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Is she excellent? No. Excellent Rebecca Charming, more preferably goes by Becca or Rebecca to her friends and siblings because she cannot be truly called excellent, even if she tried. Even so, for her tale, she sides as a Roybel, believing there is more to life than just being a damsel-in-distress or being a princess with a royal name and status to uphold.



Rebecca sure is a case in herself. She, in many ways, is like the stereotypical type of modern girl and Princess Charming in this age. She is friendly and charming in her own way, whereby she always loves making new friends. She cares for those who care about her (also known as 'respect'), and is undeniably loyal to her close friends.

Rebecca is very creative and imaginative, and often expresses her feelings through the music (just listen very carefully to all the lyrics on her playlist and you get what she feels) she listens to and her doodles. She is a carefree and laid-back person, who does not enjoy getting tied down by life.

Rebecca is mostly extroverted and energetic, and enjoys doing outdoor things and being in touch with nature. She adores animals and certainly likes sports, where by one of her favourite subjects is Grimmnastics. She also favours doing semi-dangerous things, and loves a good challenge. Several of the 'dangerous things' include high elements or para-gliding, somewhat like Briar Beauty. She is open to trying out new things, and is generally very optimistic. She is very vocal and is unafraid to voice out her opinions on different issues, though sometimes her opinions are unpopular. Her bubbly personality, her enthusiasm about life and her cheerfulness is very infectious, and at first impression seems like a pleasant girl.

Rebecca is very talkative and loves to talk about anything under the sun, especially if these matters are things that she loves, enjoys and knows about. Sometimes though, her enthusiasm goes overboard and she may come off to others as immature. She is a very wild girl, and like Briar Beauty, is a life of the party person. Again, her enthusiasm can go up to very high levels and she can get pretty annoying.

Rebecca, ironically, as a princess of royal status and everything, is completely reckless and irresponsible. She loses things easily, and this is why you should never entrust her with anything valuable. This may be because of her wild and daredevil side. She also turns in thronework late and shows up for important things late etc. etc.

However, if you start to peel off the layers of wild and vivacious personality that seem to make up her, you see a girl walled up behind a mask. Rebecca is an expert in masking her fears, and is very insecure. She knows that people find her annoying, and she hates herself for it. She has revealed to a chosen few about her insecurities, but even the amount of information that she opens up only expresses 10% of her fears. She craves for attention, but she thinks that most of her cohort view her in a negative light. She is right in a way, because most of her schoolmates do view her as childish, but seriously, she can't help herself, although she is always working on self-improvement. For some reason, she always says the wrong things at the wrong time, and she is ridiculously annoyed with herself for this.

Rebecca can get overly long-winded too. She often thinks too much about things, which is why her opinions are commonly unpopular. The one thing that she is frustrated about is when she explains why she thinks the way she think, people interrupt her. She is also prone to backstabbing from friends, which is why she tends to try and be a people-pleaser. Clearly, she is doing this wrongly, because people think she is 'cling-ey'. Rebecca thinks it is relatively annoying when people switch popular topics because to gain their attention she would have to bandwagon on these topics but when she is fully comfortable with these topics after a long time of trying to understand what they are talking about, the topic of conversation is changed and she always feels left out on all the good things. People tend to shoo her away too. She feels injustice because of this, and normally thinks life is unfair.

This gives rise to Rebecca's introverted and reclusive side, also known as mood swings. This may be a thorn in her side, because ironically, people then think that she is antisocial. This quiet side of her is just how she deals with the stress that she faces because of her insecurities. If she is feeling like this, she won't participate in the things that she does when she feels very hyper and will more preferably snuggle in a quiet corner and read a book. Speaking of which, she is a bookworm. She is also quite good at blending into the shadows when she feels down, so that people who enter the room don't even know she's there until she greets them.

Rebecca is quite manipulative though. If she has a goal, she will do whatever it takes to achieve it, even if her methods are somewhat unscrupulous. This, obviously, boosts her unpopularity. She can be quite ruthless and stubborn too and she hates it when things don't go her way. It takes some reasoning to ensure that she understands the other's viewpoint, but she still does insist on her way most of the time. She is also prideful and despises admitting that she is wrong when it is clearly obvious that she is wrong. She eventually will come to her senses, but thankfully, she is quite forgiving and doesn't hold grudges easily, yet some incidents still constantly linger in her head.

Rebecca is also a complete digital geek when it comes to MirrorPhones and the lot. She plays a lot of computer games, but then again when she expresses her love for them, people shun her unless it's hot juicy topics on Princetagram or MyChapter. There are, of course, a few who do love these passions, but there can only be so many of those sort, which is kind of sad for Rebecca, but she somehow manages.

Generally, Rebecca is just a misunderstood person who desires to prove her status in this world.

Hobbies and Interests

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  • Gaming on the MirrorNet: Becca has always been fascinated by the MirrorNet. She thinks it's a place of wonderlandiful games. Of course, she limits her game time (according to her) though sometimes she overshoots it, because, well, games are so addictive.
  • Singing: Becca has a brilliant voice and like any other real princess can conjure fauna to her (but like all other princesses not as well as Rosie Briar). She also likes listening to Tailor Quick (Taylor Swift), A Capella Cabello (Camila Cabello; Cap-O-Rushes) and Little Match Girls (Little Mix; The Little Match Girl).
  • Playing the guitar: It's nice to strum and hum/sing at the same time.
  • Swimming: She likes free-lance swimming, not competitive. She's practically the last when it comes to swimming Grimnastics.
  • Drawing fashion: It's just so nice to draw or doodle...especially during Crownculus. Also, it's good to express creativity.
  • Writing stories: Another form of expressing creativity.
  • Hanging out with her friends and Alex: Spending social time trying to meet face-to-face with friends is definitely much better than hexting. She loves meeting new people but absolutely hates shopping.

Her Story -The Three Princes and their Beasts

The Three Princes and their Beasts

How does Becca come into it?

The previous princess in The Three Princes and their Beasts was unable to have any children, hence like all Charmings who are eventually assigned a story, Becca simply received her 'assignment' on the day she enrolled at Ever After High by the Storybook of Legends.



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Excellent Charming

Aristocratic Jason Charming ====

Stylish Leia Charming

Brave Royalle Charming

Admirable Samuel Charming

Charismatic Ryan Charming

Diligent Timothy Charming


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Technically, she doesn't have a pet (yet) but she sort of 'adopted' a maltese and poodle mix that she called Fluffy (the name is so original I can't even-wow). It really is fluffy and Fluffy is so fluffy I-


Ignore that, narrator here. If you count her Dragon Games dragon as a pet, then it's an ice and water dragon (too bad it can't breathe water vapour-wait, it can, right?) called Rhea.


Rebecca has known Alex since spellementary school because Mars decided Alex was 'better off with the Fairytales'. Yes, Becca has had a few crushes here and there, but only this guy has caught her eye like no other. This lasted for like seven years throughout Becca's life. It was the most endearing secret crush. Then, the younger sister of one of Becca's friends (whom Becca told her secret crush to) spilt the beans to Alex. Oh my, that was the most embarrassing moments of Becca's life. She legitimately ignored him for a whole year out of embarrassment (of course not without sneaking a few looks and smiles at him). Turns out, he felt the same way about her, as she was about to discover when she was 14, when he returned the feeling. Becca literally and instantly fainted, and Alex had to catch her in his arms. She aroused while still in his arms and that was literally the time that was so romantic. Afterwards, they started dating. They see each other less often now because of the Mythology Program but after school they definitely catch up with each other at the Hocus Latte Cafe. However, she does think that Alex has ridiculously bad fashion taste.




Rebecca has curly long blonde hair that she most likely inherited from her father and with which she dyed some steaks purple because well, that seemed to be the trend with all the students and it was Royalle who dragged her to the Tower Hair Salon and forced her to choose a colour (and she chose purple so...). She has emerald eyes, probably from her mother.

Rebecca doesn't have a definitive theme colour in her outfits, though she does utilise lots of reds, blues, greens, and purples in her outfits. Her metal colour is silver, though that is always constantly subject-to-change.

The way she dresses reflect a mishmash of modern combined with the fairytale glamour, though some of her outfits tend to lean towards modern. Charmings can look great in whatever style because they do not have a definite fairytale. Pearls are some sort of motif that is prominent throughout her outfits, though it is not relative to her tale and does not apply to every single outfit. Butterflies and stars are used as alternatives, the former being an allusion to the 'beasts' in Rebecca's tale although butterflies are most definitely considered beasts, and the latter for inspiration. Flaming patterns may or may not pop up every once in a while but should those appear in Rebecca's outfits, they symbolise her fiery passion to be understood and also, fire is cool. Flowers are also seen as themes in her outfits as they represent her royal status.

Art Rebecca's outfits and description
Becca Charming Basic

owo basic

Signature - Roybels:

Becca's outfit's main theme colours are blue, red, purple and green, with a hint of gold and silver. She has curly blonde hair with purple highlights and her hair is tied into a loose ponytail. She is a fan of pearls and beads, hence her jacket, shoes and hairband is laced with them. She wears a red combat jacket, a green dress with frills and decorated with random motifs or swirls and curls and a silver belt studded by a emerald crafted into a shape of diamond. She also has a silver bracelet adorned with tiny emeralds that can create rainbows given to her by her parents as a Thronecoming Gift. She wears fishnet stockings and spiked heels (which are also laced with beads and pearls). She has green eyes.

wip Legacy Day:
wip, rework in progress Getting Fairest:

Rebecca wears a red robe with embroidered purple flowers and green lace borders it (must still look royal). She wears a grey shirt completely filled with starry red designs. She wears blue harem pants with the most simplistic gold designing and green slippers that are actually very fluffy on the inside.

wip Spring Unsprung:
wip Date Night:

Rebecca has a simple high ponytail here, and she wears a casual hoodie. She wears a shirt decorated with stars that can, in a way, act like a miniskirt. Her tights have flame patterns on them, with pearls adorning them. She also wears Grecian shoes.

Becca Charming Dragon Games

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Dragon Games:

Rebecca's armor has a somewhat high collar, with shoulder pads and she wears a tunic. She has a train with peacock-inspired designs in them, plus her tights have a butterfly-flame-esque design on them. Her boots have diamond heels and is complemented with a butterfly wings.

wip Thronecoming:
wip, rework in progress Epic Winter:

wip, redesign in progress

wip Wave 2/Book to School/Charmed Yearbook (doll line by Princess Swan and Rouge Heels on instagram, though over-generalized as Picture Day):
wip Fairest on Ice:

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Arts and Craft Beast Training and Care Beast Training and Care Princess Design Princessology
Period 2 Che-myth-stry Grimmnastics Home Economyths Kingdom Management Kingdom Management
Period 3 Crownculus Damsel-in-Distressing Crownculus Geografairy Grimmnastics
Period 4 Kingdom Management Magicology Muse-ic Creative Storytelling Crownculus
Period 5 Princessology Che-myth-stry Princessology Beast Training and Care Princess Design
Period 6 Geografairy Princess Design Dasel-in-Distressing Grimmnastics Magicology


  • Becca is the driver's main OC and EAHsona
  • Becca was loosely based off the driver (okay fine not loosely but still)
  • Becca's favourite holiday is Christmas
  • Becca's theme song would either be 'Real Friends' by Camila Cabello, or 'Scars to Your Beautiful' by Alessia Cara
  • Becca's Thronecoming gift was her fun bangle which produces rainbows. It can also be upgraded. For example, in Dragon Games, Holly upgraded it to a Dragon Games version (made out of rubies instead of emeralds and it has a faux dragon wing 'sticking' out of it (signifying Dragon Games version)
  • Becca and Alex's ship theme song would at first be 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' by Marshmello and Anne Marie because that's literally how their relationship started off, but now it's 'Galway Girl' by Ed Sheeran or 'Nervous' by Shawn Mendes
    • nani their ship name is Charmingly Uncharming, an ever-after-high-resque play of the phrase 'Perfectly Imperfect'
    • nani this was a homage to my first crush
  • Excellent came from the first letter of the driver's real name (you know like those type off 'poetry' for example, your name is Anna so A iAmazing, N is Nice and so on and yeah whenever I used to do that I would write excellent even though I wasn't. Well, when you have three 'E's in your name positive adjectives are hard to find when you're seven years old. Also, I wasn't excellent. Just your average girl scoring nice As and the occasional A+/A* everytime)
  • Becca's concept was crafted in 2015 and the driver choose a Charming because well, Charmings can be anybody and be from any tale
  • Becca shares the same birthday as the driver, November 1
  • Becca likes the same colours as the driver, green, blue, red, purple, silver, gold and black
  • Becca likes wearing jeans/pants, but if she has to wear dresses/skirts, fishnet stockings are absolutely a must
  • Becca's outfits that comprise of dress are her Basic/Signature Roybels, Legacy Day and Thronecoming. The rest are jeans/pants/tights.
  • The reason why Becca doesn't have a Way-Too-Wonderland design is because the driver thinks the fashion line for WTW is weird (but wonderland is weird so...)
  • Becca is a sucker for intricate designs, peacocks, stars, butterflies and boots
  • Becca is one part of the trio that the driver has for main Mattel OCs, the other two are Cassandra Enchantress and Isabella Echthrós
  • Becca's personality makes up 1/3 of the personality that the driver actually has, being the one most similar to the one the driver currently has a facade with lol
  • Becks's name was originally going to be Fabulous Rebecca Charming, but then that name was taken up so I was going to put Beautiful Charming then i was like: nvm and then so i put Excellent Charming cuz why not
  • Wip


When I first discovered the Ever After High Fandom, I created an entire slew of characters that were kind of rivalled against canon characters. Most of them had the same destinies-basically, no-nos in the fandom. Rebecca’s sister, Royalle was created as my parallel version of Darling Charming, but simply because I couldn’t draw armor back then, I settled for a Roman-themed princess.

Eventually, I wanted my own character. I mean, of course, all my characters belong to me, but I wanted something that embodied everything I ever wanted to be: the perfect Mary Sue. Generally, Rebecca’s original concept was very dull. She was pretty much the most popular princess with cool powers and stuff, future Queen, fashion model, had either ‘Fabulous’ or ‘Beautiful’ as an adjective name and stuff (ahem I still like this idea oops). I wanted to distinguish her, Royalle and Darling from each other. In canon, Darling does not have another sister. Royalle does. Plus I wasn’t really sure what sort of destiny would I want, hence, I went with a Charming destiny. Since I really really liked the concept of Royalle, I went with pairing Rebecca and Royalle as sisters, though I still kind of regret that because I wanted Rebecca to be an only child (at first, but since 2015, she has always been with Royalle). In the end, I came to my senses and realised that a character with no flaws was seriously flawed. That was sometime in late 2017. (I recycled this concept for another character which was Georgia, but like she doesn’t have powers and though is popular, has a very nasty side to her)

I soon lost interest in Ever After High, but my love for it was rekindled when I finally joined the Ever After High Fandom Wiki in mid 2018. I reread various character biographies and figured out my problem. In the end, since I realised she was my favourite character and pretty much a representation of everything I wanted to be, I figured: why not actually make her me? I can express my ups and downs, my beliefs, my fears, my whatever etc. etc. subtly under the guise of a character. After all, good characters are people with flaws. That was exactly what I did, and there you go: A friendly yet somewhat cynical Rebecca in all her glory, seemingly bright and perpetually happy on the outside, which betrays her hurts and fears that grow immensely behind that wall of happiness.

In terms of design, I was really satisfied with her original design. However, because the last time I drew her was early 2017 (by the time I joined the wiki), I couldn’t exactly remember how she looked like, aside that I knew she would definitely be a blonde with ponytail, combat jacket, color scheme of blue, green, red and purple and fishnet stockings (they’re cool, okay). I randomly came up with the three-layered dress, which I may or may not have taken inspiration from Georgia’s own design. I knew I had drawn Rebecca somewhere before but I was so eager to get her art up I didn’t bother finding my art. Just combine some things, plus the new outfit, and there you go! A slightly modified version of Rebecca.

Let's see what time tells...