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Welcome to the Ever After High Fandom Wikia.

Here, fans of the franchise can post their original characters, fanfiction and fanart, interact with other fans and show off their creativity.

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The OTMs ("Of the Month"s) are a user based vote hosted every month on the Ever After High Fandom wiki. There are two votes, Character of the Month and Ship of the Month. The winners of each are given a feature on the front page for a month.

All previous winners are posted permanently on the COTM and SOTM pages and the voting is done via the blogs. Find the current vote here!

Character of the Month

Riddle me this, who is the Character of May? Of corpse, it's Sophinx Riddleton herself. A well-executed character as bright as a poisonous butterfly, she stings like one as well. And like dynamite with a laser beam, she's guaranteed to blow your mind with her ability to maintain both integrity and fear.

Ship of the Month

The Stars of Mermay are naught but StarFish themselves! Even the sea will find itself lost to time, and Seacilia McMerhon, a mermaid sister, and Jobal-Jennifer Moria, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, are lost in each other's eyes. In love and in science, these two are meant to be, like a pair of stars orbiting in a two-body problem.


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