It was midnight and thee whispering wind was softly hitting Roran's face as he ran down the main hall. No one else seemed to be awake. The red haired boy looked around and then picked up a dirty piece of paper lying behind a statue nearly him. He whispered something incomprehensible before dissapearing in the shadows of the night.

Abigail blew a naughty lock of her messy chocolate brown hair before stepping out of her dorm room. She took a deep breath and tried to remember the way. The emotions of the day danced in her head making her feel like a lost fresh year student trying to explore the highschool. The moonlight shadows covered her as she reached a forgotten piece of wall under a portrait. The girl stood on her knees and pushed some blocks so that they formed a hardly remembering patent. Unexpectedly the wall in front of her disappeared, letting Abigail enter a forbidden Chamber.

Roran lit a timeworn candle that brighten up his face. A tiny smile was stuck on his lips. "Hello" he whispered in a soft tone. Abigail took the candle and placed it near the big window. She pushed down the old velvet curtain. A wonderful nigh sky view revealed as she turned to Roran. "Hello there sweetheart" she grinned sarcastically as always. Roran laughed and sat on a crumbling chair. "It seems like you forgot something" he grinned in the same sarcastic tone as Abigail silently pleasing her for a kiss. "Oh, sure how rude of me~". Abigail kissed Roran quickly and sat on the floor next to him. "Wait, where's the other chair?" she asked with a small giggle. "It erupted or something. Everything here is too old." He admitted as he picked up an old disc lying on a wooden table besides him. Surprisingly he putted the disc on a Victorian speaker or whatever this ancient thing was and he charmingly bowed. The unforgettable memory of a soft waltz flooded in the room cluttered with books and items from another century. "Could I have a dance?" Roran playfully asked like a little child.

Abigail giggled and grabbed his hand. Even if both were particularly irrelevant in dancing waltzes they were looking adorable under the majestic starlight. And they danced, the danced...They were wishing that this dance could least forever. And they stood there, forgotten by time in a Chamber somewhere in Ever After High.


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