Hi royals and rebels!Im writing fan fiction often so,I decided to add a little to the site.This is a "frosty" winters idea.If you like its or want to add your own character at the story,please leave a commet!WRITTED BY:EVER AFTER HIGHER GIRL....


O.c.s: Raquel Inkheart Amelia killer-heart Diana Frozen crown Ariana Hood~daughter of Robin Hood~ Jackson Clouds-Climber (son of Jack from the fairytale jack and the beanstalk by my friend {not on this site}. You can add your O.C if you want!!!please commet for him\her! Official Raven Queen Cerise Hood Apple white Dexter Charming Cupid Briar beauty Maddy hatter Ashlyn Ella And all the others!!!!

=Chapter one->Whatever after...

Ariana Hood ran,ran like the whispering wind.Her red-brown hair glowed for a moment.Yes,she had to ran.She left back the "castleleleria".She hold her arrow.She picked up the bow.She took the scrolled paper.Perfect shoot.The arrows perfectly stood at the wall holding perfectly the paper on them.Then she disappeared again like she the wind.

"Coming with me?"asked Diana frozen crown softly Raven Queen.Whatever after?ok..she replied quickly.Then they walked together listening their heels tapping the floor.Soon they reached the special castleleria garden hall,that they reserved for today.Maddie hatter and Raquel Inkheart was laughing hard as they poorer tea.Cerise hood ate a sandwich with fairytale vinegred when they reached.Raven sat on her launch-throne in a bad mood."bad day?Asked Raquel quickly.The magical tower her heart and tongue hide was softly and quick.yes,you can say this...Raven replied.Soon they all drank tea and laughing listening to Raquel's stories.All except Raven'Yes she was in a bad bad,oh curse mood.....but if anyone knew her secret she may was on a darker,cursed and more worse mood.. To be continue soon!!!

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