The second part of my Forgotten series, this part every chapter will be different story but it's gonna connect at one point. This part our heroes tryna' return their home.

Chapter 1:The Tale Of Two Sisters

Years Ago

Two sisters and they lovely parents aproach a new school called “Ever After High” moderated by Milton Grimm. Milton Grimm greets them at the school’s gate, him and the sisters’ dad hugs, Milton and the sisters’ dad, known eachother since military school.

“Milton!!”says the sisters’ dad

“Bruce!!”says Milton Grimm.

After they hug, Milton gives them a tour of the school, this school is for the fairytales heroes and villians’ children, where they can learn their ancestors and continue their history. Every end of the year, new students have to signed the storybook of legends, so they can fulfill their family’s destiny and continue their history. The sisters’ mother turns to them.

“So, girls how’d you find this school” asks the mother.

“I love it, it’s so wonderful” says Bella

“What about you Brutta?” says the mother

“It’s good”says Brutta with a low mood

After the tour, girls settled down their rooms and say goodbye to their parents. Brutta hugs her mother, after that.

“Take care of each other.”says their mother.

Their parents get on the car and they ride away, while they wave each other. Then Milton turns to the sisters.

“Now go on, let’s get inside, it’s getting dark”says Milton.

Night time, girls have a little chat in their room. Bella says bye to her friends and enters the room, she closes the door, turns to her sister.

“So, how’s your first day?”says Bella.

“It was fine.”says Brutta.

Bella sists her bed.

“Tell me, what happened?” says Bella

“Everyone hates me.”says Brutta

“Don’t say like that, I hope there’s omeone out there who loves you.”says Bella and hughs her

“I hope so.”says Brutta.

Next day at the school cafeteria, a guy approaches to Bella.

“Hey, can I sit here?”asks the guy to Bella

“Sure”says Bella

The guy introduces himself to Bella

“Hi, I’m Chuck, what’s your name?”asks Chuck

“I’m Bella, it’s my second day in here.”says Bella

“You’re kdding, right?”says Chuck shockly

“No.”says Bella

“It’s my second day too”says Chuck happily.

“Are you serious?”asks Bella excitedly.

“Of course not!”says Chuck happily

“So what do you think about this school so far?”asks Bella.

“Well, it’s fine but all this thing about continue our families destiny’s it’s so unfair, i mean we should write our own destiny, right?”says Chuck.

“I mean it’s awesome, we can continue their journey and we can remind the genereations after us.”says Bella happily.

“Meh.”says Chuck

After that Brutta enters the cafeteria, some girls cutt of her way.

“So, where’d you get this face?.”asks one of the girls.

“Probably, she get it from a pig.”says the other girl

Brutta gets sad, then she runs away, while Bella watches her. Two girls approaches the Bella

“Did you see that girl, it was so hideous.”says one of the girls

Bella says nothing, then they sits with Chuck and Bella. Brutta sits on stairs and starts to cry, a girl approaches her.

“Hey, are you okay?”asks the girl.

Brutta lift her head up. The girl smiles her, Brutta wipes her tears.

“Yeah, i’m fine.”says Brutta.

“I gotta tissue in my bag, if you need.”says the girl.

“No but thanks.”says Brutta.

“Well, I’m Penny and this is my first day at school, can you show me around?”asks Penny

“Sure”says Brutta

After one week. Bella and Chuck going on a date.Chuck comes to get Bella at her door room. Bella opens the door. Chuck gets amazed.

“Wow!! You look magnificent.”says Chuck.

“Thanks. You too.”says Bella.

As soon as they leave the room, Brutta calls Penny to her room. Penny comes to Brutta’s room. They hug each other. While Bella and Chuck walks to their date, Bella notices something.

“Shoot!! I forgot my lip gloss, can you wait here while I get?”says Bella.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you.”says Chuck.

“Thanks.”says Bella

Chucks kisses her and runs to Bella’s room. He enters the room.

“Hey!”says Chuck.

Brutta and Penny looks at him.

“I’m just here to get Bella’s lip gloss.”says Chuck.

“It’s one the table.”says Brutta.

He gets it while he gets out someone calls him, he opens it.

“Yes, I’m going to a date with her, if you leave me alone.”says Chuck

Then he leaves the room.

“Girl, I’m scared of him.”says Penny.

“Why?”says Brutta.

“Don’t you know?? They have a plan to no to sign the storybook of legends.”says Penny.

“Are you serious?”says Brutta.

“One hundred precent I think you should warn her sister about him.”says Penny.

“I think you’re right”says Brutta.

Next day. Bella talks with Brutta.

“Bella, I think you should be careful about Chuck.”says Brutta.

“Why?” asks Bella

“He’s got some devil plans”says Brutta.

“Oh! I know”says Bella.

“You know?”asks Brutta shockly.

“Of course, first I had doubts but now it’s gonna be awesome, think about it we can write our own destiny.”says Bella hopefully.

“Do you really thought about this, I mean it’s good and all but there might be consequences”says Brutta.

“You just sayin’ that because you’re jealous of me.”says Bella.

“What?! Why would I jeaolus you?”asks Brutta angrily.

“Because I’ve got everything you never have.”says Bella.

“Are you serious? I can not believe you, you turned into a monster.”says Brutta angrily.

“Well, if you think I’m a monster you shouldn’t stay with it.”says Bella angrily.

“Maybe I should.”says angrily.

After a quiet silence. Bella turns her back

“Guess I need a find a new roommate.”says Bella sadly.

“Maybe you should.”says Brutta sadly and walks away.

Legacy Day

Penny signs the book and turns to Brutta’s side.

“Girl, that was amazing.”says Penny happily.

They laugh, Chuck comes to their side anxiously. It’s time to Bella to sign the storybook of legends.

“Brutta, Brutta, I just found out something.”says Chuck breathing hard.

“What happened?”asks Brutta.

“I just found out if you don’t sign the book you can turn dust.”says Chuck.

“What??”says both Penny and Brutta shockly.

They turns to Bella. Bella looks at her sister, standing with Chuck, her eyes fill with jealousy, she decides not to sign the book.

“No!!”says Brutta quietly.

Something happens to Bella, her body starts to crack, then a white blast happen and she turns to dust. Brutta runs away, a tear drops from Chuck’s eyes.

Present Time.

Sparrow, Apple, Raven, Dexter, Hunter, Ashlynn, Briar, Maddie, Darling, Martin and Cerise goes to Ever After High’s library and find a solution how to fix this wrecked school. Martin finds some book. Shows the others.

“Do you think this will work?”asks Martin.

Others approach him.

“We’ll have to try, Raven?”says Apple.

Raven approaches the book and reads it. Then a portal opens it and takes everyone in it.

Chapter 2:Kelly Hook

Apple, Sparrow and Madeline finds themselves at the port. Madeline stands up. Looks around.

“Where we are?”asks Madeline.

“I guess we’re at some port.”says Sparrow while standing up

“Where is the others?”asks Apple while standing up

“I think, it’s just three of us.”says Madeline.

“Great!!”says Apple in a sarcastic way.

“C’mon we are a great trio.”says Sparrow.

“Last time we’re together we caused a curse.”says Apple.

“Well, yes but now we can find return back if we work together.”says Sparrow and hugs Madeline and Apple.

After the hug.

“So, how we’re gonna return?”asks Apple.

“Well if we can find some crew, we can ask them to return us to Ever After.”says Sparrow.

Madeline looks around.

“So where can we find one?”says Madeline.

All three of them gets curious because there’s no one around.

“It’s strange. Where everyone can be?”says Apple

“We’re at the port, There probably on the cruise.”says Sparrow.

“Well, we should probably wait for them.”says Apple.

“Or we can go that pub over there.”says Madeline showing a crowded pub.

All three walks to crowd. Apple takes the lead. Apple confronts two guys.

“Excuse me, can you move?”asks Apple to the guys.

Guys turn their behind and ignore her, she gets pissed.

“Excuse do you know who I am?? I am the daughter of Queen Snow and King Charming.”says Apple angrily.

“Look princess, you have no power in here so move along”says one of the guys.

Sparrow comes to Apple’s side.

“Let me handle this”says Sparrow quietly to Apple

Sparrow approaches the guys.

“My fellas, if you excuse me and my friends we have to see what’s all this fuss about?”says Sparrow to the guys.

Guys take a look at him.

“Move along thief.”says one of the guys.

“Yeah, we don’t need you here.”says the other guy.

Sparrow walks away.

“Leave this to me.”says Madeline.

Madeline approaches the guys.

“MOVE!!!”she shouts the guys.

Guys gets scared. The turn around looks at Madeline and they laughs. Madeline gets angry.

“Do you know who am I?? I’m the daughter of mad and psycho, so you better move before I’ll kill you.”says Madeline frighteningly.

Guys gets really scared and give them to way. They walk into the crowd.

“I thought, you hate doing that thing.”says Sparrow while they walk.

“Well, I get used to it.”says Madeline calmly.

Meanwhile at Ever After.

Tiny and Farrah sits at the stairs of wrecked Ever After High. Duchess approaches them.

“Guys did you see Sparrow, I’ve been looking for him since this morning but I can’t find him.”says Duchess.

“They’re down at the library.”says Farrah.

“It’s been a while since they went, should we check out?”asks Tiny.

“We probably should.”says Duches.

“So let’s go, but it’s dark in there.”says Tiny to Duchess while get up

“It’s fine.”says Duchess.

“So, let’s go.”says Farrah.

They go down to library, they search for Sparrow and others, but only person they came acrooss is Rosabella.

They bump to each other and get scared.

“Rosabella!!”says Duchess.

“Duchess, Farrah, Tiny. What are you guys doing down here?”asks Rosabella.

“We came down here looking for others. Did you see them?”asks Farrah.

“No, when I came here there’s no one there.”says Rosabella.

“Where could they be?”asks Tiny.

“I dunno know.”says Rosabella.

“What were you doing here?”asks Duchess.

“I was looking some spell about how can I found Daring, he seems missing after the curse.”says Rosabella sadly.

“He better be, because as soon as others found him, it won’t be good”says Tiny.

“Well if we can help you we can find faster.”says Duchess.

“Why would you?”asks Rosabella.

“Yeah, why?”asks Farrah.

“Because, maybe, we could find some spell or anthing else that can help us.”says Duchess.

“It’s sounds okay.”says Tiny.

“Let’s do this.”says Farrah.

Back at the port pub.

Madeline, Sparrow and Apple gets in the pub, the crowd cheers for someone, they walk to front row, a girl arm wrestling with some guy, Sparrow gets shock.

“Kelly!!”says Sparrow shockly.

Kelly wins the wrest, some guy approaches Kelly, holds her arm and lift her arm up.

“Everyone give it up for the big and powerfull pirate Kelly Hook.”says guys proudly.

The crowd cheers.

Sparrow yells Kelly but she can’t hear him. Some guy cuts her road.

“Dude, what you want?”says the guy.

“I just wanna talk with Kelly.”says Sparrow.

“Look, dude. If you wanna talk with her, you have to wrest is the only way.”says the guy.

“What?”says Sparrow shockly.

“Yeah, man.”says the guy.

Sparrow walks away.

“Sparrow, what’s happening?”asks Apple fiercely.

“I know that girl, but we need to wrest with her, if we wanna talk with her.”says Sparrow.

“Are you serious?”says Madeline.

“Yeah.”says Sparrow.

“So, go and wrest.”says Madeline.

“I’m not here for the fight.”says Sparrow.

“I’ll do it.”says Apple proudly.

“What?”says both Sparrow and Madeline.

After a quiet silence.

“You?”says Sparrow and laughs.

“What?”says Apple angrily.

“Excuse me Apple but you can’t even lift a box.”says Madeline.

“How dare you to speak like that with a princess?”asks Apple fiercely.

“You heard them guys, you have no power here.”says Madeline.

Apple walks to Kelly.

“Hey!!”shouts Apple to Kelly.

Everyone gets quiet.

“I’ll wrestle with you.”says Apple.

Kelly sits at the table gets ready.

“Let’s do this, princess.”says Kelly.

Apple sits and they start to wrestle.

Meanwhile at Ever After High library.

“Did you guys found something?”shouts Tiny.

“No!!”shouts Duchess.

“Nothing!!”shouts Farrah.

“Same as here.”shouts Rosabella.

They meet at the center.

“So, what are we gonna do?”asks Tiny.

“I don’t know.”says Rosabella.

Then some familiar face enters the library. Farrah notices it.

“Faybelle?!”says Farrah shockly.

Faybelle gets angry, turns to them, smiles fake while flying.

“Guys, it’s sooo good to see you.”says Faybelle with a fake smile.

“Don’t play nice with us, Faybelle, tell us what are you doing here?”asks Duchess.

She gets down.

“Well, since you know, I get my power from chaos, this is the perfect place for me to charge.”says Faybelle.

“Well, you better hurry, because we’re gonna fix this place as soon as possible.”says Rosabella.

Faybelle gets closer to Rosabella.

“Oh!You do. Well, I don’t think so.”says Faybelle

She laughs whle flying away.

“What does that mean?”asks Duchess.

“I don’t know.”says Rosabella.

“Let’s keep on searching.”says Farrah.

At the pub.

Apple loses to battle Kelly. Crowd cheers. After the match. Apple returns to Sparrow and Madeline’s side.

“Are you okay?”asks Madeline.

“Not really.”says Apple.

Kelly comes to their side.

“You really a warrior Apple, I’m proud of you.”says Kelly.

“Thanks.”says Apple.

They shake hands. Sparrow approaches to Kelly.

“Kelly, do you remember me?”asks Sparrow.

Kelly takes a look at him.

“Sparrow!!!”says Kelly happily.

They share a hug.

“What are you doing here?”says Kelly.

“Well, I’m with Apple.”says Sparrow.

“You should be really proud of her.”says Kelly.

“Yeah. So, Kelly, I’m gonna ask you a favor.”says Sparrow.

“Anything.”says Kelly.

“Well, we’re kinda lost, can you and your crew, take us to back Ever After.”says Sparrow.

“Of course, anything for my friends.”says Kelly.

Sparrow turns to Madeline and Apple and give them a okay sign.

Meanwhile at Ever After.

“It’s gonna be dark soon, we should head out.”says Farrah.

“Yeah, we should.”says Duchess.

“C’mon.”says Tiny.

They walk out from the library. Meanwhile at the port.

“All aboard.”shouts one of the crew members.

Kelly and Sparrow have a little chat.

“Thanks again.”says Sparrow.

“No problem, I can seen it in your eyes, you’re a good people.”says Kelly.

“Well, not exactly.”says Sparrow.

“C’mon everyone made mistakes, now it’s time to head back home.”says Kelly.

And they get on ship.

Farrah enters a cage with flying.

“They’re here and they tryna’ fix it everything that we built.”says Farrah.

“We don’t want that. Can we?”says Daring.

Chapter 3:C.A Cupid

Dexter, Darling, Ashylnn and Hunter finds themselves in the middle of a forest.

“Where are we?”says Darling

They all tryning to get up, after they get up they look around. Then they hear some voices. They turn their head behind.

“We should hide somewhere.”says Dexter.

They run away. Some guards show up.

“I swear I heard someone.”says one of the guards.

“You’re hallucinationing again, c’mon there’s no one here, we need to return.”says the other guards.

Guards walk away. Behind the bushes, Dexter, Ashlynn, Hunter and Darling hides.

“Okay, now we need to find where are we, how to get back and find others, so let’s do it.”says Dexter.

“Dexter, we got big problems.”says Ashlynn.

“Why? What happened, now?”says Dexter.

Dexter turns to them and see some guards, holding them hostage.

“We must take you to “the queen”.says guards.

Four of them look at themfrightenedly.

Meanwhile at Ever After.

Chase and Lizzie find a way return to Wonderland. They look for foundtain for the Wonderland in “The Enchanted Forest”.

“What is the map saying?”says Lizzie.

“We need go that way.”says Chase showing the south.

“Are you sure?”says Lizzie.

“Well.”says Chase.

Lizzie takes the map. She takes a look at it.

“Follow me.”says Lizzie.

Then they go north.

After they walked a little bit, they came across with Melody.

“Melody??”says Lizzie.

Melody turns to them.

“What are you doing here?”says Lizzie.

“I’m looking for Madeline, I’m waiting for her but she still hasn’t come.”says Melody.

“Did you check, the school library?”says Chase.

“Yeah, but she wasn’t there, so I return back here.”says Melody.

Chase returns to Lizzie.

“Do you the she find a way?”asks Chase to Lizzie.

“I don’t know, we better check.”says Lizzie.

Then she returns to Melody.

“Melody, we’re looking for the way to turn Wonderland, do you wanna come with us?”asks Lizzie.

“Why would I do that?”asks Melody.

“Maybe, Madeline find a way and now she might be in Wonderland.”says Chase.

“So what do you say?”asks Lizzie.

“I’m in.”says Melody proudly.

Then they continue their way.


Guards take Dexter, Ashlynn, Darling and Hunter to a castle. They get down on their knees. One of the guards approaches the queen.

“My queen we found them in the forest fooling aorund, what should we do?”asks the guard.

The queen turns to them, Hunter held his head up, and they look at eachother.

“Miss Aurora?”says Hunter.

“Hunter??”says Aurora

Then others looks at Aurora make sure she’s Aurora. Then they get shock.

“Ashlynn? Dexter and Darling? What you guys do here?”asks Aurora.

“Well, that’s the thing we’re tryna’ figure out.”says Ashlynn.

“Well, anyways, since yo’re here I got a perfect job for you.”says Aurora.

“Job? What job?”asks Darling.

“You’re gonna see it.”says Aurora

Then guards take them to a farm.

“A farm?”asks Dexter fiercely.

Guard give a Dexter a anchor.

“Now, work.”says the guard.

Then he walks away. The start to work, then Dexter came across with a familiar face.

“Cupid??”shouts Dexter.

Cupid turns to him.

“Dexter!!!”says Cupid runs to him and hugs him.

After the hug.

“What are you guys doing here?”asks C.A Cupid

“Well, we’re kinda lost.”says Darling.

“How??”says Cupid.

“It’s a long story.”says Ashlynn.

“So, what are you doing here?”asks Dexter to Cupid.

“Well, after the curse, Queen Aurora, collect some people and make a colony, there’s three teams in here, team protector, they usually guards, team mighty, whose got a mighty source or magic and team villager, I mean us.”says Cupid.

“Us??”says Hunter.

“Yeah people without power.”says Cupid happily.

“People without power, no need to remember you’re a demigod.”says Dexter.

“Yeah, but since the curse broke, I have no power.”says Cupid.

“Well, we better fix that.”says Dexter.

“But how?”asks Cupid.

“We need to get out of this place first.”says Darling.

Meanwhile at Enchanted Forest.

“Haven’t we arrived yet?”asks Chase.

“It must be near, right Melody?”says Lizzie nervously

After a short time silence.

“Yeah, we’re near.”says Melody nervously.

Then Chase sees something flying.

“What’s that?”asks Chase showing the flying thing.

Melody and Lizzie looks at.

“It’s Faybelle.”says Lizzie.

“Should we follow it?”asks Chase.

“I dunno know.”says Lizzie.

Then Melody runs behind it.

“Melody!!”shouts both Lizzie and Chase

Then they follow her.

Meanwhile at Aurora’s colony.

It’s evening. Dexter, Darling, Hunter and Ashlynn stays at Cupid’s cottage.

“Do you think it’ll work?”asks Cupid

“Trust me.”says Darling.

It’s night time, they’re gonna sneak out, they tried but in the end, some guards catch them and take them to the queen. Aurora sees them, learns what happened and gets angry.

“I can believe you guys, you know how much danger out there?”says Aurora fiercely.

“But..”says Cupid.

Aurora interupts her.

“There’s no buts, after the curse broke, all the villains out there, we don’t know what they can do, we’re tryna’ protect you and this is what you do. I can’t believe you.”says Aurora angrily.

“But Queen Aurora, this is not the way, we need to go out and protect our land, we need to fight with them and we can’t do this hiding with here, and wait them to show up, we need to stop them before they’re doing something.”says Ashlynn.

Hunter looks her proudly

“I guess you’re right, you’ve got my permission, you’re free to go but don’t forget this if something happens to you we’re not gonna be there help you.”says Aurora.

Everyone looks at each other.

“Fine!!”says Ashlynn confidently.

Aurora returns her guards.

“Release ‘em.”says Aurora.

Guards release them, they walk away.

“Before you go, do you know where Briar is?”asks Aurora to them

“Well, this is what we’re tryna’ do”says Hunter.

“We’re gonna let you know, as soon as we find her.”says Dexter.

Then they leave the castle, on their way out the colony. Dexter and Cupid have a little chat.

“Do you think you can do this alone?”asks Dexter.

“Don’t worry, all my life, I was alone, nothing will change for me, also, I’m the only person can do this, in the end I’m a demigod, right?”says Cupid

“I hope you’ll be okay.”says Dexter.

“I’ll be.”says Cupid.

Then Cupid kisses Dexter from him cheeck. Others look at them shockly, Dexter gets shock.

“Okay, see you soon.”says Cupid then she walks away.

Dexter returns other’s side.

“Guess, she still stuck in the past.”says Hunter.

“Anyways, so let’s go and save Ever After.”says Dexter.

Then they walk away.

Meanwhile at Enchanted Forest.

Melody, Chase and Lizzie follows Faybelle, they see her entering a cage, they follow her. They see her talking with someone, then they see who she is talking with, is none other than Daring, three of them gets shock.

Chapter 4:Pepper Pan

Sparrow, Madeline, Apple on the way return to Ever After with Kelly and her crew, they’re on the ship, Sparrow wacthes the view, Kelly goes tp talk with her.

“So, how’s your days?”asks Kelly.

“Well, as you can see, it’s not okay.”says Sparrow.

After a short silence.

“So, how’s yours?”asks Sparrow.

“Well, it’s not okay.”says Kelly.

Meanwhile Apple talks with Madeline.

“So, do you miss him?”asks Madeline to Apple.

“Not much.”says Apple.

“Well, your deserve him, I mean he’s gentle and all.”says Madeline.

“But he’s so ambitious. I hate this aspect of him.”says Apple.

“You know he’s so cute, and you can’t resist his charm.”says Madeline.

“You’re right.”says Apple smiling.

Back to Sparrow and Kelly. Kelly looks at Apple and Madeline then returns to Sparrow.

“So, which one is your girl?”asks Kelly.

Sparrow looks at Madeline and Apple.

“Oh!! No!!! God, No!!”says Sparrow

“So your single?!”asks Kelly.

“What’s your intention?”asks Sparrow.

Kelly pulls Sparrow in to a room, then they start to make out. After thye make out, Sparrow comes to Madeline and Apple’s side.

“Girls, I just done some bad thing.”says Sparrow.

“What?”asks both.

“I just have sex with Kelly.”says Sparrow.

“What??”shouts both of Madeline and Apple.

Meanwhile Raven, Briar, Cerise and Martin find themselves in the middle of a forest. They fall into the ground, they stand up.

“Dexter, Dexter???”shouts Raven.

“Have you guys seen Darling??”asks Cerise.

“Where is Apple??”asks Martin.

“Guys, calm down first we need to learn where we are?”says Briar.

“No we need to find others.”says Raven.

“The spell you make must seen them another places.”says Briar.

“Now what are we gonna do?”asks Cerise.

“First, we need to learn where we are.”says Briar.

Martin sees a golden path.

“I have a guess.”says Martin.

They’re in the OZ Land. They walk into it, some guards cross their way.

“Wait a minute.”says one of the guards.

Then other guards comes and spit some dust on them.

“Now you can pass.”says the other guard.

They enters the land and find themselves in green and gold dressess, Briar’s hair has golden parts, Cerise has a green hood, Martin’s has green and black nail paint, Raven’s hair has green parts.

“Wow, we look awesome.”says Briar.

“It must be dust.”says Martin.

“C’mon we gotta find a way to return.”says Raven.

Then they walk around The OZ.

Meanwhile at Ever After. Blondie enters Cedar’s woodshop.

“Hey!!”says Blondie.

“Hey!!”says Hopper.

“Hopper, did you see Cedar?”asks Blondie.

“She’s in the back.”says Hopper.

“Thanks”says Blondie

“No problem.”says Hopper

Then Blondie walks in the back.

“Hey!”says Blondie

Cedar seems worry.

“Are you okay?”asks Blondie to Cedar.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? I mean, everything’s fine.”says Cedar fastly.

Blondie holds Cedar’s hands.

“Breathe in, breathe out.”says Blondie.

Cedar breath in and out. She calms down.

“Now, tell me what’s happening.”says Blondie.

“I thought, open this woodshop,makes me chill out, but I can’t something bad is gonna happen and I can fell it.”says Cedar.

“Okay!! Okay! Just calm down okay, whatever’s gonna happen, I’ll be by your side.”says Blondie.

“Thanks.”says Cedar.

Then they hugs. Hopper enters it.

“Cedar, Chase is here.”says Hopper.

The return the front side of the shop. Chase and Cedar have a talk.

“So, I’m on my way to Wonderland.”says Chase.

“So??”asks Cedar.

“Don’t you wanna come?”asks Chase.

“Actually, I got things to do here. So, good luck on your journey.”says Cedar.

“Okay, here’s a thing for you to remind me.”says Chase.

Then he gives her a red tiara.

“It’s red.”says Chase.

“Like you.”says Cedar.

They hugs.

“Thanks.”says Cedar.

“I’m gonna miss you.”says Chase.

“I know.”says Cedar.

Then Chase walks away.

Cedar returns in.

“Are you okay?”asks Blondie to Cedar.

“Yeah.”says Cedar.

Meanwhile at OZ. Briar sees some familiar face. She returns to Cerise.

“Isn’t she the sister’s friend??”asks Briar to Cerise.

“Which one?”asks Cerise.

“That one over there smelling flowers.”says Briar.

Cerise takes a look.

“Yeah, she is. Wow! I don’t know that you’re into history.”says Cerise.

“Yeah, yeah. Should we ask her what she is doing here?”asks Briar.

“Let’s go.”says Cerise.

They go to the woman’s side.

“Hi!! We might wondering can you tell us, what you doing here?”asks Briar.

Woman turns to them.

“Who are you?”asks the woman.

“Oh! My apologizes. I’m Briar Beauty daughter or Queen Aurora, and this is Cerise Hood daughter of Red Riding, we’re from the Ever After High.”says Briar.

“Oh!!You’re from the Ever After?”asks the woman.

“Yeah!!”says Cerise.

“I’m Penny Pan, my daughter Pepper get educated there.”says Penny.

“Yeah, we know who you are, we might wondering, why?”asks Cerise.

“Oh! For my daughter, she’s here taking kids.”says Penny.

“Taking kids?”asks Briar shockly.

“I talk to much, I gotta go.”says Penny anxiously.

Then she runs away.

“That was weird.”says Cerise.

“Yeah.”says Briar.

Then they returns Martin and Raven’s side.

“Where were you guys?”asks Raven.

“We just saw Penny Pan wife of Peter Pan.”says Cerise.

“What she was doing here?”asks Martin.

“She said she was here for her daughter. Her daughter taking kids, I guess.”says Briar.

“Taking kids? Where??”asks Raven.

“We don’t know. She escaped.”says Cerise.

“We better find that.”says Raven.

“Two minutes ago you said we need to find a way to return, now you wanna stay.”says Briar.

“It’s more important. C’mon”says Raven.

Then they walks away. They follows Penny and find her house, they go to her house, knocks her door, she opens it. She tryna’ close.

“Ms. Pan, we just wanna talk”says Briar.

She let them in. She tells  them everything what happened at her legacy day.

“So, you’re saying Bella was first rebel.”says Raven.

“Yeah, after that Brutta tryna’ stop them returning to dust.”says Penny.

“What about Brutta, what happened to her?”asks Martin.

“She passed away, last year.”says Penny.

“Sorry!”says Martin.

“It’s okay.”says Penny.

Pepper comes down from the stairs.

“Mom, I’m out.”says Pepper.

Pepper looks around.

“Mom! What’s happening here?”asks Penny anxiosuly.

“Don’t worry, my girl. Go out and do your thing.”says Penny.

“Okay!”says Pepper anxiously.

Then she goes out.

“We gotta go!”says Raven.

“Thank your for everything.”says Cerise.

Then they follows Pepper.

Meanwhile at Kelly’s ship. A big storm happening.

“Everyone hold on carefully.”shouts Sparrow.

Kelly tried to hold rudder. Apple comes to help her. Then a big wave takes them into.

Meanwhile at OZ. Pepper meets with a boy.

“Should we interupt?”asks Martin.

“Wait a minute.”says Raven.

The boy and Pepper gets up and walks to back. They follows them. Then four of them sees Pepper and the boy flying away.

“What are we gonna do now?”asks Cerise.

Raven storms out. They goes to Penny’s house. Raven kicks the door.

“Where she taken them?”asks Raven to Penny angrily.

“Neverland.”says Penny scaredly.

Raven storms out, others tryna’s keep up with her.

“Raven, you need to calm down.”says Briar.

Raven turns to her.

“There’s no time to calm down, some girl takes this boy some other land and we don’t know what she’s doing to them, we better find out.”says Raven.

“Yeah but there’s no way to act like this.”says Briar.

“What you want me to do?”shouts Raven and her voice gets depper and her eyes turns to purple

Everyone around them gets worried. Then guards comes and takes them.

Meanwhile, Kelly and her crew finds themselves in an island. Sparrow gets up.

“Where are we?”asks Sparrow.

Kelly looks around.

“Neverland!!”says Kelly frightenedly

Chapter 5:Lost Boys

Apple, Martin, Madeline, Kelly with her crew, crashes in Neverland. Kelly returns to her crew.

“Okay, gentlemen!! Let’s repair this ship and let’s get on with it.”says Kelly.

After she give her orders to her crew, Madeline comes to her side.

“So, what is this place?”asks Madeline to her.

“You don’t wanna know.”says Kelly regretfully.

After a short silence.

“But I wanna know.”says Madeline cheerfully.

“Fine. A long time ago, me and my best friend Pepper, rule this place together. After she made a terrible choice, her fate wasn’t what she thought but, it was too late she already signed the storybook of legends.”says Kelly.

Madeline interrupts her.

“Wait, you’re went to Ever After.”says Madeline.

“Yeah, why?.”asks Kelly curiously.

“Me too.”says Madeline cheerfully.

“So, what happened after she signed the storybook of legends?”asks Madeline.

She sighs.

“She follow her family’s destiny, she kidnap children all across the world and bring them here then stole thier power and love, after that we never talk with each other.”says Kelly sadly.

“That’s bad.”says Madeline sadly.

“Yeah, it is.”says Kelly sadly.

Meanwhile Apple and Sparrow have a talk.

“So, what are you gonna say Duchess?”asks Apple to Sparrow.

“Nothing!!”says Sparrow anxiously.

“Okay.”says Apple calmly.

“We can’t talk about this.”says Sparrow.

“Do you even love Duchess?”asks Apple.

“Of course, I love Duchess.”says Sparrow.

“Then, why did you go and make out with Kelly?”asks Apple.

“Guess, I was needy.”says Sparrow sadly.

“I get it.”says Apple.

Kelly looks at the sky, then she sees Pepper with some kid, she runs into the forest of the land.

“Kelly, wait!!!”shouts Madeline.

Madeline, Apple and Martin follows Kelly, while she follows Pepper.

“Kelly, where are you running?”yells Sparrow to Kelly while he running.

Madeline looks at the sky. Then she yells Kelly.

“Is that her?”yells Madeline.

“What are you guys talking about?”says Apple.

Then Kelly lost her track and stops, others stops too. Then everything goes quiet, after that some kids jumps on them and kidnaps them.

Meanwhile at OZ.

The guards take the Martin, Cerise, Raven and Briar to a castle. They get on their knees by force.

“Your majesty we found them in street, they might be threat to our society.”says one of the guards.

The ruler of the OZ, turns to them, it’s the wicked witch of the west. Martin, Cerise, Briar and Raven gets shock.

“I thought, the OZ rule by the wizard of the OZ.”says Briar quietly to Raven.

“Me too.”says Raven quietly.

“Obliviously, there’s something wrong.”says Martin quietly.

“What did you do the wizard?”shouts Cerise to the witch.

Witch turns to them.

“Well, why did you care? Everything’s going perfect since I’m on the charge.”says Wicked Witch proudly.

“But it’s not right, there’s something wrong,”says Raven.

“Nothing’s worng, my children, the only wrong thing is you.”says Wicked Witch.

Raven tries to get rid of chains she attached to, others tries to. Raven’s power gets stronger, her eyes turns full purple, she get rid of the chains.

“RAVEN!!!”shouts Briar, Martin and Cerise.

She passed out. Wicked witch looks at her.

“Locked them in dungeons.”says Wicked Witch.

The guards take them to dungeons.

Meanwhile Ashlynn, Hunter, Dexter and Darling rides to Ever After.

"Thank, God! Queen Aurora gives this carriage to us.”says Darling.

“Yeah, Hunter where are we?”asks Dexter to Hunter.

Hunter rides to carriage.

“I guess, we’re in the middle of a forest, it’s so dark. I can’t see.”says Hunter.

Then carraige crashes to a rcok, horses gets scared, they run fastly, Hunter tries to stop them, but he can’t and the carriage falls down, Everyone gets down, Ashlynn goes to look Hunter.

“Are you okay?”asks Ashlynn to Hunter.

“Yeah, what about you guys?”asks Hunter.

“Yeah, we’re fine.”says Ashlynn.

Then Ashlynn goes to look after the horses, while Dexter and Darling looks at carriage.

“Do you think, you can fix this?”asks Dexter to Hunter.

“Me?? Why me??”asks Hunter fiercely.

“Because you came from a village.”says Dexter.

“Ah!! So you think I know how to fix a carriage just because I came from village.”says Hunter fiercely.

“I didn’t mean that.”says Dexter.

“What do you mean?”asks Hunter fiercely.

While they argue, Ashlynn sees something shinny.

“Hey! Stop!!”says Ashlynn.

They turn to Ashlynn. They goes to her side.

“What happened, Ashlynn?”asks Hunter.

“Look at it.”says Ashlynn.

Then they look at the way Ashylnn pointing at. Dexter walk towards to it.

“It’s a museum, about our parents.”says Dexter.

“Should we enter it??”asks Darling anxiously.

“I mean we could look what’s inside.”says Ashlynn.

“Let’s do this.”says Hunter.

Hunter walk towards to museum. Everyone look at him. Hunter turns to them.

“Uh!! C’mon.”says Hunter and runs

Everyone runs behind him.

Meanwhile at Neverland.

The kids take of the bags from Sparrow, Kelly, Apple and Madeline’s head. Pepper looks at Kelly.

“Well, well, well, look what’ve got here!?!”says Pepper.

“Let us go, you freak.”shouts Apple.

Pepper looks at Apple, then returns to Kelly.

“I’ve see we made some friends.”says Ppper.

Pepper goes to Apple, looks at her.

“But, they’re not so quiet.”says Pepper.

Pepper turns to Kelly again.

“So, tell me what are you doing here?”asks Pepper.

“Our ship crashed here.”says Madeline.

Kelly looks at Madeline fiercely.

“Sorry.”says Madeline regretfully.

“So, your ship crashed.”says Pepper.

“Look, Pepper, let’s make a deal, you’re kids can help my crew to fix the ship and we can help you.”says Kelly.

“And why would I do that?”asks Pepper.

“Don’t you see we’re so pity.”says Kelly sadly.

Pepper looks at them.

“Fine, but no funny business.”says Pepper.

The kids release them. Kelly and Pepper shake hands.

Meanwhile at OZ.

Martİn, Raven, Cerise and Briar locks in dungeons.

“I’m not supposed to be here, do you know who am I!?! I’m the son of King Arthur.”shouts Martin fiercely.

“I thought you hate being a prince.”says Cerise.

Martİn turns to her.

“Yeah but i think it might be work.”says Martin.

Then one of the guards comes to Martin’s side.

“Are you Martin Predargon??”asks the guard quietly.

“Yeah.”says Martin quietly behind the bars.

“Come with me.”says the guard

Guard get him out, girls look at them curiously. Other guards turn to them.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna show him special attention.”says the guard.

Martin gets anxious.

“Where do you take me?”asks Martin.

“Sshhh!! Just shut up and follow me.”says the guard.

Then the guard takes a sword.

“There it is.”says the guard exictedly.

“What is that?”asks Martin.

“It’s a sword with Merlin powers in it. I’ve been waiting for you to give this to you.”says the guard.

Martin gets closer the guard.

“Are you Merlin’s daughter?”asks Martin quietly.

“No!! But I’m was their protector, I did something bad and now I’m here.”says the guard sadly.

After a short silence.

“But you can fix this, run away and save yourself.”says the guard.

Martin takes the sword and run away to save his friends. Some guards tries to stop him but he fights back, then he releases his friends.

“Martin!!”yells the girls.

They get out from the prison.

“Where did you find this sword?”asks Briar.

“It’s not important, now go.”says Martin.

“Are you sure?”asks Raven.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”says Martin.

Girls run away. Then Martin gets ready to fight.

“Let’s do this!!”says Martin.

His sword shines gold and an armor covers his body, he gets more stronger. And now his ready take down any guard. He meets up with the girls.

“I told you guys to leave!!”shouts Martin fiercely.

Martin turns his back and sees more guards, and now they trapped, Raven uses her powers and they teleport to a forest.

Back to Dexter, Darling, Hunter and Ashlynn.

They enter the museum, security stops them.

“Where did you think you’re going?”asks security to them.

They turns to him.

“We’re just gonna...”says Dexter.

Security interupst him.

“Prince Charming, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it’s you. You know we need to be more careful while all the other villains out there.”says security.

“Right?!”says Dexter nervously.

“You can take anything,”says security.

“Really?”says Darling.

“Yeah, you know, to save yourself, in the end you’re royalty.”says security.

They laugh nervously, then they walk away.

“I hate what he did.”says Darling.

“Yeah, me too.”says Dexter.

“C’mon we’re inside, just relax.”says Hunter.

While they talk, Ashlynn sees something shinny, the she walk towards to it. Other notices it.

“Ashlynn, where are you going?”asks Hunter.

They follow her. Ashlynn sees some wand.

“It’s Mother Goodfairy’s wand.”says Darling.

Ashlynn takes the wand, wand activates, Ashlynn tries to drop wand but she can’t, in the end, the wand get’s  so powerfull, she blast a lazer and all museum goes black, then Ashlynn faints.

Meanwhile at Neverland.

Kelly talks with Madeline.

“Madeline, go and talk with that guy.”says Kelly showing some kid.

Madeline looks at kid.

“Why?”asks Madeline.

“I don’t know, he seems shinny maybe he’s from the Wonderland.”says Kelly.

“Fine.”says Madeline.

Madeline goes to kid’s side.

“Hi!”says Madeline to the kid.

The kid looks at Madeline. Then he looks at the ground. Madeline sits beside him.

“So, where are you from?”asks Madeline.

The kid does not respond. Madeline looks at the sky.

“The sky is so beautiful tonight.”says Madeline.

“Why does it matter??”says the kid quietly.

“What did you say? I can’t hear.”asks Madeline.

“It doesn’t matter, we’re all gonna die soon.”says the kid.

“What are you talking about?”asks Madeline.

“Pepper, it’s gonna take all of our powers, and we’re gonna die.”says the kid.

“Don’t worry, we’re all gonna save you.”says Madeline.

Madeline gets up and goes to Kelly’s side.

“Kelly, we need to save this kid.”says Madeline.

“Don’t worry, I’m on it.”says Kelly.

Kelly goes to Sparrow and Apple’s side.

“Guys, Pepper it’s gonna take this kids power, we need to save them.”says Kelly.

“What we need to do?”asks Sparrow.

“Just follow my lead.”says Kelly.

Kelly goes every kid and tell them to follow her, the kids follow her. Out of a sudden Pepper shows up.

“Well, well, well. Look at you, you know what. I know you were gonna do this. And you know what my kids were here, they don’t go to fix your ship.”says Pepper.

She turns to the lost boys.

“Listen to me. I was here to help me, now you’re gonna leave this place, you’re families abonded you, and I was here to help you, now you can make your choose but choose wisely.”says Pepper.

All lost boys walks away except the kid Madeline talked.

“Good, now you can leave. Oh! But wait, you can leave this place.”says Pepper.

Pepper laughs and Kelly, Apple, Spparow, Madeline and the kid start to fight with lost boys. Some lost boys surrounds Apple, Apple gets scared, and suddenly her eyes turn to full white and screams, all lost boys fly away with the scream. Everyone looks at Apple.

Apple’s eyes turn to normal, she doesn’t know what’s happening to her, she raises her hand, and hold towards to one of the lost boy, a white laser ball comes out of her hand and shots the guy, then she faints.

“Apple!!”yells Maddy and Sparrow.

When she opens her eyes, she finds herself on a ship with Madeline, Sparrow, Kelly and the kid.

“Where am I??”asks Apple.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back at Ever After safe and sound.”says Sparrow calmly.

Madeline goes the kid’s side. The kids watching the view.

“Thank you for saving me.”says the kid.

“We didn’t do anything. Like she said you made your choice.”says Madeline.

“I’m Chamber by the way. I’m from OZ.”says Chamber.

“I’m Madeline, daughter of Mad Hatter.”says Madeline.

Meanwhile at Ever After High, it’s day time.

Lizzie calls everyone to the wrecked Ever Afer High’s library.

“Why did you call us here?”asks Duchess.

“Yeah, don’t you know, it’s morning”says Blondie.

Cedar gets shock seeing Chase she goes to hug him. They hug eachother and share a kiss.

“We’ve got some things to say to you.”says Melody.

Then she and Chase looks at Lizzie. Lizzie takes a step forward.

“We know where Daring is.”says Lizzie.

Everyone gets shock.

Chapter 6:Team Villager

Ever After High Library

While they continue to talk about Daring, Rosabella walks away, Lizzie notices and follow her. At the outside of the school.

"Where you goin'??" asks Lizzie to Rosabella.

Rosabella returns to her.

"Why do you care!?!" says Rosabella.

Rosabella continues to walk.

"You think you can save him, right?!" says Lizzie.

Rosabella stops again and turns to Lizzie. Lizzie gets closer to her.

"But let me tell you something, he doesn't need to be saved, he was always like that and he always be like that, he's evil and cruel, know that." says Lizzie.

Rosabella looks Lizzie in an angry way, then she walks to the forest, while Lizzie returns inside the school.

Auora's Colony

Raven, Martin, Briar and Cerise find themselves in the middle of the forest. They start to look around.

"Congratulations, Raven!! You done it again."says Briar in a sarcastic way.

"It's not my fault, there's something weird about my powers, like, i can't control them." says Raven.

Then Martin hears a sound.

"Hey! Do you hearing this?" asks Martin.

Girls listens to sound.

"It's coming behind that bushes." says Raven.

Then walk towars to bushes, others follow her. They pass throught the bushes and sees bunches of people dancing. They try to walk foward inside the crowd, then someone looks at Briar.

"Stop, the music!!" says the person who looks at Briar.

He get closer to Briar. Briar gets nervous.

"Queen will be pleased to see you."says the person to Briar.

Briar looks at others.

"Come with me."says the person.

Briar turns to the man, then everyone follows the man. They enter some castle, Aurora talking with a man, then they see her daughter.

"Briar!"says Aurora happily and runs to her.

They share a hug, after they hug.

"Where were you?"asks Aurora.

"Well, I was..."says Briar, 

Aurora interups her.

"Well, it doesn't matter right now, you're with me."says Aurora ang hugs her again.

After the hug, Aurora turns to others.

"As I can see, you bring some friends."says Aurora.

"Hi, Miss Aurora!" says Cerise.

"Welcome, Cerise."says Aurora.

Then Aurora turns to man she was talking with.

"Troy! Find some cottage to Briar and her friends, they're gonna be our guest, for a while."says Auroa.

Aurora turns to Briar and others, then Briar hugs her mom, after the hug.

"Thanks, mom."says Briar.

"Now, now, go away."says Aurora.

While they walk outside to the castle. Martin gets closer to Queen Aurora.

"Thank you, Queen Aurora and don't worry we don't cause a trouble."says Martin.

"I hope you don't"says Aurora.

Then Martin walks away. They came in front of a cottage, Troy opens the door, then everyone gets in. 

"You don't talk much, don't you?"says Cerise to Tony while getting inside the cottage.

Tony shakes his head as he says no. Then Cerise get inside the cottage.Tony closes the door and walks away.

At the Night Time.

Everyone sits inside the cottage. Martin gets up from the couch he lays.

"You know what?!!"says Martin in a curious way.

"What?"says others.

"Maybe the reason Raven can't control her powers, the killing her own mom."says Martin.

"What are you talking about?"says Cerise in a angry way.

"Hear me out, she can't control her powers, because she feels guilt and regret for killing her own mom, and Briar mad at Raven, because she think that the reason why Justie dead is Raven."says Martin.

"What about you?"says Cerise.

"What about me?"asks Martin curiously.

Cerise get closer to him.

"You made out with your ex while you have lover."says Cerise.

Martin gets angry.

"What about you? You can't accurately say you love Darling."says Martin.

"Shut up!"says Cerise angrily.

Raven goes outside. Briar notices

"Fine we all got issues."says Martin fiercely.

Then Briar goes outside too. She sees Raven, Raven watching the sky.

"Do you find me quilty about what's happened?"says Raven to Briar.

Briar gets closer to Raven.

"No, Of course not, It's like she knew right, she wasn't under the curse, she knew what she doing. That's make me angry."says Briar.

Raven turns to Briar. She get closer to her.

"I was avoiding Dexter, Madeline and others, because I knew they wanna talk about this, and I wasn't ready."says Raven.

"What about now? Are you ready to talk?"asks Briar.

Raven laids down to the grass.

"I guess so."says Raven.

Briar laids down to her side.

"I had to do it. She was gonna do the same thing. Everytime we get succesful, she was gonna come with the worst. I just had to do it."says Raven.

Briar turns to Raven, puts her arm to the grass and hold her head with her hand.

"You know what? Some people are just not good, you know they tried to be good but they just can't, you know."says Briar.

"Yeah."says Raven while looking at the sky.

Then they return to cottage. Briar and Raven enters it. Martin walks to fornt of Raven and stops it.

"I'm sorry."says Martin.

Raven hugs her, Martin hugs back. Briar looks them happily.

At the Big Sea, Night Time.

Kelly and the others ride the ship back to Ever After High, Apple watchers the sea, Sparrow comes to her side.

"What a beautiful night, isn't it?"says Sparrow.

Apple looks at him angrily.

"What, what did I do?"asks Sparrow.

"You have to came and ruin everything, right?"says Apple.

"What did I do now?"says Sparrow.

"I'm so sorry. It's just I feel verything it's my fault and, like, I have to find someone else to blame."says Apple.

"Why do you care? The past is in the past."says Sparrow.

"It's just, Briar, I needed her, and she was just vanished."says Apple.

"Well, you knew what you did, have you tried to apologize to her?"asks Sparrow.

"I was under the curse, I was blinded."says Apple

"Anyways, I'm going to bed."says Sparrow

He turns around, and walks away.

"Actually, I knew what I was doing."says Apple regretfully.

Sparrow stops turns to her, same as Apple.

"I wasn't under the curse, I knew everything."says Apple sadly.

Sparrow gets closer to her.

"A thousand of people did because of you, Justine died because of you, you know that, right?"says Sparrow angirly.

"I know, I know but I wasn't know they're gonna die really, I mean Evil Queen, she told me that 'this was just a curse everything back to normal once someone broke."says Apple.

"And you believe her?"says Sparrow.

"I'm sorry, I was just so mad and I didn't know what I was gonna do."says Apple desperately.

"I'm going to sleep and in the morning you're gonna tell this everything."says Sparrow.

Then he walks away, Apple turns around and she stars crying.

Enchanted Forest, Night Time.

Rosabella still looking for Daring, Then she came across with someone.

"Hi, Rosabella! What you looking for?"says Faybelle while leaning on a tree.

"What do you care?"says Rosabella.

"Well, maybe I know the answer."says Faybelle while getting closer to Rosabella.

"Do you?"asks Rosabella.

"Of course, just follow me."says Faybelle.

After a short walk in the forest, they enter in a cave. Rosabella gets shock and happy at the same time.

"Welcome, my queen."says Daring.

She goes and hugs her. After a kiss.

"Come on we've got things to do."says Daring excitedly.

"Daring, you know I'm asexual, right?"says Rosabella.

"I know but c'mon just this time, I just missed you."says Daring.

"Daring a no is a no, don't make repeat it."says Rosabella.

"Also, I'm here to help you."says Rosabella.

"What help? I don't need help, I'm fine."says Daring.

"If you say so."says Rosabella.

After everyone go to sleep, Daring wakes up and gets top on Rosabella. He takes off Rosabella's underwear, Rosabella wakes up.

"What are you doing?"says Rosabella in a sleepy way.

"Just relax, everything's gonna be fine."says Daring.

Rosabella tries to fight back, but she just can't.

"Don't fight it."says Daring.

Faybelle hear some voices and goes to it, she sees Daring and Rosabella, Rosabella sees her, then Faybelle runs away, Daring continues to make out with Rosabella, but Rosabella doesn't like it.

In the Morning

Faybelle wakes up and sees Rosabella, she goes to her side.

"Are you okay?"asks Faybelle to Rosabella.

"Yeah, I'm fine."says Rosabella.

"Look, last night."says Faybelle.

Rosabella interupts her.

"I don't wanna talk 'bout it."says Rosabella and walks away.

Daring comes to their side.

"Good morning!"says Daring.

Rosabella goes to her side.

"Good morning!"says Rosabella and kiss his lips

Faybelle looks at them fiercely.

Security's House

Ashlynn wakes up and find herself in a bed. Hunter brings her breakfast.

"Oh! Finally, you up! Here, eat something."says Hunter and puts table to bed and sits it.

"Hunter, where are we?"says Ashlynn.

"Ah! Don't worry, we're just at the security's house."says Hunter.

"Where is the wand?"asks Ashlynn nervously.

"Don't worry about it. Just eat your breakfast."says Hunter.

"Hunter, you don't get it. I need that wand."says Ashlynn.

Ashlynn continues to freak out, Hunter tries to calm her down. Hunter holds Ashlynn arms.

"Hey! Hey! Just relax, okay? Everything's gonna be fine and we're gonna find that wand, okay?"says Hunter.

"Okay."says Ashlynn.

Then they share a hug.

Meanwhile Darling looks a picture of Cerise, Dexter notices.

"You miss her, right?"says Dexter.

Darling continues to look at picture, while Dexter sits her side.

"You know what!? Here's a advice for you, don't do to the shits, I do, okay?"says Dexter.

"Well, you may be smarter than others, but not than me."says Darling.

"Wow! Talking back, he? Look at our little Darling"says Dexter.

He gets up.

"Anyways, I got some things to do, see you later."says Dexter.

"Bye."says Darling.

Then Dexter goes to investigate the wand, but he tries to touch he gets warp, and he hurts his hand.

Big Sea, Day Time.

Apple sits nervously, Sparrow comes to her side. He sits her side.

"It's now or never."says Sparrow.

Apple looks at Madeline.

"Look, if you don't do it, I'm gonna."says Sparrow.

"Fine, give me a minute."says Apple.

Apple takes a deep breathe. She goes to Madeline's side.

"Madeline, I need to tell you something."says Apple.

"Yeah, Apple?"says Madeline.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't under the curse, I'm the reason a lot of people deads, I'm the reason Justine's dead, and I'm genuniely sorry."says Apple sadly.

After a short silence, Madeline slaps her. Then Kelly sees shore.

"Land ho, mates!"says Kelly happily.

She reads the room.

"Was it a bad time?"asks Kelly.

"Yep, it was."says Chamber.

"Yeah, I get it."says Kelly.

Madeline, Apple and Sparrow land ashore.

"So, aren't you guys coming with us?"asks Sparrow.

"No, I got things to do, also Pepper might looking for me."says Kelly.

"Yeah and I need to get back to OZ and save my dad."says Chamber.

"Who is your dad?"asks Kelly.

"The Wizard of the OZ."says Chamber.

"Good luck, then!"says Sparrow.

Then Kelly, her crew and Chamber rides away.

"Well, then, into the woods."says Sparrow to Apple and Madeline.

Then they walk into the woods.

Chapter 7:Grimm Brothers

First Year/First Day Of Ever After High Giles enters the principal's office with a box and puts on his desk, while Milton watches the outside from the window.

"Look at this, Giles. Finally we got what we want. A place for all the fairytales children."says Milton.

Giles goes to Milton's side.

"Yes, indeed. It's gonna be a great year for us."says Giles

Giles goes to her desk and unpack his box, Milton goes to his side.

"It's first year of this school, know that. We need to make sure everything has to be perfect."says Milton.

Then someone knocks the door.

"Hi! Can I come in."says Baba Yaga.

"Ah! Welcome Baba!"says Milton.

Milton goes to her side, and walks in with her. They stop infront of Giles.

"Giles, meet Baba Yaga, our school's faculty adviosr."says Milton.

Giles turns to them.

"Nice to meet you!"says Giles.

"Me too."says Baba Yaga

They shake hands.

"Okay, now, I've got some things to do. See your later."says Milton while leaves the room.

"Soo..."says Giles in an anxious way.

"Soo??"says Baba Yaga.

"How do you find the school?"asks Giles.

"Oh! Milton gave me the directions."says Baba Yaga.

"No, not like that. I mean do you like it?"asks Giles.

"Yeah, yeah. It's fine."says Baba Yaga.

"Do you want me to give a tour?"asks Giles.

"Yeah, of course!"says Baba Yaga.

After the tour, Baba and Giles see someone who runs to them.

"Hey! Hey!"shouts Pied Piper.

Pied Piper stops infront of them. He breathes quickly.

"Hi!"says Pied Piper out of breath.

"Hi!"says Giles.

"I'm Pied Piper."says Pied Piper.

"Oh! You must be our muse-ic teacher. Welcome our school"says Giles.

Then they shake hands. Then Giles turns to Baba Yaga.

"This is our faculty advisor, Baba Yaga."says Giles to Pied Piper.

"Nice to meet you!"says Baba Yaga.

Then Baba and Pied shake hands. After that Milton comes to their side with King Charming. Giles sees them.

"Hey, finally you came back."says Giles to Milton.

"Yeah."says Milton

He turns to King Charming.

"Everyone as you know, this is King Charming, he's gonna be our Heroics 101 teacher."says Milton.

"Hello, everyone! It's good to be here and teaching all the fairytales children."says King Charming.

"Isn't your wife pregnant if I remember correctly?"asks Baba Yaga.

"Yeah, we're gonna have a son, and as soon as became fifteen. We're gonna send him here."says King Charming.

"It's wonderful."says Milton.

Then Milton turns to Giles.

"Giles, can I talk with your for a second, private?!"asks Milton.

Then they enter principal's office. Giles closes to door.

"So, what are you wanna talk about?"asks Giles.

Milton has a book under his arm, he puts it on desk.

"I've got a plan."says Milton

Takes the book, turns to Giles.

"With this book, everyone can follow their families destiny."says Milton while walks to Giles.

"But why would we want this?"asks Giles.

"Because, the next generation don't forget the orinigal stories."says Milton.

"What about us? We write our own destiny."says Giles.

"And look, how it turned out!? No one remembers our dads, we make sure no one lives the same thing."says Milton.

"Right!?"says Giles curiosuly.

Then Giles leaves the room. Giles enters a class.

"Hey!"says Pied.

Giles turns to him.

"Hi!"says Giles.

"You seems tense."says Pied.

"Don't ask me about it."says Giles.

Then he sits on a desk. Pied walks to him. He sits on his side.

"Don't worry, okay?! Everything's gonna be fine."says Pied.

"I hope so."says Giles.

"There's still two hours to opening, you wanna grab some drinks?"asks Pied.

Giles thinks a moment.

"Yeah! Why not!?!"says Giles.

Meanwhile King Charming wants to talk with Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga accepts it. They enter Charming's office, he sits his desk, then Baba Yaga offers a one of the chairs beside the desk.

"So, you're gonna help the students with their mental problems, right?"says King Charming.

"Well, not exactly. Yes, I am gonna help them with their mental problems, but also I'm gonna help them about what they're gonna do after high school."says Baba Yaga.

"Good, good. I've got a nephew. Do you think you can help him?"asks King Charming.

"Bring him here and let me see what I can do!"says Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga gets up and walks to door.

"Thanks!"says Charming to Baba Yaga while she leaves.

Milton sees Baba Yaga, goes to her side.

"Hey! Have you seen Giles?"asks Milton anxiously.

"No! What happened?"asks Baba Yaga.

"We haven to open the school."says Milton.

"But, I thought there's still time."says Baba Yaga.

"Well, we have to re-schudle."says Milton.

Then he runs, Charming cames out of his room.

"What happened?"asks Charming.

"The school is opening."says Baba Yaga.

Second Week/First Year of Ever After High

Baba Yaga having a session with Lance Charming, nephew of King Charming.

"I don't know it's just my family, they're want me to be perfect, you know."says Lance.

"I know and I get it. Every parent wants their child to be perfect, better than them, but you know who you are, so don't let everyone tell you what to do, if your happy, just do it, except drugs."says Baba Yaga.

They laughs. Meanwhile Giles late again, he enters his office.

"Your late."says Milton while watching outside.

"Yeah, I know, I'm sorry."says Giles while getting ready for work.

Milton turns to him.

"Geez! It's been two days, tow days Giles. What's wrong with you?"says Milton.

"I'm okay, okay?!"says Giles.

"Fine, just try to come on time, will you?"asks Milton.

Giles takes out a bouquet in his pack.

"Fine."says and leaves the office.

Then Giles goes to Baba Yaga's office while Baba Yaga says bye to Lance. Giles knock the Yaga's office's door. He enters it. They both seems so happy.

"I bought you flowers."says Giles, then gives the flowers to Baba Yaga.

"That's so nice of you."says Baba Yaga.

Then they kiss, after the kiss.

"So, what are you wanna do after the school?"asks Giles to Yaga.

"Giles, I've got some things to do, you know that."says Baba Yaga.

"Yeah, yeah. It's fine. We could meet another time, yeah."says Giles nervously.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay!? But I'm gonna make up this, I promise."says Baba Yaga.

"Promise?"asks Giles.

"Promise."says Yaga

Then he leaves the office. While he leave he sees Pied, he tries to avoid him, Pied catch him up.

"Hey! Whatcha' duin?"asks Pied to Giles while they walk

Giles stop turns to him.

"What do you want, Pied?"says Giles.

"You wanna know?"asks Pied.

"Yeah!"says Giles fiercely.

"I want you, Giles."says 

"Well, it was just one time thing, Pied and know that we're never gonna happen."says Giles.

Then he walks away. After that he enters a room.

"So, this is what you do, after school."says Milton.

Giles turns to him.

"What are you tryna' do, Giles?"says Milton.

"I just..."says Giles in a scared way.

"You just what?"says Milton.

"Thıs kids needs to write their own story, they don't have to follow their families destinies'"says Giles.

Milton leaves the room, fiercely. Giles follows him.

"Milton, just listen to me."says Giles.

Milton turns to him.

"You're fired."shouts Milton.

"What? You can't do that."says Giles.

"Guess what, I can and I do."says Milton.

He walks away, Giles gets furious.

"You, you. You think you better than me, right? But guess what you're not better than me, you're just worse, you're nothing."says Giles.

Baba Yaga sees what's happening and sense that Giles's gonna kill Milton, so she runs to them and makes a spell on Giles.

"Do you what do to me?"says Giles.

"I'm sorry."says Baba Yaga.

Giles run aways. Yaga turns to Milton.

"You're okay?"asks Yaga 

"Yeah."says Milton.

After a while, Milton goes to Giles side, he was hiding library under the Ever After High.

"I know, you've been here."says Milton.

"Are you what gonna to do me?"asks Giles.

"Well, I don't understand that, but, I'm gonna lock you up in here for everyone's safety."says Milton.

Giles looks him in a terrified way, then he turns his head away and become sad. Milton leaves the room and lock Giles in library. Milton gets sad, while Giles starts to cry.

Present Day

Ashlynn, Hunter, Dexter and Darling leaves the security's house. While they walk.

"So, what are we gonna do, now?"asks Darling.

"First, we need to get rid of that wand."says Dexter.

"No, we're not gonna do that."says Ashlynn while holding it.

"It's dangerous, it literally zapped me."says Dexter fiercely.

"Well, I'm holding it and I don't get zapped."says Ashlynn.

"There's something wrong with that wand."says Dexter.

"No, it's not. Maybe you just jealous because I'm connected to this wand. Maybe you jelaous because me,Daring and Darling have something while you got nothing."says Ashlynn while getting closer to Dexter.

Dexter walks away.

"Hey! Dexter come'on."says Hunter.

Then Ashlynn walks the other way. Hunter and Darling looks at each other, then Darling goes to get Dexter back, while Hunter follows Ashlynn. Darling finds Dexter hiding behind a tree.

"You know, she didn't mean that."says Darling while looking down.

Then he sees Dexter hiding behind a tree.

"What are you doing?"asks Darling.

"Ssshhh! Just come here."says Dexter.

Darling sees their vice-principal Giles Grimm.

"Is that?"asks Darling.

"Yeah, he is."says Dexter.

Then Ashlynn and Hunter came their side.

"I'm sorry."says Ashlynn.

Dexter hushes her. Hunter looks the way Darling and Dexter looks.

"Oh, my god! That's Giles Grimm."says Hunter suprisingly.

Ashlynn looks it too.

"So, let's go talk with him, maybe he knows something about how we can fix Ever After."says Ashlynn.

Ashlynn walks to Giles, other follow her.

"Hi!"says Ashlynn to Giles.

Giles turns to them.

"Oh! You were, Milton Grimm. We thought you're..."says Hunter.

Milton interupts him.

"My borther, yeah. After I lose weight, people started to compare him to me. You know, he died, right? So, if you come to see him, I'm sorry."says Milton and continues to to water the flowers.

"Actually we're gonna ask you something?"says Ashlynn.

Milton turns to them.

"Well, as you know Ever After High is wrecked, so how are we gonna fix it?"asks Ashlynn.

"The curse, Evil Queen did only affect heros, other villains was still here. After the curse The Dark Fairy goes to Ever After, it was wrecked. As you know, she takes it's power from disaster, if she give up her powers maybe Ever After High can be fixed."says Milton.

"Well, where we can find her?"asks Dexter.

"I don't know."says Milton.

"It's gonna be challenging. We better start looking for her."says Darling.

Chapter 8:Holly & Poppy O'Hair

After the talk they had with Milton Grimm. Ashlynn, Dexter, Darling & Hunter on the road to Ever After High.

"How we can find, Dark Fairy?"asks Hunter.

"She must be in the forest."says Darling.

"Don't be so sure."says Ashlynn.

While they walk, some motorcycle stops in front of them. The rider takes off her helmet.

"Hi,guys!"says Poppy.

Everyone gets shock.

Ever After High.

Sparrow, Apple and Madeline passes the forest and arrives to wrecked Ever After High. They look around.

"Where is everyone?"asks Apple.

"C'mon!"says Sparrow.

Then they walk into the school, they go downstairs to library, they see Farrah and Tiny.

"Hi, guys!!"says Sparrow.

Farrah and Tiny gets so happy to see them, they hug eachother. After the hug.

"So, where have you guys been?"asks Farrah.

"Here and there. What about you guys? Did you found something how we can fix the school?"asks Sparrow.

"We can build it up, again."says Tiny.

"Nah! It's so exhausting."says Sparrow.

"So, we should continue to look, they must be something."says Apple.

Madeline sights and rolls her eyes.

"Don't you get, there's nothing in here. We must look for something another."says Madeline.

Then Madeline left the library, Apple walks away.

"Is everything okay?"asks Farrah.

"Yeah, yeah. You guys know where Duchess is?"asks Sparrow.

Then he goes to Duchess side, she's sitting beside on a foundtain. He walks to her.

"Hey!"says Sparrow.

Duchess turns to him, she gets happy, they share a hug and a kiss.

"I missed you so much."says Duchess.

"Me too!"says Sparrow.

Meanwhile Madeline walks around, Chase sees her.

"Madeline?"says Chase.

Madeline looks to him.

"Yeah?"says Madeline.

"Oh, my God! It's really you!!"says Chase.

They share a hug.

"It's nice to see you."says Chase.

"Yeah!"says Madeline.

"C'mon, Lizzie needs to see this."says Chase.

Then they go Lizzie's side. She was sitting the grass, reading a book.

"Lizzie, look who's return?!"says Chase happily.

Lizzie looks to it and sees Madeline. They get so happy to see each other, they hug. After the hug.

"I guys, you'd been in Wonderland, right by now."says Madeline.

"Yeah about that."says Chase.

"The well isn't working, we find a way about that."says Lizzie.

"Don't worry, we can fix that. Give me the book."says Madeline.

Lizzie gives the book Madeline.


Poppy talks with Dexter, Darling, Hunter and Ashlynn in the cafe they found. They're drinking coffee.

"So, you haven't find her?!!"asks Darling to Poppy.

"No, I'm still looking for her."says Poppy.

"What were you doing at the curse time?"asks Dexter.

"I don't remember, guess I was owned a hair saloon and she was a mother. I don't know."says Poppy.

"You know what?! We're going Ever After High, you wanna come with us, who knows maybe Holly might be there."says Ashlynn.

"Yeah, that's sounds great."says Poppy.

They go Poppy's motorcycle's side.

"So, how we can return, now?"asks Hunter.

"One of you can go in the back seat."says Poppy.

"Dips!"shouts Darling.

"How about us?"asks Hunter.

"Find a way."says Darling.

Then Poppy and Darling rides away.

"I wish we had a ride now."says Ashlynn.

Then the wand starts to glow, the a car appears out of nowhere. Everyone gets shock.

"Did it do that?"asks Dexter shockly.

"C'mon!"says Hunter.

He runs to a car, everyone gets in then Hunter starts to ride.

Ever After High.

Sparrow takes a walk, then he hears someone calling him, he turns to her.

"Holly?!"says Sparrow.

He gets closer to her.

"What are you-"says Sparrow.

Holly interups him with a kiss. Sparrow gets shock.

"I'm so sorry, but I've missed you and I don't know where to go, so I came here. I'm looking for Poppy have you seen her?"asks Holly.

"No, but come with me, you can stay her, and maybe you know she show up eventually."says Sparrow.

"Thanks."says Holly.

Then they both walks into the wrecked Ever After.

Apple sees them.

"Oh, my gosh! Holly are you okay?"asks Apple.

"Yeah I am."says Holly.

"Apple, we gotta go if you don't mind."says Sparrow.

"Yeah, yeah."says Apple.

Sparrow and Holly walks away, Apple looks at them, then she goes to Duchess's side. She's making some drawings.

"Hi, Duchess!"says Apple.

"Oh! Hi, Apple! Good to see you, hope you didn't make out with Sparrow at your little journey."says Duchess.

"No, not with me."says Apple.

"Oh! Good!"says Duchess.

Then she realizes what Apple said.

"Wait! What?"says Duchess fiercely.

"Yeah, he's made out with one of his old friend Kelly, maybe you know her."says Apple.

"No, I didn't."says Duchess sadly.

"Yeah, you better be careful with him. He's with his ex's Holly right now, you better go check out."says Apple.

Duchess gets so angry, she brokes her pencil, Then she gets up and walks away while Apple smiles behind her.

Meanwhile, Sparrow makes a massage to Holly's leg while she sits on chair.

"Is it good?"asks Sparrow.

"Yeah, just don't be so hard."says Holly.

"Your wish is my comand."says Sparrow.

They both laughs.

"You know, I missed this, us."says Holly happily.

"Yeah, but you know I'm with someone right now."says Sparrow.

"I don't see her."says Holly.

"You will, if you look."says Duchess.

Holly and Sparrow looks to her. Duchess walks away, Sparrow runs behidn her. Holly gets regret.

"Duchess, wait!"shouts Sparrow.

Duchess stops, turns to Sparrow and gets closer to him.

"Is it true?"asks Duchess fiercely.

"What?"asks Sparrow.

"Don't lie to me, Apple told me everything."says Duchess.

Sparrow gets angry.

"That bitch."says Sparrow.

"So, it is true."says Duchess.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay. It was just one time thing and you were on my mind all the time."says Sparrow.

"Okay, but if it happens again, i have to end this."says Duchess.

"That's fine."says Sparrow.

They share a hug. Holly comes to their side.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't do what I did."says Holly.

Sparrow and Duchess turns to her.

"It's okay."says Duchess.

"Anyways, I gotta go."says Sparrow.

Then he walks away, goes to Apple's side.

"I know, what you did."says Sparrow.

"I'm just telling the truth, you taught me that."says Apple.

Apple walks away.

"You know, if you keep going like this, you'll never be a queen."says Sparrow behind her.

Apple stops for a second then she walks.

Meanwhile Poppy and the others arrives at Ever After, they stop in front of Poppy's hair saloon. Poppy get down on her motorcycle, walks into the hair saloon and see it's wrecked, Dexter goes out of the car.

"Is everything okay?"asks Dexter.

Poppy turns to him.

"Yeah, I'm just gonna stay here a little bit."says Poppy.

"Okay. C'mon Darling."says Dexter.

Darling gets down on the motorcycle and gets in the car.

"See you later!"says Darling while getting in the car.

"Bye!"says Poppy.

After a while, Holly comes to hair saloon, she sees Poppy.

"Poppy?!"asks Holly.

Poppy turns to her. Then they hug each other.

"I missed you, so much sister."says Holly.

"Me too!"says Poppy.

Darling, Dexter, Hunter and Ashylnn comes to infront of wrecked Ever After, they get out of the car.

"It seems no one waiting for us."says Hunter.

"It's disappointing ."says Darling.

Then they walk into the wrecked Ever After.

Aurora's Colony.

Raven, Martin, Cerise and Briar enters the Aurora's castle.

"You want to see us, mother?"says Briar.

"Yes, Briar, come in."says Aurora.

They get closer to her.

"I have very important thing to say to you."says Aurora.

"Yes, mother."says Briar.

"I just heard that you're wanted everyone."says Aurora.

"So, what you gonna do with us?"asks Martin.

"Look, I don't wanna war with every kingdom. So, I called the Wicked Witch and she's here to take you."says Aurora.

Then Wicked Witch appears.

"You can't be serious."says Cerise.

"I'm sorry guys."says Aurora.

"Mom?"says Briar

"I've had to, Briar."says Aurora.

"Wait, there must be something, for you to forgive us."says Martin.

"Well, there's one thing, the boy child of the wizard is missing, if you can find her. I'll forgive you."says Wicked Witch.

"Really?!"says Cerise happily.

"Yeah, but you have no chance, no one knows where he is."says Wicked Witch.

"You can count on us."says Martin.

"Then what are you waiting for?!"says Wicked Witch.

Then Raven, Cerise, Martin and Briar gets out from the castle. Aurora stops Briar, she goes her side. She takes a necklace from her pocket.

"I want you to take this."says Aurora.

Briar takes the necklace.

"But be carefull, and only use it for the emergencies."says Aurora.

Then Briar goes to other's side.

"So, are we really gonna do this?"asks Raven.

"I mean we should give it a try."says Martin.

Cerise turns to Briar.

"I love your necklace."says Cerise.

"Thanks."says Briar.

Then they walk out from the Aurora's Colony.

Chapter 9:Melody Piper

Madeline, Chase and Lizzie in the forest, working on how they get back to wonderland, suddenly Melody comes to their side. She sees Madeline, she gets shocked.

"Madeline, why didn't you tell me you returned?"says Melody

She goes to hug to her, but she takes a step back. Everyone gets confused.

"Melody, can we talk for a bit, priate?"asks Madeline.

"Yeah."says Melody.

Melody and Madeline walks away from Lizzie and Chase.

"They're probably gonna break up."says Chase behind them.

"How'd you know that?"asks Lizzie.

"That's how Martin broke up with me."says Chase.

Meanwhile Madeline tells Melody what happened between her and Apple.

"So, what are you going to do?"asks Melody while leaning on a tree.

"I don't know, should I forgive her?"asks Madeline while sitting on grass.

"I mean, is it really her fault?"asks Melody.

"What do you mean?"asks Madeline confused

"I mean, technically a soldier killed Justine."says Melody.

"But, it was Apple who give him to order."says Madeline.

"But, he could choose not do."says Melody.

"Yeah, but he did."says Madeline.

"Yeah, he did. I don't know Madeline it's up to you to forgive her. Okay? Anyways c'mon we've got work to do."says Melody.

Madeline thinks a while, then she get up and, she and Melody returns to Lizzie and Chase's side. Lizzie and Chase looks to the book, Chase sees them.

"Are you guys okay?"says Chase.

Lizzie turns to them.

"Yeah, we're fine."says Melody.

"C'mon let's continue what we've got."says Madeline.

Meanwhile In The Woods.

Martin, Cerise, Briar and Raven walk throught the woods. It's night time.

"Are we really gonna found that kid, I mean you heard what she said."says Cerise.

"It's the only way."says Martin.

"Really? Is this the only way?"says Raven.

"What do you mean?"asks Cerise.

"I mean we could forget about this kid and tryna' return Ever After."says Raven.

"We're not gonna do that."says Martin.

"Why not? We're free why we bother some kid."says Raven.

"We gave a word. I'll not return from my word."says Martin.

"Leave your honor side one second and think logically."says Raven, turning to Martin.

"I'm thinking logically."says Martin.

"No, you're not, you're risking all of you by saving a kid you don't know."says Raven.

"You're risking all of this with returning to Ever After."shouts Martin.

"No,I'm not..."shouts Raven.

Briar interups them.

"That's enough!! It's getting late we should sleep."says Briar.

Then Martin and Raven stops arguing, then they goes to find a nice place to sleep in the woods.

Meanwhile at Ever After.

Farrah looking for some books in library, while Apple comes to her side.

"Hey, Farrah!"says Apple.

"Hi, Apple!!"says Farrah.

She turns to Apple.

"So, what you looking for?"asks Farrah.

"Actually, I was looking for you."says Apple.

"Me? What you gonna do with me?"asks Farrah confused.

"After the curse, I have some magical powers, can you help me to control it?"asks Apple.

"Of course."says Farrah.

Then Sparrow comes to their side.

"Hey Farrah!"says Sparrow.

"What do you want, Sparrow?"asks Farrah.

"Have you seen, Rosabella? I haven't seen her since I returned."says Sparrow.

"No, but ask Lizzie maybe she knows."says Farrah.

"Well, do you know where she is?"asks Sparrow.

"Look into the woods, she must be there."says Farrah.

"Thanks."says Sparrow.

While he left out the library, he sees Ashlynn, Dexter, Darling and Hunter. Sparrow get so happy.

"It's good to see you here."says Sparrow.

Farrah and Apple turns to them, then everyone hugs each other.

In the Woods.

Sparrow comes to Lizzie's side, while Lizzie drawing some clothes.

"You're drawing dresses?"asks Sparrow calmly.

"Yeah, you know, if eveything turns out okay, I could throw some fashion show."says Lizzie.

"Good, good."says Sparrow.

Sparrow sits besides to her.

"So, you know where Rosabella is?"asks Sparrow.

Lizzie sights.

"Why do you matter?"asks Lizzie.

"Because I care for her."says Sparrow.

"There's a cage beyond the forest. Daring and Faybelle stays there."says Lizzie.

"Daring, she must be in dangerous."says Sparrow terrifiedly.

"No, she choose to go, she really loves him Sparrow."says Lizzie.

Sparrow gets up and starts to walk.

"She's not gonna return Sparrow, I'm telling you."says Lizzie.

Sparrow stops for a second, then he continues to walk.

Back to Library.

Farrah, holding the Ashlynn's wand.

"So, how does it work?"asks Farrah.

"I don't know exactly, but it zapped Dexter when he tried to touch, and i was for a ride to here and it gave us a car."says Ashlynn.

Farrah takes a look at wand.

"I wish Martin was here."says Farrah.

"What does it have to do with Martin?"asks Apple.

"It's a magical artifact, and Martin knows everything about them."says Farrah.

"But he's not here. You're our only chance."says Hunter.

"Yeah, we need to figure out how this wand works."says Dexter.

"Don't worry if we look around, we might find somethings."says Farrah.

Then everyone starts to look around.

In the Woods.

There's a wild wind, Martin, Raven and Briar is already sleep, while Cerise tries to sleep, she covers herself with her hood but the wind takes her hood. Then she takes a look at others, after that she run away. After a while Briar wakes up and she notice Cerise is missing, she wakes up others. 

"What happened?"says Martin sleepy.

"Cerise, she's gone."says Briar.

"What do you mean, gone?"asks Raven.

"She isn't here."says Briar.

"She probably go to get some water."says Raven.

"Yeah, we should go back to sleep."says Martin.

When they try to sleep, they hear a scream. They get shocked and scared, they run in the direction the scream comes. They stop.

"We should seperate and look for her."says Raven.

Then Martin goes west side, Raven goes east side and Briar goes to north side of the forest. While Briar looks for Cerise, she hears something behind the bushes, she goes to look, it was a wolf. Wolf takes a smell of Briar and jumps on her, Briar looks at wolf's eyes and notice that is Cerise. then Cerise runs away, Martin and Raven comes to Briar's side, they see her on the floor.

"Are you okay?"asks Martin.

"Yeah."says Briar.

She get up.

Then they hear some voices behind the bushes, they go to it, they see Pepper. They get closer to her.

"Uhh?! Hi!!"says Martin.

Pepper sits infront of a fire mad out of woods, she drinks tea.

"Hi."says Pepper.

Briar, Raven and Cerise sits her across.

"Uhmm?! Can I ask you something?"asks Briar.

"Of course, anything."says Pepper.

"What are you looking for in the forest?"asks Briar.

"Some kid, the son of the wizard."says Pepper.

"Which wizard?"asks Raven.

"The wizard of the Oz."says Pepper.

"Oh, shit!"says Martin.

Then she turns to Briar.

"Should we really trust her?"asks Martin quietly to Briar.

"I don't know, she seems nice."says Briar to Martin, quietly.

Pepper takes a sip from her tea.

"So, what are you guys looking for?"asks Pepper.

"Same thing as you."says Raven.

"Good!"says Pepper.

Pepper get up.

"C'mon we need to hit the road."says Pepper.

"But our friend is missing."says Briar.

"There's no time, we gotta go."says Pepper.

Then they start to walk.


Sparrow cames to cage where Daring, Faybelle and Rosabella stays. He sees Rosabella, goes to her side.

"Rosa?!"says Sparrow.

"Sparrow?"says Rosabella confused.

Sparrow hugs to her. After the hug.

"What are you doing here?"asks Rosabella confused.

"I came to get you. C'mon."says Sparrow.

Rosabella doesn't wanna go. Sparrow gets sad, Rosabella is gonna vomit, she holds it and runs to the bathroom. Then Faybelle approaches to Sparrow.

"Well, well, well. Look who is return?"says Faybelle.

"What do you want, Faybelle?"asks Sparrow.

"Nothing."says Faybelle.

Sparrow walks away .

"She's pregnant."says Faybelle.

Sparrow stops, turns to her.

"What?"says Sparrow, confused.

"Yeah, she's eating a lot, gaining weight, this the third time she vomit today, she doesn't know yet. I'm gonna go and buy a pregnancy test for her. Just to make sure."says Faybelle.

"You're lyin' she doesn't like to make out, I mean she doesn't."says Sparrow sadly.

"Daring forced her."says Faybelle.

Sparrow gets sad.

"I went through the same things, it's not easy. Know that."says Faybelle

Sparrow run away, Faybelle returns inside.


It's morning time. Pepper and others reaches a seaside, Pepper takes out her field glass and starts to look around while Briar, Raven and Martin sleeping. She sees a ship.

"Everyone wake up!"shouts Pepper.

"What happened?"asks Martin.

"Our treasure arrives."says Pepper.

"How'd you know that?"asks Raven.

"That ships is owned by daughter of Captain Hook and she's got the kid of the wizard."says Pepper.

Then Cerise appears.

"If she's the daughter of Captain Hook, that makes you."says Cerise.

Then Cerise gets shock, her eyes starts to glow and jumps on Pepper. At the ship.

"Chamber, wake up!!"says Kelly.

"What happened?"asks Chamber.

Kelly gives the field glass to him. He sees Pepper.

"What are we gonna do?"asks Chamber.

"I'm done running, it's time to fight back."says Kelly.

Meanwhile at the seaside.

"Cerise, what's happening?"asks Briar.

"She wants the kid because she's gonna take him to Neverland."says Cerise.

"Neverland?"says Martin confused.

"Isn't the place where kids never grow up."says Raven.

"Yep, also the place this bitch takes their powers."says Cerise.

"Yep, sure it is."says Pepper.

Then Pepper throws Cerise over. Meanwhile Kelly is gonna throw them a cannon ball. Cerise jumps on Pepper again, cannonball comes to Raven, Martin and Briar. They get terrified.

"Raven, do something."says Martin.

"I'm trying."says Raven.

Then out of a sudden Briar's necklace starts to glow and she blows fire then cannonball turns to ashes, Everyone gets shock, necklace stops the glowing, then Briar faints, Martin goes to Cerise's side. Cerise gets terrified her hands fill iwth blood.

"Cerise, are you okay?"says Martin.

"I killed her."says Cerise.

Then they both look at Pepper's lifeless body. Cerise cries on her knees down. Martin hugs her. Then Kelly's ships comes to seaside. Kelly take them to ship, They tell each other everything. Kelly comes to Cerise's side while she watching the sea.

"Don't worry, she was a bad person, she deserve to die."says Kelly.

"No, Kelly, it started to happen again, i lost my hood."says Cerise sadly.

"Then you better warn them."says Kelly about Martin, Raven and Briar.


"She was looking for me??"asks Chamber.

"Yeah."says Martin.

"I better start write a letter saying 'i'm on my way'."says Chamber.

"You better."says Martin.

Then Briar wakes up.

"Where am I??"asks Briar.

"Don't worry, we're returning to Ever After."says Raven

Raven caress Briar's hair.

Ever After High Library.

Sparrow, Dexter, Ashlynn, Hunter, Apple, Darling and Farrah meets with each other.

"So, how you guys found anything how we could fix this place on your journey's?"asks Farrah.

"Why can't we just build it all over again?"asks Sparrow fiercely.

"We're out of man and we don't have enough material."says Farrah.

Sparrow rolls his eyes.

"Actually we found something."says Hunter.

"What?"asks Apple.

"Dark Fairy."says Darling.

"Dark Fairy? What she gonna do?"asks Apple.

"If she gave up her powers, this place might retunr its oldself."says Dexter.

"So, how we gonna found her?"asks Apple.

"Don't know."says Ashlynn.

"Was it supposed to be Dark Fairy, what if we used her daughter?"asks Sparrow.

Everyone looks him confused.


Faybelle arrives at the cage with a pocket, she goes to Rosabella's side.

"Rosabella, how you feeling?"asks Faybelle.

"Fine."says Rosabella.

Faybelle gives the test to her.

"What is this?"asks Rosabella confused.

"Just use it, okay."says Faybelle.

"Fine."says Rosabella.

Then she use it and founds out she's pregnant. Faybelle comes.

"So?"asks Faybelle.

Rosabella throws the test and walks away, Faybelle takes it and see it's positive.

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