Years before Evil Queen cast a spell whole magical lands and send them to our world. Every fairytale character is now on our world but they don't remember who they are. Except one of them Farrah Goodfairy now it's her duty to find others and reminds them of who they really are.

Chapter 1:Apple White Part I

New day at New York, Ally wakes up and gets ready for her new job. She is so excited. She makes her breakfast and get out of the house. She walks towards to her new job. It's a restaurant, she trust herself for making cook. She think she's the best at cooking actually she thinks she's the best at everything. Except one thing, singing her mother is a good singer but unfornately she's not. She walks in the restaurant.

"Your late"say one of the workers to Ally

"I'm sorry"say Ally

"Fine. Here's your uniform get behind the register"say worker

"Are you serious?"say Ally

"What!?. You didn't think you'd go back and cook. Aren't you?"say worker

"Actually I did"say Ally

Worker looks at her

"I liked you, I'm Harold"say Harold

"I'm Ally, nice to meet you"say Ally

"Me too, now get to work"say Harold

Meanwhile in some apartment in New York a girl tryna' find her past life. Because she thinks she remembers some people she sees on the street but she don't know where she know all of this people. Her door knocks.She goes to open. It's her next door neighboor Tom 

"Hi! you wanna hang out a couple hours"say Tom

"No, thanks,bye"say girl

"Wait!"say Tom

"What?"say girl

"C'mon Farrah just couple hours I'm so bored"say Tom

"Tom, I need to work"say Farrah

"C'mon you work all the time just a couple hours,please"say Tom

"Fine let me get my jacket"say Farrah

In the past time Farrah had a boyfriend. He's name was Tiny and when she looks Tom she saw Tiny when she looked at him. That's why she can never say no to him. Farrah takes her jacket and they go out. Meanwhile at the restaurant Ally's work. Her bestfriend comes in. They get so happy to see each other. They give a hug to eachother

"I miss you"say Ally

"Me too"say her bestfriend Bella

"So, where have you've been, what you've been up to, tell me everyting"say Ally 

Then they sit at a table and Bella starts to tell everything

"So you know I win a vacation at Malibu from a competition, then I met with a boy at there"say Bella

"Do you know his name?"say Ally

"Honey, I never ask my one-night stands name"say Bella

Harold sees them and goes to their side. Gives a look at Ally

"Ally, costumers are waiting, What are you doing?"say Harold

"Excuse me, who are you?"say Bella

"I'm her superior, and who are you?"say Harold

"I'm her bestfriend"say Bella

"Good, I don't care.Ally customers are waiting get to work"say Harold

"Gotta go"say Ally

"Okay"say Bella

The she get back to her work. While Bella leaves the restaurant, the guy Bella talked about is walking in. She points to guy to Ally behind the guy. Guy goes to the register give his order

"Hi. Can I get a cherry pie and a coffee?"say the guy

"Okay, What's your name?"say Ally

"Harry"say Harry

"Okay take your seat. Your orders will be with you in a minute"say Ally

Meanwhile Farrah and Tom walks in the restaurant. Farrah get dizzy Tom takes her to a table then he goes to give order. Farrah looks at Ally, Ally looks at back. Ally her some screams hold her head then she faints. She open her eyes in the hospital.

"What happened, where am I?"say Ally

"Don't worry you just had a faint. That's why I give you permission for half off the day and tomorrow"say Harold

"Thanks"say Ally

"C'mon get dressed. We need to send you home"say Harold

At Ally's apartment. Harolds makes coffee for himself and Ally. Bella visits Ally because Ally calls her. Bella enters

"Hi! I came as soon as possible. Are you okay?"say Bella then she sees Harold

"What he's doing here"say Bella

"Don't worry. He just left me home. I told him to go but he didn't"say Ally

"Yeah, I stay and made awesome coffee"say Harold and give Ally coffee

"Fine make me one too"say Bella

"Do it yourself"say Harold

So she goes the kitchen and makes herself a coffee

"I learned your one-night stand name"say Ally to Bella

"No, I don't wanna hear"say Bella then takes her coffee and sits Ally's side

"Aren't you bored of this life? I mean this could be the sign for you to give up"say Ally

"No I'm never gonna change"say Bella

"You can you just choose not to"say Ally

"Whatevs"say Bella

"So how are you now?"say Harold

"I'm okay but before I fainted I heard some screams a girl screams then I saw the girl I seen my dreams"say Ally

"What was she like?"say Bella

"She has a purple-ish hair same as her eyes. While I see her in my dreams we're very good friends but now I don't get it"say Ally

"Have you ever see something strange?"say Harold

"Yeah before I fainted I saw some other girl. She was dizzy so her boyfriend put her on a table"say Ally

"Do you think you and that girl you saw have a connection?"say Bella

"I don't know"say Ally

Then Harold gets up quicky takes his jacket and leaves the room while he leaves

"Where are you going?"say Ally

"I'll be back in a minute"say Harold

Harold left the room

"So, do you like him?"say Bella

"Not much"say Ally

Meanwhile Farrah connects everything she realised Tom is actually Tiny, that's why they connected, that's why she sees Tiny's face everytime she sees him. But she still don't know why she get dizzy when she enter that restaurant. But first she needs to do something. She goes and knock Tiny's door she give him a kiss

"Wow! That was something"say Tiny

"So do you feel something"say Farrah

"No!"say Tiny

"God damn it!"say Farrah

"Farrah, are you okay?"say Tiny

"Yes, I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just...Tom can you come with me for a second"say Farrah

At the Farrah's apartment. Tony gets shocked seeing all of the papers and books. Then Farrah explains him to everything.

"So, you're saying I'm this giant in my past life"say Tom

"No, not your past life, you're this giant you just forget who you really are?"say Farrah

"You're crazy"say Tom and gets up

While he leaves Farrah holds his arm

"Just listen to me. When I entered that restaurant today. I had a dizzy then the cashier seems familiar to me"say Farrah

"Because she's this girl"say Tiny holding a pictrue of Ally

"No she can't be"say Farrah

Then takes her jacket and leaves the apartment fastly

"Where are you going?"say Tiny but she doesn't responds

Farrah came the restaurant she get dizzy but she can't found Ally. Then she ask Harold

"Hey, where's that girl with the blonde hair and green eyes"say Farrah

"What you gonna do with her?"say Harold

"I need to talk with her"say Farrah

"C'mon come with me. I'm going her house"say Harold

Then both goes to the Ally's apartment. Harold knock the door. Bella opens it

"Who's that girl?"say Bella

"She wanna talk with Ally and I thought it may be important"say Harold

Then Ally sees the Farrah.

"You!"say Ally

"Don't worry, I'm just gonna say something to you"say Farrah

"That's the girl I see before I fainted"say Ally

"The one who screams?"say Bella

"No, the other one"say Ally

"The one who had a dizzy"say Harold

"Ally, listen to me just come with me you need to know somethings"say Farrah

"No,let me go"say Ally

Then both of them faints. Harold and Bella gets worry. Ally wakes up at a whole black room she sees Bella and Harry hugging to each other. Then she sees some blonde girl, a wodden a girl and a girl with red hood after that she sees Harold and some ginger haired girl, then she sees the girl in her dreams.After that Farrah comes to her side.

"Apple, c'mon we need to go. I've gotta plan who save all of us"say Farrah to her

Apple just stays where she is. Then she take cover and a dark cloud takes her into then she wakes up

"Are you okay?"say Bella and gives her a glass of water

"Yeah, I'm fine"say Ally

She notices Farrah isn't around

"Where's Farrah?"say Ally

"Harold's taking her home"say Bella

At the Farrah's apartment

"Thanks"say Tiny

"No, problem"say Harold

"Do I know you somewhere?"say Tiny

"No, I don't think so"say Harold

"Okay, thanks again"say Tiny

"No,problem"say Harold and leaves the apartment

After a while Farrah wakes up

"Where am I?"say Farrah

"Your home"say Tiny and gives her a glass of water

"Thanks"say Farrah

"Who's that guy?"say Tiny

"What guy?"say Farrah

"The one who left you home"say Tiny

"It's Harold some friend of Apple"say Farrah

Then she notice something

"Wait a minute. Of course your cursed names initials start with your real name initials. Which means Harold it's actually Hunter which means Bella is Briar. That's why they had a bad energy between them"say Farrah

"What's happening?"say Tiny

"I finally figured out. When I fainted I saw Ally I mean Apple, we were talking. The same conversation before we cursed. Who were you before you cursed?"say Farrah

"I...don't...know"say Tiny

"Of course you don't"say Farrah

"Actually that Harold guy came to me so familiar like I know him somewhere"say Tiny

"Probably you saw his picture. It should be around here"say Farrah

"I don't think so. It's so strange"say Tiny

"Right!"say Farrah

Next day Farrah's door knocks. It's Apple

"I wanna talk with you"say Apple

Farrah takes her in

"I'm so sorry I don't believe you"say Apple

"Don't. You were under a curse"say Farrah while she serves tea to her

"So you saying Harold is actually Hunter and Bella is actually Briar"say Apple

"Yeah, exactly. I'm so excited to find you"say Farrah

"Why?"say Apple

"Because I found some spell and you're the only person who can do this"say Farrah and shows the speel to Apple

"Let's do it"say Apple

Chapter 2:Apple White Part II

Apple wakes up for another day she's get ready for her job. The two-day break Hunter gave her was so good for her. Now she's rest up and now's her true-self. She enters the restaurant and see Hunter talking some girl. This girl is Ashlynn her bestfriend at Ever After High. Now because of the curse Ashlynn doesn't remember her. Ashlynn leaves the restaurant. Apple goes Hunter's side to talk. 

"So what was her?"say Apple like she doesn't know who she is 

"She's my wife. We've been married 2 years"say Hunter 

"And what's her name?"say Apple while getting ready for work 

"Ashley"say Hunter 

"This seems strange"say Apple quietly 

"What?"say Hunter 

"Nothing"say Apple 

"Okay get to work"say Hunter and leaves 

After work Apple meets with Farrah at Farrah's place and they talk about how they can do that spell. 

"So, have you any idea"say Apple 

"No, All I've ever know is magic doesn't work this world"say Farrah 

"Because people don't believe it"say Apple 

"Except kids"say Farrah 

"Great we just need to find a kid"say Apple 

"I don't think just kids believe this. I've got a friend who believe me in a second I told him about this"say Farrah 

"Yeah people called "geek" that kind of people"say Apple 

"I don't think so"say Farrah 

"Whatever. So what's this guy address?"say Apple 

"Well it's in Queens"say Farrah 

"Great let's go"say Apple 

While they came front of the car Apple throw the keys at Farrah 

"You drive"say Apple 

While Farrah drives to Queens, Apple have a dream in the dream she sees Raven again, they have a little chat 

"How can you aprrove this?"say Apple to Raven 

"I tried to stop but she won't listen to me"say Raven 

"If you can't do it. I'll do it"say Apple 

"Apple, no one can stop her. Even her"say Raven 

"I think she can. We just need to find her"say Apple 

"We don't even know where she is"say Raven 

"We can find. Like we find your mother"say Apple 

"Goodbye Apple you've been a good friend to me"say Raven 

Then Raven runs away Apple tryna' stops her but she can't. After that she sees Hunter and Ashlynn. They have a little moment 

"Don't let me go"say Ashlynn 

"I'll never do that"say Hunter and they hugs wait for the curse. Apple sees Madelaine and walk towards to her 

"Where have you been?"say Apple 

"I was just walking"say Madelaine 

"Walking you know, you're kind of responsible for what's gonna happen"say Apple 

"How? I didn't do anything"say Madelaine 

"If you don't give that flower to your father. He won't give the Evil Queen and this curse wasn't gonna happen"say Apple 

Then Madelaine walks away 

"You better run"say Apple behind her 

Farrah comes to Apple. 

"Apple, c'mon we need to go. I've gotta plan who save all of us"say Farrah 

Apple just stays where she is. Then she take cover and a dark cloud takes her into then she wakes up 

"We're here"say Farrah 

"Let's do this"say Apple 

They goes out from the car and enters the house. Knock the guy's door and he's opened the door. Apple get shocked. Because it was Dexter she gets shocked Farrah don't know him. 

"So, I found her"say Farrah 

"Who?"say Dexter 

"The girl I was told you"say Farrah points to Apple 

"Is she?"say Dexter and grettings Apple 

"I'm so honored to met you. Let me introduce you myself, I'm Dexter you must be Apple, nice to met you"say Dexter 

"Thanks, uhh...Farrah can we talk for a second"say Apple 

The Apple and Farah goes to a private place. Apple hits Farrah's shoulder 

"How could you not know him.It's Dexter 

"Are you sure?"say Farrah 

"Yeah, just look at him"say Apple 

Farrah take a look at him then turns to Apple 

"No I don't see nothing similiar"say Farrah 

"Are you serious? The guy's name is Dexter"say Apple 

"Just coincidence"say Farrah 

"Coincidence. Yeah maybe my real name initials and my cursed name initials being the same was just a coincidence. Maybe I'm doing all of this just not to hurt you"say Apple 

"Are you?"say Farrah 

"No, but my point is he could be him"say Apple 

"If he was Dexter. Could you please not Raven I slept with him when we found her"say Farrah 

"No but first we need to find her. C'mon"say Apple 

They go to the Dexter's side 

"Okay, what you gonna do for us?"say Apple to Dexter 

"You don't need to worry that. I've got some plan"say Dexter 

"Some plan?"say Farrah 

"Yeah, some plan"say Dexter 

While Dexter and Farrah had a little fight. Apple notices something. 

"Where did you find that book?"say Apple to Dexter showing a book named "Ever After High". 

"The previous tenant was forget it, I never read"say Dexter 

Apple calls Farrah for a second 

"Do you think it's a coincidence too"say Apple 

"No, I think you're right"say Farrah  

Both of them looks at Dexter. 

"Hey Dexter can we take this book"say Apple 

"Yeah of course"say Dexter 

"Thanks, also we don't need your anymore so bye"say Apple 

Then they turn back to New York. While they driving they have a little chat 

"Farrah, I've some dream not like a dream but a flashback"say Apple 

"What were you doing?"say Farrah 

"Nothing I was just waiting for curse"say Apple 

"Yeah, last times before the curse. I've saw too"say Farrah 

"How did you survive from this dreams"say Apple 

"It goes away after a couple of months. After you remember"say Farrah 

"So, you're gonna say they gonna haunt me for a while"say Apple 

"Yep"say Farrah 

They enters the Farrah's apartment with the book. 

"What you gonna do with that book"say Farrah 

"I don't know maybe we could find where are the others"say Apple 

"We already know where they are?"say  Farrah 

"Yeah, just three of them"say Apple 

"No, I came crossed with every one of them look"say Farrah and shows a picture of Madelaine 

"Except Raven. I still can't came crossed with her"say Farrah 

"Well maybe this book helps to us"say Apple 

They open the book and read the first paragraph 

"Who opens this book has to be someone who's got magic. This curse just breaks like this

"What's that mean?"say Apple 

"I don't know"say Farrah and thows the book 

Meanwhile something happens to Dexter. He faints. While he asleep he sees a dream. She sees a girl who runs to him then the girl hugs to her and they share a kiss, girl has a purple hair. 

"I'm so glad to see you"say the girl 

"Me too!"say Dexter 

"I'm sorry, I couldn't stop her"say the girl 

"Don't worry everything's gonna be okay"say Dexter  

They hugs to each other while and a dark cloud takes them into then Dexter wakes up. Then she drives to Farrah's apartment.He enters the apartment 

"I remember"say Dexter 

Both Farrah and Apple get shocked 

Chapter 3:Dexter Charming

A little far from Ever After High a girl and her two brother an her dad. Practicing arrow shoot the girl throws her arrow and hits the twitch.

"Bravo, Darling. I'm proud of you"say King Charming

"Thank you father"say Darling

"C'mon Dexter it's your turn"say King Charming

Dexter pulls her arrow and do his shoot and he hits just above of Darling

"That's progressive. C'mon Daring you're turn"say King Charming

Daring makes his shoot and he's arrow passes through Darling's arrow

"Wow, here's my boy"say King Charming

"Well, if I'm gonna be a king someday, I should do everything right, right?"say Daring

"You're right. Now go to school"say King Charming

Charming siblings take their bags and go to the school while they walks away

"Kids, don't make trouble"say King Charming behind them

"Okay father"say three of them at the same time

At the Ever After High. Raven sees Dexter and goes to her

"Hi!"say Raven and give him a hug

"Hi!"say Dexter

"So, how was the arrow practicing"say Raven

"As usual"say Darling while looking at Daring

"What? It's not my fault you're suck"say Daring

They came the front of the Darling's locker she opens her locker while she taking her books

"Anyways I should go I have a football practice"say Daring

"We should go to. Bye"say Dexter

While Darling locks again her closet Dexter comes back and give her a kiss

"I love you, sis"say Dexter while walk away

"You really loved her, aren't you?"say Raven

"Yeah, you know she's the youngest one and you know there will be no one to look after her after we graduate"say Dexter 

They came the front of the Raven's locker while she opens her locker

"She doesn't need to protection"say Raven

"I know that I'm just worried there's something gonna happen to her"say Dexter

"Don't worry there's nothing gonna happen her"say Raven and closes her closet

Our World

"What are you talking about?"say Apple to Dexter

"I remember everything, You and you, Raven everything"say Dexter

Farrah takes the book

"The book. It must've been broke the curse on Dexter"say Farrah

"But you said the spell can only break the curse"say Apple

"Well, I was wrong. C'mon we should read the another paragraph"say Farrah

And starts to read second paragraph. It says

"There's a foll in the woods who crawling to find himself"

"What the hell was that mean?"say Apple

"Probably the book mention about Daring. He has woodshop at the Bronx"say Dexter

"So let's go their"say Farrah

"You'll do that I should get back to work"say Apple

"Okay, see you later. C'mon Dexter"say Farrah

Farrah takes her jacket and walk away

"Apple, did you know where's Raven"say Dexter 

"No, but I'm trying find her too"say Apple

"Okay, if you find something, call me here's my number"say Dexter and give a card to Apple

"Dexter Campbell, you're cursed last name is Campbell. Really? Evil Queen should done better"say Apple

While Farrah and Dexter drive to Daring's house.

"You should know he's cursed name is Derek and it's been three months since we talked to each other"say Dexter

"Are you serious?"say Farrah

"Yeah"say Dexter

"Dexter what happened, you're had such a good relationship"say Dexter

"Guess, you don't know that well"say Dexter

Ever After High

It's third period and Dexter lates to the period

"Mr. Charming you're late again"say Knight

"Sorry I've got somethigs"say Dexter and sits Hunter's side

"Okay, Where we were? Oh, right. You need hold your head up"say Knight

While Knight continue to lecture Hunter and Dexter have a little chat

"Where have you been? I was worried"say Hunter

"Don't worry I'm here"say Dexter

"You know, you're gonna get detention if you continue to do that"say Hunter

"I know"say Dexter

"Look at that I'm supposed to be Rebel and you're supposed to be Royal but now it's the exact opposite"say Hunter

"Okay now we're need to go outside to practice"say Knight

And all students goes to the football field

"Okay pick your partner then take your position with my mark start fightining"say Knight

Hunter and Dexter pair-up, they get ready with Knight's whistle they start to fight. While they practice they have a chat

"So, how's your siblings"say Hunter

"Darling not so good but she's good at arrow shooting, and you know Daring good at everything"say Dexter

"Tell me about that. The guy gets all the chicks"say Hunter

"Not just that he's gonna be the king"say Dexter

"Well, what you're expecting, since you're in love with the Evil Queen's daughter. He's gonna be the king"say Hunter

"Yeah, but it's unfair"say Dexter

"Life's unfair"say Hunter

While they talk

"Hold up"say Knight

All students stop their practice while football team enters the field

"Okay, that's it for today. Everyone inside"say Knight

Hunter and Dexter look each other. At the cafeteria. Raven, Dexter, Hunter and Ashlynn discusses Daring

"Like you should've seen. He end the class just they had pracitce"say Dexter

"Yeah it was so stupid"say Hunter

Then Apple and Briar enters the cafeteria. Raven sees them

"Here they comes"say Raven in a low mood point to Apple and Briar

Apple and Briar comes their side

"Raven, Hunter, Dexter, Ashylnn"say Apple

"Hello, Apple"say Ashlynn

"Hello"say Apple

"So what you want?"say Dexter

"Nothing it's just a reminder for Raven. She looking for ingredients just know that"say Apple then they walk away

Raven gets anxious

"What she's talking about?"say Dexter

"I don't know"say Raven but actually she knows

Our World

At the restaurant

"Ally, if I give you something do you take the back in my room there's a case it password is"say Harold and whispers the password in her ear

"Can I trust you with that?"say Harold

"Of course, you can"say Ally

Harold give her some cash and Ally takes it and goes the Harold's room. After she puts the money in the case she's looking for something. Something connected to Hunter. Ashley enters the room and sees Apple

"What are you doing?"say Ashley

Apple turns her back sees her

"Nothing"say Apple

"You're the girl I saw yesterday"say Ashley

"Yeah, I saw you to"say Apple

"Are you work here?"say Ashley

"Yes I'm the cashier"say Apple

"And your name?"say Ashley

"Ally White"say Apple

"Ally, I liked it. I'm Ashley Elle-Davis"say Ashley

"Nice to met you"say Apple

"Same"say Ashley

"Now tell me what you're looking here?"say Ashley

"Well, Harold wants me to do something so I'm here"say Apple

"Good, do your work and get out, this is a private place"say Ashley

"Alright"say Apple

Ashley walk away. Apple finds a sword on the floor behind of a desk. She picks up and looks around the room. She thinks it must be fall from the wall. Then she looks at the sword and sees her school initials "EAH". She takes the sword and runs to Harold.

"Harold, Harold. where did you find this?"say Apple to Harold showing the sword

"Nowhere it was in my room when I buy this place. I liked so I kept it"say Harold

Then takes the sword from the Apple

"Pretty cool right?"say Harold make some moves then he faints. While he's fainted he sees a dream

"Hunter, I'm so glad to find you"say Ashlynn

"Don't worry I'm here. nothing gonna sperate us"say Hunter while hugging Ashlynn

"Are you sure about that?"say Ashlynn

"I'm pretty sure, you're always be my girl"say Hunter a dark cloud takes them into. Then Hunter wakes up in a hospital. He sees Ashlynn

"Ashlynn?"say Hunter

"Harold, thank God, I thought you're dead"say Ashley

"No, I'm fine"say Hunter

"What did that girl do you?"say Ashlynn

"What girl?"say Hunter

"The girl you hired"say Ashlynn

"Shit, we need to go"say Hunter and gets up from the bed quickly

"Where?"say Ashlynn

"To Apple"say Ashlynn

"Who's Apple, Harold wait for me?"say Ashlynn

While they drive to Apple. Farrah and Dexter comes to Daring's house. Daring sees them at his window

"Come here my brother, we're gonna have some fun"say Daring

They knocks the door a woman with black hair and blue eyes opens the door

"Lizzie?"say Farrah shockly

"Yes, who are you?"say Lizzie

Then she sees Dexter

"I'm so sorry. C'mon get in"say Lizzie

While they enters the house.

"It isn't strange her name same as her real name"Farrah whispers to Dexter

"My name is same as my real name too"say Dexter

"C'mon sit here, let me make a tea for you"say Lizzie

"It doesn't necesarry, we just here to see Derek"say Dexter

"C'mon you've been not visiting us since three months"say Lizzie

"Yeah, I was busy"say Dexter

"Are you?"say Daring behind him

"Jesus, Derek you scared me"say Dexter

"Yeah,you're never change same coward Dexter"say Daring and sits with them

"Who's that girl you're new girlfriend"say Daring while smoking 

"No I'm just some friend"say Farrah

"So, Derek what you're up to?"say Dexter

"Nothing, you know woodshop going good and we're tryna' make a baby"say Daring

"Oh! I'm so happy for you"say Dexter

"Yeah hope it works"say Daring

Lizzie cames their side and puts their cup of tea

"So, what are you doing here?"say Daring

"Nothing, we just here to visit"say Dexter

"Good"say Derek

"Are you talk with Daisy?"say Dexter

Daring gets up from the table and get mad

"You should tak with her. She's our sister"say Dexter

"I have no business with sinners"say Daring

"It's not a sinner it's our sister"say Dexter

"She's a sinner who's in love with a girl"say Daring

"She's just like me and you, a human"say Dexter

"I want you to leave my house"say Daring

Dexter takes her jacket

"C'mon Farrah"say and two of them leave the Daring's house

While they driving

"Well, at least his personality is same"say Farrah

Dexter stops the car and starts to crying

"Hey, hey don't cry. I believe someday you'll be together again"say Farrah

"It's not just that, he's always like that he never loved Darling because of she's being lesbian"say Dexter

"He always hate her when he saw Darling talking with other girls. He always beat her up. I was tryna' stop him but I just can't. I just"continues Dexter then starts to crying again

Then Farrah hugs him. Meanwhile Hunter and Ashlynn come to Apple's apartment

"Where you going?"say Ashlynn to Hunter while he enters the house Ashylnn follows him. Hunter knocks Apple's door. Apple opens the door

"I remember"say Hunter as soon as she opens the door

"Okay get in. Uh! Ashlynn it'll be good if you wait in the car. Thanks"say Apple and slams the door Ashlynn's face

Ashylnn gets mad and goes to the car

"Okay let me make a call quick"say Apple and calls Farrah. Farrah anwers

"Where are you?"say Apple

"We're on the way. What happened?"say Farrah

"Hunter remembers"say Apple happily

"Okay,okay we're comin"say Farrah and hungs up

"Dexter, Dexter get up Hunter remembered"say Farrah excitedly

"What?"say Dexter in tears

"Yeah,he remembers we need to go"say Farrah

And Dexter starts the engine and they drive to Apple's apartment. Meanwhile at Apple's apartment

"Why didn't you invite the Ashlynn?"say Hunter

"Do you think she believe in us"say Apple

"Yeah, you're right. So this spell can break the curse"say Hunter

"Not the curse. I'll tell you everything when the others came"say Apple

After a while Farrah and Dexter comes. Ashlynn sees them and gets wondered. Farrah and Dexter knock Apple's door. Apple's open the door

"Dexter!"say Hunter happily

"Hunter!"say Dexter and they hug

"So what's the deal, how he can remember?"say Farrah

"Well, guess Evil Queen didn't made the curse properly because he leaves somethings to connected Ever After High if the curse ones can have a connection with this things. Their curse become broken"say Apple showing the sword she found in Hunter's office

Dexter takes the sword

"So, what's next?"say Dexter

Chapter 4:Hunter Huntsman

A new day at Ever After High Hunter enters the school and goes the his locker. While he opens his closet Ashlynn sneaks behind him and close his eyes with her hands

"Who am I?"ask

"Uhhh...Madelaine. No wait, Raven"say Hunter

Then Ashlynn hands pulls out of his eyes and looks Hunter angrily

"Don't worry. I'm just kidding"say Hunter and hugs her

"Don't do that again"say Ashlynn

"I won't"say Hunter and locks her closet

Then they walk the hallway while holding hands

"So what we should do after school?"say Ashylnn

"You know, same old thing"say Hunter

"I love it"say Ashlynn

They give a kiss to each other. Then they go their period. Ashlynn sees Princess Kidness 101 while Hunter sees Shinnig Armor 205. After the school they meet at the woods.

"Wow, it looks perfect"say Ashlynn seeing all of the Hunter's work

Hunter made a bunch of things for her. He made chocolate chip and he picks some blueberries and Aslynn's favorite, raspberyy pie

"Thank you"say Ashlynn they hug and share a kiss

"Don't you remember?"say Hunter

"What?"say Ashlynn

"Today our third anniversary"say Hunter

"Oh, shit! I'm so sorry"say Ashlynn

"It's okay"say Hunter

"No, no. I'll make this for you after eat this pie"say Ashlynn

Then they start to eat

Meanwhile Our World

"What the fuck does that mean?"say Apple to Dexter

"I don't know, you find something"say Dexter

"You're the brainiac"say Hunter

"I know but I can't think anything"say Dexter

"Okay, you figure out this, I'll gotta go because Ashlynn is waiting and if she waits more she gets mad"say Hunter and leaves Apple's room. Ashley waiting him front of the car.

"Where were you?"say Ashley

"I'm here"say Hunter

They both enter the car. Hunter starts the engine. While they driving

"What was that?"say Ashlynn

"Nothing"say Hunter

"I knew it, I'm such a stupid"say Ashlynn in tears

"Honey, it's not what you think"say Hunter

"Then what is it?"say Ashylnn

"You won't believe me when I told you"say Hunter

"You knew, I always believed you"say Ashlynn

"Not this one"say Hunter

Ever After High

At the cafeteria. Hunter meets with Ashlynn. He sits with his friends

"Here's your present"say Ashlynn and give Hunter a box

Hunter opens it and it's fur

"It's a fur"say Hunter

"Yeah"say Ashlynn

"As well as it's a racoon fur"say Hunter

"Your favourite"say Ashlynn

"Yeah, but Ashlynn it was two years ago, now I'm rebel and I've got no business with kinds of stuff like this"say Hunter

"Yeah, Ashlynn what kind of girlfriend are you?"say a guy with gingered hair

"Shut up, Sparrow"say Ashlynn

Then she turns to Hunter

"Don't worry I'll find something"say Ashylnn then she leaves

Our World

Ashlynn and Hunter enter their apartment. Ashlynn goes the their bedroom and slam the door. Hunter goes front of the door. It's locked

"C'mon Ashley open the door"say Hunter

"Not, until you tell me what's going between you and Ally?"say Ashlynn

"Look, I'm gonna tell you even I know that you don't believe me"say Hunter

Then she unlocks  the door

"I'm listening"say

Then Hunter tells her everything. She laughs

"You don't believe me. Aren't you?"say Hunter

"You're crazy, you need to fix"say Ashlynn

"You're gonna believe someday"say Hunter

"Honey, I'll believe you but if you get some helo it'll be good"say Ashlynn

Then Hunter storms out and leave the house.

Ever After High

Briar and Ashlynn have a chat 

"So, when is the big match"ask Ashlynn to Briar

"I don't know probably in two week"say Briar

"So, we better get started"say Ashlynn

"You're right"say Briar

Then they start cheerleading practice for the senior match. After the practice

"You know what?"say Ashlynn

"What?"say Briar

"Today was our third aniversay with Hunter and I forgot"say Ashlynn

"Oh, shit! Did he get mad"say Briar

"A little bit"say Ashlynn

"What you gonna get for him?"ask Briar

"I don't know"say Ashlynn

"Well, you should get him a shoe, you know you have shoe store"say Briar

"You're a genius. Thank you"say Ashlynn kisses Briar then Ashlynn runs away

While she walks away

"I'll be back in a minute"say Ashlynn

Our World

Ashley follows Hunter

"Hunter, Hunter, listen to me"say Ashley then she goes to his side

"What?"responds Hunter

"Do you know what today is?"say Ashlynn

"Our third anniversary"say Hunter

"So, why are you acting like this?"say Ashlynn

"Because this morning I made you a breakfast and you didn't even eat it"say Hunter

"I'm sorry let me make it up for you. What do you want?"say Ashlynn

Then something hits Hunter's head. He thinks what Apple then he turns the Ashlynn

Ever After High

Ashlynn and Hunter meets at the woods and Ashlynn gives Hunter's present. Hunter opens it. It's a shoe. It's color is black and has green and white stripes

"I love it"say Hunter and give a kiss to Ashlynn

"No problem, Happy anniversary"say Ashlynn

"Happy anniversary"say Hunter

Our World

Ashlynn finds a shoe has green and white stripes she touches it then she faints it. She finds herself in a dark place. She goes to Briar's side

"Did you see Hunter?"say Ashlynn to Briar

"No!"responds Briar

"You better find him"continues Briar

Finally Ashlynn find Hunter they hugs and a dark cloud  takes them into. Then she wakes up in a hospital. Hunter sees her

"Thank God, you're awake"say Hunter

"Yeah, Hunter where am I?"say Ashlynn

"You're in the hos...wait did you just call me Hunter"say Hunter

"Yeah"say Ashlynn

"Get dressed we need to go"say Hunter

"Where?"ask Ashlynn

"To roleplaying"say Hunter

Chapter 5:Tiny

At Apple's apartment while Hunter leaves they find a plan how they find the connection to Ever After

"So, I find Hunter's sword in his office this means the connection will be anywhere near to cursed ones"say Apple

While Farrah laying on couch

"Well what about spell? maybel spell may work"say Farrah

"Where we gonna find the ingredients?"say Apple

"Well, maybe there's some places who solds them"say Farrah

"What spell?"say Dexter

"There's a spell. It's gonna break the curse"say Farrah

"But we can't do it. Because we think there's not many people to believe magic"say Apple

"Now we're four people maybe it works"say Farrah

"Okay, let's find the ingredients"say Dexter

Then Farrah takes out a list in her bag and gives Apple and Dexter

"Here's what we're gonna need?"say Farrah

"Okay?"say Dexter

"Meet me in a half hour at my house"say Farrah

"Let's do it"say Apple

Then all of them leaves the house. While Apple and Dexter on the road they discuss the list Farrah give

"Blueberry dust. How the hell we're gonna find blueberry dust?"say Apple

"I don't know"say Dexter

Ever After High

Evil Queen enters a shop.

"Welcome how can I help you?"say the owner of the shop

Owner of the shop is the "Sleeping Beauty" Aurora. She get shocked seeing the Evil Queen

"Hello, Aurora?"say Evil Queen

"What do you want?"say Aurora

"Are you familiar with a curse. It's called "Forgottten" for this curse I need a dust and they told me you have it"say Evil Queen

"I know what you're talking about? Unfortunately I don't have this dust"say Aurora

Evil Queen gets mad and chokes with magic

"I'm telling the truth. You have to believe me"say Aurora

Evil Queen lets her go

"So, where can I find it?"ask Evil Queen

"There's only one place you can find this dust. Charming Palace"say Aurora while holding her neck

"Well, it was a pleasure doing business with you. See you later or don't"say Evil Queen and leaves the shop

Our World

Dexter and Apple enters a store. They go to the register

"Hi! you have blueberry dust?"say Dexter to the cashier

Cashier laughs 

"That was so great"say the cashier

"Where I know you?"say Apple

"Honey, I don't think we meet before"say cashier

"Yeah, I know you"say Apple

Then she notices the cashier was a students in Ever After High. She pulls Dexter some other place

"It was Justine"say Apple quitely to Dexter

"Who?"say Dexter

"Justine Dancer, she's on the cheerleading team"say Apple

"Are you sure?"say Dexter

"Yeah"say Apple

Dexter takes a look at her. Then he believes to Apple. Then he gets shocked

"C'mon"say Apple

"What are you doing?"say Dexter

Apple goes to Justine

"So, Jennifer, cool name?"say Apple

"What do you want?"say Justine

"Where are the blueberries"say Apple

"It's in the fruit section"say Justine

"Thanks...Uhh, where was that?"say Ağpple

"Just follow the signs. You'll find it"say Jennifer

"Thanks"say Apple

Then they go to the fruit section.

"What the hell we're gonna do with blueberries. We need it's dust"say Dexter

"We're gonna make dust with them"say Apple

"How?"say Dexter

"Don't know what I'll find something"say Apple

Meanwhile at Farrah's apartment. Farrah enters her house. She lays down the chouch she seems hopeless. Her door knocks she goes the open the door. It's Tiny

"Can I come in?"say Tiny

"Be my guest"say Farrah

"Wow, you never give up aren't you?"say Farrah

"No, never! Do you want a cup of tea"say Farrah

"No but coffee be nice"say Tiny

Ever After High

It's Tiny's first day at school. Farrah goes to his side

"Hi, Your must be Tiny. I'm Farrah guide student who's gonna show you the school"say Farrah

"I'm Tiny"say Tiny anxiously

Then they shake hands

"You don't need to be nervous. We accept any kind of creature in here, I'm so sorry this is my first time to show the school a giant"say Farrah

"It's okay, It's actually my first time to coming to school"say Tiny

They look each other lovely. Farrah and Tiny came to the locker of Tiny

"Here's your locker and this is your password, here's your schedule. Have a nice day"say Farrah

"Thank you"say Tiny

Then Farrah leaves, Tiny looks at her love

Our World

"What's the next ingredient?"say Dexter

"Sunshine"say Apple

"How the hell we find sunshine?"say Dexter

Apple looks at sun

"Give me the glass tube"say Apple

Dexter give the tube then Apple holds it to the sun. Then a bright ball appears inside of tube. Both of them get happy

"You know what that means, right?"say Dexter

"Yeah, there's magic on this planet, C'mon"say Apple

Then they go to find next ingredient

Ever After High

Evil Queen tryna' find how she can get the dust not get in to Charming Palace.

"Mirror, mirrors, Show me the most vulnerable Charming kid"say Evil Queen

Mirror shows the Daring Charming

"Well, hello Daring"say Evil Queen

Our World

"Well thank you for the coffee"say Tiny

"Thank"say Farrah

"Well, actually I want to talk you with this"say Tiny pointing the house

"Well, Tony, this are truths"say Farrah

"No, Farrah, I think you have a problem"say Tiny

"I want you to get out of my house, immediately"say Farrah

"Fine, but just know I'm here to help"say Tiny

Then he leaves the house

Ever After High

It's first month anniversary of Tiny and Farrah. Tiny gives a gift to Farrah. It's a tiara

"I love it"say Farrah and give Tiny a box

"What's in it?"say Tiny

"Why don't you open and find it"say Farrah

Tiny opens the present, It's an album with pictures of them

"So, do you like it?"say Farrah

"It's beautiful. Now my tiara seems bad"say Tiny

"No, I love it"say Farrah

Then they share a kiss

Our World

At the Tiny's apartment. Tiny looking for a book to read. Then he sees some album he opens the album. He sees pictures of himself and Farrah then he leaves it back. Meanwhile Farrah's door knocks, she goes to open. It's Apple and Dexter with ingredients.

"We found it"say Apple gasp for breath

Then Farrah takes the ingredients

"It's says bluberry dust not blueberry, Whatever, it's up to me again"say Farrah

Then she crushes the blueberris then they turns to dust. She gets shock

"See, there's magic on this earth"say Dexter

Then she starts to make the spell, but it doesn't work

"Of course"say Farrah desperately

"What, what happened?"say Apple

"We need to find Raven the spell only works like that"say Farrah

"Well but you say, I be the one who's gonna make the spell"say Apple

"Yeah, but it's her mother who makes the spell. It doesn't work without her"say Farrah

"So let's go and find her"say Dexter

Then Farrah's door knocks. Farrah goes the open. It's Hunter

"Guys, I've gotta suprise for you"say Hunter

Ashlynn enters the apartment

"Hi, Apple!"say Ashlynn

Chapter 6:Ashlynn Ella

At the Cindrella's Palace. Ashylnn gets ready for her breakfast, she gets downstairs and sits down with her mother

"Good morning?"say Cinderella

"Good morning, mother"say Ashlynn

"So, what are you gonna do today?"say Cinderella

"First I'm gonna meet with Raven and Cerise, then I'm gonna do some shopping, and for the dinner I'm gonna meet with Hunter"say Ashlynn

Cinderella gets furious

"I don't like you hanging out with those people"say Cinderella

"But there my friends"say Ashlynn

"You're friends with daughter of Evil Queen"say Cinderella

"She's not like her mother"say Ashlynn

"What about Hunter?"say Cinderella

"What about him?"say Ashlynn

"Aren't you scared of him?"say Cinderella

"Why would I scare her"say Ashlynn

"He might kill you, these people are dangerous"say Cinderella

Then Ashlynn gets her bag and walks away

"Hey, hey where are you going? Young lady we'll talk about this later"say Cinderella while Ashlynn walks away from the house

Our World

Ashlynn comes the Farrah's house remembered her past life.

"Ashlynn!"say Apple happily and goes to hug her

"I missed you so much"continue Apple

"Mee too"say Ashlynn 

Then Ashlynn sees Dexter

"Dexter!"say Ashlynn and goes to hug her

"Hey!"say Dexter

"So how we do here?"say Ashlynn

"Well, we tryna' find the curse ones"say Farrah

"Yes we also made a spell but it doesn't work"say Dexter

"Why?"say Hunter

"We need to find Raven"say Apple

"Why are we waiting for c'mon"say Hunter

"We even don't know where she is?"say Apple

"Well, if we look for her then we might find her"say Ashlynn

"I don't think we will we just wait and look for another solution"say Apple

"Are you really going to do this?"say Ashlynn

"Yeah, it'll be so late to fix this curse if we tryna' find Raven"say Apple

Ashlynn get furious and leaves the house. Hunter goes behind her. Ashlynn leans the car, Hunter goes to her side

"Why we always do the things she said?"say Ashlynn

"I don't know"say Hunter

"You know what, I'm gonna go find Raven. I don't know but I will try and find her"say Ashlynn

"What if she died?"say Hunter

"Then all our hopes are gone"say Ashlynn

"You right about that"say Hunter

Then Ashlynn leans her head to Hunter's shoulder

In Farrah's apartment.

"Okay, that's enough for today. We'll continue tomorow"say Dexter

"Okay, see you later"say Apple

Then Dexter and Apple leaves the house.

"Hey, do you wanna hang out, tonight"say Apple to Ashlynn when she sees her outside

"It'll be fine"say Ashlynn

"Okay, see you tonight"say Apple

"See you later"Dexter

While Dexter and Apple walks, Hunter and Ashlynn drives away. At the night Ashlynn meets with Apple at her apartment. Ashlynn knock the door. Apple opens the door.

"Hi, come in"say Apple

Ashlynn enters the room, she gets shocked when she sees Briar

"Bella, this is my old time friend, Ashley. Ashley this is Bella"say Apple

"Nice to meet you"say Ashlynn to Briar

"Hi!"say Briar while sitting on the couch

Then Ashlynn turns to Apple

"She looks the same old Briar"say Ashlynn quietly

Ever After High

At Ashlynn's shoe shop. Ashlynn receive bunch of new shops. Raven and Cerise comes to help her

"Well she could be my mother but she can't choose my friends, right?"say Ashlynn while open the new shoes

"Of course, you're right"say Cerise while bringing the new boxes

"Well, I don't agree with you"say Raven

"What are you talking about?"say Cerise

"Well if you be a loyal. Would you agree with your daughter being friends with daughter of a villian"say Raven

"Of course, I will. That's what means being rebel"say Cerise

"You're right but. That's the thing with villians, you're never trust them"say Raven

Ashlynn looks worry

Our World

At Apple's apartment

"I'm going to bathroom"say Briar

Then Apple and Ashlynn have a little chat

"Why didn't you tell me, you're still friends with Briar"say Ashlynn

"Why would I, this is why I ask you to come over. We're gonna have a great time"say Apple

"I'm sorry for today"say Ashlynn after a pause

"No, don't be, for real I'm sorry. you're right we need to find Raven not just Raven all the cursed ones"say Apple

"Well we find another one"say Ashlynn

"Yeah but how do we find something connected to Ever After"say Apple

"You leave that to me"say Ashlynn while sipping her tea

Ever After High

At Ever After High. Ashlynn sits with Apple and Briar at the cafeteria

"Uhh...Hello?!"say Apple

"Look I'm sorry for ditch you but can we be friends again"say Ashlynn

"Fine we can be but you need to work harder than anyone else"say Briar

"I will"say Ashlynn

"So, what is the thing makes you to be friends with us again?"say Apple

"Well, my mother"say Ashlynn

"Ashlynn you cannot live with doing the things others like. You'll have to live your own life"say Briar

"Yeah, that's right, make up your mind they or us"say Apple

"Well I don't know, guess I'm gonna choose Cerise and Raven"say Ashlynn

"Tha's my girl but before you go. I wanna give you this"say Briar and gives a bracelet

"What's that?"say Ashlynn

"A gradutation gift, I'll make for my best friends"say Briar

"Thank you"say Ashlynn

Then they hug

Our World

At the Apple's apartment. 

"Bye, see you tomorow"say Apple to Ashlynn and Briar

Next morning. At the Ashlynn and Hunter's apartment

"What are you looking for?"say Hunter

"A bracelet. Briar gave me before we gradutate"say Ashlynn

"The one on the sink"say Hunter

"What sink?"say Ashlynn then she hits her head while getting out of under the table

"The one on the bathroom. I'll just throw the trash"say Hunter

"What? Why did you do that?"say Ashlynn then runs to bathroom

"Relax I didn't take out the trash"say Hunter

Then Ashlynn look for the bracelet in the trash at the bathroom. She founds it. Then she runs to the door

"Where are you going?"say Hunter

"I'll be back in a minute"say Ashlynn while getting out of the house

Then she goes to the Apple's restaurant. Apple sees her

"Where's Hunter?"say Apple

"He is coming. Where is Briar?"say Ashlynn

"She'll be here in a minute"say Apple

Then Briar enters the restaurant.

"Hi!"say Briar to Apple

"Hi!"say Apple then they hug

"What you called me in here?"say Briar

"Well, Ashley want it to give you something"say Apple

Then Ashlynn give the bracelet to Briar

"Thank you"say Briar and takes the bracelet then she faints

Everyone looks at Ashlynn and Apple

"Don't worry we got this"say Apple while taking Briar to Apple's house

Hunter enters the restaurant while Ashlynn and Apple get out holding Briar

"What's happening"say Hunter quietly to Ashlynn

"She's gonna remember, we're go to the Apple's house"say Ashlynn to Hunter

"Less talk, more work"say Apple 

Then Ashlynn and Apple goes to the Apple's apartment. Then they laid her to a chouch. She starts to wake up

"Apple, Ashlynn, where am I?"say Briar

"Welcome home"say Ashlynn then hugs her

Then Apple hugs her too

"Can someone tell me what's going on?"say Briar while Ashlynn and Apple hugging her

"Yeah, yeah. In a minute"say Apple while hugging Briar

Chapter 7:Briar Beauty

At Apple's apartment. Apple and Ashlynn tells everything to Briar

"Are you real?"say Briar

"Why wouldn't we be?"say Ashlynn

"So, you're saying, that we cursed and the only thing that brokes this curse. It's the find a connection to Ever After"say Briar

Ashlynn confirms her. Briar gets up

"I gotta go"say Briar

"Where?"say Apple

"I got things to do"say Briar then leaves Apple's apartment

Ever After High

Ever After High' cheerleading team are training for the gradutation match is about to come. They wear a violet blouse on top, under that they wear a skirt the same color with blouse but with white strips. Training ends

"Okay guys, hit the showers"say Briar

Then she calls Justine, Lizzie and Ashlynn to her side

"So ladies, do you have any ideas what we can do for the match? You know something different"say Briar

"Well I've gotta plan but I don't know you would like"say Justine

"Justine, you know there's no bad ideas"say Briar

Then she tells her plan

"We could add cannonballs"say Justine

Then Ashlynn, Lizzie and Briar looks at her strangely

"Okay, that's a bad idea, sorry"say Briar

"It's okay"say Justine

Lizzie and Justine walks away but Ashlynn stays

"What am I gonna do, Ashlynn?"say Briar

"Come here"say Ashlynn and hugs her

Then both of them leaves the gym

Our World

Briar walks in the streets then she crosses with the guy she hang out at Malibu. She notices the guy is actually her boyfriend Hopper. Then she enters a superstore and she sees the cashier it's Justine. Then he walks out from the store. Then she enters the restaurant Apple worked. Hunter sees her

"Briar, are you okay?"say Hunter goes to her side

"I don't feel so good"say Briar

Then she faints in arms of Hunter. 

"Amy call the ambulance"say Hunter

He tryna' wake up Briar but she doesn't wake up

Ever After High

At the "Beauty Poison Shop". Briar enters the shop.

"Mom, I'm here"yells Briar

Then she goes to behind of the shop. She sees her mother

"Briar, what are you doing here?"say Aurora

"You called me to help, remember?"say Briar

"That's today"say Aurora

"Yes, you told me this morning, mom are you okay?"say Briar

"Yes, I'm fine"say Aurora

Then Briar get close to her mother. Aurora holds her neck

"Mom, can you take your hand down from your neck"say Briar

Then she do it and Briar sees the blotch her neck

"Mom, who did that to you?"say Briar

"It's okay, there's nothing to worry about"say Aurora

"It was her, right?"say Briar

"Briar, it's not a big deal"say Aurora

Then she walks away

"Briar, where are you going?"say Aurora behind her

"I need to talk with someone"say Briar while she walks out from the shop

Aurora calls her but she's already get out from the shop

Our World

Hunter takes Briar to Farrah's apartment. Ashlynn, Apple and Dexter there too

"So, what's wrong with her?"say Hunter

"I don't know must be another curse on her"say Farrah

"What curse?"say Apple

"Evil Queen made another curses on some students and the curse on her must be triggered while the other curse gone"say Farrah

"So what are we do now?"say Dexter

"I don't know"say Farrah

"We should get back to work"say Apple

Then Apple and Hunter leaves the apartment. Before leaving the house Hunter gives a kiss to Ashlynn

Ever After High

Briar meets with Raven after school at the cafe

"So Briar, what's the deal?"say Raven

"The deal is your mother. Can she just make her curse not hurting anyone"say Briar

"Briar, you know there's nothing I can do to stop her"say Raven desperately

"Your her daughter find something. You don't know the power you hold in your hand Raven, you're always wanna be a hero, now's your chance to do that"say Briar

Then Raven comes to her palace.

"Mamma, I'm home"say Raven

She heards some voices then she walks towards to the sounds. She sees her mother doing some magic to Daring. She goes in the room

"Mom, stop!"yells Raven

"It's too late honey, I've done my work, now it's Daring's turn"say Evil Queen

"What did you do to him?"say Raven

"Nothing, he just gonna be my slave for a couple of weeks, he is gonna help me to find ingredients for this curse"say Evil Queen

"Mom, why do you do this?"say Raven

"Honey, because I'm evil that's what we do"say Evil Queen

Then gives a order to Daring

"Daring you just need do to what I said, you act normal when I'm not around you and you help me to find some thing, first I'll need this blueberry dust and it's only can find your palace find that and bring me that"say Evil Queen

Then Daring leaves the room. Evil Queen turns to Raven

"Pretty cool, right?"say Evil Queen

Raven leaves the room furiously. Next day at the school at the hallway. Briar looks at Raven angirly, Raven looks back at her. Then Daring pass by Raven looks at him while Daring looks at Briar. Briar locks her closet and walks away, Raven goes behind of her.

"Let me just talk with you?"say Raven to Briar

"What are you want?"say Briar

"You were right, I always wanna be hero and now it's my chance"say Raven

"Good, what you have your mind?"say Briar

"Meet me at the woods after the school"say Raven

After school they meet with each other. Raven tells everything to Briar.

"So where's Daring now?"say Briar

"Probably, goes to my palace with the dust"say Raven

"So we better hurry"say Briar

Then they goes to Evil Queen's palace. They enters the palace. They see Daring with the dust.

"So what's our plan?"say Raven

Briar jumps on the Daring but while she jumps Daring holds her and throw her away. Raven sees this and runs to her.

"Are you okay?"say Raven to Briar

"Yeah, I'm okay"say Briar

Then Raven turns to her mother

"Are you out of your mind?"say Raven

"My sweet little child, after when I do this curse, you don't even gonna have friends the whole world is gonna be your friends even they don't like you"say Evil Queen

Raven runs to her mother for attack her but Daring stops her. While Raven and Daring have a fight. Briar tryna' stop Evil Queen but Evil Queen do something to her. Raven falls down. She sees Briar and goes to her side. While she holds her

"What did you do to her?"say Raven her mother

"Just a sleeping curse. It will active when I do the "Forgotten" spell"say Evil Queen

Raven leaves the palace with holding Briar, then they go to the woods. Raven laids down Briar front of a tree and give her a bottle of water.

"C'mon drink it"say Raven

Briar drinks it

"How do you feel now?"say Raven

"Better"say Briar tiredly

"I'm so sorry for what she did"say Raven

"It's okay, you're a hero today just know that"say Briar

"Thanks"say Raven

Then she takes Briar up

"C'mon we'll get you to your mother maybe she knows something"say Raven and they hit the road

Our World

At the restaurant Apple and Hunter worked. Hooper enters the restaurant. He goes to the register to give order. Apple sees him and remembers something.While Hooper gives his order Apple interupts him

"Can you just wait for a second?"say Apple and goes to the Hunter

"Hunter, look at the guy front of the register"say Apple

"Apple, you need to take your order yourself"say Hunter

"Not that, Look carefully"say Apple

"It's that?"say Hunter

"Yes, he is and if we send him to Briar maybe the curse is broken"say Apple

"But how we convince him to come with us?"say Hunter

"You just leave that to me"say Apple

Then she goes to the register.

"Congratulations you're are one hundreth costumer. You win a trip with me and our superior Harold"say Apple

Thanks but no"say Hooper

"C'mon it'll be fine"say Apple

"Okay!"say Hooper

"But your eyes must be blindfold"say Apple

"Fine"say Hopper

Then three of them drives to Farrah's apartment. They enters the apartment. Hooper's take out of his blindfold

"Where am I, what is that place?"say Hooper furiously

"Look, Harry, I know this things maybe strange but if you kiss the girl who sleeps on the couch everything make sense"say Apple

"I'm leaving this place"say Hooper

While he walks to the door, Farrah blocks her

"You're not going anywhere, until you kissed the girl"say Farrah

Then Harry turns to Briar and notices something. She's the girl he hang out in Malibu

"Why wouldn't you tell me before that"say Hooper

Then he kisses Briar, Briar wakes up but Hopper faints. Hopper finds himself in a whole black room.

"Briar, Briar"yells Hooper to Briar

"Hopper!"say Briar in tears

"Briar!"say Hopper

"I just want you to know that I always love you"say Briar

Then she sleeps in Hopper arms. Hopper cries while a dark cloud takes them into. Then Hopper wakes up. Briar hugs her, Hopper hugs her back. Then they share a kiss

Chapter 8:Hopper Croakington II

A new day at New York. Briar wakes up at Hopper's apartment, Hopper sees her then hugs her

"Good morning"say Hopper

"Good morning"say Briar

Hopper gets up, Briar shocks

"Where are you going?"say Briar

"You know I have a job"say Hopper

"Well, where are you working?"say Briar

"I'm a music producer at a studio"say Hopper

"Wow! That was great. Can I come with you,please?"say Briar

"No, I can't do that"say Hopper while getting ready for job

"C'mon Hopper, I get bored when I'm alone"say Briar

"Okay, get ready"say Hopper

Then Briar gets happy and gets ready

At Apple's restaurant. A guy enters the restaurant goes to register

"Hi, can I get a pumpkin pie"say the guy 

Apple looks at him and gets shocked because he is her boyfriend before the curse.

"Yeah, right away, take your seat"say Apple

Then the guy walks the tables. While Apple goes behind the register section to Hunter's office.

"Hunter, Hunter, you cannot believe who just enter the room?"say Apple

"Andy Samberg?!"say Hunter happily

"No, why he would come here"say Apple

Hunter gets sad

"It was Martin"say Apple

"Who?"say Hunter

"My boyfriend before the curse"say Apple

"Yeah, the guy who's always bothers you"say Hunter

"No, he wasn't"say Apple

"Yes he was, remember that's why you break up with him"say Hunter

"That's not the point, c'mon you need to see this"say Apple

Then they go to the reigster section she looks for Martin but she wasn't see him

"Where's he?"say Hunter

"I don't know"say Apple

At Hopper's record studio he works

"Don't overlook, okay?"say Hopper

"I won't you need to trust me"say Briar

"I don't believe you, It's your thing"say Hopper

"My thing, No it's not"say Briar

"Yes it is, remember the Hunter's halloween party"say Hopper

"It was irrelevant"say Briar

"If you say so?"say Hopper

At a supermarket. Ashlynn shopping then she goes to register. She gets happy to see Justine

"Hi!"say Justine

"Hi!"responds Ashlynn

"It will cost 43$"say Justine

"Here"say Ashlynn and give the money

Then she gets out from the shop. She gets happy to see Justine. Then at Apple's apartmen she lays down on the couch then she fall asleep. In her dreams she sees Raven runs to her

"Apple, Apple, we need your help"say Raven

"What's the deal?"say Apple

"My mom, controls the Daring and she makes him finding the ingredients, me and Briar tryna' stop her but we couldn't"say Raven desperately

"Where is Daring?"say Apple

"He's in bathroom but you need to know he doesn't know that he controled also she put a spell on Briar that actives when she does the other curse"say Raven

"Where is her?"say Apple

"She is in cafeteria"say Raven

Then Apple and Raven goes to cafeteria Briar's side. She sits at a table Apple and Raven sits her side

"Raven told me, everything, are you okay?"say Apple

"Yeah, I'm fine"say Briar

Then Martin sees Apple and goes to her side

"Apple can we talk for a minute?"say Martin

"Yeah, of course"say Apple

Then they goes away from the table Briar sits

"So, what are you up to?"say Martin

"You need to know, I'll never be with you"say Apple

"C'mon Apple you know I loved yousay Martin

"Martin, don't. You know why I left you"say Apple

"Because I'm rebel, right?"say Martin

"I'm sorry Martin, I gotta go"say Apple

Then Apple's door knock and she wakes up then goes to open. It's Ashlynn

"Were you sleeping?"say Ashlynn

"Yeah, I'm so tired"say Apple

Then they sits at couch

"You don't know who I saw today"say Ashlynn

"Who?"say Apple

"Justine she's working at a supermarket"say Ashlynn

"Yeah, I saw her too"say Apple

"So?!"say Ashlynn

"So?"say Apple

"Why we don't find something to connects her past life"say Ashlynn

"Well, the only people who knows her you and Briar and you know she's never gonna believe us"say Apple

"Well, I might have a plan"say Ashlynn

Later at day Ashlynn calls Briar.

"Where are you?"say Ashlynn on the phone

"With Hopper"say Briar

"Meet me in thirty minutes at the supermarket down on the street"say Ashlynn then hungs up the phone

Then Briar turns to Hopper

"It was Ashlynn, she wants me to come supermarket down the street"say Briar

"Okay, see you tonight"say Hopper

Then they share a kiss and Briar leaves the studio. Then she meets front of the supermarket with Ashlynn

"What happened?"say Briar

"Come with me"say Ashlynn

Then they enters the supermarket. Ashlynn points the cashier

"You see her?"say Ashlynn

"Yeah, is she?"ask Briar and takes of her glasses looks carefully

"She is"say Ashlynn happily

"I'll never notice that she is Justine when I work here"say Briar

"Wait, you work here"say Ashlynn

"Yeah for a while"say Briar

Then goes to Justine. Justine sees her

"Well, well. It isn't the gracious Bella?!"say Justine

"Hi, Jennifer"say Briar

"Hi!"say Justine

"So why don't we spend some time together. You and me and my friend Ashlynn"say Briar shows the Ashlynn

Justine looks at her while Ashlynn waves her

"What is this?"say Justine

"Nothing, I just wanna spend some time with my friend"say Briar

"Fine but no creppy stuff"say Justine

"Okay!"say Briar

At Apple's apartment. Dexter knocks the door. Apple opens it

"Why do you want?"say Apple

Then Dexter enters the apartment

"Well, you know the book gives us a hint to find Daring and we find, and if we read continue maybe we'll find something about Raven"say Dexter

"The book is so long, It'll take days to read whole book"say Apple

"We don't have to read the whole book we just need to find something about Raven"say Dexter

"You know she's the reason why we here"say Apple

"No she isn't"say Dexter

"Yes, she is, she could stop her mother but she choose not to"say Apple

"She tried but she couldn't"say Dexter angrily

"I still couldn't believe how you fall in love with her?"say Apple

Dexter leaves the apartment fiercely. At night in the Justine's apartment. Ashlynn notices something on the fridge a drawing.

"Hey, Briar can you come here for a second?"say Ashlynn to Briar

Then she shows the painting to Briar

"Is it come to you familiar?"say Ashlynn

"Yeah it's the drawning Justine draw for gradutation match performance"say Briar

"Are you serious?!, this is the connection"say Ashlynn

"It is, I don't know. C'mon"say Briar

Then both of them gets out from the kitchen and enters the salloon. They sits on couch and watch tv. Ashlynn ask something to Justine

"Uhhh, Justine the drawning on the fridge, who draw that?"ask Ashlynn

"My niece"say Justine

"I just wanna say something I think it wasn't really good"say Ashlynn

"What you're expecting a masterpiece"say Justine

"You're right"say Ashlynn

Then Briar gets up and takes the drawning and brings to Justine

"What's that?"ask Justine

"Just take it"say Briar

"Why, would I?"say Justine

"Just do it"say Briar fiercely

"Okay!"say Justine

Then she takes the drawning then she faints.

"Are you think it worked?"say Ashlynn

"I don't know"say Briar

Justine finds herself in a dark place. Farrah comes to her side

"The curse is coming you need to come with me"say Farrah to Justine

Then they started to running but Justine hooked on a branch, Farrah left her. Then a dark cloud takes her into. Then she wakes up.

"Justine?"say Briar

"Yeah"say Justine unconscious

"Do you know who we are?"say Briar

"Yeah, you're Ashlynn and Briar we're on the same cheerleading team, What kind of game is this?"say Justine

Then both hugs her. Justine looks around her

"Where am I?"say Justine "You're home"say Briar

Chapter 9:Justine Dancer

The new day at New York, at Farrah's apartment her door knocks. It's Dexter

"What happen now?"say Farrah

"Apple"say Dexter

"Yeah, I got it"say Farrah

"Why she act like this?"say Dexter while sit on a couch

"Because, she's supposed to be our queen"say Farrah while sitting next to him

"Well, I'm not gonna be her slave"say Dexter

Ever After High

At the cafteria. Cheerleading team meets up. 

"Okay girls, what's our next move"say Briar

"What are you talking about?"say Lizzie

"If you didn't notice there's another cheerleading team on our school. And now we're on the competition"say Briar

"Yeah, they already got Justine"say Ashlynn

"Don't worry it's on me"say Briar

While Briar walks away cheerleading them have a little chat

"Why they even form another cheeerleading team"say Lizzie

"Well, they're so many wannabes, so they made another cheeleading squad"say Ashlynn

"I hate them"say Lizzie

"You hate everything"say Ashlynn

"Yeah, you're right about that"say Lizzie

Our World

At Justine's apartment

"So what's our next move?"say Justine

"Well, I don't know"say Ashlynn

"I've got a plan. We'll bring the team together again"say Briar 

Then they drive to Farrah. While at Farrah. Dexter and Farrah have a chat

"Well, I love her but I'm not sure she loves me"say Dexter

"I think she loves you more than everything"say Farrah

"Yeah, I'm aware of that"say Dexter

Then Farrah's door knocks. It's Tiny

"What do you want?"say Farrah

"Well, I talk with some friend and she said she's wanna talk with you"say Tiny while he enters the home then he sees Dexter

"Who's that?"say Tiny pointing to Dexter

"It's my old friend Dexter, Dexter meet Tony"say Farrah

"Tony, what a beautiful name?"say Dexter while shaking Tiny's hand

"Nice to meet you, same"say Tiny

"Anyway, I'll have to leave now, see you later Farrah"say Dexter then he leaves

"Who's that?"say Tony after Dexter leaves

"I told you it's one of old friend Dexter"say Farrah

"You know we got something, right?"say Tony

"Yeah and I've got something you don't like"say Farrah

"You're insanity that's the thing I don't like about you"say Tiny

"It's not insanity, I'll show you"say Farrah 

Then she leaves her own house and enters Tiny's room. Tiny follows her. Farrah look for the album she give to Tiny

"What are you looking?"say Tiny

Then she founds the album and give Tiny

"Here, take it"say Farrah

Then Tiny takes the album but nothing happens to him

"No, no, no. It can't be"say Farrah

Then she runs to her house then locks her door. Tiny follows her. He knocks the door

"Farrah, Farrah, open. What's the deal with you?"say Tiny

Farrah seems so shocked and scared at the same time

Ever After High

At the football field. New cheerleading team practicing while original cheerleading team watches them. After pratice. Briar wants to talk with Justine.

"So, aren't you thinking to turn back to your old teammates"say Briar

"Never, you guys never cared my plans"say Justine

"And they do"say Briar

"Yes, they do"say Justine

"Well don't come cry to us, when they mock with you at front of the whole school"say Briar

Then original cheerleading team leaves the football field. Justine stand aghast. After Justine shower whole new cheerleading team surronds around her. One of the original cheerleading team member about to shower but she hears the new original cheerleading team insult Justine then she goes and give the news other. While whole squad having dinner they all stand up and goes to showers. At the shower. The NCT mocks and hits Justine while OCT comes in and they stop the other cheerleading team. NCT leaves the showers. Briar reaches out Justine and pulls her up.

"Well, I was expect to be this fast"say Briar

"This means I'm in the team"say Justine

"Of course but before that we need to do something"say Briar

While Lizzie and Ashlynn takes Justine to infirmary, the girl who hears what's gonna happen complain the NCT to Mr. Grimm the principal of the school. After Justine feels better Briar makes her make-up and tryna covers her bruises

"Stop, I want that one is to stay"say Justine showing the bruises her neck

"As you wish"say Briar

After that the whole NCT splits up and the original cheerleading team takes the dominate. Everyone looks at them while they walking on hallway

Our World

After a while, Briar, Ashlynn and Farrah arrives the Farrah's apartment. Briar knock the door. Then Farrah goes to door and looks from door hole to see who is because she scare it might be Tiny. Then she get relieved to see them. She opens

"Girls, I'm so glad to see you"say Farrah and hugs them

"So, as we told you Justine remembers now"say Briar

"Yeah, so what are you here?"say Farrah

"Well we found other cheeleading team members and we think you might help us"say Briar

"Actually I take you to one of them"say Farrah

Then they drive to Bronx, they arrived some home in the woods.

"This is the house"say Farrah showing the house

"Good luck"continues Farrah

Then they walk towards to house and they knock the door. Lizzie opens it

"Lizzie, right?"say Ashlynn

"Yes"say Lizzie

"We're got something for you"say Justine give a photo to Lizzie

Then she faints then she founds herself in a dark room. She sees some girl looks like cat. She gets closer

"Lizzie, you need to know something"say the girl then kisses Lizzie

Then Lizzie wakes up on the couch

"Girls where am I?"say Lizzie

After a while they all drink tea

"Wow, it's really messed up thing"say Lizzie

"Yeah, if we found Raven it's all gonna end quickly"say Ashlynn

"So do you know where she is?"say Lizzie

"No we don't"say Justine

Then Briar notices something on Lizzie's neck

"Is he beat you up?"say Briar angrily

"Yes, I don't know but after this curse he come more restless. They're something bad about him"say Lizzie

"Well, you always make a choice"say Ashlynn

"No I think I'm gonna stay"say Lizzie

"If you want to live like this"say Briar

Then they go outside the house and hug to each other. While Lizzie goes the door she turns back

"Wait, I change my mind"say Lizzie

Then they all drive to New York

Chapter 10:Lizzie Hearts

At Farrah's apartment Lizzie and Farrah have a chat while drinking coffee.

"Thanks"say Lizzie while Farrah gives her coffee

Then Farrah sits

"Are you sure, he couldn't find me him in here?"say Lizzie anxiously

"I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know my address"say Farrah the she takes a sip from her coffee

Then Farrah's door knocks both gets terrified. Farrah goes to open the door slowly and carefully. Lizzie gets up and get closer to window. Then Farrah open's door

"Hey!"say Tiny

Then Farah get relified. Farrah turns to Lizzie

"It's okay"say Farrah 

Then Farrah turns back to Tiny

"What do you want?"say Farrah

"Look, you don't wanna go to the rehab and I get it but you need to stop...whatever it is"say Tiny showing the Farrah's house

"Okay, I will"say Farrah

"Okay but I'm gonna come check you later"say Tiny

"Okay, bye!"say Farrah

"Bye!"say Tiny

Farrah closes the door

"Who's he?"say Lizzie

"It's my boyfriend Tiny know...cursed. I even tried to remember his past life but it ddin't worked"say Farrah

"Have you tried to kiss him?"say Lizzie

"Yeah, do you think it's workbut it didn't work"say Farrah

"You should try again, you know what they say? True love's kiss breaks every curse"say Lizzie

Meanwhile Apple's apartment her bell rings. Apple seems so drunk she goes to open to door. It's Hunter.

"What?"say Apple

"You didn't come to work today. So I wondered, are you okay?"say Hunter

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"say Apple

"You kinda look drunk"say Hunter

"Why would you say that?"say Apple

"Because you're sound like a drunk and you're breathe smells like alcohol"say Hunter

"What you're gonna do if I'm drunk"say Apple

"Nothing, I just care about you and I'm worried about you"say Hunter

"Don't care about me, don't worry about me, don't even come to my house saying shits like that"say Apple then slams the door his face

Hunter walks away while Apple takes a bottle of wine in her fridge and starts to drink

Ever After High

EAH's football team practice at the field.

"C'mon guys there's only one week to gradutation match so let's start"say Coach Gingerbread

While they practice Lizzie, Briar and Cerise stting on the benches and watch them.

"You know what, I wanna be in the football team"say Cerise

"Why?"say Lizzie

"Why will it be for, to get closer to Daring"say Briar

"Of course, not"say Cerise

"Girl, don't lie to us we saw how you look at him"say Briar

Then Cerise and Daring's eyes get crossed at least Cerise thinks like that but actually his eyes came crossed with Lizzie. After the practice. Daring comes to Lizzie's side while Lizzie takes her books out of her closet.

"Hey!"say Daring

"Hi!"responds Lizzie

"Lizzie, right?"say Daring

"Yeah"say Lizzie

"So, you wanna meet with me at cafe after the school?"say Daring

"Sure, why not?"say Lizzie

"Okay, see you later"say Daring and walks away

Our World

Ashlynn, Briar, Dexter and Hunter meets at the restaurant Hunter works.

"You need to see her, she was so terrible"say Hunter

"Are you sure, she was drunk?"say Briar

"Of course I am, her breath smells like alcohol"say Hunter

"We need to talk with her"say Dexter

"I don't think she wants to talk with us"say Hunter

"Well, if we're not go to her we call her to us"say Dexter

"How?"say Briar

"I've got a plan"say Dexter

While Daring came to his house. He comes in and calls for Lizzie but he doesn't take a feedback. Then he takes his phone out and opens a app. That app connects to Lizzie's found and shows where she is. Daring founds out that she leaves then drives to where she is.

Ever After High

This was the third week since they started to date. They make out in Lizzie's room. Daring stops 

"Can you do me a favor?"say Daring

"Anything"say Lizzie

"Well, can you give me the heart statue on your desk"say Daring

"Of course not, It's family legacy also what do you gonna do with it?"say Lizzie

"It's important"say Daring

"No means no"say Lizzie

"Okay, whatever you say"say Daring

Then he tried to kiss her but she pulls herself back

"What?"say Daring

"I'm not in the mood"say Lizzie

"Okay then we're just cuddle and sleep"say Daring

"Yeah, it might work"say Lizzie

Then they cuddle and sleep

Our World

Briar takes Apple to Dexter. Front of the Dexter's apartment

"Why we here? I don't wanna be here"say Apple

"C'mon, it'll be great"

Then Briar knock the door. Dexter opens it. Both of them enters the apartment. Apple gets worried when she sees Hunter and Ashlynn too. She wanna go but Briar don't let her

"Apple, you need to calm down."say Dexter

"Yeah, we just wanna know what's wrong with you"say Ashlynn while getting close to her

Apple seems angry

Ever After High

Daring wakes up and tries to take Lizzie's family legacy. He takes it but he makes a sound and causes to Lizzie to wake up then Daring starts to run. Lizzie try to stop him then follows him. Then both of them enters Evil Queen's palace

"So you've been working with her"say Lizzie to Daring

"He's in my control, honey he won't hear you"say Evil Queen

"Give that to me"say Lizzie about heart statue

"This but I need this for my curse"say Evil Queen about heart statue

"What curse?"say Lizzie

"The curse will take everyone a few years later and forgets who they really are"say Evil Queen

"You can do that"say Lizzie

"Yes, I can and I will"say Evil Queen

"No, you can't because I'm gonna tell his parents what you did"say Lizzie

"What is the thing you want most in this life?"say Evil Queen

"What are you talking about?"say Lizzie

"If you don't talk about this to the King. I can give you that thing"say Evil Queen

"I don't trust you"say Lizzie

"You better be, so tell me"say Evil Queen

Lizzie takes a look at Daring

"I wanna marry with him"say Lizzie showing to Daring

"Deal"say Evil Queen

"Now give me the statue"say Lizzie

"Honey, our deal contains to statue"say Evil Queen

Lizzie seems terrified

Our World

Dexter's apartment. All of them circle up and sits on the chairs.

"So, what do you wanna know?"say Apple

"We wanna know what's the think that leads you drinking?"say Ashlynn

"Nothing, probably being hopeless"say Apple

"Why are you hopeless"say Hunter

"Because we never find Raven and we're stick in this damn place and I can even pay my rent"say Apple

"Don't worry we're gonna found her"say Dexter and holds her hand

"And maybe I can give you a raise but maybe"say Hunter

"Thanks"say Apple

Meanwhile at Farrah's apartment. Daring comes and knocks the door

"Lizzie open the door. I know you're in there"yells Daring 

"It's him"say Lizzie 

"How could he found you?"say Farrah

"The app"say Lizzie

"What app?"say Farrah

"There's an app on his phone shows the where I am. I should've thought that"say Lizzie

"Okay, okay, calm down go to my room and lock the door I handle this"say Farrah

Then Daring breaks the door.Farrah and Lizzie get scaried

"You coming with me"say Daring and tryna' take Lizzie with her

"She doesn't wanna come with you. Don't you get it"say Farrah

"Yes she is and she will"say Daring

Lizzie begs to him. Suddenly Tiny comes and punches Daring he faints. Farrah comes to Tiny's side. Lizzie falls to the ground. Farrah hugs and kisses Tiny.

"I remembered"say Tiny happily

"I know you will"say Farrah

"So, what are we gonna do with him?"say Lizzie showing the Daring

Then Tiny and Farrah looks him anxiously

Chapter 11:Daring Charming

After a while Dexter, Apple, Ashlynn, Hunter and Briar comes to Farrah's. Daring lay unconscious on the sofa

"Did you call the cops?"say Dexter

"No"say Tiny

"Aren't you some sort of cop?"say Farrah

"I'm a guard not a cop"say Tiny

"So, what are we gonna do about him?"say Briar

"I don't know"say Tiny

"I'm just hoping that Tiny hit so hard to him that he can remember who he is"say Farrah

"Do you think it'll work?"say Apple

"Well, maybe"say Farrah

"It must be something else we should do"say Ashlynn

"I don't think so, we just need to wait"say Farrah

"Okay, I've gotta plan. Apple, Ashlynn and Hunter you come with me. Others stay here and make sure he's okay"say Dexter

Then Dexter, Ashlynn, Apple and Hunter leaves the house. While they downstairs they have a conversetion

"What's your plan?"say Apple

"We're gonna find Raven"say Dexter

Ever After High

There's two days since gradutation match. Football team practicing while Lizzie watches them. She worries about last night. Cerise comes and sits with her.

"Hey, are you okay?"say Cerise

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'll just...I don't know i'm not exactly good"say Lizzie

"I get it"say Cerise

"What about you?"say Lizzie

"Well, I'm doing good either"say Cerise

While they talking one of the players hurt his leg.

"What now?"say Coach Gingerbread

"I don't feel so good, coach. It might be broken"say the player who hurts

"C'mon let's take you infirmary"say Coach Gingerbread

Then they take him. Lizzie and Cerise hears whats happened and have a little chat

"Well, now's your chance"say Lizzie

"What are you talking about?"say Cerise

"Yesterday you said you wanna be in the team and now a guy falls and breaks his leg"say Lizzie

"I don't get it"say Cerise

"Girl, this guy probably not gonna make the match, they gonna need someone new, you better audition"say Lizzie

Cerise thought about that. After a while she goes to Coach Gingerbread's room

"Coach Gingerbread. I want something from you"say Cerise

Day for the gradutation match has come. Before the match cheerleading team have a meeting

"Okay, girls today's the day, go out there and do your best"say Briar

While Coach Gingerbread have a meeting with football team

"Okay, guys and Cerise, go out there and kick some asses"say Coach Gingerbread

Then match starts. It's going great EAH football team is on the lead. Meanwhile cheerleading team encourages them. Cerise goes for the score and she makes it. The score is tied and last twenty seconds who makes the last score wins the match. The time starts the ball is on the guest team they go for the winning but Cerise takes the ball she runs for the score and she makes it. The winner is EAH football team. After the match Daring and Cerise have a little chat 

"You're really good out there"say Daring

"Well, we're all good"say Cerise

"C'mon you don't need to be humble, we win because of you"say Daring

"I guess you're right"say Cerise

While Cerise walks she falls. Daring goes to help her.

"Are you okay"say Daring while holding Cerise leg

"I'm fine"say Cerise

Then they eyes crossed and they make out. Next day at the cafeteria. Lizzie and Daring have a lunch

"You're really great at yesterday's game"say Lizzie

But Daring ignores her, his eyes on Cerise and he couldn't think about last night. Lizzie snaps towards to Daring's eyes

"Hey,hey! Are you listening to me?"say Lizzie

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, I'm just gonna get a drink"say Daring and goes to Cerise's side

Then Rosabella notice what's going on with Daring and she goes talk to with Lizzie

"Hey"say Rosabella and sits with Lizzie

"Uh! This sit is taking"say Lizzie

"Yeah, I know, I just wanna say be careful with Daring he can be such a playboy"say Rosabella

"I don't think so, he loves me more than you"say Lizzie

"Really, you better think again"say Rosabella

Then Lizzie turns her back and sees Daring talks with Cerise. After that Lizzie and Daring have a little fight. After weeks Daring feels bad about what he did. He gave his mother's present for him to Lizzie. He's such a playboy but the time he's gonna break up with Lizzie the curse happens. And because of the deal Lizzie made with Evil Queen he became the husband of Lizzie

Our World

At Dexter's apartment.

"Ho we can find her?"say Hunter

"The book is gonna help us, last time we read it helps us to find Daring maybe if continue to read we might found something about Raven"say Apple

"I found it"say Dexter excitedly

"What is it?"say Ashlynn

"Listen to this."say Dexter then read a paragraph from the book

"A bird trapped in cage with a wolf and madness"

"What hell was that mean?"say Apple

"It means she's in jail. And Tiny is a guard maybe he could find her"say Dexter

"What if she's not at the same prison with Tiny"say Ashlynn

"Then that means we're back to the beginning"say Dexter

"C'mon we should go to Tiny and we should talk about that with him"say Apple

"Okay, before we go let me get something"say Dexter

Then goes to his room and takes a necklace

"This necklace it's a present from my mother to Daring. I bet you know it's story, if we can give that to him he could remember"say Dexter

At Farrah's apartment.

"Lizzie, you should get away from him, He might wake up any second"say Farrah

Then she takes Lizzie away from Daring. Dexter's turns back to Farrah's

"Why are you guys back?"say Briar

Then Dexter turns to Tiny

"We need you, the book says a bird trapped in the cage and we thinking it might be Raven. Can you look up for her?"say Dexter

"For sure"say Tiny

"Also I brought that"say Dexter showing the necklace he brought for Daring

Farrah takes the necklace.

"I'm not sure it works but hope it works"say Dexter

"Someone get him up so I can put this necklace around his neck"say Farrah

Then Hunter helps her. Farrah puts the necklace on Daring. Then Daring founds himself a black room. She hears a woman calling for him. Then she wakes up.

"Daring, do you remember me?"say Lizzie

"Yeah, I remember, I gotta go"say Daring

Then he leaves the apartment

"I gotta go to duty calls"say Tiny

Then he leaves the apartment too

"Well, this was weird"say Briar

"Are you sure he remembered"say Apple

"Yeah, of course I'm sure"say Farrah

Meanwhile Daring hears a woman calling his name he follows the voice then at a park she sees women. She's Evil Queen. Since the curse on Daring has been broken other one has became active so he still under control for Evil Queen

"I was waiting for that moment. Now, you need to take them down one by one"say Evil Queen

"Yes, your majesty"say Daring

Meanwhile new inmates comes to prison Tiny works. Inmates come down to bus one by one then he notices something. One of the inmates was Raven.

"Welcome to Washington County Jail"say Tiny to Raven

Raven give a look sat him and walks away. Tiny gets so happy because she found Raven

Chapter 12:Darling Charming

A new day starts at Enchanted Forest. Darling mets with Chase near to Enchanted Forest. Darling comes with her armor on and with her horse. She's got a whiter armor and a white house. Same as Chase but his horse and armor is red

"Hello ma'am"say Chase

"Darling gets off her horse 

"Hi!"say Darling

"Did your parents know you're here"say Chase and takes out her sword

"No!"say Darling takes out her gloves

"What about your brothers?"say Chase while getting closer to Darling

"No, they don't know neither"say Darlingand reacher her sword

"Cool,cool"say Chase and make his move

Then they getting into a sword fight. Chase puts his sword to Darling's neck

"How can you escape from this?"say Chase

Darling escapes and hits Chase's sword with her sword and Chase's sword falls down

"Good move, you're getting better"say Chase

"Well, my coach is better"say Darling

"You wanna grab some food"say Chase

"Yeah it'll be nice"say Darling

Then they both get  on their horses and ride to a restaurant

Our World

It's been a two week since Daring's escape no one knows where he is. Briar starts to work in the supermarket with Justine. She enters the supermarket, Justine sees her and goes to her

"Where have you been?"say Justine angirly

"Relax, I'm here"say Briar

"I know that's something going on but if you keep getting late they're gonna fire you"say Justine anxiously

"Relax, there's nothing to worry about"say Briar

"If you say so. Well any updates from Daring"say Justine while getting behind to register

"No but we keep trynin"say Briar

"What about Lizzie, how she feelin'?"say Justine

"She's good"say Briar

Meanwhile in Farrah's apartment. Lizzie sleeps on couch while Farrah makes breakfast then her knocks she goes to open.

"Hey!"say Tiny

"Hey,come in"say Farrah

"How's she?"say Tiny about Lizzie

"Well, she's better compare the yesterday. What about Raven?"say Farrah from the kitchen

"Well, she's doing okay, she's not getting in trouble and if she continues to be like that she might get early release"say Tiny while he sitting at table

"That's great"say Farrah

"Yeah, did you hear anything about Daring?"say Tiny

"No, you?"say Farrah

"No but I can ask Hunter"say Tiny

"Yeah it'll be great"say Farrah

Meanwhile at Hunter and Ashlynn's apartment.

"Good morning"say Hunter while serving breakfast in bed to Ashlynn

"Hunter, that's not necesarry"say Ashlynnn

"Yes it was. I wanna show you how much I love you"say Hunter puts the table in Ashlynn's lap

"You don't need to I know how much you love me"say Ashlynn

"And I know how much you love me"say Hunter

Then they share a little kiss

"What we're gonna do about Daring?"say Hunter

"Hey, c'mon don't kill my vibe"say Ashlynn while having breakfast

"I can't be happy while he's out there"say Hunter

"Okay I ask  Apple when I see her"say Ashlynn

"Okay, now get up and get ready, you don't wanna be late for your work"say Hunter

Then Ashlynn gets up and gets ready for her work. Meanwhile at "The Davis's Place". Apple serves dinner at customer while Ashlynn and Hunter enters the restaurant. Apple sees her.

"Where are you guys?"say Apple anxiously to them

"What happened?"say Hunter

"Martin waiting for you at your office he wants to talk with you something"say Apple

"Okay"say Hunter and walks to his office.

"So, what am I gonna do?"ask Ashlynn

"C'mon come with me"say Apple

In Hunter's office.

"Sorry, I'm late. What you wanna talk about?"say Hunter

"Here's my CV. I heard you've guys looking for a new dealer so here I am"say Martin

Hunter locks the door. Then he sits again

"How much do you want?"say Hunter

"Nothing just let me work here"say Martin

"Why?"say Hunter curiously

"Because I got somethings to do here"say Martin insidiously

"Okay, don't cause a toruble"say Hunter

Then they shakes hand

"It's good to make a business with you"say Martin while they getting out of officee

"Same, you can start to work tomorrow"say Hunter

After Martin leaves the restaurant

"What he said?"say Apple to Hunter

"Well, we got a new cashier"say Hunter and walks away

Apple and Ashlynn gets shocked. Meanwhile at Dexter's apartment his door knocks. He goes to open it's Hopper

"I'm so happy for you came"say Dexter

Hopper enters the house and Dexter closes the door.

"What's so important you called me?"say Hopper

"Well, since you have a history with Daring. I thought maybe you know where he is"say Dexter

"I mean yeah we got something but you're his brother, you should know him better than me"say Hopper

"Yeah but he wasn't tell me everything about his life"say Dexter

"Well, I don't know where he might be so"say Hopper

"But you can help me to find him, right?"say Dexter

"Yeah, of course, I also have some suggestion where he might be"say Hopper

Then they leave the house.

Ever After High

While Darling and Chase having a chat in the restaurant, Cerise enters and sees Darling and goes to her side

"Hey!"yells Cerise to Darling

Then Daring cross her way

"Can you move?"say Cerise to Daring

"Why?"say Daring angrily

Then Darling pulls Daring another side.

"What are you doing?"say Darling angrily to Daring

"What are you doing? say Daring

"I'm just livin' my life"say Darling

"You're sick you need to fix"say Daring

"Well, you're sick to"say Darling and walks away

Then she goes to Cerise side holds her hand and they leave the restaurant. After they leave Chase gives a look to Daring then Chase leaves the restaurant too

"He always do that"say Darling

"Don't worry about him, we're gonna be free at least"say Cerise and hugs her

Chase comes to their side

"Hey!"say Chase

"Hey!"responds both of them

"If you want me to kill him, I do it fondly"say Chase

"Thanks"say Darling

Then they all share a hug

Our World

At Darling's apartment her door knocks, she goes to open. It's Daring

"Derek, what you're doing here?"say Darling scarily

"Don't worry Daisy, I'm not gonna hurt you"say Daring

Then Darling reaches for her phone, Daring notices that and stops her then he points a gun at her. She falls to the ground. Then someone hits Daring's head with a vase. It's Martin

"C'mon, come with me"say Martin

Then Darling gets up and they leave the house. While they driving

"Thank you so much for saving me"say Darling to Martin

"No, problem"say Martin

"Aren't you kill him right?"say Darling anxiously

"No, why it was you're boyfriend or something"say Martin

"My brother"say Darling

"Okay, here we are"say Martin

"Where we are?"say Darling

"Just come with me"say Martin

Martin knocks a door. It was Farrah's apartment

"Hey, Farrah!"say Martin

"Martin, where have you been?"say Farrah angirly

"Look who I found"sayMartin showing Darling

"Hi!"say Darling

"Now I'm gonna go and leave this girl to you so bye"say Martin and runs

"Martin, Martin"yells Farrah behind him

Then she looks at Darling

"Come in"say Farrah

Then Darling enters the apartment

"What you're gonna do to me?"say Darling

"Nothing, just sits there"say Farrah showing the couch

Then Lizzie comes out of the bathroom

"Who was it?"say Lizzie to Farrah

Then Farrah shows the Darling. Lizzie turns her back and sees Darling

"Darl...I mean Daisy what are you doing here?"say Lizzie then goes to hug her

"Lizzie, I'm so happy to see you"say Darling

"Are you okay?"say Lizzie anxiously

"No, Derek came to my house and point at me a gun then some guy hit his head with a vase then he faint"say Darling

"How you feelin'?"say Lizzie

"I'm good but I'm not sure how Daring is"say Darling

"Can you take us to you apartment?"say Farrah

"Why?"say Darling curiously

"We have some businees with Daring"say Lizzie

Then they drive to Darling's apartment. While they drive. Lizzie gives her phone to Darling

"Here, maybe you need to call Dexter"say Lizzie

Then Darling takes the phone and calls him

Meanwhile at the supermarket

"So you never seen him today"say Hopper

"No, Hopper if we see him we called you"say Briar

"Yeah and why he come here?"say Justine

"I have a beef with him. I told you about that"say Briar to Justine

"Yeah, you're right I forget about that, sorry"say Justine

Meanwhile Dexter phones ring

"Hey!"say Dexter

"Hi!"say Darling sadly

"Daisy, what happened are you okay?"say Dexter

"No"say Darling and starts to cry

"Okay, okay I'm on my way"say Dexter and hangs up

"C'mon we need to go"say Dexter to Hopper

Then they leave to supermarket and drives to Darling's apartment. While Lizzie, Darlign and Farrah comes to Darling's apartment. Darling gets shocked

"Where is he?"say Farrah

"I don't know"say Darling

"He might left"say Lizzie

"Probably"say Farrah

"Let's just wait Dexter will come here"say Lizzie

"Who...who's Dexter?"say Darling

"You'll get soon right now you just need to sit"say Farrah

Meanwhile at "The Davis's Place" Daring enters the restaurant. Apple gets shocked and walks to him. Then Daring snaps his finger and Apple falls a slepp and they go to some black room. Apple wakes up at the black room she sees Daring

"What do you want?"say Apple

"Nothing, I just wanna finish you"say Daring

"But why?"say Apple

"I wanna be evil"say Daring

Meanwhile at Darling's apartment. Dexter and Hopper enters. Darling get so happy to see her brother after a whole three months. They share a hugh then Dexter kiss Darling from her forehead then she faints. Dexter takes her and puts her on a couch. She wakes up at a forest

"Hey, hey c'mon it's coming you have to come with me"say Chase to Darling

"Where's Cerise?"say Darling

"There's no time, we need to go"say Chase

After a dark cloud takes her and find herself in a black room. She sees a sword then her brother Daring and Apple. Daring almost gonna kills the Apple but Darling takes the sword and stops the Daring when two sword crashes a magical sparkle appears then they all wake up. At the Darling's apartment

"Dexter!"say Darling and hugs him

"I missed you so much"say Dexter

"Where's Apple? we need to find her"say Darling

"Why, what happened, what you saw?"say Farrah

"I'll tell you on the road, c'mon"say Darling

They they all drives to "The Davis's Place". Meanwhile at "The Davis's Place"  Hunter takes Apple at his office. Apple wakes up.

"Are you okay?"say Ashlynn

"Yeah, I'm fine"say Apple

"What happened?"say Hunter

"Daring, was there then I fainted then I woke up then I saw Darling then I woke up"say Apple

Meanwhile others came to "The Davis's Place". Dexter yells to Hunter. Hunter hears and goes to him

"What happened?"say Hunter to Dexter

"We need to go someone's house"say Dexter

"Why?"say Hunter

"We've got something to tell you"say Darling

"I agree with them"say Apple

Then Hunter, Ashlynn, Dexter, Hopper, Darling, Lizzie, Farrah and Apple meet up at Apple's apartment. Then they talked about what happened between Apple, Daring and Darling.

"So what we're gonna do about that?"say Hunter

"We're gonna get ready cause we're gonna get into a fight"say Dexter

Chapter 13:Martin Pendragon

A new day at Ever After High, Martin taking his books from his locker, there's five locker between his locker and his lover Apple White, he takes a look at her, then when she looked at him, she turn his down, Apple takes her books and walks away.

Hunter comes to Martin's side, look at Apple while she walks away, then he turns to Martin.

"So, are you in love with her...or what?"say Hunter.

"I mean, there's some feelings but I think it's not like something I feel before."say Martin.

Martin locks his closet, then he walks his class with Hunter, while they walk.

"Yeah, that's called love."say Hunter

"Even if I love her, I don't think she's into me."say Martin.

"I mean you can't find it, unless you don't ask."say Hunter.

They entered the class and sit tables.

"But, how can I ask her? You know me I'm not good at talking with strangers."say Martin.

"Yeah, I know."say Hunter

Class starts.

"Do you want me to talk with her, for you?"say Hunter.

"That will be great!!Thank you Hunter."say Martin happily.

"No problem."say Hunter.

New York.

Meanwhile Martin eats his cereal at his home, his door knocks, he goes to open with cereal on his hand. He opens it.

"Hello, Martin!!"say Farrah insidiously.

"Come in."say Martin by force.

Farrah enters the house, Martin closes the door.

"What were you thinking, dropping Darling at my house?"say Farrah angrily.

"I don't know, I thought you might help her."say Martin while eating his cereal

Martin walks to the kitchen, Farrah goes behind him while talking.

"You can't just drop cursed ones whenever you find one of them, and how long do you know her?"say Farrah.

"I didn't know until yesterday."say Martin.

"I don't believe you."say Farrah.

"You better believe it."say Martin.

Then goes to sit on a chouch. Farrah talks.

"Did you see her?"say Farrah.

Martin stops.

"Yes, I did, but I'm so regretfull for doing it."say Martin desperately.

"When?"say Farrah.

"About a month ago."say Martin sadly.

"She's curse is gone by the way, if you wondering."say Farrah.

Martin turns to Farrah.

"Don't do this, Farrah."say Martin.

"I'm telling the truth, she asked about you."say Farrah.

Martin goes to back to the kitchen, leaves his cereal on sink.

"Where is she now?"say Martin. 

Ever After High.

At the cafeteria of Ever After High. Hunter sits with Ashlynn and Briar, Martin comes to their side.

"Hi, everyone, how's your day?"say Martin cheerfull.

"Good, how about your day?"say Ashlynn.

"Good."say Martin.

"Yeah, it's gonna be better when you confess your love to Apple."say Briar 

Martin looks at Hunter. Hunter looks back at Martin.

"What? Look, I can't do the thing I said to you, it's gonna be better when you said."say Hunter.

Martin looks at Apple, then he turns his to Briar and looks at her happily. After school, Briar talks with Apple, Martin sees them and goes to their side.

"Hi! Apple, can we talk for a minute."say Martin.

"Yeah."say Apple curiously.

Briar goes away, while give a look at Martin, Martin takes Apple another place.

"So, what do you wanna talk about?"say Apple.

"Uhhh!! out with me tonight, it doesn't have to happen tonight, it could be tomorrow, or I get it if you don't wanna date with me, I just wanted you to know, I love you."say Martin.

Apple don't get it first. Martin gets terrified.

"Apple, Apple?!"say Martin terrified.

Apple recovers.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a little bit suprisde, so you wanna date with me?"say Apple shockly.

"Yeah, if you want to."say Martin.

"Okay, pick me up at 7 p.m."say Apple

Then she walks away, while Martin looks at her.

New York.

Martin goes to Apple's apartment, door opens by Briar.

"Martin, what the hell are you doing here?"say Birar schockly.

"Is Apple home?"say Martin.

Apple sees Martin from the kitchen, Martin enters it. Apple still in shock.

"Hey! Apple, How you doing?"say Martin.

Apple petrifys. Briar get front of Martin, looks at him.

"Okay, Martin. Why don't you sit here?!"say Briar.

And takes him on a couch, while he looks at Apple, Briar goes to Apple's side. Apple turns her back and starts to drink water. Briar comes to her side.

"Okay! You gotta keep you head up high, stay calm, okay and you told me that you seen him before, so?"say Briar.

"But it's not like that, I've seen him from a distance and wasn't able to speak him, and now he is in my room and I don't know what I'm gonna say or do."say Apple scaredly.

Briar looks at Martin, while he looks her back, she returns to Apple.

"Look, just relax and talk with him, okay?"say Briar.

Apple takes deep breath and goes to him side, Martin gets up, Apple shakes his hand, Martin gets shock.

"Apple, are you okay?"say Martin.

"Yeah, I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?"say Apple happily but anxiosly.

"Okay, I 'm just came here to see you but you don't feel good, so...I'm gonna go."say Martin.

Martin leave the house, Apple breaths.

"What was that?"say Briar.

"It was so terrible."say Apple 

And throws herself into the seat. Briar caresses her hair.

"Everything well be okay."say Briar and puts her head down to Apple's back.

Apple gets up and notices something.

"Wait a minute, how he remembers me?"ask Apple curiously.

"I don't know."say Briar.

Apple takes her jacket and leave the house fastly.

"Where are you going?"ask Briar.

"I've got things to do."say Apple while leaving the house.

Ever After High.

At Martin and Apple's date. They sit quietly.

"So, your a princess, right?"say Martin while taking a fork on his food.

"Yeah, and you're a prince, I guess."say Apple.

"Yeah, how do you know?"ask Martin.

Apple shows the tattoo his neck.

"That tattoo, are you from Camelot?"say Apple

Martin touches her tattoo.

"Yes, I'm the heir of Camelot."say Martin sadly

"So, aren't you happy about it?"say Apple.

"I mean, not so, I wanna fight, I wanna be a knight."say Martin.

"You can be king and fight."say Apple

"It's not like that, when you're king and you wnet into a fight, people are worrying that they're gonna kill you and goes gentle on you, I don't want that."say Martin.

"Yeah, and this makes your life better."say Apple.

"No, I wanna fight, I wanna went into adventures, also I'm not into all that political stuffs."say Martin.

Apple takes a drink from her coke.

"So what do you wanna be a queen."say Martin.

"Well, I'm the heir of the Kingdom of Hearts, so...heck yeah, I wanna be a queen."say Apple.

"Well, isn't it gonna be boring."say Martin.

"No, I don't think it will."say Apple.

Five bandits enters the dinner. Suddenly, a robbery happens to it. Martin and Apple gets scared.

"Get down, eveyone."say one of the bandits.

Apple and Martin, gets down. Robbery still goes on. Martin reach for his sword, he gets up and his sword crashed with the bandit's one. Martin push him out of windows, with his sword, then a white lights surround around sword. Apple sees that and gets suprised.

Then Martin goes to another bandit, and fights with him. Then another bandit comes and fights with him, Martin push them away, then Martin stab his sword on the ground, then bandits feel a pain that causes the leave the restaurant. Owner of the restaurant goes to Martin's side.

"You're a hero gentleman, you saved us tonigh, here's a %50 food code for you to use."say owner the restaurant.

"Thank you ma'am."say Martin.

Everyone claps him while he's walking to his table back. He sits at table.

"What was that?"say Apple curiosly.

"Well, uhh...that's my sword, it's magical, left for me from my dad."say Martin.

"You're carrying by your side, all the time."say Apple.

"Yeah, you don't know when's the danger come."say Martin.

"It's cool but how it became magical."say Apple.

"Uhh...I don't know, some man makes a magic on it, that's why it's magical, I guess."say Martin.

"I love it."say Apple.

"Really?"say Martin.

"Yeah, I love it."say Apple

Martin leaves Apple her castle, they talk a little bit.

"It was a great night, thank you."say Apple.

"Me too."say Martin

Apple kisses Martin from his check. 

"See you on the school tomorrow."say Apple

Then Apple smiles and runs away, Martin smiles and walks away.

New York.

Apple goes to Farrah's house, Lizzie opens the door.

"Hi, Apple."say Lizzie happily.

Apple enters it and looking for the Farrah.

"Where's Farrah?"say Apple.

"She's with Tiny."say Lizzie.

Apple goes to Tiny's door and knocks it. 

"Farrah open the door, I know you're in that."say Apple fiercely.

While they make out, they hear the door knocks.

"Who could it be?"say Farrah.

"You wait here, I go to open."say Tiny

Tiny wars his gown and goes to open the door. He opens it.

"Hi, Apple."say Tiny

Apple enters it, Lizzie enters after her. Lizzie looks at Tiny like she's sorry, Tiny gets mad. Apple looking for the Farrah, she enters the bedroom.

"Wow, Apple!!!"say Farrah scaredly and covers herself.

"We need to talk, get dressed."say Apple.

Farrah comes to Apple's side with dressed up.

"So what do you wanna talk?"say Apple while taking coffee from Tiny.

"I wanna talk about Martin."say Apple.

"Who's him?"say Lizzie.

"He was my boyfriend."say Apple

Then Apple turns her head to Farrah.

"So, how he could remember me?"say Apple

Farrah takes a drink form his coffee.

"It's a long story."say Farrah.

"I've got time."say Apple

Then Farrah starts to tell how Martin remembers her.

Enchanted Forest.

After the gradutation, five minutes left to curse to happen, Farrah goes to a magical cave with some students and some magical creatures, she enters the cave, she sees someone. She get closer to it slowly.

"Who are you?"ask Farrah.

"Who's asking?"ask Martin.

"I'm Farrah Goodfairy, daughter of the Fairy Godmother, who are you?"say Farrah.

Martin stabs his sword to the ground, lights appears around the cave. He get closer to Farrah.

"I'm Martin Pendragon, the right heir fo Camelot, the protector of Marlin's sword."say Martin

Farrah notices someting, the robe Martin wears it's purple.

"Are you from Ever After High?"say Farrah.

"Yeah, how did you know?"say Martin.

"The robe you wearing, it's purple, are you gratutated?"say Farrah

"Yeah, how about you?"ask Martin.

"I've got one year left."say Farrah.

"Let's not forget it."say Martin.

Then Martin lift his sword up.

"Soul of Merlin, if you're hearing me, save the people inside this cave from the curse and keep our memorys alive."say Martin

Cave starts to shake.

"Martin, what's happening?"ask Farrah scaredly.

"Don't worry!"say Martin.

Farrah holds the sword. Then both of their eyes get white.

New York.

"Then the curse happen and me, Martin and some people remembers what happened."say Farrah.

"Where are they people now?"say Apple

"I don't know, the only one who reaches me is Martin."say Farrah

"What about others, have you not considered about others?"say Apple

"I have but the first thing, I have to do is the break the curse. Also half of them are fairies, elves and orcs probably then turn into humans."say Farrah.

"That's worse, they don't know how to live like people."say Apple

"Yeah, that's why we gotta be fast."say Farrah

"Okay, I've gotta go to work."say Tiny

"Tiny, keep on eye to Raven."say Apple.

"Always."say Tiny.


At Dexter apartment, Dexter and Darling having good times.

"He says, he's gonna take us one by one but he doesn't show up today."say Darling.

"Also we didn't hear from Apple."say Dexter.

"She's a strong woman, she's probably is fine."say Darling.

"You're right, I guess."say Dexter.

Then Daring enters the aparment. He snaps his fingers and Dexter fainst. Daring's eyes gets black. Darling goes to Dexter's side. Dexter wakes up in a dark void. He sees Daring.

"Welcome, brother. Let's fight."say Daring

Then holds a sword against Dexter.Dexter gets terrified.

White Void.

Martin and Farrah finds themselves in a white void. They see two person one of them is down other one holds a sword agains to the person whose down.

"Are they Dexter and Daring?"say Farrah

"Where?"say Martin.

"Look."say Farrah

Martin looks at them.Martin runs to them with sword in his hand.

"What are you doing?"say Farrah.

"I need to stop him, he's gonna kill Dexter."say Martin.

Them Martin finds himself in a Dark Void. He gets shocked. Daring is gonna kill Dexter but Martin stops him. Dexter gets shocked.

"Run."say Martin to Dexter.

He starts to run, then a sword fight between Martin and Daring starts. Then Daring gets a scar from Martin's sword, then Daring and Dexter disappear. After a while Martin and Farrah disappear too.


Dexter wakes up, he looks at Daring, Daring leaves while holding his arm.

"What happened?"say Darling.

"I don't know."say Dexter.

Washington County Jail.

Tiny goes to Raven's side to talk. She sits on a table. Tiny sits with her.

"What?"say Raven.

"Listen to me, I know what you did, and I know who are you, so you better watch out, my eyes on you."say Tiny

Then leaves her side.

"I know who you are, Tiny,  you dob't act like so soft."say Raven

Tiny gets shock, Raven goes to her side, Tiny turns his face to Raven, they look at each other.

"So, when am I gonna get out?"say Raven.

Chapter 14:Sparrow Hood

Nottinghamshire/Nasty Arrow's Inn

Apple waits for Madeline in a front of a inn. Madeline comes running. She wears a brown cloak same as Apple. Apple sees her. 

"Where the hell are you?"ask Apple angrily.

"I'm here. don't worry."say Madeline.

Apple and Madeline looks at inn.

"So, what your dad gonna do with that flower?"ask Apple looking Madeline.

"I don't know, I guess he needs for a potion and we could find the person who knows the flower."say Madeline

Then they enter the inn. There's a guy sitting front of pub. Madeline sees him.

"Over here."say Madeline to Apple 

Then they go to the guy's side. 

"Hi!!"say Madeline 

The guy turns to them.

"Hi!!"say guy.

Apple and Madeline gets shocked because it's their high school friend Sparrow Hood.

New York

A door knocks of an apartment in New York. Samuel Maine the curse version of Sparrow Hood goes to open it. It's Daring.

"Hello, old friend."say Daring.

"Hello, Derek come in."say Sparrow.

Daring enters it, take a look around the house.

"You have a lovely house."say Daring.

"Thank you, do you want something to drink?"asl Sparrow while walking to kitchen.

"Coffee will be fine."say Daring

Then Daring takes a sit. Sparrow comes with the coffees. Sits his side.

"So, what you've been up to?"ask Sparrow.

"Fine, fine how about you?"say Daring.

"I'm fine, what about Lizzie?"ask Sparrow

"She left me, I'm tryna' found her but I can't. I need a little help, can you help me?"say Daring.

"Well, I've got things to do right now but I might help you."say Sparrow.

"Thank you so much."say Daring.

Daring gets up.

"You just didn't come here for this, right?"ask Sparrow.

"I'm sorry Samuel, but I've got things to do."say Daring

Daring leaves the apartment. Sparrow looks outside angrily.

Meanwhile Farrah's Apartment.

"She knows, everything, believe me."say Tiny.

"She can't be, she is not in the cave with us."say Farrah

Then Farrah turn to Martin.

"Unless?!"say Farrah

"What? I didn't do anything."say Martin.

Farrah, Tiny and Lizzie looks at Martin. Martin gets up from the table he sits.

"Look, maybe the curse didn't effect her, eventually, she's the daughter of the Evil Queen, so..."say Martin.

"You may be right."say Farrah

Then Farrah turns to Tiny.

"Can you get her to get early release?"say Farrah

"I can try but it could be hard."say Tiny.

"I believe you."say Farrah and give a kiss to Tiny.

"I've gotta go."say Tiny.

"Can you take me to the supermarket. I need to buy some stuffs."say Martin.

"Okay!"say Tiny

Tiny and Martin leaves the apartment. Lizzie looks terrified. Farrah noticeses.

"Are you okay?"say Farrah.

"Yeah, I just need to take a rest."say Lizzie.

"Okay!"say Farrah

Lizzie goes to bedroom.

Enhanted Forest/Hood Cabin

Sparrow comes to his cabin in the Enchanted Forest with Madeline and Apple. They enters it, Madeline and Apple take a look around the house.

"So, how do you find my lovely cabin?"say Sparrow.

"It's lovely."say Apple.

"So, where we can find this flower?"say Madeline.

"I recently found a book, I think I may have seen the flower you're talking about in this book."say Sparrow.

Sparrow takes a book and search for the flower, he finds it and pass it to Madeline and Apple.

"Blue Alpine Daiy, this flower only can find in Caucasian Rose Kingdom."say Sparrow.

Apple turns to Sparrow.

"Do you know this kingdom?"say Apple.

"Yeah, I've got a lover in there."say Sparrow.

"Duchess, right?"say Apple

"Yeah"say Sparrow.

Madeline give a read to book.

"After we found the flower, can I keep this book?"say Madeline.

"Of course."say Sparrow.

"Okay lead the way."say Apple.

Then all three take a road to Caucasian Rose Kingdom.

New York/Supermarket

Martin enters the supermarket. Briar sees him.

"Justine, can you cover me?"say Briar.

"Okay!"say Justie while reading a magazine behind the register.

Briar goes to Martin's side.

"How could you remember?"say Briar.

"What?!!"say Martin.

"Do you still remember Apple, how?"say Briar.

"I guess she already knows, how."say Martin while shooping.

"I wanna know too."say Briar.

"Why?"say Martin.

"Because, I wanna know are you one of the people who hurts my mom."say Briar.

Martin turns to Briar.

"No, I'm not, I never run in to your mother, but I know that we're fighting agains to same devil."say Martin.

Briar returns to Justine's side.

"So, where did you go?"say Justine.

"I needed to talk with someone."say Briar.

Caucasian Rose Kingdom

Sparrow comes to Caucasian Rose Kingdom. Duchess welcomes them.She hughs to Sparrow.

"I'm so happy to see you."say Duchess.

"Me too, I guess you remember Madeline and Apple."say Sparrow.

"Yeah, I do."say Duchess

Duchess and Apple have a drama, Apple gets closer to Duchess.

"Hi, Duchess."say Apple.

"Hi, Apple and Madeline."say Duchess

Madeline waves to her. Duchess turns to Sparrow.

"So, what brings you here?"say Duchess.

"A flower, it needs for my dad."say Madeline

They walk towards inside the kingdom.

"What kind of a flower?"say Duchess.

"Blue Alpine Daiy."say Apple.

"I don't know about that flower, but you need to be very careful every plant on this kingdom, they can be very dangerous."say Duchess.

"You say."say Sparrow.

Madeline finds the flowers.

"Here it is."say Madeline.

They take a look at flower then the book.

"It is, let's take it and leave this place."say Sparrow.

"Sparrow before you leave, can we talk for a bit, private?"ask Duchess.

Martin give a look at Madeline and Apple, then they walk away with the flower.

"So, what's the matter?"say Sparrow

Duchess starts to cry.

"Duchess, why are you crying?"say Sparrow

"I'm sorry, Sparrow, I can't turn back to Ever After, I need to stay here and be the queen of my kingdom and it's gonna be bad if I can't see you every day."say Duchess in tears

Sparrow hugs to Duchess, then he starts to cry too.

"Okay!! Okay!!, I get it, I guess this is the end."say Sparrow.

"I guess so."say Duchess

Sparrow walks away, they give each other one last look. Then Sparrow returns to Apple and Madeline's side. They see the tears in his eyes and hugs him. They break

"C'mon let's get outta here."say Sparrow.

Dark Void

Daring meets with Evil Queen at theDark Void.

"So did you do it?"ask Evil Queen.

"He said, he's gonna help."say Daring.

"So let's go."say Evil Queen

Then they appear in Sparrow's apartment, Sparrow gets shock, he sees Daring.

"Daring?!"say Sparrow terrified.

Evil Queen turns his face to herself.

"My beautiful child, don't worry, everything's gonna be fine."say Evil Queen.

Sparrow eyes turns to black. he finds himself in a Dark Void and hears Evil Queen's voice.

"Look at her, she's the reason you're alone now."say Evil Queen

Apple appears.

"Look at her, she's so happy, she doesn't even care you're sad or not."say Evil Queen

Sparrow gets mad and screams.

"Now go and finish her."say Evil Queen.

Sparrow walk towards to Apple's apartment.


Justine passes from the cashier what Martin buys from the supermarket.

"45$"say Justine.

"Here."say Martin passes Justine 50$

While he gets out from the supermarket, Briar gives a look at her. Martin noticeses.

"What??"ask Martin angrily.

"Nothing."say Briar and looks away.

"Okay, let's go to her, I'm gonna tell her, everything."say Martin.

Martin walks away, Briar stays where she is. Martin turns around.

"C'mon!!"say Martin

Then Briar goes with him. Meanwhile Sparrow comes the Apple's apartment. He breaks the door, Apple gets terrified. Apple gets up, Sparrow get closer to her. He chokes her.

Meanwhile Briar and Martin comes to Apple's apartment, they see the door is broken, they run to the apartment. They see what's going on. Martin hits Sparrow with a vase, he leaves Apple's choke, she falls to the ground, Sparrow walks to Martin, Briar goes to Apple's side.

"Are you okay?"say Briar.

Apple shook his head in the sense of yes while holding her neck. She looks at Sparrow. She gets up.

"Sparrow, you don't have to do this, you know who you are, you are someone better than this."say Apple

She walks to Sparrow, Briar follows her, Apple touches Sparrow's shoulder, then her eyes turns to white.

White Void.

Apple finds herself in a white void. she turns her back and sees Sparrow down his kness in a dark void. she goes to him.

"Sparrow?!"say Apple.

He turns to her.

"You did this, you're the reason I'm alone, and now I'm never gonna find her."say Sparrow.

"Sparrow, trust me, we're gonna find her."say Apple.

"No, no. You're always laugh, you never think about me."say Sparrow.

"Yes, I never think about you, because there's so many things I think beside you, do you remember what happened after we take that flower."say Apple.

Wonderland/Mad Hatter's Cabin.

Madeline come to home. She looks for her dad.

"Dad, I got the flower."say Madeline.

She goes to living room, she sees her dad talking with Evil Queen.

"What's going on?"ask Madeline scaredly.

"Don't worry Madeline, just give me the flower."say Mad Hatter.

"What she is doing here?"say Madeline

"Don't worry, just give the flower."say Mad Hatter.

Madeline starts run, but Evil Queen uses her powers, she takes Madeline's backpack.

"There it is."say Evil Queen

After she take the flower, she sees something else.

"Finally, I found it, where did you found it?"say Evil Queen.

"I'm never gonna tell you."say Madeline.

"Anyways, I get what I need, you may go."say Evil Queen.

Madeline takes her backpack and starts to run. She goes to Nasty's Arrow Inn, looks for the Sparrow, he gets out from the bathroom, he sees Madeline, he goes to her side. She seems sad.

"What happened?"ask Sparrow.

"She take eveything, I didn't know, sorry, I didn't know."say Madeline then starts to cry

Then Sparrow gives a hug to her.

"Did Apple know about this?"ask Sparrow

"No, I don't tell her, yet"say Madeline

"Okay, let's just keep this secret for now."say Sparrow.

White Void.

"C'mon, Sparrow, just take my hand and remember who you are."say Apple

Sparrow gives his hand to Apple, she pulls him to White Void. They hug and they return to Apple's apartment, Sparrow turns to Apple and hugs her.

"So, do you remember, everything?"ask Apple

"Yeah and she know that we're coming for her."say Sparrow.

"Who are you talking about?"say Briar.

"Madeline, she knows everything."say Sparrow.

"How?!"say Martin.

"The deal her dad made with Evil Queen."say Sparrow.

"We better found her."say Apple.

Dark Void.

"My queen, I know some one weaker than Sparrow and he helps us better than him."say Daring.

"Who?"ask Evil Queen.

"Hopper Croakington II."say Daring.

"Let's do this then."say Evil Queen.

Hopper's apartment.

He wakes up with the darkness in his eyes.

Chapter 15:Rosabella Beauty

New day at Ever After High, and a new student arives in. It was Rosabella Beauty the cousin of Briar Beauty they talk with each other on the way of the school.

"I know, you just move here but this place is cool, you can trust me."say Briar.

"Briar, you know I always trust you."say Rosabella.

They enter the school, Apple sees Briar.

"Hey, Briar!!"shout Apple

Apple walks to her, then she push Rosabella away, she falls.

"Hi!!"say Apple

She sees Rosabella on the floor, whose tryna' get up.

"Who's her?"ask Apple

Rosabella get up on the floor and extends her hand to Apple.

"Hi, I'm Rosabella, I'm Briar co..."say Rosabella but Briar interupts her.

"She's my kindergarten friend, yeah, she's my kindergarten friend."say Briar anxiously

"Okay!!"say Apple nervously

Rosabella looks at Briar amgrily.

"I need to go to class, see you later, Briar."say Rosabella and walks away.

"Okay, see you later!!"say Briar anxiously

Briar gets relief, Apple gets curious.

"Are you okay??"ask Apple 

"Yeah, why wouldn't i be?"say Briar anxiously

"I don't know, you kinda looked nervously."say Apple.

"It's just Rosabella, there's nothing to worry about."say Briar.

"Are you sure?"say Apple.

"Yeah, c'mon we're gonna be late for class."say Briar.

She walks, Apple goes behind her.

New York/Davis's Place

A girl walks in the dinner, Apple sees her and gets shocked, the girls walk to Ashlynn.

"Hey, is he here?"say the girl

"Who?"say Ashlynn

"Harold!"say the girl

First Ashlynn gets confused, then she remembers Harold is cursed name of Hunter.

"Oh!! he's in his office."say Ashlynn.

The girl goes to Hunter's office, his door it's open, she knocks it.

"Hey, do you got more?"say the girl.

"It's been a while since I saw you."say Hunter.

"Yeah, I've been tryna' quit but it's not work it."say the girl.

Meanwhile Apple goes to Ashlynn.

"Hey, what she's doing here?"say Apple.

"Do you know her?"say Ashlynn.

"Yeah, she's Rosabella."say Apple

Ashylnn gets shocked.

In the Hunter's office.

"I'm out of order but I know someone who's got more drugs."say Hunter.

"Okay, let's go than."say Rosabella.

Hunter takes his car key, then they walk out while they walk out, Apple holds Harold's arm.

"Be careful with her."say Apple fiercely to his ears.

"Geez, I will, who's her even?"say Hunter.

"Rosabella."say Apple.

Hunter gets scared.

"Do we go or not?"say Rosabella.

"Yeah we will."say Hunter.

Hopper's apartment.

Briar wakes up and she notice Hopper is not there, she goes to his wrok place and ask about him. She sees one of the workers, goes to her.

"Hey, you! Have you seen Harry, your boss."say Briar.

"No, he isn't been here since the morning, we thought he's with you."say the worker.

"No, if he be with me why would i come here?!!"say Briar fiercely.

"I don't know, but we will notify you as soon as we hear from him."say the worker.

"Thanks!!"say Briar.

The Supermarket.

"So he's missing since the morning."say Justine.

"Yeah, I hope he returns."say Briar desperately.

"I hope so."say Justine.

Ever After High.

At the cafeteria, Rosabella looks around with her lunch table at her hand, she looks Briar, she's sitting her friend laughing with her friend, she rolls her eyes and walks away, she sees Darling and sits her cross.

"Hi, I'm Rosabella, and you?"say Rosabella.

"I'm Darling."say Darling.

"So, how's your day going?"say Rosabella.

"Good."say Darling desperately.

Rosabella notice Darling looks someone sadly, it's her brother Daring and he sits with Briar, Apple & Hopper. Rosabella turns to her.

"Well, if someone doen't love you or finds you lame, it means they never love you, so don't care about that people, someday someone will love you."say Rosabella.

Darling looks at her.

"I like you."say Darling.

"Thanks."say Rosabella.

After the lunch, Daring sees Rosabella while she's puts some books in her closet, he goes to her.

"Hey, I heard yo new here, do you want me to show you around?"say Daring.

"Thanks, it'll be nice."say Rosabella.

They walk around the town.

"Yeah it's pretty much everything, do you want some drink coffee?"say Daring.

"Yeah, it's cool."say Rosabella.

While they sit at Maddie's Tea & All Cafe, Darling enters it with Chase and Cerise and sees Rosabella and Daring. Darling gets angry, walks to them.

"Rosabella, what are you doing with my brother?"say Darling.

"Well, we're just drinking coffee."say Daring.

"Rosabella, why you here...with my brother?"say Darling.

"Relax, he's just showing me around."say Rosabella.

"I thought we were friends."say Darling.

"We are."say Rosabella.

"Bullshit."say Darling angrily

Then she storms out.

Martin's apartment.

Hunter knocks Martin's apartment's door, he goes to open sees Hunter with Rosabella.

"Come in!!"say Martin regretfully.

Rosabella and Hunter enters it. Door closes

"So what do you want?"say Martin.

"So do you got drugs?"say Rosabella.

"No, I sold them all."say Martin.

"You too."say Rosabella.

"Yeah!!"say Martin.

Martin turns to Hunter.

"You know her, right, like know her know her."say Martin.

"Yeah, I know."say Hunter.

"So you don't got drugs, and you don't got neither."say Rosabella.

"Yeah!!"say both desperately.

The Supermarket.

Ashlynn enters the supermarket and goes to Brair.

"Briar, you need to know something??"say Ashlynn.

"What?? Do you know where's Hopper??"say Briar excitedly.

"No, but Rosabella are on drugs, Hunter take him somewhere, I don't where, you should as him."say Ashlynn.

"Why don't you ask?"say Justine.

"Because he doesn't give me an answer, I know that."say Ashlynn.

"Okay, I'll call him."say Briar.

She calls Hunter. Hunter responds.

"Alo!!"say Hunter.

"Where are you?? And I want you to tell me truth."say Briar.

"I'm at the dinner."say Hunter.

"Don't lie to me, Ashlynn came the supermarket and told me to truth."say Briar.

"Damn it, we're at Martin's."say Hunter.

"Okay, I'm coming."say Briar and she hangs up.

"Who's that?"say Martin.

"It was Briar."say Hunter

First Martin acts chill, then he remebers Rosabella is Briar'c ousin and he gets nervous.

"Oh, shit!!"say Martin.

Ever After High.

Two days after the Rosabella's first day on Ever After High. She mades new friends since she has a feud with Darling, her new friends, Cedar Wood comes to her side.

"Hi, good morning!!"say Cedar.

"Hi!!"responds Rosabella.

They walk to class, Briar goes to Rosabella.

"Hey, Rosabella, can I talk with you?"say Briar.

Rosabella turns to Cedar.

"I'll catch up with you."say Rosabella.

"Okay, bye"say Cedar

Cedar walks away, Rosabella turns to Briar.

"What do you want?"say Rosabella.

"I wanna say sorry, I've been a bitch, so from now on I'm gonna be proud of you, because you're kind of interesting and I know what happened between you and Darling, maybe I can help you fix that."say Briar.

"Thanks but you're not the type of the person, I hang out with, so..."say Rosabella 

"Well, it's not bad.Okay, see you later, I guess."say Briar sadly.

She walks away, Rosabella gets confused, she returns to Briar while she walks away.

"You know, I'm joking, right?"say Rosabella.

She returns to Rosabella.

"Yeah, yeah, of course, I know."say Briar.

Then they hug and they walk to their classes.

New York.

Briar drive to Martin's apartment, while she's driving Hopper's appears out of sudden, she changes her direction because not the hit Hopper, she gets crashed into a bin, she step out from the car.

"Hopper, what are you doing?"say Briar.

Hopper has dark eyes, Briar sees them and gets shocked, then she faints. She wakes up and sees Hopper.

"Hopper?!"say Briar curiously.

Hopper returns to her and strangles her.

Martin's apartment.

Martin and Hunter hears some voices, they looked at Rosabella.

"Is she slepping??"say Martin.

"I guess so."say Hunter.

In her dreams Rosabella finds herself in a dark room, she's sees Hopper and Briar. She gets angry, screams and attack Hopper, she punches his face, Briar tries to stop her, she takes away Rosabella.

"Rosabella, what are you doing?"say Briar fiercely.

"I don't know, I just got angry when I see you like that."say Rosabella.

Hopper gets up, looks at them. Then both of them wakes up.

"Are you okay??"say Hunter.

"Where's Briar??"say Rosabella.

Martin and Hunter gets confused. Rosabella gets up and runs, Martin and Hunter follows her, Rosabella and Briar sees each other, they hug each other.

"You remember??"say Briar.

"Yeah, I remember."say Rosabella.

Martin and Hunter looks at Briar, she seems awful.

"Briar, are you okay?"say Martin.

"Yeah, but I need to tell you something, we need to meet with others."say Briar.

Davis's Place.

So, Briar, Rosabella, Hunter and Martin, meets with Apple, Ashlynn, Dexter and Farrah at Davis's Place. Briar tells them what happened.

"So what are we going to do?"say Dexter.

"Well, there's only one person, I know whose mind controlling people and I hope you know that person too."say Farrah.

Everyone looks at each other.

"Well, we need to make sure about that."say Farrah.

Washington County Jail.

"Of course, it's my mom, who else it's gonna be?!!"say Raven 

Martin and Briar looks each other.

"I also get so happy to see you guys."say Raven.

"You know where she is?"ask Martin.

"Uhhh!! Nope, but I know someone who can help you. Madeline!."say Raven

"Where we can find her?"say Briar.

"I think you know where you can find her."say Raven.

Chapter 16:Chase Redford

Martin and Briar drives to asylum where Madeline stays. They arrive. They both look at asylum

"Is this the place?"ask Briar.

Martin looks at paper, Raven give to them.

"According to address, Raven give to us, yeah, this is the place."say Martin.

Briar looks at Martin, Martin looks at her happily.

"C'mon, let's find out how we can stop Evil Queen!!"say Martin.

Briar rolls her eyes, They both get out of car and walk towards in to the asylum.

Wonderland High School.

New day at WHS, Chase walk in the cafeteria, he seems sad, his phone rings.

"Hey!!"say Chase.

"Hey, Chase. Come at Enchanted Forest, we've got some things to do."say Darling.

"Fine!!"say Chase.

Chase goes to Enchanted Forest, he hangs out with Cerise and Darling, while Cerise and Darling flirt with each other, he seems bored.

"So, what you guys call me?"ask Chase.

Darling turns to him.

"Oh! Yeah!! We called you because, you need watch out for Daring."say Darling.

Chase rolls his eyes. He walks away from Darling and Cerise, he lays on a tree. He sees a girl made of woods, he walk towards to her.

"Hi!!"say Chase.

She looks at Chase.

"Can I sit?"say Chase.

"Sure"say girl quietly.

"I'm Chase."say Chase.

"Cedar."say Cedar.

"Are you from here?"say Chase.

She inhales and exhales.

"Yes."say Cedar.

"Cool."say Chase.

After awhile.

"I...gotta go"say Cedar.

She gets up. Walks away.

"Wait!!"say Chase.

Cedar stops turns around to Chase.

"Can I get your number?"say Chase.

Cedar gives her number to Chase, then she walks away.

Chase goes back to Darling and Cerise's side.

"Where the fuck are you?"ask Cerise angrily.

"Sorry, I'm bored and I went to some walking."say Chase.

"It's okay, thang God, no one saw us."say Darling.

"Okay, let's go."say Cerise.

Then they walk away.

New York/Davis's Place.

Sparrow enters the dinner.

"Hey, Sparrow!!"say Apple

"Hi."say Sparrow anxiously.

"Are you okay?"say Apple.

"Yeah, I'm just excited because I found where Duchess is and I'm gonna save her, but I need help, can you help me?"say Sparrow.

"Sorry but you know, I gotta work."say Apple

Sparrow gets sad.

"But I know who can help!!"say Apple.

Martin's Apartment.

Sparrow gets fiercely, because he doesn't like Rosabella.

"No way!"say Sparrow fiercely.

He walks away, Apple stops him.

"I know you've got some issues with Rosabella, but she can help you, I think."say Apple.

Sparrow walks towards to Rosabella.

"So, can you help me save Duchess?"say Sparrow.

"Perhaps, do you know where she is?"say Rosabella.

"Of course, I know."say Sparrow.

"Fine. I'll help you, I was bored of sitting at home all day already."say Rosabella.

"Okay, since you started to get along, I better go back to work."say Apple.

Apple gets out from Martin's apartment.

"So, we better go and save my gf."say Sparrow.


"We're so sorry waiting you guy."say one of the nurses at asylum.

They come to Madeline's room.

"Here's Maddy, I hope she talks with you, she isn't go out of her room since she came here."say nurse

She turns to Madeline.

"Maddy, some friends of your's came here to visit you, maybe you want to talk with them, what do you say?"say nurse

Madeline does'nt respond. Nurse turns to Martin and Briar.

"Well, have fun, see you in a hour."say nurse and walk away.

Martin and Briar get closer to Madeline.

"Hi!! Madeline, I'm Martin and this is Briar, We know that you know everything, so tell us where is Evil Queen?"say Martin.

Madeline turns to them. She walk towards to them. Take a look at them, she starts to laugh. Martin and Briar gets worried then they look each other and start laughing anxiously.

"What's going on?"say Briar anxiously.

"I don't know but keep laughing."say Martin.

Madeline stops laughing.

"Come over here, guys. I've missed you."say Madeline and hugs them.

After the hug.

"C'mon guys, let's have chat, I've got so much to tell to you."say Madeline.


Chase at his room, he looks at Cedar's phone number, then his phone, he seems so torn, but in the end he decide to call her.

"Hi!"say Chase.

"Hi! I wasn't expect you to call me"say Cedar.

"Why?!"say Chase.

"I don't know, most guys think I'm weird, and the guys I give my number always mess with me. You're not gonna do like that, aren't you?"say Cedar.

"No, no. You can trust me besides I love weirdness."say Chase.

They laughs.

"Hey!! Do you wanna met at the same place tomorrow?"say Chase.

"Yeah, that would be great."say Cedar.

"Okay, see you tomorrow."say Chase.

"See you tomorrow, bye!"say Cedar

Then they hang up. In the Cedar's room at EAH.

"Who's that?"say Cerise.

"It's just some boy, I met today, his so gentle and nice, also cute."say Cedar.

"Good for you girl, I'm so happy for you."say Cerise.

"Thanks."say Cedar.

"So, what's his name?"ask Cerise.

"Chase, he's from Wonderland, I guess."say Cedar.

Cerise gets shock.

"Wait, his name is Chase??"say Cedar.

"Yeah, what happened?"say Cedar.

"I know him, he's my best friend."say Cerise.

"Okay, what do you want me to do?"say Cedar.

"Nothing, I just get shock, geez."say Cerise.

"Anyways, I'm going to sleep, good night."say Cedar.

"Good night."say Cerise.

New York/Asylum.

Madeline walks with Martin and Briar  on the backyard of asylum.

"Then I run away and tell everything to Sparrow, after a while we keep this as a secret but eventually, she found that and get so angry."say Madeline.

"Wow!! This must be hard for you keeping a secret."say Martin.

"Yeah, it was hard."say Madeline.

Madeline sees some familiar face. She zone out to him.

"Madeline, are you okay?"say Briar.

Madeline walk towards to the guy.

"Chase is that you?"say Madeline.

"No, but my name is Chad, if you wanna hang out sometimes i'm cool"say Chase.

"They got you too. Oh My God!! This is bad."say Madeline

She gets worry.

"Wait, he's Chase."say Martin.

"Yes, he is and I don't know how to bring his memories back."say Madeline.


3 months after Chase and Cedar broke up and he start to date with Martin, and while Chase with Cedar he transported in EAH, so he could be closer to her, but he didn't see the what's coming. Chase getting his book from his closet while Martin comes to his side. He locks her closet. Martin scares him.

"BOO!!"says Martin.

"Don't do that!!"says Chase.

"Sorry."says Martin.

"It's okay."says Chase.

"Do you want me to come with you?"say Martin.

"You know the answer, c'mon."says Chase

Then they both walk to the pit leads to the Wonderland. They come to the pit.

"Okay, see you later."says Chase.

"See you later."says Martin.

They share a kiss, after the kiss, Chase jumps in the pit.

New York/Asylum.

Martin walks to Chase. Briar sees it.

"Martin, what are you doing?"say Briar.

While he walks to Chase.

"Trust me, this will work."say Martin.

He goes and kisses Chase. Briar and Madeline runs to him.

"Are you crazy?"ask Briar schokly.

"What did you do?"ask Madeline shockly.

Chase faints. He wakes up in a dark void. He sees Martin.

"I'm sorry but I have to go, I hope you remember me, I'm such a stupid, I know you won't remember me."says Martin while crying.

Chase wipes off his tears.

"Don't worry, I know you're gonna find me sometime."say Chase.

Then they share a kiss. Chase wakes up.

"What!! What happened?! Where am I?!"asks Chase.

"Don't worry you're in an asylum, but we're here to rescue you."say Martin.

He turns to Madeline and Briar.

"Madeline you come with me, Briar you take Chase and find a way out."say Martin.

Briar takes Chase then they split out. Madeline and Martin enters in asylum.

"What are we gonna do?"asks Madeline.

"We're gonna dance, we're gonna cause a distraction."says Martin.

Martin walks center of the hall and starts to dance, Madeline gets shock.

"C'mon, Maddy, join me."say Martin.

Then Madeline starts to dance too. Meanwhile Briar and Chase find a way out. Briar send a text to Martin.Meanwhile in the hall of asylum.

"C'mon everyone join us."says Martin.

Then all patients starts to dance. Martin gets a text from Briar.

"Briar find a way out, c'mon."whispers Martin to Madeline's ears.

"Okay, let's ditch."say Madeline.

Then they walk out with dancing. After they walk out they meet with Chase and Briar.

"C'mon we need to be fast."says Martin.

Then they get out from the asylum one by one, after they all get out, they started to run away. While they driving back to Martin's apartment. Madeline and Chase sleeping at the back seats. Briar turns to Martin.

"How did you know, Chase will remember everything, when you kissed him?"asks Briar.

"Well, Rosabella remember because you have  got some emotional connection between each other, and I thought maybe if I kiss him, they remember, maybe. And toss-up he remembered."say Martin happily.

"So, you and Chase, kind a thing, huh?"say Briar.

"Sort of. I loved him and he loved me but we can't be together."says Martin.

"Why?"asks Briar.

"Because, I'm in love with someone else."say Martin.

Briar looks at him, and lays her head down to his shoulder, then Martin drives to sunset

Chapter 17:Duchess Swan

Sparrow drives to where Duchess is, Rosabella sleps at the front seat. Rosabella wakes up.

"Good morning, sunshine!!"says Sparrow.

"Yeah, yeah. Where are we going again, I forgot?"asks Rosabella.

"A zoo, where Duchess works, we're gonna save him."says Sparrow.

"How did you find where she is?"says Rosabella.

"I saw her face on a bus commercial."says Sparrow.

"Ok, so let's go and save a swan."says Rosabella.

EAH Years Before

Duchess is new at EAH and Rosabella give her a tour.

"Okay, so this is your locker, the password is written on it, and this is your schedule, hope I see you again,bye"says Rosabella.

Duchess opens her closet and puts her books in it, after that she locks her closet and goes to her first class, while she's walking down the hallway, she came across with Daring. They bump each other.

"Sorry!!" says both of them

They eyes crossed.

"Hi, I'm Daring, and you are?"asks Daring.

"My name is Duchess, I'm new here."says Duchess.

"So, you lost huh?"asks Daring.

"Kinda."says Duchess.

"Well, let me see where's your class?"asks Daring

Daring takes a look at Duchess schedule.

"It's good, we're in the same class. C'mon let me to accompany you."says Daring.

Duchess get shy at first, then she and Daring goes to their class.

New York/Apple's Apartment.

At the front of Apple's apartment. Briar and Madeline have a talk.

"Do I have to?"asks Madeline nervously.

"C'mon. You have to do it, it's the only way she can forgive you."says Briar.

Briar knock the door. Apple opens it.

"Suprise!!"says Madeline while doing jazz hands.

Briar and Madeline enters it, Apple sits on a chouch and reads a magazine. Briar and Madeline looks each other. Briar give a sign to Madeline and she starts to apologize to Apple.

"Hey, Apple. I know it's been a while, and I know I needed to this before but I'm sorry..."says Madeline.

Apple stands up.

"You said sorry hundred of times, and I never forgive you, You did something unforgivable, and you need to live with that."says Apple.

"You know what Apple, you're right, I'm a stupid, I'm a crazy girl who tryna' save her father but you never gonna get that because you have to live happily life. I mean look around you, you're the saviour, and I'm just a crazy girl."says Madeline

Madeline storms out.

"Madeline?!"says Briar.

Briar look at Apple.

"Look what you did?"says Briar

Briar goes behind of Madeline.

Apple laids on couch and look at Martin's locket. Madeline sits on stairs, Briar sits with her.

"I know she can be cruel sometimes, but you gotta deal with it, I'm pretty sure you need to get that."says Briar.

"I know but I'm just sick of it."says Madeline.

"What's up, girls?"says Apple.

They turn to her. Apple goes and sits between them.

"Look, you guys at my bestfriend and I don't wanna lose you, so I'm sorry for being such a bitch."says Apple

All of them laughs.

"I'm sorry too."says Madeline.

"You don't need to, you did the best think for your father and yourself, I appreciate that."says Apple

Then Apple turns to Briar.

"And I know we're gonna save Hopper, also I'm gonna get back with Martin"says Apple.

Madeline and Briar looks each other regretufully. Apple notices it.

"What, what happened?"asks Apple.

"Apple you need to know something."says Madeline while holding her hand.

Martin's Apartment. Chase and Martin enters it.

Chase look around the house, Martin puts his car keys on the counter and sees a note.

"I have to go save Duchess with Sparrow, if you wondered who is Duchess? She's the swan girl at EAH she was really mean and had a crush on Daring then she fell in love with Sparrow, you remember right, whatever, I'll be back home soon,      

         Love, Rosabella"

After Martin read the note, he turns the Chase.

"Well, I have another roommate, she's somewhere I don't know, right now, but you love her, trust me."says Martin. Chase turns to Martin. "It's not Apple, right?"asks Chase.

"No, God no!!"says Martin.

Chase get closer to Martin, and start to flirt with him.

"So, what do you say? You and me? In the bedroom? For the sake of good old days?"says Chase.

Then they start to make out.

Dexter's Apartment.

Darling looks sad. Dexter notices it.

"Why the sad face?"asks Dexter.

Darling lays out on a chouch, and looks at a picture of her and Cerise.

"I just missed her."says Darling.

Dexter sits with her.

"What you say? To finding her?"asks Dexter.

"But we don't know where she is!!"says Darling sadly.

Dexter takes "the book" and shows to Darling. She gets happy.


Rosabella and Sparrow enters the zoo where Duchess worked at, she reads a magazine. She sees Rosabella and Sparrow.

"Bella, can you look over here, we've got some dummies, here."says Duchess.

"Hi, guys, why are you here?"says Bella.

Rosabella and Sparrow gets suprised because Bella is actually Blondie Lockes.

"Yeah, yeah. We actually wanna talk with you...Dani."says Sparrow.

Duchess stop reading, turns to him.

"What you wanna talk?"asks Duchess.

"It'll be easier if you come with us."says Rosabella.

"Fine, let's go."says Duchess.

EAH Years Before.

Duchess swim at the lake, in the form of a swan, Sparrow comes here and practice guitar with Raven. Duchess gets uncomfortable and turns her human form.

"Can you guys just be quite?"asks Duchess

Raven and Sparrow gets terrified.

"Were you a human?"asks Raven.

"Duh!!"says Duchess.

"What are you doing here?"asks Sparrow.

"Uh!! I was swimming calmly, until you guys come and ruin it."says Duchess fiercely. Sparrow and Raven gets shocked.

"Wow!!"says Sparrow. Raven takes a look at Duchess.

"Wait, I know you, you're the girl who always hang out with Daring, I need to warn you, that guy has some issues, so be carefull."says Raven. "Yeah, she's right, Daring could be charming, also he could be extremely dangerous."says Sparrow.

"Also he such a playboy, he broke up with three girls in a year."says Raven.

Duchess. gets worried, turns to them.

"I don't care, It's like I love him."says Duchess with a confidence.

"Well, do you love him?"asks Sparrow.

"I don't know, he's cool."says Duchess.

"Every girl date with him, because they thought he's "cool".That's bullshit."says Raven.

Duchess turns around, and gets stressed.

New York/Davis's Place.

Tiny and Farrah enters it. Ashylnn sees them.

"Hi guys, what you doing?"asks Ashlynn happily.

"Nothing, we just wanna eat out!!"says Tiny.

"That's good."says Ashlynn.

Hunter cames their side.

"Hey guys, what's up?"asks Hunter.

"Good, how about you?"asks Farrah.

"As you can see, tired."says Ashylnn.

"Ouch!!"says Tiny

"Hey, why don't you guys get married?"asks Hunter.

"Yeah, how old are you? 22?"asks Ashylnn.

"Actually, we're all eighteen, seventeen or sixteen."says Farrah.

"What?"asks Ashylnn.

"Yeah, time stops for us when the curse happen. It could passed tow years but we still at the same age when the curse happen."says Farrah.

"Oh!! Dang!!"says Hunter.

Ashylnn and Hunter gets depressed.

"So, can we get two chesseburger with fries and medium size coke?"says Tiny.

Martin's Apartment.

Apple, Briar and Madeline crashes out. Martin and Chase hear some voices.

"What's that?"asks Chase.

"You stay here, I'm gonna go and check out."says Martin

He goes to check out, and sees Apple, Briar and Madeline.

"What are you guys doing here?"asks Martin to them.

"Is he here?"asks Apple fiercely.

"Who's here?"asks Martin.

Apple goes Martin's bedroom.

"Can you guys tell me what's happening?"asks Martin.

"Well, we kinda tell her that you and Chase have an affair."says Briar.

"What? Why did you do that?"asks Martin fiercely.

"We're sorry."says Briar.

"Yeah, we're kinda being vulnerable, sorry."says Madeline.

Apple holds Chase from his arm and comes to lounge with him.

"So, you girls are right, I can not believe you."says Apple.

"I'm sorry, Apple, but I've been feelin' so lonely and Chase was there with me, always."says Martin.

"Well, actually, It's been a day, but..."says Chase.

"I meant before the curse, Chase."says Martin fiercely.

"Sorry."says Chase.

"You know what, I should've know, you never gonna stick with me, you always saying things like "I wanna stay monogamy, I wanna be one woman or man for the rest of my life." now I see they were all bunch of bullshits, I'm outta here."says Apple.

Then she storms out.

"Apple, wait."says Martin.

"We so sorry, Martin."says Briar.

"Yeah, Martin."says Madeline.

"It's okay."says Martin.

"I should go."says Chase.

"No, stay here, even If I want you to go, where are you gonna go?"says Martin.

"Well."says Chase.

Dexter's Apartment.

The bell rings, Dexter opens the door.

"Hi, is she here?"asks Chase.

Darling sees Chase.

"Chase!!"says Darling suprisingly.

They hug, Chase enters it, then he tell everything to them.

"Don't worry, man. You can stay here as much as you want."says Dexter.

"Thank you. So what are you guys doing?"asks Chase.

"We're tryna' find Cerise."says Darling.

"Good, do you want me to help?"asks Chase.

"It'll be great."says Darling.

EAH Years Before.

Sparrow sees Duchess crying, he goes to her side.

"Duchess, what are you crying?"asks Sparrow.

"Nothing, I just found out, Daring loves someone else."says Duchess and continues to cry.

"Don't cry, there's plenty of guys out there. I'm pretty sure there's someone who loves you."says Sparrow.

"Thanks."says Duchess.

Duchess looks at Sparrow and kisses him.

"I'm sorry, I don't know, why I did, I'm such a stupid."says Duchess.

"No, no, It was cool, I mean, I never see you as you a lover but I mean if we start to date, it could be something."says Sparrow.

"You say?"asks Duchess.

"Yeah, I'll pick you tonight at seven."says Sparrow.

"That well be great."says Duchess.

"Well, see you tonight."says Sparrow.

Sparrow walks away, Duchess looks at him lovely.

New York/Zoo.

Rosabella and Sparrow discuss, how they can bring Duchess memories back.

"Do you got something belong to her?" asks Rosabella.

"I forgot, but I got something else on my mind."says Sparrow.

"What?"asks Rosabella.

Sparrow goes and kisses Duchess. Duchess faints

She find herself in a dark void.

"Come to me, my child, come to me."says Evil Queen

Duchess goes to sound. Then she hears another sound.

"Duchess please, don't go, I can't live without you."says Sparrow.

She turns to him.

"Bulllshit!!"says Duchess and goes to the Evil Queen's sound.

She wakes up and chokes Sparrow, Rosabella tries to stop her, she hits Duchess with a stick. Sparrow gets shock.

"C'mon we have to go."says Rosabella.

Sparrow stands still.

"Sparrow!!?"says Rosabela.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming."says Sparrow.

They get into car. Rosabella drives.

"What was that?"asks Sparrow.

"As I expected, your girlfriend now belongs to Evil Queen."says Rosabella.

"What are you saying?"asks Sparrow.

"Evil Queen must have acted before us, and now Duchess in controled by Evil Queen."says Rosabella.

"Like Hopper and Daring, we need to save her."says Sparrow.

"Man, that's why the others tryna find Evil Queen."says Rosabella.

Sparrow gets depressed.

Martin's Apartment.

Martin notices it, his locket is missing, Rosabella comes.

"Martin, I'm home."says Rosabella.

Martin comes out of his bedroom, looking sad and all. Rosabella goes and hug him and he starts to cry. Martin hugs her back.

Hopper's Apartment.

The bell rings, Briar goes to open it, It's Sparrow with a drink.

"Care for a drink?"says Sparrow.

Briar let him in. They talk about their shitty lifes and drink.

Washington County Jail.

"Raven, you have a visiter."says Tiny.

Raven goes to visiting room and sees Madeline. She gets so happy.

"I've missed you, so much."says Raven while hugging her.

"I've missed you too."says Madeline while hugging her.

Madeline sees Raven crying and wipes her tears.

Somewhere In The Woods.

"My children, we have a new member, say hi to her, Duchess Swan."says Evil Queen.

Daring, Hooper and Justice turns to Duchess, Duchess eyes turns to black, and now she is controlled by Evil Queen

Chapter 18:Cedar Wood

There's a new student at Ever After High, She enters the school, Blondie greets her.

"Hi, I'm Blondie Lockes, you must be Cedar, I'm the counselor student, and I'm gonna give you a tour around the school, now follow me."says Blondie.

Cedar follows her. They come in the swimming pool.

"So, this is our school's swimming pool. Do you like swim?"asks Blondie to Cedar.

"No."says Cedar.

"Cool, let's continue."says Blondie.

Blondie takes Cedar to the rooms.

"In Ever After High, everyone gets their own room and a roommate."says Blondie.

They came front of the Cedar's room.

"This is your room, this is it's key, this is your schedule, let me check a real, our first class is the same, your gonna love Fairy Godmother, she's the best, and last but not least, this is your locker's password."says Blondie

Blondie gives this things to Cedar. Cedar smiles nervously.

"Okay, you get in there and get ready, I'll wait for you."says Blondie.

"Thanks."says Cedar.

Cedar gets in her room, closes the door.

"Hi!!"says Cerise.

Cedar scares.

"Relax, I'm not a monster."says Cerise.

Cerise sees Cedar with lot of stuff.

"First day in here."says Cerise.

"Yeah."says Cedar.

"Let me help you."says Cerise.

"No, no, I got this."says Cedar.

Cedar puts her stuff on to her bed.

"Okay, I'm gonna go, so...see you later."says Cerise

Cerise gets out of the room, she sees Blondie.

"Good morning, Cerise."says Blondie happily.

Cerise rools her eyes and walks away, Cedar gets out of her room.

"So, let's go."says Blondie.

Our World

Some new couple moves in Apple's apartment's. They're have a little chat, in their car.

"Do you think, this is a good idea?"says the female one.

"Honey, this is the only place where you can find job."says the other female one.

"Okay, so, let's do this!!"says the female one.

They get in the apartment. They came across with Apple.

"Oh!! Hi, I'm Apple, you must be new tenantry."says Apple.

"Yeah, we are. I'm Margaret and this is my wife Cecilia, she isn't talk a lot. Now if you excuse us..."says Margaret.

"Uh! Oh! Of course, here, let me help you."says Apple

Apple takes the box from Margaret.

"Which floor are you sitting at?"asks Apple.

"Floor 5, number 6."says Margaret.

"No, shit, My house is 7."says Apple.

"Oh, great!!"says Margaret in a hopeless way.

Margaret and Cecelia goes to their car, take some boxes. They talk while they walk back in apartment.

"Who would have thought our neigboor is gonna be a annoying white woman?!!"says Margaret.

"I love her."says Cecilia.

Then they walk in the apartment.

Martin's House

While Martin and Rosabella have their breakfast, the door knocks. Martin goes to open it. It's Briar and Sparrow.

"So, we've got a plan to save Daring and others."says Sparrow 

"Good morning, to you, too."says Martin.

"Yeah, yeah."says Sparrow.

Then Briar and Sparrow gets in the house, Martin closes the door.

"Hi, Rosabella!!"says Briar.

"Hi, what's happening?"says Rosabella.

"We have plan to save Darin, Hopper and Duchess."says Sparrow.

"Well, aren't you gonna tell??"says Martin.

"Oh, right! So, I thought if we can get the book from Apple, we can find something about Evil Queen, like where is she."says Sparrow.

"We already knew, where she is."says Martin.

"We do?"asks Briar.

"Yeah, don't you remember, Madeline told us, last week."says Martin.

"Oh, right!!"says Brair.

"So, where is she??"asks Rosabella.

"Some woods. We don't know exactly which wood."says Briar.

"Oh! Great, now we have to look every wood around the world."says Sparrow then throw himself on a couch

"Relax, okay, she needs to be near, since the possessed ones are in New York, she must be in here, New York."says Rosabella.

"So, we should start to look around the woods in here, New York."says Sparrow.

"Great, but first, we need to do breakfast."says Martin.

"Do you guys wanna join?"asks Rosabella to Briar and Sparrow.

"Sure"says Sparrow.

Then all four of them have breakfast.

Davis's Place

Apple enters the diner, Ashlynn greets her.

"Good morning, honey, where have you been?"asks Ashlynn.

"There's just some lovely couple whose just moved next to my house, I was helping them."says Apple.

"Fine, get ready, you're already late."says Ashlynn.

Apple goes behind the register, Hunter comes to her side.

"Hey! Where's Martin?"asks Hunter.

"How should I know?"asks Apple.

"I don't know, you guys are a thing, now, I guess?!"says Hunter

Apple looks him madly, then he walks away.

"So, what's happening between you and Martin?"asks Ashlynn.

"I don't know, first, we're good now we kinda broke-up, like..."says Apple.

"Well, you should talk with him."says Ashlynn.

"I should??"says Apple curiously.

"Yeah, you should, you need to know what's going on."says Ashlynn.

Farrah's Apartment.

Madeline looks at the board. Lizzie comes to her side.

"Pretty sick, right?"says Lizzie.

She walks away.

"I get, why you don't wanna talk with me, but we are the only ones whose from Wonderland, we should stick together."says Lizzie.

Madeline looks her.

"You know, what you did, why you wanna be friends, now."says Madeline.

"It wasn't my fault, you know that."says Lizzie fiercely.

"I mean...It was your fault...kinda."says Madeline.

"Well, I'm sorry."says Lizzie

"It's okay."says Madeline

Farrah comes to their side.

"Why aren't you ready, yet?"asks Farrah.

"What are you talking about?"asks Lizzie.

"I told you guys yesterday, we're going to forest."says Farrah.

"I'm sorry I couldn't come with you, I've got lot of things to do."says Madeline.

"It's fine, what about you, Lizzie?"asks Farrah.

"Let me give a second."says Lizzie.

"Fine."says Farrah.

A Strip Club.

Dexter, Darling and Chase enters a strip club.

"What do we here?"asks Chase.

"Well, first, we could find Cerise in here also we could forget all our troubles."says Dexter.

"Well, I'm down for it, so, let's have some fun."says Darling.

Then they sit at a table.

"Welcome, everyone, today it's her first day, let's give a big applause to "Cedar Wood"."says the host.

All three of them, gets shock.

"Isn't she?"asks Darling shockly.

"Yes it is."says Chase.

Cedar takes to the stage and makes her performance, after her performance.

"I need to talk with her."says Chase.

Chase goes behind the stage. Cedar talks with her wife.

"How was I?"asks Cedar to his wife Margaret.

"You were great!!"says Margaret.

"Was I?"asks Cedar.

"You were"says Chase.

Both, Cedar and Margaret, turns their face to Chase.

"Who are you?"asks Margaret.

"Well, you don't know me, but I know you."says Chase.

"Can you please get out?"says Margaret

"Fine but I come back, just know that"says Chase.

"Okay, freak."says Margaret

Chase returns to, Dexter and Darling's side.

"So, how did it go?"says Darling.

"It was pretty good."says Chase.

Chase turns to Dexter.

"Hey, Dexter, how we can break the curse?"asks Chase.


"It's been an hour, where can she be?"asks Rosabella.

"She could be near, I can feel her evilness."says Sparrow.

Then Briar hear some voices.

"Shhhh! Shut up!"says Briar.

"What, what happened?"asks Sparrow.

"I hear some voices."says Briar.

"Which way?"asks Martin.

"Just follow me."says Briar.

Then they follows the voice. They see Farrah and Lizzie.

"Hi, guys, what are you doing here?"asks Farrah.

"Well, we're here to find Evil Queen and save the possesed ones."says Martin.

"Oh! It's cool, she's not so far away, you can come with us after we finish our picnic."says Farrah.

"Do you guys wanna join?"asks Lizzie.

Rosabella sits and joins them. Briar, Sparrow and Martin gives a look at her. Rosabella turns to them.

"What? I'm hungry."says Rosabella.

Then others join them too.

Davis's Place.

Madeline enters the diner.

"Hi! Madeline, what you've been up to?"asks Apple.

"Nothing, I'm just bored."says Madeline.

"How was Raven?"asks Apple.

"She was not feeling good"says Madeline.

"I hope she's get out of there, as soon as possible."says Apple.

"I hope so."says Madeline.

Then Margaret enters the diner.

"Hi, can I get two hamburgers, one medium french fries and two cokes, thanks."says Maragret.

"Right away."says Apple.

Margaret and Madeline look at each other.

"Do I know somewhere?"says Madeline.

"Maddy, we were dating."says Margaret.

"OH! Right, Melody, right?"asks Madeline.

"Margaret."says Margaret.

"Yeah, yeah."says Madeline.

"I thought, you were in asylum."says Margaret.

"Well, I'm out now."says Madeline.

"I'm so happy for you."says Margaret.

"Thanks."says Madeline.

Apple comes with the order.

"Here's your order, have a nice day."says Apple.

"Thanks."says Margaret

Margaret leaves the diner.

"She didn't even notice me."says Apple.

"What do you mean?"asks Madeline.

"She was my new neighbour."says Apple.


"Okay, guys, I feel her, she must be behind the this trees."says Farrah.

They goes behind the trees, then someone falls from the tree. They turn to their back, It's Hopper.

"Hopper!!"says Briar happily.

He takes out of a sword.

"You go, I take him."says Sparrow.

"Don't hurt him."says Briar.

"I won't, promise me."says Sparrow.

All of them except Sparrow, continues to find Evil Queen. Sparrow fights with Hopper. After a while, they came across with Justine.

"Justine?"asks Briar shockly.

Her eyes turns to dark.

"I got this."says Lizzie.

Then everyone continues to search for Evil Queen.

"I've been waiting for this moment."says Lizzie.

Then Lizzie and Justine start to fight. Then they came across with Duchess.

"So, whose gonna fight with her?"asks Briar.

"I will"says Rosabella.

"Sure, you got this?"asks Martin.

"Don't underestimate me."says Rosabella.

"Okay!!"says Martin.

They leave Rosabella behind, then they continue, after a while they came across with Daring.

"This bastard is mine, you can go."says Briar.

Farrah and Martin leaves Briar and Daring alone, they start to fight. Finally Farrah and Martin finds Evil Queen.

"So, you finally find me. I'm relieved."says Evil Queen.

"You reign is over, just admit it."says Martin.

Evil Queen tieds Martin on a tree.

"Let him go."says Farrah.

"Or else?"says Evil Queen.

"I'll kill you."says Farrah.

"We both know, you can't. If you kill me your heart turns black and we both know that if you're heart turns black you're not a pure fairy."says Evil Queen.

Farrah shoots Evil Queen with her wand. Evil Queen gets down.

"Who told you, I wanna be a pure."says Farrah.

"You little bitch."says Evil Queen fiercely.

Then they start to fight.

A Strip Club.

Chase enters it, It's night time.

"Okay, once again, "Cedar Wood".says the host.

After Cedar's performance, Chase visits her.

"Hi! Can I come in?"asks Chase.

Cedar looks at him. Chase enters it.

"I bring you, something."says Chase.

It was a necklace he gave to him, while they dating. 

"It's your initial."says Chase.

Cedar looks him nervously.

"Do you want me to?"says Chase.

Margaret enters it.

"What's going on here?"asks Margaret.

"I'm sorry, I just..."says Chase.

"Can you get out?"asks Margaret fiercely.

"Fine, I will."says Chase.

Chase leaves the room.

"Did he hurt you?"asks Margaret to Cedar.

"No, he didn't."says Cedar.

"Good, you can't believe who I saw today."says Margaret.

"Who?"says Cedar.

"My ex Madeline."says Margaret.

"Didn't she in asylum?"asks Cedar.

"Well, she's out now."says Margaret.

Chase hear all of them.


Lizzie, Briar, Rosabella and Sparrow comes to Farrah and Evil Queen's side, They sees Martin. All of them gets shocked. Evil Queen is about the lose.

Then she calls Daring, Justine, Duchess and Hopper, while they tkae out Lizzie, Briar, Rosabella and Sparrow. Evil Queen knocks out Farrah.

Others tryna' fight back, but they can't, in the end, Martin still tied on a tree and Evil Queen takes Farrah away.

"What are we gonna do, now?"asks Briar.

"We should come up with a new plan"says Rosabella.

"We need to be quick."says Sparrow.

"Right now, we all need a rest."says Rosabella.

"Come to my place, we can come up with a new plan and attack tomorrow again."says Briar.

All of them agree with her.

In A Dungeon.

"You couldn't keep me here forever, others gonna come find me, the curse is gonna broke and you're gonna be a loser."says Farrah.

Evil Queen knock out Farrah again.

Cedar's Apartment.

Cedar looks at the necklace, Chase gave to him, then she wears it, she faints. She finds herself in a void.

"I'm gonna miss you."says Chase and runs away.

Blondie and Cerise comes to her side.

"Thank go, we found you."says Blondie.

"Come on, we need to go, Farrah got some plans."says Cerise.

"No, guys this is our faith, we need to stand here and see what's gonna happen."says Cedar.

"Cedar are you out of your mind? We need to go."says Cerise.

"It's too late."says Blondie.

Then they all hold hands, then a dark cloud surrounds around them, then Cedar wakes up, she gets out of her house and knock Apple's apartment's door. Apple opens the door.

"I remember."says Cedar.

Apple gets confused.

Chapter 19:Cerise Hood

Dexter visits Raven at jail. They meet at a room, Tiny shows the room to Dexter. Tiny opens the door.

"C'mon, get in."says Tiny.

Dexter enters the room, he sees Raven, they give a hug each other, then they share a kiss.

"Okay, break!"says Tiny.

They break, then they sits at table.

"Okay, you two love birds can talk, if you need anything, I'm outside."says Tiny.

"Thanks"says both Raven and Dexter.

Tiny leaves the room.

"So, what you've been up to?"asks Raven.

Dexter looks at Raven, smiling.

"You're so beautiful."says Dexter.

"Okay, but tell me what's going on, outside? Tiny doesn't tell me anything."says Raven 

"Fine, as you know, last night was halloween, and some crazy shits happened."says Dexter.

"Tell me everything."says Raven excitedly.

"So, it was the day before halloween."says Dexter.

The Day Before Halloween/Dexter's Apartment.

Chase enters the apartment.

"I did it!!!"says Chase happily.

Dexter and Darling plays cards. They see him and gets happy for him. They hug him. After they break.

"So, did she remember?"asks Dexter.

"I don't know, she never wear the necklace."says Chase.

Dexter and Darling gets mad.

"I can't belive you."says Darling.

"I'm sorry, look why don't we go her work place and check her."says Chase.

"Fine you go, I need to meet with Hunter."says Dexter.

"Okay, so, let's go."says Chase.

They leaves the apartment.

The Day Before Halloween/Davis's Place.

Dexter enters the diner. He sees Ashlynn.

"Hi, Ashlynn!"says Dexter.

"Hi!"says Ashlynn.

Then he sees Apple, she seems exhausting and sleepy. He turns to Ashylnn.

"What's with her?"asks Dexter, pointing Apple.

"Apparently, Cedar moved in Apple's next door, and somehow she remembers everything, after that she went to Apple's house, then she told her everything, it was 6am when she was done."says Ashlynn.

"Cedar remembers?"asks Dexter curiously.

"Yeah! Do you know how?"asks Ashlynn.

"Yeah, but first I gotta make a call."says Dexter.

Dexter gets away from Ashylnn, and calls Chase, Chase answers.

"Hallo!"says Chase.

"Chase, you don't have to go Chase's place, she remembers, Ashylnn just told me."says Dexter.

"Oh! Thanks! By the way, we saw Cerise in a tattoo shop, and now Darling gets a tattoo."says Chase.

"Oh! Okay! Keep me updated, okay?"asks Dexter.

"Yeah, yeah, sure!"says Chase.

Both hang up. Hunter comes to Dexter's side.

"I'm ready we can go."says Hunter.

Then both Dexter and Hunter leaves the diner.

The Day Before Halloween/The Supermarket.

"So, here's our halloween decorations, choose whatever you want."says Briar.

After a short sileence.

"So, Evil Queen took Justine too."says Dexter.

"Yeah. we have a plan to save them."says Briar.

"Good."says Dexter.

"Do you know everything about Martin?"asks Hunter.

"He stuck on a tree... We're gonna save him too"says Briar.

"Okay."says Hunter.

"Yeah... I'll have to go, so, suit yourself."says Briar.

Briar walks away. Hunter gets a call from Ashlynn.

""Wait...What? Ashlynn calm down...Okay, okay, I'm coming."says Hunter.

Hunter hangs up. 

"What happened?"asks Dexter.

"It was Ashlynn. Madeline and Margaret are fighting. All place was on fire, I'll have to go."says Hunter.

Hunter runs.

"But, what about decorations?"asks Dexter.

Hunter doesn't hear him. Dexter looks at Briar. Goes to her side.

"So, you know, you get parties. Can you help me buy some decorations for tommorow halloween part?"asks Dexter.

"Sure."says Briar.

While they walk to decorations, they have a little chat.

"So, what's with the hair?"asks Dexter.

"You like it, I made it myself."says Briar.

"I like it, it reminds me old days."says Dexter

"Thanks."says Briar.

"So, do you miss him?"asks Dexter.

"So much, I mean don't you miss Raven?"asks Briar.

"So much."says Dexter.

The Day After Halloween/Jail.

"That's the whole reason. I wanna see you today."says Raven.

Raven holds his hand. 

"Please, continue."says Raven.

"Okay. After I bought decorations, I went to Davis's"says Dexter.

The Day Before Halloween/Davis's Place.

"So, why were they fighting?"asks Dexter.

"It turns out Margaret was cursed Melody, and she and Madeline were dating."says Ashylnn.

"Melody left her, after she enter the asylum, that's why they were fighting."says Hunter.

"After that Madeline light a lighter, and throw at the floor, and now the all place was burned down, and my boyfriend was missing."says Apple, she sits down and gets sad.

"I told you, Briar is gonna save him."says Hunter fiercely.

"When it was gonna repair?"asks Dexter.

"They say, it'll be available after five or six days."says Hunter.

"What about the party?"asks Dexter.

"There was going to be a party. Wasn't it?"says Apple hopeless.

"Don't worry, I ask Briar."says Ashylnn.

Dexter gets a call from Darling.

"Hey!"says Dexter.

"Hi!!"says Darling happily.

"You sound happy."says Dexter.

"Guess what?!! I invited Cerise, tomorrow's halloween party."says Darling.

"That's good, but, we have a problem, but we're gonna fix it, don't worry."says Dexter.

"Oh! Okay! See you later."says Darling.

"Bye!"says Dexter.

They both hung up.

"I just called Briar she says it's okay. she also said, it could be a suprise."says Ashlynn.

"Okay, so, meet with us on 5pm at Briar's apartment."says Hunter.

The Day After Halloween/Jail.

"Yeah, that was pretty much what I do on before halloween, that night I just went home and sleep, Darling told me that she found something special about Cerise but I don't remember well. On halloween we went to Briar's apartment and guees who we see."says Dexter.

"Who?"asks Raven.

"Hopper!"says Dexter happily.

Raven calls out for Tiny. Tiny enters the room.

"Yeah, Raven."says Tiny.

"Can I make a call?"says Raven.

"Okay, who do you wanna call?"asks Tiny.

After awhile Briar shows up and she and Raven talk a litttle bit, Dexter gets annoyed.

"So, tell me how did you save Hopper and others?"asks Raven to Briar.

"It was the night before halloween."says Briar.

The Night Before Halloween/The Woods.

"First, we need to save Martin, next we're gonna find Farrah and save her. You got it?"says Sparrow.

Briar, Rosabella and Lizzie nods their head to yes.

"Okay, let's do this."says Sparrow.

After awhile, they cross with Duchess. They stops, Sparrow takes a step.

"Duchess, I know you're in a curse right now, but we were in love before and I'm pretty sure that you're still love me."says Sparrow 

Then Sparrow kisses Duchess. Others looks them excitedly. After they kiss. Sparrow smiles at Duchess. Duchess's eyes turns to normal. Then she kisses Sparrow again. After they kiss. They contniue to walk.

"I've missed you so much."says Duchess to Sparrow.

"I've miss you more."says Sparrow.

They came across with Justine. Briar and Lizzie looks at each other. Then they start to dance in front of Justine. Justine tries to fight with them, but at the end the curse on her, it's broke.

"Guys, I'm so sorry."says Justine.

"Don't be."says Lizzie.

"Yeah, don't be, we know you're under a curse."says Brair.

After two kilometers, they came acroos with the tree, Martin stuck on.

"Thank God, you guys came. Now let me get out of this tree"says Martin.

Sparrow and others tryna' rescue him, Hopper shows up.They all look at him, he gets closer.

"You guys continue, I got this."says Briar.

Briar confronts to Hopper.

"Hopper, listen to me, I know you're still in there, somewhere, if you ever hear me, just hold my hand and come back."says Briar.

Briar holds her hand to Hopper, after a while, she takes Hopper hand and puts on her hand. Hopper turns to normal.

"What happened to me?"says Hopper.

"Don't worry, you were under a curse and now I saved you."says Briar.

"My hero."says Hopper.

Then they share a kiss. Others rescued Martin.

"C'mon let's go."says Martin.

After they walked a little bit.

"So, do you guys know where's Evil Queen holds Farrah hostage?"asks Lizzie.

"Yeah, it's not so far away."says Farrah.

"But be carefull, he's protecting by Daring."says Hopper.

"Don't worry, he's mine."says Rosabella.

They walked a while, they came across with a cellar, Daring waits outside. There is not a long distance between them and the cellar.

"Okay, Rosabella, do your magic."says Sparrow.

Rosabella goes to Daring's side. They look each other. Rosabella kisses Daring. Daring turns to normal.

"Rosabella, what are you doing here?"asks Daring.

Rosabela turns to others.

"You guys can come out, he turned to normal."shouts Rosabella.

Others goes to their side.

"What are you guys doing here?"asks Daring.

Rosabella turns to him.

"We're here to save Farrah, so she could break the curse."says Rosabella.

"Well, unfourtanely, I can't let you do that."says Daring.

Others came to Rosabella and Daring's side and hears what Daring said.

The Day After Halloween/Jail.

Tiny hears Briar. He enters it.

"Then what happened?"says Tiny.

"You were listening us?"asks Dexter.

Tiny sits at Raven's side.

"Sorry, but I have to know what happened."says Tiny.

"Okay, so..."says Briar.

The Night Before Halloween/The Woods.

"Daring, what are you saying?"asks Lizzie.

Daring turns to Lizzie.

"You're so stupid, thinking that I was gonna help you."says Daring.

"But you know that we're in a curse, right?"says Briar.

"Yeah, I know that and you know what I love being in a curse, because I couldn't remember anything, neither my stupid siblings, neither the stupid things in Ever After. I love this world, I was so happy, except one thing."says Daring. looking at Lizzie.

Lizzie gets sad.

"Hey! Be respectfull to my friend."say Justine while comfort Lizzie.

"Or what?"asks Daring.

"I'll fight with you."says Justine.

Everyone gets shock.

"Justine you don't have to do that."says Briar.

"Don't worry, I got this. You go"says Justine.

Daring takes out his sword.

"Prepare to die."says Daring.

"I'm always ready."says Justine.

Martin give his sword to Justine.

"Take this, it's more powerfull."says Martin.

Justine takes the sword.

Daring and Justine starts to fight, while other sneak in cellar. They came across with Evil Queen.

"Well, well, well. Finally you found me."says Evil Queen.

"Yeah, we are and we're gonna take what we want."says Martin.

"Yeah!!"shouts others.

"Do you know, why I make this curse? Because I want to rule to Ever After, I ask them politely, and they say "No!" then I made the curse. That's it."says Evil Queen.

"Where's Farrah?"asks Briar.

Evil Queen holds her and throws in front of them.

"Here take her, but you know that you never gonna break my curse."says Evil Queen.

"We'll see about that."says Sparrow.

All of them gets out of cellar. Justine and Daring still fights.

"C'mon Justine."shouts Martin.

Justine throws away Daring with her sword, then she run away.

"This isn't over."shouts Daring behind them.

The Day After Halloween/Jail.

"I can't believe Daring did that."says Dexter.

"I can't believe my mom did that."says Raven.

"Yeah, so that was pretty much everything, I'd better go."says Briar.

"Okay, bye."says Raven.

Briar leaves the room.

"So, can we go back to us?"asks Dexter.

"Yeah, I have a questions for you."says Raven.

"Ask them away."says Dexter.

"So, Does Cerise remembered everything?"asks Raven.

"Yes!"says Dexter curiously.

"Do you know how?"asks Raven.

"Noooo!"says Dexter curiously.

Raven turns to Tiny.

"Tiny, can I make another call?"asks Raven.

"Sure!"says Tiny.

Dexter gets it, and he gets annoyed and puts his head on table. After a while Darling comes.

"So, do you know ho Cerise remembered?"asks Raven to Darling.

"Of course, I was with her all the time."says Darling.

"Can you tell me?"says Darling.

"Of course, so it was halloween night, we were at Briar's house for the party."says Darling.

Halloween Night/Hopper's House.

Darling waits for Cerise, she comes. Darling sees her.

"I'm so worried, you wouldn't come."says Darling.

"Don't worry, I'm here."says Cerise and they share a hug

Then they enter the house. Cedar sees them. She gets shock. She goes to Darling's side.

"Darling, can we talk, private?"says Cedar.

They walks away from Cerise.

"Where did you find her?"asks Cedar.

"Some tatto shop."says Darling.

"I hope you've gotta plan."says Cedar.

"Yeah, I've got."says Darling.

"Okay, keep on eye of her, it's full moon tonight."says Cedar.

"Don't worry."says Darling.

"I'm just saying."says Cedar.

Darling turns back Cerise's side but she can't see her. She calls Cedar.

"Cedar! Cedar!"says Darling.

"What?"asks Cedar.

"She's gone."says Darling.

"What?"says Cedar.

"C'mon help me find her."says Darling.

"Fine!"says Cedar.

Madeline sees them, while they search for Cerise.

"What are you guys going?"asks Madeline.

"To find a she-wolf."says Cedar.

"It's sounds fun, wait for me."says Madeline and goes to behind them.

They comes to Hopper's house backyard.

"She must be here somewhere."says Darling.

"How would you know?"asks Cedar.

"I just know, okay!"says Darling.

"Guys, it's full moon."says Madeline.

They all look at moon.

"We better find her."says Darling.

"I heard some voices, it came from behind these bushes."says Cedar.

They walk towards to the bushes, A wolf appears.

"Don't worry girls, it must be Cerise."says Darling.

Wolf growls them, Darling bends dwon and pets it. They heads touch each other, wolf turns to a girl. Both Cedar and Madeline gets relief. Then Darling and Cerise gets shock.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to me!?"says Cerise.

"It's okay, just take this."says Darling.

She holds a nut to Cerise.

"A nut?"asks Cerise.

"Just take it."says Darling.

Then Cerise eats the nut. She faints. Darling takes her on a chouch. After a while she wakes up.

"Darling, where am I?"asks Cerise.

Darling hugs her.

"I'm so happy, you remembered."says Darling.

While Darling and Cerise share a moment, Madeline turns the crowd.

"Okay, party people, let's party."says Madeline.

The Day After Halloween/Jail.

"Yeah, that's pretty much, how she remembered."says Darling.

"Thanks!"says Raven.

"Well, I leave you two love birds alone, see you later."says Darling.

Darling leaves the room. Raven and Dexter stays alone.

"So, now you learn to everything, can we talk about you?"asks Dexter.

"Me? What happened to me?"asks Raven.

"It's like you don't wanna talk with me, you're avoding me, you don't even look at my eyes."says Dexter.

"I'm sorry, it's just. I feel quilty everytime I look at your face."says Raven.

"But why?"asks Dexter.

"Because, I'm the daughter of the girl who makes this curse you tryna' break."says Raven.

"Yeah, and you're the only one whose gonna save us."says Dexter.

Dexter holds Raven hands.

"Hey! Look at me, everyone reunited with their loved ones, and soon you and I reunite too."says Dexter.

Raven looks at Dexter with smiling.

"Anyways, I have to go, I hope, I see you tomorrow."says Dexter.

Dexter leaves the room. Tiny accompany Raven till her room. While they on the road.

"I haven't told you, but, I've got some news for you."says Tiny.

"What is it?"asks Raven.

"You're getting out tomorrow."says Tiny.

"Are you serious?"asks Raven.

"Yep, call someone to get you at 5pm, then you're free."says Tiny.

Raven gets so happy.

"Thank you, thank you, so much."says Raven happily and hugs Tiny.

"Okay! Okay! Now go to your room."says Tiny.

They break. And they walk away from each other. Evil Queen watches them from her mirror, Daring is with her.

"Do you want me to do something?"asks Daring.

"Oh, Daring! I feel like you're never gonna ask."says Evil Queen.Then she laughs demonic

Chapter 20:Blondie Lockes

A new day at Ever After High. A new student arrives, her name is Blondie Lockes she's the daughter of Goldilocks. Principal Grimm welcomes her.

"You must be Blondie. Hi, I'm Principal Grimm. Nice to meet you."says Principal Grimm.

"Nice to meet you too."says Blondie.

Principal Grimm gives her a tour of the school, then he shows her room, locker and hand her over a schedule.

"If you need anything, I'll be at my room."says Principal Grimm as he walks away.

Blondie turns her back and bumps with Daring. She looks at him.

"Hi!"says Daring with a smile.

Blondie gets blushed.

"I'm Daring, you must be new."says Daring.

"Yeah, I am."says Blondie.

"Well, do you wanna hang out after school?"asks Daring.

"I'd love to."says Blondie.

New York/Davis's Place.

After the place it's burned down, some reporters comes to the place and asks some questions to Ashlynn and Hunter. While they answers the questions, Apple notices something, one of the reporters seems familiar to her. She turns to Martin.

"Hey! Look!!"says Apple showing the reporter.

Martin looks at the reporter, then returns to Apple.

"Yeah, she's fine."says Martin.

Apple rolls her eyes and turns to Martin.

"She's Blondie."says Apple.

"Who?"asks Martin.

"You know the blonde girl whose got ADHD."says Apple.

"Ohh, Yeah! I remember now. Isn't she the one who dated Daring before you?"says Martin.

Apple looks at him fiercely.

"Okay, calm down. Geez."says Martin.

Then a call comes for Apple, she answers it.

"Alo!!"says Apple.

"Hey! I'm coming out today. Can you pick me up?."asks Raven.

"Yeah, yeah sure."says Apple.

"And please don't tell everyone, okay??"says Raven.

"Okay, okay. I'm on my way now."says Apple.

She hangs up.

"Who is it?"says Martin.

"Ummm. It was Farrah. She needs help for something, I gotta go."says Apple.

"What about the dinner?"says Martin.

"Don't worry I'll be right back in a hour."says Apple while walks away.

Then Martin returns to clean what's left from the dinner.

Dexter's Apartment.

Cerise wakes up and she turns around and sees Darling.

"Good morning!!"says Darling.

"Good morning!!"says Cerise.

"So, what are you gonna do today??"asks Darling.

"Well, I've gotta work, so I need to get up ASAP, have my breakfast and leave."says Cerise.

"Then, you better hurry."says Darling.

"But I couldn't"says Cerise.

"Why??"asks Darling.

"Because, then I'll leave you alone."says Cerise.

They look eachother. Then they share a steamy moment.

The Supermarket.

Briar brings Rosabella to the work just because she doesn't fell lonely at home, but it seems like it's not working. Justine comes to Briar while she swipes the floors. She looks at Rosabella, then returns to Briar.

"It's been twenty minutes since she's been here and she's not doing nothing."says Justine.

"I know but you know what she's been through."says Briar.

"Yeah but if she's not starts working, we'll gonna get fired."says Justine.

"Why do bother, anyway?? The curse is gonna broke anyday now, and we'll return our happy lifes."says Briar.

"Do you really think our life gonna be happy when the curse is broken?"asks Justine.

"I hope so."says Briar.

Justine looks Rosabella again. Then she returns to Briar.

"You know what, you, me, Rosabella and maybe we can call Melody and Cedar and we can have girls night out. What do you say?"says Justine.

"I don't know."says Briar.

"C'mon, it'll be fun and thus you can forget all of your problems."says Justine.

"Fine. I'll ask her."says Briar.

"Yeah!!"says Justine


Madeline and Cedar waits Cerise at the subway, she came.

"Where were you??"asks Cedar.

"I'm sorry, but you guys the reason I told lie to Darling."says Cerise.

"Get over it!!"says Madeline.

"So, is he texted you?"asks Cerise.

"No, we're still waiting."says Madeline.

Then they see a familiar face.

"Hey, isn't she Blondie?"says Cerise pointing a girl.

Madeline and Cedar looks at the girl.

"Yeah, she is."says Cedar.

Then Madeline gets a text from Daring.

"He texted."says Madeline excitedly.

"What does he say?"asks Cerise.

"He send a location with a caption saying "Come at me"."says Madeline.

"What are gonna do?"asks Cedar.

"Let's follow Blondie."says Cerise.

Then they get on the same train with Blondie. After a while they lost her track.

"So, what are we gonna do?"says Cerise.

"Let's meet with Daring."says Madeline.

Ever After High Cafeteria/Years Ago.

After months later new girl arrives at Ever After High and starts dating with Daring, Blondie sits at table watching her and Daring, Cedar, Madeline and Cerise come to her.

"Hi!"says Madeline

Cerise turns around sees Daring and Apple and turns back Blondie.

"Hey! Hey! Look at me, he's not good for you. You need to move on. Okay??"says Cerise.

"Yeah, he's a jerk."says Cedar.

"I don't know guys, guess I still got feeling for him."says Blondie.

"Girl! Don't!"says Cedar.

"You know what? We're gonna have a slumber party at my room. Tonight at 8pm."says Madeline.

Cerise and Cedar are in, they return to Blondie, they look her excitedly.

"Fine, I'll be there."says Blondie.

Madeline, Cerise and Cedar get happy.

New York/Hopper's House.

Briar convince Rosabella to go out.

"C'mon we'll have fun. It's gonna be amazing, and you can forget about Daring. C'mon!! C'mon!! Please!!"says Briar.

"Fine!"says Rosabella 

Washington County Jail.

Apple arives to pick up Raven.

"Where were you?"asks Raven.

"Sorry. I've got things to do. Get in!"says Apple.

Raven get in Apple's car. They have a caht while Apple drives.

"So, why did you call me and not Dexter or Madeline?"asks Apple.

"Well, I feel quilty everytime I look at their face."says Raven.

"So, you're not feel quilty everytime you look at my face."says Apple.

"Not just because of that, I also know you're the only person who takes me directly to Farrah's house to broke the curse."says Raven.

"Damn right. I am!!"says Apple.

Ever After High Years Before/Madeline's Room.

While girls are having fun, Cerise has to go toilet but she hasn't return. So, girls worried about her, and go out to look for her. They go in the woods. They here some voices and gets terrified.

"What was that?"says Cedar.

"I think it came for this way."says Blondie showing her right side.

"Girls calm down, it must be some leaf."says Madeline.

Then they all hear some howling voices. They go where the sound came from. They see Cerise naked.

New York/In the Woods.

Cedar, Madeline and Cerise comes to meet with Daring. They see him.

"So, here we are, let's do this."says Cerise.

Then they start to fight.

New York Streeets.

"So, why are you late?"asks Raven

"Well, I've met with some old friend."says Apple.

"What do you mean?"asks Raven.

"I met with Blondie, and told her everything, and she gone crazy, and I give her some memorial to bring her memories back."says Apple.

"I can't believe you."says Raven.

Melody's Apartment.

Blondie comes to Melody & Cedar's apartment and knocks their door. Melody opens it.

"Hi! Is Cedar is here?"asks Blondie.

In the Woods.

Cedar gets a call from Melody.

"Yeah! Uhh! Hi! Are you available?"asks Melody.

"Wait a minute."says Cedar to Melody.

She returns to Madeline and Cerise.

"Girls, are you need any help?"asks Cedar to Madeline and Cerise.

"Yeah!!"says both of them.

"Okay. So, what's the problem?"asks Cedar to Melody.

"So, there's this woman here waiting for you. Her name is Blondie, and she calls you Cedar, I don't know why, Can you come here quickly?"asks Melody.

"Yeah, I'm on my way."says Cedar.

She hangs up and turns to Madeline and Cerise.

"Girls! I gotta go. You got this, right?"asks Cedar.

"Yeah, don't worry about us."says Madeline.

"Yeah, like he braely do nothing."says Cerise.

"Okay!"says Cedar and walks away.

While Cedar walks to her apartment. She came across with Briar, Rosabella and Justine.

"Hey! Cedar! Where you going?"asks Justine.

They stop for a little talk.

"I'm need to go home."says Cedar.

"Why don't you just came with us?"asks Briar.

"No, I really go. I'm sorry."says Cedar.

"C'mon, it's gonna be fun."says Justine.

"Guys, I really have to go."says Cedar.

"Cedar!! Please!! I'm begging you."says Rosabella.

"Okay!! Fine!! But just for ten minutes."says Cedar.

The Night Club.

The girls enters the night club. It's been an hour, and Melody still waiting for Cedar, but she doesn't show up, she calls her.

"Where are you?"asks Melody to Cedar angirly.

"I'm in the club with girls."says Cedar.

"You know, you need to be home right now, right?"asks Melody fiercely.

"Sorry, I'll be there in a minute."says Cedar.

"Which club are you in?"asks Melody.

"I don't know Muchink's."says Cedar.

"Okay, I'm coming there."says Meldoy.

Takes her jacket and leaves the apartment, Blondie follows her.

Farrah's Apartment.

Raven and Apple arives at Farrah's apartment, Farrah, Lizzie and Tiny gets excited.

"Let's do this!!"says Raven.

They get prepared.

In the Woods.

"Why he doesn't do nothing?"asks Cerise.

"I don't know."says Madeline.

"Maybe we should stop."says Cerise.

"You're right."says Madeline.

They stop fighting and sit on the grass.

Muchink's Night Club.

Melody arrives. Her and Cedar have an argument. In the end, Melody throw out Cedar from their apartment. Melody walks away. Everyone looks at them shockly. Blondie gets closer to Cedar.

"Cedar, I know it's not the best time to talk about this, but you need to know this."says Blondie.

"Not now, Blondie."says Cedar angrily.

"But it's important."says Blondie.

Cedar storms out. Blondie follows her.

"Where are you going?"says Blondie.

Cedar doesn't respond her. She stops following her. 

"We're doomed."says Blondie.

Farrah's Apartment.

While they start to broke the curse. Something strange happens. Farrah looks at Raven devilish. Raven gets worried.

"Farrah are you okay?"asks Raven.

Then Farrah reveals herself as Evil Queen.

"Hi, my daughter."says Evil Queen.

"Mom!!"says Raven.

In the Woods.

"Hi girls!!"says Daring.

"Wait, if you're here, who we fighting with?"asks Cerise.

"Oh! It's just my real life-size puppet. Do you like it?"asks Daring.

"What do you want?"asks Cerise.

"Yeah, don't say fight, because we're so tired."says Madeline.

"Oh,no! I'm not here to fight. I've got a suprise."says Daring.

Then he throws Farrah in front of them.

"Farrah!!"says both of them shockly.

"What did you do to her?"asks Cerise.

"Nothing, just know that. The real curse starts right now."says Daring.

Dexter's Apartment.

The door knocks, Chase opens it, it was Cedar.

"Cedar, what are you doing here?"asks Chase.

Then Cedar starts to kiss Chase, then she enters it and closes dorr with her feet.

Farrah's Apartment.

"Mom, what are you gonna do?"asks Raven.

"Don't worry, love. It doesn't hurt as much as the first one."says Evil Queen.

Then she whispers some words.

"What are she doing? Where's Farrah?"asks Tiny.

"Let's try to stop him."says Apple.

But no one can moves. Then they all faints. Raven wakes up and find herself in a dungeon chained up with some royalty clothes on.

"Mom, what did you do again?"asks Raven herself quietly.

Chapter 21:Madeline Hatter

Raven wakes up and find herself in a dungeon. She look around 

"Mom, what did you do again?"asks herself.

She tries to get closer to door, but she can't, so she screams.

"Heey!! Is anybody out there? Can someone hear me?"shouts Raven.


"Don't try, they can't hear you. Even if they do they don't bother."says Madeline.

Raven recognizes the voice.

"Maddy, is that you?"asks Raven.

"Yeah, Raven. What do you want?"replies Madeline.

"Do you know why I am here??"asks Raven.

"I mean you're the daughter of Evil Queen is your destiny to be here."says Madeline.

"What do you mean?"asks Raven curiosly.

"I mean we signed "The Storybook of Legends" and now we're livin' our destiny."says Madeline.

Raven gets shock. Meanwhile in the woods, Hunter Huntsman goes for hunting. He takes aim for a deer, but it escapes.

"You need to aim higher."says Sparrow behind him.

He turns to him.

"I don't know, what's happened to me. Guess I've lost my touch since I tried to kill Apple."says Hunter.

"You might be right."says Sparrow.

"So, how's the taking-from-the rich-and-giving-the-poor thing going?"asks Hunter while stting on a lumb.

"You know that's not the only thing in my story."says Sparrow.

"Whatever! So, have you've been seeing someone?"asks Hunter.

"Like what, a date??"asks Sparrow.

"Yeah!"says Hunter.

"No, I guess love has never been on my side."says Sparrow.

"Same."says Hunter.

Meanwhile at Charming & Cindirella's Palace, they have their breakfast.

"So, guys, there's gonna be a party tonight. And I want you to find somebody tonight, like your brother Daring."says King Charming.

Dexter, Ashylnn and Darling turn to their father.

"Yes, father."says three of them.

While the guys walk out the house. 

"Don't be late for tonight."says Cindirella.

"Yes, mother."says all of them.

"And don't forget we love you."says King Charming.

"We love you too."says children.

Then Cindirella and King Charming have a kiss. While they walking, they have a chat.

"So, guys any chance to find out someone tonight?"asks Dexter.

"I don't know, I mean my story is different from you guys, but now is kinda different, you know?"replies Ashlynn.

"Yeah, I get it. What about you, Darling?"asks Dexter.

"I don't know, guess I never find someone whose like me."says Darling.

Ashlynn turns to Dexter.

"What about you, Dexter?"asks Ashlynn.

"I think, tonight I'm gonna find my true love."says Dexter.

Meanwhile Blondie enters a wood shop, while running away from the bears. She looks around takes a puppet. She take a look at the puppet. While she's gonna put the puppet back, it starts to talk.

"Wait, don't put me back there."says Cedar.

"Cedar. Is that you?"asks Blondie.

"Of course, I am. Who else is gonna be!?"replies Cedar.

"I thought, you turn into a human by now."says Blondie.

"Well, it took longer than I expected as you can see, but I can talk whenever someone holds me."says Cedar.

"What do you want me to do?"asks Blondie.

"Don't put me back."says Cedar.

"Okay."says Blondie.

"So, what are you doing here?"asks Cedar.

"I was running from the bears."says Blondie.

"Good."says Cedar.

Then they hear some voices.

"I think bears are coming."says Cedar.

"We need to hide."says Blondie.

But they can't bears crash in to the wood shop, They try to escape from them, they get out from the wood shop and run into the woods. Meanwhile Sparrow and Hunter walk through the woods, they see some swan.

"Hey, Hunter!! Look!!"says Sparrow showing the swan to Hunter.

"It seems delicious."says Hunter.

Sparrow takes aim to the swan and shoots the swan, swan screams. Hunter and Sparrow get shock.

"Did this swan just scream or is it just me?"asks Hunter.

"No, I think it screamed."says Sparrow.

Then they go to the swan's side, but instead of swan there's just some girl, shooten with an arrow from her leg.

"Duchess!!"shout both of them.


"Hey, Raven! It's tea time, do you want some?"asks Madeline.

"Where did you even know what. No, I'm good."replies Raven.

"Okay."says Madeline.

"How long we've been here?"asks Raven.

"I don't know, I keep track of it but eventually you lose it."says Madeline.

"I get why I am here. What about you?"asks Raven.

"It's nothing important. I was trespassing."says Madeline.

"Trespassing where?"asks Raven.

"Here."says Madeline.

Meanwhile Dexter, Ashlynn & Darling enters Farrah's shop.

"Hi, guys! I didn't expect you."says Farrah.

"Yeah, tonight is the big night, so we need some dresses. Can you help?"asks Ashlynn.

"Don't worry. I got you. Come with me."says Farrah.

Then she take them backside of to the shop. She show them a cabin.

"Okay, first you need to get in there, and dream whatever you wanna wear and it become true."says Farrah.

First Darling enters. She dreams a long white dress with some blue stripes and some gray metal long gloves and it become true. She gets out from the cabin. Everyone gets shock.

"Wow!"says Ashlynn.

"You look so beautiful."says Dexter.

"All boys gonna look at you tonight. Okay you're up Ashlynn."says Farrah.

Ashlynn enters and she dreams a pink dress with a flower belt. It become true. She gets out from cabin.

"Okay, Dexter you're up."says Farrah.

He enters it and dream a suit with a purple blouse and a black blazer and pants and a tie with ravens on it. He gets out.

"You look so handsome."says Farrah.

"Thanks."says Dexter.

"Okay, it's time for makeup and hair."says Ashlynn.

"Also we need some shoes."says Darling.

"You're right."says Ashlynn.

"Bye, Farrah."says Dexter.

"See you tonight."says Ashlynn.

"Bye!"says Darling.

"Bye, guys."says Farrah.

Meanwhile Blondie and Cedar run into Cerise.

"Blondie!! Cedar!!"says Cerise.

"Cerise!!"says both of them.

"What are you guys doing?"asks Cerise.

"We're running from the bears."says Cedar.

"I thought you story was ended."says Cerise.

"Well, I guess we all thought the same thing."says Blondie.

"I'm guessing you going your grandma."says Cedar.

"Yeah, it's getting late. I should be hurry."says Cerise.

"Let us come with you."says Blondie.

"Yeah, it'll be fun."says Cedar.

"Okay, let's go."says Cerise.

Meanwhile at Daring and Apple's Palace. Lizzie and her army come to take Madeline. Chase and Martin comes face to face.

"What do you want?"says Martin.

"We came to take our hatter."says Chase.

Martin let them in. Apple and Daring sit on their throne. Martin approaches them.

"Your majesty, Queen of Hearts is here."says Martin.

Then Lizzie approaches.

"Apple! Daring!"says Lizzie and greets them.

"Lizzie!"says Apple greets her.

"Lizzie!"says Daring and greets her.

"We're so happy to see you."says Apple.

"Cut the carp and give us Madeline."says Lizzie.

"Fine, Martin bring her."says Apple.

Martin goes to pick her up. He unlocks her.

"C'mon, Lizzie's here to take you."says Martin.

"Oh! Really?!"says Madeline.

"Yeah! C'mon! Be hurry!"says Martin.

"Okay! Okay!"says Madeline.

While they walk she stops.

"Bye!"says Madeline to Raven.

"I'm gonna miss you."says Raven.

They both cries. Martin comes back to the hall with Madeline.

"Here's your mad."says Martin and throws Madeline to Chase.

"We don't want her here, again. If this happens again, we're gonna execute her."says Apple.

"Don't worry we make sure about that."says Lizzie.

Then Lizzie returns to Wonderland with her army and Madeline, while they on the road. Madeline sees some visions, then she remembers everything happened. Lizzie turns to her.

"Are you okay?"asks Lizzie.

"Yeah, I'm fine."says Madeline.

Then she looks distance curiously.

Meanwhile at Sparrow's cabin. He tries to heal Duchess.

"Still stand."says Sparrow fiercely.

"I am."says Duchess furiously.

Then he bandages her leg.

"Here we go."says Sparrow happily.

"Thanks."says Duchess.

"What are you even doin' out there?"asks Hunter.

"I was swimming."says Duchess.

"I thought you be a queen by now."says Sparrow.

"Well, it takes longer than I expect."says Duchess.

"Okay, I'm gonna get some food, you guys wait here."says Hunter.

"Okay! Be safe out there."says Sparrow.

"Okay!"says Hunter and goes to the forest.

Meanwhile at Apple & Daring's Palace.

"Do we have to go?"asks Daring to Apple.

"It's your siblings nith we have to be here to sport them."says Apple.

"Do you always have to be right?!!"asks Daring.

"It's kinda my job."says Apple.

Then they share a kiss.

"Now, get dress, you don't wanna late."says Apple.

Then Darling goes to change. Meanwhile Cerise, Blondie and Cedar comes to the front of grandma's house. 

"You know how's your story goes right?"asks Blondie.

"I know."says Cerise.

They approaches the house slowly. They open the door and enters the house.

"Grandma?!"says Cerise scared.

They approaches the bed. Then a bear shows up, then they run away. Meanwhile at King Charming and Cindirella's Palace.

"Your guys look so gorgeous."says King Charming.

"Thanks, father."says three of them.

Then all eyes returns to Daring and Apple. Dexter, Ashlynn and Darling gets bored.

"Father, mother."says Daring and greets them.

"It's great to see you here."says King Charming.

"It's great to be here."says Apple.

Then they meet Ashylnn, Dexter and Darling.

"Guys, you look so beautfiul."says Apple.

"Thanks."says three of them.

"Guys, I think we should seperate and meet with other people."says Dexter.

"Right."says Darling.

Dexter and Darling walks away.

"See you around here."says Ashlynn.

Then she walks away too. Daring approaches Apple, Apple turns to him.

"Did you see how they act?"asks Apple.

"Don't worry about them, I love you, what matters if they don't."says Daring.

Apple looks at them angrily. Meanwhile in the woods. Cerise, Blondie and Cedar finds a house and enters it. They saw Sparrow and Duchess making out.

"Cousin!!"says Cerise.

Sparrow and Duchess notices them, they gets scared and covers under the sheets.

"Cerise!!"says Sparrow.

Meanwhile at Apple and Daring's Palace, Martin goes to look dungeons, then he notices Raven is not her dungeon. Then he runs.

"Call Queen Apple and King Daring, we've got a runner."shouts Martin.

Meanwhile Raven run through the woods, then she bumps into Hunter.

"Raven?!!"says Hunter shockly.

Meanwhile one of the guards goes to Apple.

"Queen Apple, Raven Queen she's escaped."says the guard.

She gets angry. Daring comes to her side.

"Babe, what's the matter?"asks Daring.

"Raven Queen, she's escaped."says the guard.

"How?"asks Daring fiercely.

"We don't know!"says the guard.

"How could you not know?"asks Daring angrily.

"I'm so sorry, my king, but we're gonna find her as soon as possible."says the guard.

"You better be."says Daring.

Then Apple storms out. Daring follows her.

"Babe, where are you going?"asks Daring.

"I'll be back, don't follow me."says Apple madly.

Then Daring gets mad.

Chapter 22:Raven Queen

Raven escapes from the dungeon, run into the woods and bumps Hunter, he gets shock.

"Raven!? What are you doing here?!! I thought you were in a dungeon."says Hunter.

"Well somenone helped me to escape, but I don't know them face."says Raven.

Then Hunter gets dizzy.

"Hunter!? Are you okay?!!"asks Raven anxiously.

"Yeah, I'm fine."says Hunter.

He looks around.

"Where I am?"asks Hunter curiously.

"What do you mean?"asks Raven.

"Last time, I remember, I was at my house with Ashlynn, watching TV. Now, I guess, I'm in the Enchanted Forest??"asks Hunter.

"So, you're telling me, you remembered everything, before my mom did some curse."says Raven.

"The one we tryna' break?"asks Hunter.

"Yeah, but she tricked us and made another one, and I guess this is what she made."says Raven.

"What she did?"asks Hunter.

"She send us some alternative dimension, where we all signed "The Storybook of Legends"."says Raven.

"Are you serious?"asks Hunter.

"Yeah."says Raven.

"I need to find Ashlynn."says Hunter.

Then Raven remembers she touched Madeline.

"Wait! If you remembered eveything, when I touch you, that means...We need to find Madeline."says Raven.

Meanhile at Sparrrow's cabin.

"So, what you guys up to?"asks Sparrow.

"Shut your ass down."says Cedar fiercely.

Then Blondie puts her down.

"That will keep her quiet."says Blondie.

"So, are you gonna tell us why you here?"asks Duchess.

"We were running some bears."says Cerise.

"What bears?"asks Sparrow.

"The bears from my story."says Blondie.

"How you guys met with each other?"asks Duchess.

"I was gonna ask the same question to you."says Cerise.

"Well, I guess our stories are connected."says Duchess.

"Same, I guess."says Blondie.

"Soooo...It's good to see you guys."says Sparrow.

"Same."says Cerise.

After a while, they hear some voices.

"I think they're coming."says Blondie.

Duchess holds Sparrow's arm, while he aims. Blondie takes Cedar back. They all looking at the door terrified. Then a bear enters the cabin, Sparrow shoots him from it's eyes.

"Run!!"screams Sparrow.

Then they all run into the woods. Meanhile at the ball.

"Hey, Dexter!!"says Farrah.

"Hey, Farrah! You look absolutely charming."says Dexter.

"Thanks."says Farrah.

"It's been good, you came here."says Dexter.

"Yeah, and don't worry. I always be by your side."says Farrah.

Meanwhile, Sparrow and the girls came across with the ball.

"I think we should enter it."says Sparrow.

"Wait!! Look!!"says Cedar.

Showing them to inside. They see Ashlynn and Darling.

"This is some royalty ball, we're not welcoming."says Cedar.

"Don't worry, I got you. Follow me."says Duchess.

Duchess takes the lead and other follow her. They tries to enter but guards stop them.

"Name?!"asks one of the guards.

"I'm Duchess Swan."says Duchess.

Other guard takes a look at the name list.

"Sorry, I couldn't see you name on the list."say the guard.

Then Justine sees them.

"Duchess!!"says Justine and waves her.

Then he comes the near of them.

"Don't worry, their with me."says Justine to the guards.

Then she takes them in.

"So, what are you doing here?"asks Justine.

"I was bored."says Duchess.

"Good."says Justine.

Justine looks at Sparrow, Cerise, Blondie and Cedar.

"I don't believe you still hang out with them."says Justine quietly to Duchess.

"Yeah, right?"says Duchess nervously.

Then they entered the hall, all of them gets shock. Darling sees Cerise, while drinking her punch, she comes to her side.

"Cerise, what are you doing here? I was so worried about you."says Darling anxiously.

"Not, now, Darling, okay?!"says Cerise.

"Look, if something is wrong, you can tell me."says Darling.

Ashlynn sees them.

"Is there everything okay, Darling?"asks Ashlynn.

"Yeah, it's fine."says Darling.

Blondie with Cedar in her hand comes to their side.

"Cerise let's go!"says Blondie.

Then they walk away. Darling walks away with Ashlynn.

"I can not believe they here."says Ashlynn while walking away.

Then Sparrow and the girls cuddle up.

"We need to still lowkey, if they can find us in my cabin, they can find us here too."says Sparrow.

Everyone agress.

"Okay, now go and fun but not too much."says Sparrow.

While they having fun, Blondie feels something.

"They coming."says Blondie quietly.

"Wait!! Who?!!"asks Cedar.

"The bears."says Blondie.

Then all of a sudden bears attack the ball, everyone screams and runs. Sparrow tries to shoot the bears, while Darling takes a sword from one of the guards and tries to fight with the bears, they came side to side.

"I don't know, you were a soldier."says Sparrow to Darling.

"No, shit!!"says Darling fiercely.

Then Ashlynn hides under the table and she came notices Blondie and Cedar are there too.

"Let me guess, you're the responsible for this, right??"says Ashlynn.

"Kinda."says Blondie.

"So, you're the one whose gonna fix it."says Ashlynn.

"What do you mean?"asks Blondie.

"I mean this is kind of your story, you need to fix it, and I think you know how to do this."says Ashlynn.

Blondie hands over Cedar to Ashlynn.

"Can your hold her for a second?"asks Blondie.

"Sure."says Ashlynn.

Blondie give Cedar to Ashlynn and gets out from under the table.

"Hey!!"shouts Blondie to the bear.

Bear turns to Blondie.

"I am the one you looking for so come and get me."says Blondie.

Blondie runs away, and the bear follows her. Everyone gets out from their hiding spot.

"Okay, everyone, tonight's are done, everyone return their home."says King Charming.

He hugs Cindirella and they walk away. Cedar returns to Ashylnn.

"Can you hand over me to Cerise??"asks Cedar.

"Right!!"says Ashlynn.

While Sparrow, Cerise, Cedar and Duchess walk throught the wood, they talk.

"So, what are we gonna go, now?"asks Sparrow.

"I don't know."says Cerise.

"You guys can come over to my place, tonight?!!"says Duchess.

Sparrow, Cerise and Cedar laughs.

"Guys, I'm serious, I fell so lonely at nights, maybe tonight, I don't fell."says Duchess.

Sparrow, Cerise and Cedar looks each other and smile, then they turn to Duchess.

"Of course, we can."say Sparrow.

Then they all hug. Meanwhile front of the King Charming and Cindirella's Palace. Ashlynn sits on a bench, Martin comes to her side and sits.

"Tonight wasn't very good, I guess."says Martin.

"Yeah, it wasn't"says Ashlynn.

Martin takes out of a beer, takes a sip and hand over to Ashlynn, she takes it and drinks.

"Did you know, Raven escaped?"says Martin.

"What?!!"shouts Ashlynn.

"Sshhh!! Apple and Darin doesn't want your parents to know."says Martin.

"So, what are they gonna do, now?"says Ashlynn.

"I don't know."says Martin and drinks

Ashlynn gets worry. It's been morning. Hunter and Raven spends the night at forest, Hunter wakes up Raven. She gets up.

"What time is it?"asks Raven.

"I don't know. Now, get up we still need to find Maddy and Ash."says Hunter.

"Okay, I'm up."says Raven.

After they walk awhile, they came across with a talking frog.

"Hey!! Hey!! Guys, can you help me I need to find Briar."says Hopper.

Raven and Hunter stops and talk with him.

"Aren't you guys have to be married by now?"asks Hunter.

"I'm gonna marry with her, if I found her."says Hopper.

"Wait!! You don't know, where she is?"says Raven.

"No!!"says Hopper.

"Okay, we're gonna help you."says Raven.

"Raven?!!"says Hunter.

"What if we found Briar, maybe she knows something."says Raven.

Hunter looks at Hopper.

"C'mon."says Raven.

She walks away, Hunter takes Hopper and follows her. Meanwhile at Apple and Daring's Palace, Ashlynn storms in. Martin tries to stop her, but he can't

"When were you gonna tell, Raven is escaped??"asks Ashlynn fiercely.

"There's no need to panic, okay. We're gonna find her."says Daring and looks Apple.

"You better be, because you know what's gonna happen if you don't."says Ashlynn.

Then she storms out.

"I'm sorry, your majesty, I tried to stop her."says Martin.

"Take him to dungeons."says Apple.

"Wait!?? What?!!"asks Martin shockly.

"Guess, you forgot, I have eyes everywhere, take him boys."says Apple.

"You're such a bitch, you know that right??"says Martin.

"Hey!! How you speak like that with your queen??"says Daring agrily.

"Babe, it's okay."says Apple.

Then guards throw Martin in a dungeon. Meanwhile Raven sees Rosabella standing in front of a bed Briar sleeping on it.

"Here she is, my queen."says Hopper.

"Okay, we better take you to her."says Hunter.

They goes to Rosabella's side. Raven confronts her. Rosabella looks at her. She gets shock, then she remembers everything.

"Raven!!"says Rosabella.

"Don't worry, we're gonna tell you everything."says Raven.

Then she turns to Hopper.

"C'mon Hopper do your thing."says Raven.

Hopper kisses Briar. Hopper returns into a human, but as soon as she gets up, Hopper returns frog.

"What just happened?"asks Hunter shockly.

Briar gets up, looks down and sees Hopper.

"Hopper, what happened?"asks Briar.

She looks at Raven.

"Raven!!"says Briar scarely.

Raven holds her hand. Then she sees some visions. she gets headache.

"Are you okay??"says Raven.

"Yeah, I'm just hangover, I guess."says Briar.

"Can somebody tell me what just happened?"says Rosabella.

"We tell you on the road, c'mon."says Raven.

Then she runs, others follow her. Meanwhile at Daring and Apple's Palace.

"Babe, how we're gonna find her, have you got a plan?"asks Daring.

"Of course, I do."says Apple.

Apple gets armer up and takes some soldiers with her and goes to look out for Raven. After awhile, one of the Apple soldiers sees Raven.

"This way!!"yells soldier.

He runs, other soldiers follow her, Raven notices them.

"Run!!"shouts Raven.

Then they start to run. Meanwhile...

"C'mon, Tiny, just one bean, we need to go back."says Lizzie.

"Nope."says Tiny.

"C'mon man, just one bean."says Chase.

Then Melody comes up.

"Hey, Tiny!! Is anything okay?"asks Melody.

"Yeah, it's just this guys want my beans."says Tiny.

"Then give it them."says Melody.

"No, I can't. I just have two of them."says Tiny.

"You can always buy seeds from Farrah's shop."says Melody.

"I can't."says Melody.

"Because our relationship is kinda bad."says Tiny.

Melody rolls her eyes. Then Madeline hear some voice, she looks around and sees Raven running away with some soldiers.

"Lizzie, look at this."says Madeline.

Lizzie sees what's happening.

"We need to help her."says Madeline.

"We already helped her escape."says Lizzie.

"C'mon, just one more time."says Madeline.

"Fine but we need some help."says Lizzie.

Then Tiny stops the guards, while Melody plays her pipe, then some rats comes and attack soldiers, with some Wonderland soldiers, but it doesn't go well. Apple hold them hostage.

"So, here we are. I don't know why you guys helping her, don't you remember what she did?"says Apple.

"Your memories are fake."says Chase.

"Did you say something?"asks Apple.

"I said..."says Chase but Lizzie interrupts him.

"Not now, Chase."says Lizzie.

"If you're gonna be quiet so much, take them to dungeon. Briar, Hopper and Rosabella you can go."says Apple.

Briar looks at Raven.

"It's okay."says Raven while they take her away.

Briar, Hopper and Rosabella talks while they walks away from the palace.

"What are we gonna do now?"asks Briar.

"We need to find others."says Rosabella.

Rosabella walks away into the woods, her head held up high. Briar and Hooper looks at each other, they get shock and follow her. While they walk through the woods, they came acroos with Blondie.

"Hey!! Blondie, are you okay?"asks Rosabella while touching her shoulder.

"Yeah, why guys asking?"asks Blondie.

"Didn't you remember something?"asks Rosabella.

"What would I remember?"asks Blondie.

"Let me try."says Briar.

Rosabella takes Hopper in her hands. Briar touches Blondie, than she remembers everything.

"Where are we?"asks Blondie.

"We are in the Enchanted Forest, Evil Queen made another curse..."says Rosabella

Blondie interrupts her.

"Yeah, I know, that's what I'm tryna' say Cedar before it actually happens."says Blondie.

"Well do you knoww where's Sparrow?"asks Rosabella.

"Well, there's only place I can thing, he coud be, but I don't think she let them."says Blondie.

"Could you take us there?"asks Briar.

"Well, let's give it a shot."says Blondie.

Then Blondie takes them to Duchess Castle. Then they remembers everything and Cedar turns to normal.

"So, what are we gonna do now?"asks Sparrow.

"We plan to bring the team back together."says Rosabella.

"What team?"says Cerise.

"You know the ones who remembers eveything from the first curse."says Rosabella.

"Half of them are in prison, and I don't think other's gonna help us."says Duchess.

"Don't be negative, I think they're gonna help us."says Cedar while looking at Rosabella.

"So, let's get them."says Sparrow.

They goes to King Charming and Cindirella's Palace and Ashylnn, Dexter, Darling and Justine remembers eveything.

"So, how we're gonna save them?"says Justine.

"I don't know."says Rosabella.

"We need someone powerfull, whose gonna match with Apple and his army."says Darling.

"I think you can take them all by yourself."says Cerise.

"Shut up."says Darling.

"Hey!!"says Ashlynn.

She turns to Dexter.

"Dexter, what are you think about?"asks Ashylnn.

"We need Farrah."says Dexter.

They go to Farrah's shop, she remembers everything.

"They got Tiny?!!"asks Farrah sadly.

"Yeah, but if you help us, we can save him, we can save everyone."says Rosabella.

She gets mad and goes behind the shop, takes some potions and some sword.

"Who knows how to use sword?"asks Farrah.

Hopper, Briar, Dexter, Darling, Rosabella and Ashlynn raises their hand.

"Cool, first we need to return Hooper back himself."says Farrah.

Then she spits some glitter on him and he turns human. Briar and Hopper share a kiss.

"Okay, uhhh, take your swords. Sparrow you can use arrows right??"says Farrah.

"Yeah but I need more."says Sparrow.

"And another bow."says Justine.

Sparrow gets impressed.

"Okay."says Farrah.

Brings more arrows and another bow.

"Other I'm gonna give you some potions, use them under my command, okay?"says Farrah.

Duchess, Cedar and Blondie agrees her.

"Okay, let's do this."says Farrah.

Then they all walk to Apple and Daring's Palace. Apple and Daring sees them. Dexter takes a step.

"Apple, I know you might get shock, but there's somethings you don't know."says Dexter.

"You memories replaced."says Ashlynn.

"We can send our soldiers."says Daring.

Apple makes stop sign.

"If you don't let our friends, we're gonna enter and take them by force."says Sparrow.

"You need to trust us Apple, this isn't real."says Briar showing the around.

Daring gives the sign the soldiers, then they get ready.

"Apple, we give you ten seconds, if you don't say something, we're gonna enter it."says Cerise.

Then they start to count ten, Apple stand still and looks at them.

"Are we really gonna do this?"asks Hopper.

"There's no turning back."says Farrah.

"Nine...Ten..."says Dexter.

They runs into, and a big fight starts between Apple and Daring's soldier and others. Meanwhile at the dungeons.

"What's that sound?"asks Lizzie.

Raven, Martin and Melody looks out from the window.

"There's a fight."says Martin.

"Is that Dexter?"asks Melody.

"Ashlynn and Darling there too."says Martin.

"I think they remembered and they tryna' rescue us."says Lizzie.

Raven gets happy. While they fight, Sparrow and Darling gets to chance to go dungeons. Martin get happy to see Darling.

"Don't worry we're gonna save you."says Darling.

Sparrow unlocks Raven's dungeon. She walks away with an angry face. Raven goes to confront with Apple, soldiers tries to stop her but they can't, Raven use her all powers agains them. Finally Raven comes to Apple's side.

"You know what you're doing, right?"asks Raven.

She doesn't replies. Daring comes.

"Babe, you okay?"asks Daring.

Raven push him away. Meanwhile at the battle, one of the soldiers cuts Justine's throat. Sparrow's notices them. He screams. Briar turns to scream and sees Justine and she screams and all soldiers needs to cover their ears. Apple and Raven sees it.

"Did you see what you did?"asks Raven.

Apple pushes her and goes to battle field. Briar holds Justine in her arms, Sparrow stands beside them. Apple tries to gets near of them. Ashylnn stops them.

"Go back."says Ashlynn.

Apple returns while she returns, she remembers everything. After awhile, she talks with Raven, Martin, Dexter, Hunter, Rosabella and Ashlynn.

"I made my decision. Since you remember everything. Why don't we just stay here?"asks Apple.

"We can't stay here."says Rosabella.

"Why not, you guys seems so happy."says Apple.

"I'm gonna kill her."says Hunter.

"Hey!! Calm down."says Ashlynn.

"Apple, I can't believe you, you're being selfish."says Raven.

"Oh!! I'm being selfish."says Apple.

"Yeah, somebody just died and you don't even care, we need to go back and find others. And are you really gonna stay married with Daring?"says Raven.

"Fine. How we're gonna do that?"asks Raven.

Rosabella opens her book.

"It says in here, four princess has to come together and then it's gonna break."says Rosabella.

"Fine, c'mon Rose, Ash, Raven, let's do this."says Apple.

"Apple, since you're a queen is not gonna work."says Rosabella.

"Oh!! Right!!"says Apple.

"Well we can't call Briar or...Justine, so we're doomed."says Raven.

"Actually we got one princess too."says Ashlynn.

She goes outside.

"Duchess can you come with me?"asks Ashlynn.

Then she cames with Duchess.

"Well, she's a princess, so let's do this."says Ashlynn.

"Okay, according to the book, we need to hold hands and say this words three times. "We begging you, save us from this curse."says Rosabella.

They repeat the words three times, Raven finds herself in a white void. There's no one around, then she hears some voices, calling her name, then her mother shows up.

"Hi, my daughter."says the Evil Queen.

"Mom."says Raven.

"You're not gonna get rid of me that easily."says the Evil Queen.

"But mom I just did."says Raven.

"I'll make another curse."says the Evil Queen.

"I'm gonna find a way to escape and broke it."says Raven.

"You wish."says the Evil Queen.

"See mom, that's the thing about you when you make your curses you making them with love and that love connected to me because you love me, but there's one thing, they always say I'm gonna end up like you, and they might be true but I'm not gonna be evil as you."says Raven

Then Raven stabs the Evil Queen, Evil Queen dies. Raven find herself in Ever After Land.

"Are you okay?"says Ashlynn to Raven.

"I just killed my mom."says Raven.

"Oh,shit!!"says Rosabella.

Dexter sees Raven and goes to hug her. They hug each other and share a kiss. Madeline comes to their side.They hug

"Raven, you made it."says Madeline.

She looks around.

"We made it."says Raven.

Apple comes to her side.

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch, I don't know what's got into me?!!"says Apple.

Raven hugs her.

"It's okay."says Raven.

Apple hugs back. Meanwhile Hopper, Briar, Sparrow and Duchees pay tributes to Justine. Duchess puts a rose front of her grave. Briar cries and hugs Hopper. Meanwhile Madeline meets with Chase and Lizzie.

"So, what are you guys gonna do?"asks Madeline.

"We don't know."says Lizzie.

"Maybe we could stay here until we find a way back to Wonderland."says Chase.

"That's good, if you need anything, you know where to find me.

Madeline walks away and sees Melody, they run to each other and share a moment.

"Don't ever leave me again."says Melody.

"I won't."says Madeline.

Farrah and Tiny walk throught to land.

"It's so good to be back."says Farrah.

"Yeah, and I'm so glad you find a way to turn into me human-size."say Tiny.

Both laughs. Ashlynn and Hunter sees each other, they run into each other they hug and share a kiss. Apple and Martin confronts.

"Hey!!"says Apple to Martin while he's paracticing.

"Hey!!"says Martin and puts his sword down.

"Well, if you're okay. Do you wanna go out sometimes?"asks Apple.

"Yeah, I love that."says Martin.

"Yeah??"says Apple.

"Yeah!!"says Martin.

"Okay, 8pm tonight??"asks Apple.

"Then it's official a date."says Martin.

"It's a date, then."says Apple

Then she walks away. Raven and Dexter sits on a bench and talk.

"Did you really do?"asks Dexter.

"I have to, if I didn't do it, she's gonna keep doing evil things."says Raven.

"Well, you're right."says Dexter.

Raven gets up.

"Anyway, let's go look at our home."says Raven.

Dexter gets up holds her hand.

"Let's go."says Dexter.

Then they walk to Ever After High.

The story continues at Forgotten : The Return of Ever After


Character Name Cursed Name First Chapter Sexual Orientation
Apple White Ally White Chapter 1:Apple White Part 1 Bisexual
Hunter Huntsman Harold Davis Chapter 1:Apple White Part 1 Heterosexual
Farrah Goodfairy Farrah McHale Chapter 1:Apple White Part 1 Heterosexual
Tiny Tony Smith Chapter 1:Apple White Part 1 Heterosexual
Briar Beauty Bella Evans Chapter 1:Apple White Part 1 Intersexual
Raven Queen Rachel Quencin Chapter 2:Apple White Part 2 Intersexual
Ashlynn Ella

Ashley Elle-Davis

Chapter 2:Apple White Part 2 Androsexual
Madeline Hatter Maddy Camper Chapter 2:Apple White Part 2 Pansexual
Dexter Charming Dexter Campbell Chapter 2:Apple White Part 2 Heterosexual
Daring Charming Derek Campbell Chapter 3:Dexter Charming Heterosexual
Darling Charming Daisy Campbell Chapter 3:Dexter Charming Lesbian
Lizzie Hearts Lizzie Campbell Chapter 3:Dexter Charming Bisexual
Sparrow Hood Samuel Maine Chapter 4:Hunter Huntsman Bisexual
Hopper Croakington II Harry Cleane Chapter 1:Apple White Part 1 Demisexual
Justine Dancer Jennifer Monteith Chapter 5:Tiny Asexual
Cerise Hood Ciccy Riley Chapter 6:Ashlynn Ella Lesbian
Martin Pendragon Martin Price Chapter 8:Hopper Croakington II Pansexual
Rosabella Beauty Rose Evans Chapter 11:Daring Charming Asexual
Chase Redford Chad Elordi Chapter 12:Darling Charming Bisexual
Duchess Swan Daniella Brie Chapter 14:Sparrow Hood Heterosexual
Cedar Wood Cecilia Watson Chapter 15:Rosabella Beauty Pansexual
Blondie Lockes Bella Leila Chapter 17:Duchess Swan Heterosexual
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