Fairytales Play Video Games (FPVG) is a kooky, wacky OC fan fiction by LunarLana where OCs and Canons break the 4th wall and play video games.

Oh dear Grimm EAH is ruined.


OCs and their overlords

-Ginny Chayns, dimension-breaker, genie, and friendly gamer.

-Rin Chayns, not-so-much dimension-breaker, genie, and horrible gamer.

-Hallie Sorcerise, Franziska Von Karma channeler. Starts the video game incidents.

-Magden Sorcerise, that weird guy who's supposed to stop his sister from doing something bad but sucks horribly at it.

-Katarina Caupi, bad-luck lady who can be better at Blockheads.

-LunarLana, the beautiful narrator.

-Headmaster Grimm, the guy who hates Lunar's narration and video games.

-Isabell M'Kechan, Guitar Rock Hero specialist.

-Farri DeVifry, a fairy-devil-human-thing who likes playing TF2.

Canons and their not-so-much overlords

-Apple White, who doesn't like them video games and would prefer fairytales.

-Giles Grimm, the actual person who brought Video Games to EAH.

-Madeline Hatter, who was banned a day from TF2 for telling in chat the announcer's darkest secrets.


One day, a magical thing we all know as a Nintendo DS launched out of Ginny's vSMRP (Very Small Mirror Rug Portal). Also, it launched out a bootiful game copy for Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. From there, Hallie Sorcerise starts channeling her inner Franziska Von Karma and the world stops turning.

Oh dear Grimm what have I done

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