fairy. She granted their wishes. Roussette wished to marry the king's admiral, while Brunette wished to marry the king's brother and Blondine wished to marry the king himself. The three marriages were concluded. But my grandfathers' mother did not approve of the marriage, and Roussette grew to resent her sisters because she was not given the same respect as them. Eventually, Blondine gave birth to my mom and her brothers, while Brunette gave birth to my dad Cheri, and died right afterwards. Mom and her brothers had stars on their foreheads, while Dad did not. The wicked queen mother and Roussette stole Mom, her brothers, and Dad, and the maid Feintise set them adrift, putting three puppies in place of the triplets. A pirate and his wife found them, and gave Mom the name Belle-Etoile because of the star on her forehead. Her brothers were called Petit-Soleil and Heureux.

Mom and Dad fell in love, and when they grew up they learned of their origins. Mom and her brothers and Dad went to see the king. The king gave them a house to stay in, but the queen mother recognized her grandchildren and conspired to get rid of them again. Feintise approached Mom and asked her to find the dancing water, which would prevent her from aging. Dad went to retrieve it and brought it back. Then Feintise told Mom about a singing apple. Dad went to get the apple after distracting a dragon. Finally, Feintise asked for the speaking bird. Dad found a little green bird, but he fell through a rock and was turned to stone. Petit-Soleil and Heureux went out to meet a similar fate. Mom met a dove, who advised her to not climb the mountain, but to sing for it from below. She managed to get the bird and was able to free her brothers and cousin. Mom and her brothers were reunited with their parents, since the bird told them, and found out that Cheri was her cousin. The queen mother was trying to end the king's marriage to Blondine and marry him to a young princess. When Mom and her brothers arrived, the queen mother was exposed, and she, Roussette, and Feintise were punished. A feast was held, and my great-grandmother attended the ceremony. Mom and Dad married afterwards.

I live in a nice palace with my parents, my maternal grandparents, my great-grandmother, my uncles Petit-Soleil and Heureux and their respective wives and children. I have an older brother named Armand, an older sister named Hyacinthe, and a younger brother named Pascal. None of us have stars on our foreheads, though. As for the princess who was supposed to marry my grandfather, she married my uncle Petit-Soleil (since she's much closer to his age than she is to my grandfather's age), and her sister married my uncle Heureux.

I am enjoying it here at Ever After High. I've made a lot of friends, and people find me very interesting. I go sailing quite frequently and a sail small ships. However, people are also aware of the fact that my parents are first cousins - the same problem that faces my friend Isidore. Only my situation is worse because my parents are double first cousins, meaning I only have four great-grandparents in my family tree. That was what convinced me to be a Rebel - I am NOT going to marry any of my cousins. But my family understands how I feel and they all respect my wishes. Everyone also thinks I'm beautiful, even though I look like my late great-aunt Roussette - I'm the only one of my siblings with red hair. People confuse me with Liv Trestakk, since we are both redheads and we dress similar. But I'm short while Liv is tall, and we have different eye colors.

Me and Isidore are very close, and we hang out a lot together. We aren't dating each other, but my roommate Melissa is dating him. Conversely, I am dating Isidore's roommate Theron. Theron and I make a rather unusual couple, since I am a Rebel and he is a Royal. But I don't think that affiliation should matter when it comes to romance - we're all students here. Theron is nice, and I love his blond hair. Plus he's a good deal taller than me. My parents really like Theron, and so do my grandparents and even my great-grandmother. Theron is pretty kind and caring.

That's all for now. Bye!


  • The name Estelle means "star".
  • Estelle's favorite food is rice pudding.
  • Estelle owns a female Rottweiler puppy named Antares, who is named after a star many times bigger than the Sun located in the constellation Scorpius
  • Estelle's siblings have a variety of hair colors. Estelle herself is a redhead, her brother Armand is blond, and her sister Hyacinthe and her brother Pascal are both brunette. Estelle's maternal grandmother Blondine was a blonde, and her paternal grandmother Brunette (the older sister of Blondine) was brunette. Ironically, Estelle strongly resembles her great-aunt Roussette, Blondine and Brunette's oldest sister, who was an antagonist in Estelle's parent's story.
  • If she were an official character, she would be voiced by Laura Bailey.