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Welcome to the Ever After High Fandom Wikia.

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The OTMs ("Of the Month"s) are a user based vote hosted every month on the Ever After High Fandom wiki. There are two votes, Character of the Month and Ship of the Month. The winners of each are given a feature on the front page for a month.

All previous winners are posted permanently on the COTM and SOTM pages and the voting is done via the blogs. Find the current vote here!

Character of the Month

Adeline Light is the Royal that lifts our hearts and makes us want to yell with joy, and it is our delight to announce Addy Light as the Character of July! The jock-y daughter of the Light Princess might not have any gravity, yet her laughter screaming is so infectious that one cannot help but fall anyway.

Ship of the Month

The ship that's shattering your world this July is Sea Glass! Anteros Princely and Arion Neptune are determined to make sure their life together isn't a final masquerade. Sweet with serendipity like a shoe left on palace steps, the two may have started out on the wrong fin, but like a pair of otters, they'd hold hands and float off together.


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