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I am not a bad fairy, my aunt is!

Fée Nobel is a 2015-introduced character and all-around character. She is the niece of the Evil Fairy in Fairer-than-a-Fairy. She isn't evil as she is made out to be like, but much the opposite. She is a rebel as she just doesn't want to be like her aunt.

Fée Juste Mal Nobel
Fee Nobel Design
Art by Jade-the-Tiger
Character Profile
Parent Well my aunt, The Evil Fairy
Parent Story Fairer-than-a-Fairy
Age 16
Alignment Icon-Rebel Rebel I rather not be evil.
Roommate Blessing Brighteye She doesn't like fairies, maybe I could change her mind about them, but who knows!
Secret Heart's Desire I want to prove that I am not evil.
My "Magic" Touch I am a artist, my art is pretty good, I guess
Storybook Romance Status I have a crush on Jay Bluewing, I heard he likes me back!
Oh "Curses!" Moments I hate it when someone says I'm evil!
Favorite Subject Most of my classes are to prepare me to be a villain, so none I guess. Well there's Science and Sorcery, it's awesome!
Least Favorite Subject General Villainy, is the top of my list.
Best Friends Forever After Fay Fairer, is my best friend, and probably my only friend.


What is Fée Like?

Fée being the niece of the evil fairy in her story, is seen to be evil, but she is actually good, and not at all evil like her aunt is. She never wants to be evil.

Fée is a kind-hearted young soul, who strives to show she is kind, not mean. She shows it by helping, caring, and many other ways. Some people just don't like her, or even trust her, seeing some students just hate fairies, she trys to change her mind about them, sometimes.

She is also very creative, and she shows it through many ways. She is definitely an artist using the things around her. Give her a cardboard box she make a beach model out of it, and even paint it. She has very creative ideas.

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