This is the diary of Filia Frog.

Rebelious Royal or Royaly Rebelious?

When I was born, I was a princess in my parents' eyes. My only friends were the frogs i've met near our lakes - i could name a few, but my favorite frog friends were Josie, Sir Philip and Lily.

Anyways, my parents told me about how the story goes, and....It wasn't quite romantic as I thought it would be. I just couldn't kiss a frog.....directly, but I can't let my parents down. I want to live my happily ever after without kissing a frog just to get the prince, I want a prince without him being a frog. My father said my mother was 'hard to get' when they first met, which she kinda of smacks him in the head - it was either a sign of playfulness or she took offense. Plus, I am really shy and i hate it. I want to talk to people and know what it's like to be sociable and be proud. That is why I've changed my attitude, but still kept my friendliness and kindness - i would hate for someone to be hurt.



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