grimmling gunsting: it was friday thirteen, my father has actually seen what the black fairy did; it cursed them and puts them in an abandoned castle and all i heard from the outside was screaming. i think i know who the black fairy is but I am not quite certain; i thought it was faybelle thorn because she's always talking about being evil, how she joined forces with the evil queen but she's the daughter of she datk fairy

briar beauty: i not going to argue about the murders and, who's the killer? guessing game, when we should be more civilised. you see how the black fairy is taking all the vulnerable ones and all i am trying to do is not make myself too vulnerable, making sure i don't fall asleep in the wrong areas.

kitty cheshire: i know it was wrong to snoop but I just saw that lizzie hearts just burned the lunch lady's face off. i tried to run out the door as fast as I can and tried to call help but now i'm the new "watchcat" for princess lizzie hearts wonderlandian common room.

bucky butcher: i don't know how to word this, i knew i needed fairy godmother or mother gooses advice but I decided to work things out myself but for know, this is what i want to share. yes, i know who the black fairy is and yes, I am working for the black fairy. no telling where. or when they will show up because everyone has gotten at least a bite. now that is settled the black fairy will come tonight at eight thirty-six; odd and unusual timing. and it's going to be a big bang. i know that i can always trust my friends competition to keep this letter a secret and maybe I shall do the same. should i?

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