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Felicity Mochigome Boots

Felicity Mochigome Boots is a 2017-introduced next-generation character. She is the daughter of Percy Boots and Celes Mochigome, destined to follow her father's destiny, Puss in Boots. Since she is more than happy to accept her role of being the next Puss in Boots, Felicity sides with Royals. She is very much aware of her flirtatious life ahead of her, but when it comes to the romantic parts, Felicity is not quite fond of it.



If there is one thing that Felicity is well known for in school, it is her confidence (or cockiness depending on the person.)

(continue laterz.)


Having both cat and Moon Rabbit blood running through her veins, Felicity's physical features display that exactly: cat ears and a rabbit tail. (Although people have mistook her for a bobcat.) While she appears to exhibit more of her father's features, she definitely has the petite physique of her mother's.

She possesses dark black-grey hair which style in a bob cut that is up to her shoulders, but with a long ponytail that reaches just pass her waist. Felicity likes to pretend her long ponytail is a cat tail. She has a birth mark on her hair which is the white clump of hair in her bangs. This white hair is the same color as her mother's hair. For her eyes, she has segmental heterochromia in both of of them. Parts of her eyes are blue and the other being yellow. Her skin tone is essentially the same as her father's as well.

In terms of fashion, she prefers her mother's aesthetic more with a little bit of her father's flair. Hence, her kimono-like attire which is similar to what her mother mostly wears. She adopted the green-gold color scheme to express her destiny in her clothing, especially the golden boots. She got her boots custom made, having the heel inspired by the Japanese wooden footwear, the geta. As for the bunny stockings, she just thought they were flippin' adorable and could not pass that up... and her mother's headdress. (Felicity practically demanded that from her mother.)

Fairy tale – Puss in Boots

Link to the fairytale, Puss in Boots


Early Life

Life in Ever After High

Alternate Universes/Canons



Percy Boots

She be a daddy's girl.

Celes Mochigome

She scary when she mad doe, but she makes good noms.

Artemis Mochigome Boots

He be a stick in da mud.





???? Whattt?


It don't matter. She cute af.


Outfit Description
SignatureShe basically wears anything that her mother wears, just with some Puss In Boots inspiration. Her gold boots are custom made and she wanted her mother's headdress and stockings.


  • Her eyebrows are the way they are because she thought it was cool.
  • The brown pouch she carries around with her are her mother's mochis. They are her absolute fave.


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