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Faustus' Personal Quote

Faustus Milldam is the son of the protagonist from the Grimm Brother's tale The Devil With Golden Hairs. He is a Royal and owned by iEatIdiots

Optimist and generally adorable, Faustus is excited about his destiny and sides with the Royals.



Smart, quick-thinking, and always grinning, by theory, Faustus is a likable person. He's cheerful, always attempts to see the positives, and is rarely weighed down by his personal problems.

Faustus is a compassionate young boy – going out of his way to help others and willing to defend his friends, as he had taught to put the feelings of others before himself. He's sensitive and works well with others. He often acts as the optimist in the group, being constantly cheerful and willing to help his friends. He's sympathetic and tolerant to others. However, he's quite the idealist, and is often disappointed at the attitude of others and the lack of perfection. He's also rather naive, and easily guillible. He's not a huge fan of disappointing people, so if someone asks him for a favour, he'll embark on it immediately. 

He's also brave and ambitious – if he has a goal in mind, he'll do whatever he can to achieve that goal. He prefers nicer methods though, like discussing plans with someone rather than stabbing them in the gut. 


Faustus is slim and fairly short, with skinny arms and legs. His skin is slightly tanned. When Faustus smiles, he has evident dimples. His hair is brown with a blonde streak, and eyes of a similar shade of brown. 

Fairy Tale – The Devil With Three Golden Hairs

How the Story Goes (steals from Wikipedia)

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What Does Faustus Have To Do With It?

Faustus is the son of the protagonist and his princess.





Faustus is friends with Vera, his friend. He's also friends with Corva Septem and Blanchard Lunaire


Faustus wants a pet desperately. However, he can't decide what he wants to get – whether it's a loyal, protective dog or a pretty bird. 


Vera set Faustus and Corva up on a date once. It did not go well. The two never spoke of the date again, but some people were still convinced that the two are an item.

However, they are an item, because Faustus still has feelings for Corva and Corva still has feelings for Faustus. Kresnik Flames, better known as Vy, ships the two hardcore, even going to Cupid to ask for help how to get the two back together. Corva did ask Faustus out to Thronecoming, and the two somehow ended up kissing. 

Now the two are dating. Despite being boyfriend and girlfriend, Faustus still sees Corva as a friend first, then as a love interest.


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Legacy Day



  • Faustus seems to have an attachment to ants. 


Quotation1 Laser tag! Or is that too dorky? Quotation2
Faustus when asked by Corva what he wanted to do this weekend
Quotation1 A rebellious heroine who likes stabbing random things with swords falls for an awkward fumbling prince who daydreams too much. Awkwardness and lost manliness ensures. Quotation2
Zena describes the Fauva ship
Quotation1 I mean, no! I won’t! Because if I’m going to lose, I’m going to do so with dignity! Quotation2
Misc. Faust quote
Quotation1 Gummy dinosaurs on crepes are the best thing ever. Okay, sure, they were burnt. But if you look past the burns, you could taste the awesomeness. Quotation2
Faustus talking about crepes on Team Fab's movie night
Quotation1 How will we contact Guinness, though? What if we accidentally contact the beer company instead of Ripley’s? That would be embarrassing. Quotation2
Team Fab are discussing making a world record
Quotation1 Do I invite him to our Taco Tuesdays then suddenly leave halfway through because of some urgent thing? These two need to interact more and its really messing with my mind. Quotation2
Faustus trying to pair up Vera and Rouen


  • The name "Faustus" means lucky, and was also the name of a man who sold his soul to the Devil.