Even the littlest jenny has a bit of magic to it.
Fairy Esel

Hi! I'm Fairy Esel, the youngest and most magical out of all the Esels! Some donkeys wish I was more normal, but being odd is what makes me special, dosen't it?



Fairy is an oddball, and its not just in the way of her looks. She has a wild imagination and a lot of creativity. Fairy, however, will sometimes have trouble making friends with others because of that oddness, due to her neigh-boar-hood (sorry for awful pun xD) just being full of normal, brown furred donkeys. She trys to remain optimistic, however, despite it sometimes being hard for her. She easily excitable, though sometimes due to that be a bit anxious. She can also be very curious, espicially when comes to fairies and her birth mother, whom she never knew. She tries to be friendly with others, but sometimes they won't like her, due to either being a donkey, a fairy or a hybrid.


She has fair skin like most of the family, but has strange pink fur and pale lavender translucent wings. She has her father's black hair with a pale blue streak. Her left eye is blue, and her right eye is purple


How it Goes

How does she come into it?

After the birth of the twins Carrie and Terry, the mother had died 3 years later. A month after, Harry had gone through depression and drinking. Then he had an affair with a fairy and 9 months later Fairy was left on his doorstep. 



Harry Esel

Harry is her father.

Larry Esel

Larry Esel is her oldest brother

Gary Esel

Gary is the second oldest

Lauren Esel

Lauren is the second eldest sister, and will usually ignore her.

Sherri Esel

Sherri is the eldest Esel Child. She (Sherri) thinks that Fairy is a freak who shouldn't exist because Fairy is of unjust nature.

Terry Esel

Terry is her big sister, and is nicer to Fairy than some of the rest of the family can be.

Carrie Esel

Carrie is her big sister as well, and Carrie also finds her as a freak, but mostly due to Sherri's beliefs.


She has a few friends at school.


No one at the moment.



She wears a blue shirt and pink skirt, with the blue part having buttons, and theshirt has purpleish sparkly sleeves and this colar with a sparkly bowtie and off white socks and pale blue shoes. She has a pink hat with purple sparkly lining and yellow feather. She has glitter on her face and her hair in pigtails.


It seems that I'm the most colorful donkey everybody has seen here...
Fairy noticing a detail.


  • Fairy was named due to having glitter on her cheeks at birth
  • She is the Youngest Esel
  • Her mom is unknown
  • Her middle name is Glitter, thus her full name is Fairy Glitter Esel.

Theme Song



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